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On SUNDAY 30 JUNE, there will be Way of the Cross.   (“in Fátima”)

ANNIVERSARY of the first apparition (PHOTO GALLERY)


Eucharistic Miracle I – Communion visible in the mouth, given by the Archangel.

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Eucharistic Miracle II – Supernatural manifestation with the Host transubstantiated into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, in the Consecration at Holy Mass, and subsequently a fraction of the Host was given, by a priest, to commune in the mouth of the visionary, where the white fraction of the Host , was visibly transfigured as the Flesh and Blood of Jesus Christ, alive in the Holy Eucharist.

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Message 2nd of June 2024


Message from Our Heavenly Mother

My dear little children, with great wisdom and peace, behold the presence of God among us in this month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of My Beloved Son, to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
At this moment, I hand over to Him all the children of the entire world and of this great fraternal family, because this year is a year of battles. A year of trials and suffering. But, in the face of trials and sufferings, you can never stop seeing Jesus, feeling Him and being with Him in your life.
Therefore, on this Sunday of the Lord’s day, I want to entrust the world to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I give all families who are going through difficulties and suffering. I ask that Jesus console them, comfort them and give them all the strength they need. I also want to give all the sick, sick in body, soul and heart, so that Jesus can heal them and give them life, life in abundance, life to the full.
Whatever you ask of Jesus, you will receive from Him. You will receive all the graces and blessings, health of body and soul. Children, this is what you must ask the Lord for. I want to remind you that your mission is very strong and serious. You are living God’s plan in full suffering on earth. You are here in this Sacred Place of the Church, chosen by God, living this plan of God, dedicating your life, your prayer and your “yes” to God!
The Father has a project for you, children. After all these signs of pain, you will see signs of blessings, joy, peace and transformation. Youmay be healed! Receive the greatest healing, which is the healing of your heart and soul!

At this moment that humanity is going through, I wish they convert! I know that many, not even through suffering, will convert. Not even through pain will they turn to the feet of Jesus on the cross. Not even in the face of the terrible consequences of the plague, will they bend their knees before the Merciful Jesus — the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
Children, the request that I ask and reinforce to you today, in a much greater way, is conversion. So, convert! Get closer to this grace. Don’t question what you are going through.
Sons, Jesus said: “Happy is the man who carries his cross with love and patience”. So carry your cross with love and patience. Don’t question the weight of this cross. Well, the more you children question it, the more you will suffer! It takes true and total surrender!
The world needs to be washed by the Blood and Water that Gushes from the Heart of Jesus. In This Sacred Heart, which is the Merciful Heart of Jesus.
Therefore you have to surrender, have trust and faith. Never forget that! Faith is what feeds you children.

Faith is the sustenance of our life. Today you may feel a great emptiness, an immense pain. Many in their homes are asking the Mother of Goodness for “mercy.” Asking Her to intercede with the Merciful Jesus because they can no longer bear to see the suffering on earth. I, children, will be in intercession, asking the Sacred Heart of Jesus not only for Portugal, but for the entire world. Especially for the conversion of nations, may everyone turn to the Merciful Heart of Jesus. Because it’s time, children!
What I desire as your Mother, as a Servant of God, is that humanity does not wait for greater suffering to arrive. The warning that Jesus gives us is that we will reap what we sow.
That is why it is necessary for the family to do a deep examination of conscience, place themselves at the foot of the cross and ask God for forgiveness. Forgiveness to the Holy Trinity! The one who will alleviate your suffering is the Holy Trinity — God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

The Father can and will remove all this suffering from the world, but if you do not convert, one suffering after another will come. Because this is a situation of Divine Justice. God will give us the measure in which we are planting, that is, He will allow this so that our soul and heart can be saved. What matters to the Lord is life! It is necessary, then, for humanity to be very serious in listening to the Word of God.
My dear children, I know that among you there are those who are sick and ask Me for their cure. Accept, My children, illness and suffering with love, as Jesus Christ accepted it. Therefore, do not despair in your illness and suffering. Sickness and suffering is, in fact, a cross, sometimes very heavy, an ordeal that God allows in your life, within the unfathomable criteria of a design that is beyond your ability to understand. But, children, illness and suffering should not be seen as a fatality, nor is it necessarily, in itself, a punishment.
On the contrary, even when the cross of illness and suffering weighs on the body, and is carried in communion with that of Jesus Christ, it also becomes a source of salvation, life or resurrection for the patient himself. My children, trust in the Lord, for His Mercy is limitless.
My children, I will repeat it again. I know that many children turn to spiritualism, fortune tellers, witchcraft and sorcery to solve their illness problems and observe their future. These false prophets say they work for God. NoMy children.

Be very careful, they are deceivers.
Only God knows what should and should not happen. My children, think, meditate, on this suffering, and see the love that My Son Jesus has for you.

Children, you are in the month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and you are going through the trials this year, but you are here in this Sanctuary Corgo da Igreja, which is a Sanctuary of life, of prayer, of families, it is the Sanctuary where mercy flows!
How many would like to be here today, because they miss it!
How many are missing being a pilgrim, walking towards the Word, the catechesis.
I bless you, My children, and I bless this place Corgo da Igreja. In here you will have a refuge and salvation.
May God bless you and in a very special way the Holy Father, Pope Francis, the Holy Church, the priests, bishops, cardinals, families, your world and all the children who are present here, who came to place in My heart their requests, their needs. And have a lot of faith, children! Faith, in addition of healing us, it saves us.
That is why you will remain truly united under the blessing of the Father, the Son and the Divine Holy Spirit. Amen

See you soon,
Mary Mother of Goodness
at Corgo da Igreja

(Publication revised by Brother Fernando Pires) 

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Prayer for the month of June (02-06-2024)

O Mother of Goodness, I, a sinner, turn to You with all the affection of my heart, begging for Your mercy.
Just as You were standing next to the Cross of Your Son Jesus Christ, You also deign to assist me, not only me, poor sinner, but also all the priests who will celebrate Holy Mass throughout the world today, and all the sons and daughters, who will participate in the Holy Eucharist.
Aided by You, dear Mother, we can offer Holy Communion to the One and Triune God, with respect and to His satisfaction. Amen.





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EUCHARISTIC MIRACLE in the mouth _(See Video)_

Chapel in My Honour
“I say again My children, I am the Virgin Mary Mother of Goodness, tell everyone, including the priests, that I want a CHAPEL in My Honour in this place .”


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Explanatory note:

This apparition is supported by the decree of the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith (AAS 58/16 of 29 December 1966, which defends canons 1399 and 2318, thanks to the intervention and approved by SS Paul VI and published by his will where it says: “It is authorized to disclose, even without express permission of the ecclesiastical authority, writings concerning new apparitions, revelations, visions, prophecies and miracles, counting on observing Christian morality in general.”


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