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YEAR 2019

Messages of each month from this year.

WARNING : The messages are textually copied from the manuscripts of Brother Fernando Pires. Good discernment.


Message from JANUARY 6, 2019

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Brothers and sisters, I Daniel , servant of the Mother of God, I come from Heaven at the invitation of Mary and Our Lord Jesus Christ to bring this Message that I pass on to our brother:

Dear children, My beautiful mission, as the Servant of the Lord – Mother of God and Mother of the Sons of God – is to bring you peace. Is always asking to the Holy Spirit to become fully present in your lives, in your hearts, in your souls, in your thoughts. Therefore, I ask that you be always faced to grace and holiness, overcoming sacrifice with much wisdom and love, without questioning God’s plans – God’s plans, but accepting them in a wise and serene way.

My dear children, this afternoon where you turn your gaze to Me and you are at the beginning of a new cycle, a new year.

Once again I wish to thank you for all that you have done in the past year, for the realization of the kingdom of God among you and I tell you that much more needs to be done . In this new year, I begin to desire that My Spouse Joseph be more and more loved and known, so that through His intercession you may be free from great and grave events .

My Sons, I am very happy to find all the hearts gathered here in this Sacred place Corgo da Igreija . For Me, as Mother, it is an immense joy to bring Heaven to you at this moment ; The word of God.

A New Year is beginning, but what we truly need is that man be renewed in a very special way by the Holy Spirit . For hope is in you children! You are the living bricks of the Church of God! You are the workers of the beautiful vineyard of the Lord! You are the instruments responsible for making this world a new world, of this land a land of Peace.

Therefore, we must remember and experience the birth of the Child Jesus. Nothing is by chance! First we reflect the birth, for then we can conclude the grace in our life. And today you are here in this Sacred place, reaping the fruit of this grace.

Every year man has a new hope, as if leaving the old, to start the new. In fact My children, the old year that passed can not be forgotten , because it was a year of many struggles, and sufferings, also of many blessings.

My dear children, in this new year, be attentive and ready. Great trials for all My children. Pray, pray, pray a lot, confess yourselves, confess yourselves. Satan wants to enter into your lives and homes and is already in many, satan wants to kill you both inside and out, he wants to destroy you and does not want you to be the image of God. That’s why I asked Saint Benedict to protect you . Also count on the protection of the angels and the Archangels .

I, as a mother, want to speak to you a little about faith ; without her what would become of us, children? What would become of Me, the Immaculate Conception, if I did not have in My soul such a beautiful faith in God?

It was the year of faith. The old year is behind us, but faith is what will move us forward. We can never forget children, that is faith that makes this Holy place  becomes a place full of flowers, which are the children of God. This faith kindles in us grace to be truly Saints.

The old year is behind us, but our goodwill will be there. How many things happened? How many sufferings? But also joy, smiles and tears. Faith was cultivated in the heart of man of good will. An example is the mission of the children who have come walking and praying: they have overcome the rain, because they came willingly , coming here to this Sacred place, happy, joyful, praising and singing.

Sometimes man thinks that when the year is difficult it is a year of sadness. No children! When the year is hard man thinks more about God. When man lives an easy life, he forgets God. But when the pain knocks at his door immediately he breathes, and says, Lord, I need you by my side, in front of me, in my house, in my family!

Often children, when you come together here, immediately Jesus becomes unity among us, and together we seek in a very serene, gentle and meek way, to welcome all the hearts here present. I ask, first of all, because today is Lord’s Day – Sunday is a day of grace, a day of blessings. And you, sons, are in a place that for Me is sacred , because a Divine Miracle has happened here . Everything that comes from Heaven is truly Holy. But often they become restless, with their thoughts far from the grace, their hearts far from the grace, their souls experiencing moments of bitterness, and they are not at peace.

The world needs to be more in the presence of God, man is simply poisoned by his pride and his vanities. Sometimes he looks at the other in such a painful way. This is a very serious sin! Jesus asks us to love in such a sublime way the one who is closest to us, whom is our neighbour, He asks us to carry the love in our hearts instead of hatred, that love be victorious.

Dear children, we are in the year of sacrifice. We can not fail to see that this sacrifice is necessary for each one. You are in the time to prepare your hearts and souls, to strive for peace and the victory of God. And it’s the Year of Holiness. It is a year of seeking in being more Saints, to avoid this sinful side of the eyes, the ears, the words. It is a year of worrying more about being from the heart, what God wants from each one of us. Children the word that offends the neighbour is not a blessing, but often causes misfortune, suffering to the family, suffering in a community, of the one who has already a journey in prayer.

It is necessary to learn to live with the presence of the Holy Spirit , and learn, so that the Holy Spirit can lead you in a correct and accurate way .

The world today lives on the edge of a deep abyss! Children are not having the grace from God. They may be in a privileged place, a sacred place, before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, but if you do not open the door of your heart,  you get filled with hatred, rancour, murmurs. God can not enter your lives, God enters where is soft, serene. You have to learn to open your heart and remove the suffering that prevents you from really being a happy son.

Your joy is often not illuminated and is erased because of the inner suffering that has brought so many consequences, even material suffering, that is the disease of the flesh itself. So dear children you need this presence of the Holy Spirit very much.

You have to have wisdom and humility , and recognize that you are human, sinful, have your limits, your weaknesses and must trust in God to grow in the spiritual path of Holiness.

If the world remains unprepared, suffering will be very hard! And you will suffer as children! Do not think that what you plant of bad, will be the other who will reap! It’s you! The storm you make , letting the enemy use your tongue, eyes and ears, comes to you! You have to be very zealous! Zeal, especially when you are in a place blessed by God, which is Holy!

Beware of what you say, beware of what you think, because the enemy tries in every way, to disturb you.

I ask you, when you come here, in this little piece of ground, children you must always say to Jesus: Jesus, I believe in the Light of God! I believe in the Light of the Holy Spirit! You must also ask Him, to remove from all that are darkness, crumbs, sufferings, persecutions and diseases of body and soul. Only that the world My  children, on it there is things that are not good, they are really bad and it’s just the darkness, the darkness of darkness, of sin, of suffering, of violence, of pain, and this darkness they throw humanity into the abyss. And today humanity is in the abyss, My children. If the world were not in that abyss, we would not be here today, this afternoon praying and hearing Heaven. The world is in that abyss. In the abyss of greed, in the abyss of lies, in the abyss of envy, of laziness, and the people who have unfortunately inhabited in this abyss, many have not reacted, in construction to overcome this abyss, have settled.

That’s why children, we’re going to continue in the New Year of Justice, because God is showing people that is not worth to lie, can deceive yourselves, but does not deceives God. Then we will live justice and this year we will begin to live this justice. And this Justice brings to the world the wisdom, wisdom that whom really has a transparent soul need not be afraid. But those who hide must prepare themselves.

Because children the righteousness of God shows what you are. If you say to be a Christian with words only, the Righteousness of God will show it to you, being a Christian is not only with words, and you are holy and therefore you think you can go out judging people. God’s Righteousness will show you that it is not so, that the true Saint does not judge anyone, he loves everyone and he embraces the most sinful, in construction to help his soul be saved .

The only thing we are sure of, is that God’s righteousness does not fails . If you want a happy life and have peace, be faithful to God, be faithful to the Holy Trinity, love your brother, embrace your cross , embrace your mission, do not seek God only in the hour of trouble . All belongs to God! We do not even own a second. So put your life in the hands of , do your reflections, do your meditations, open your heart, begin to rreflec, to meditate on the value you have.

May God the Father, the Son and the Divine Holy Spirit bless you and protect you and make you faithful to Heaven.

Goodbye, My dear ones, Goodbye
Mary, Mother of Goodness, at Corgo da Igreja

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Prayer for January (06-01-2019)

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Lord God, we want to ask for forgiveness, because we do not always take life seriously. Often we fail to fulfil our obligations and fail. Forgive us Lord!

With the beginning of this new year, we want to start a new, more authentic and sincere life. Follow us, Lord, every day. Firm our steps in the way of good. Pour peace and love into our hearts so that we can build a new world where peace, justice and fraternity reign. Amen

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 Message from FEBRUARY 3, 2019

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Brothers, I Michael, transmitting the Message of Our Mother from Heaven to our brother Fernando.

I wanted to talk to you about the November 2018 Message.

Many brothers, especially the charismatics, did not quite understand what I meant about the modern Charismatic Renewal. No my charismatic brothers, I’m not against the charismatic, but the modernises they do.

Formerly when the Charismatic Renewal appeared in the churches, they were much calmer praying in silence  and not screaming. Therefore, I beg you, brethren, do not do anymore this prayers screaming. With screams you do not get anything from God.

To all brothers. Peace! The blessing of the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen
 – Archangel Michael .


My dear children, today because is near the day when you celebrate the beginning of My apparitions here at the Corgo da Igreija, will complete twenty years. I invite all, at My feast, to come prepared with prayer, sacrifices, penance and confession. I also wanted to ask you to bring two roses, one red and one white, to bless them and take them to your homes.

My dear little children, much peace for this new year. My Son Jesus expects you to convert and dedicate yourself to live more His Gospel. Continue My children to confess every month, to receive Communion with love, and to participate with fervour in Holy Mass.

Never be ashamed My Sons, of the crosses that you use, never feel offended when unbelievers laugh when you are praying, never be ashamed of the crosses you use to protect yourselves, do not hide the symbols of Love that you children, have for Me. In spite of the anger these people may have against you, inwardly they envy the Faith you have. Many of these feel an emptiness within themselves because of their lack of Faith. Prayer, My Sons, can help Me to conquer these souls. Pray for them:

My God and Lord, I extend my arms
to ask you to take my beloved
brother in your arms. Bless them with
Your Sacred Blood and give them the
necessary grace, to enable them to
receive the Spirit of your Love to
bring them to Eternal Salvation. Amen.

My dear children, you must never choose this path, or you will also lose Me. Do not let the enemy, with all his charm, overcomes over your souls.

Pray that all those who believe in My Son will open their hearts to the truth of His Holy Messages.

My dear children, I will not prolong anymore, but on the 16th, the day of My apparitions , I will give another message to you and to the whole world.

I bestow My blessing and My Heart upon all who work for the conversion of the brethren. Stay alert! Get ready! All that I ask of you is for your good, and corresponds to the desires of God.

From this place blessed by Me and My Son Jesus, I bless you all in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit

Mary, Mother of Goodness, at Corgo da Igreja

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Prayer (Month of February 03-02-2019)

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Dear God, this time I don’t want to ask!

I just want to thank you! Believe: God places the right people at the right times in our lives.

Where there is faith, there is love, where there is love, there is peace, where there is God, nothing is lacking.

Thank You, O God, because this Sacred place, Corgo da Igreija, is full of Thy Presence.

Thank You, because I live and move for You.

Thank You, because I live in Your Life, Truth, Health, Prosperity, Peace, Wisdom, Joy and Love.

Thank You, because I am in harmony, Love, Truth and Justice with all beings.

I know it’s hard to wait, but God has a time to act and heal.

You just have to trust … I will not give up loving and I will not give up the pain because one day it will pass.
So be it

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Message from FEB 16th 2019

(20th Apparitions Anniversary)

Anniversary of the Eucharistic Miracle.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you my Mother, we thank you for coming today to Your Feast, in this Holy place:

Message revealed to brother Fernando Pires on February 16th 2019 on the site of the apparitions (Corgo da Igreja)

My son and My dear little children, I could not but be here todayHeaven sent Me to be present in Body and soul. And today we celebrate twenty years of My coming here in this Sacred place, Corgo da Igreja. It’s a day that brings Me great joy, for being the day that I appeared in this place, and for being with all of you again, to bring you Peace and Love.

Children, I want you well, and wish to tell you again, many children still come here to this place to hurt My Heart, but on the other hand, many others also come here to Relieve My Heart.

Stop and meditate My children, how many knees have already knelt here to say a prayer, how many graces have already been achieved and received here in this small piece of ground, because God is here!

Children, if you close your eyes you will see and you will feel, how beautiful is God’s plan on this small piece of ground, a place of peace, of prayer!

On this place of fraternity of the beautiful presence of the Merciful Jesus, who presented us with the rays of His beautiful Mercy, I will make My children, from this holy place chosen by God, that the fountain of Mercy may flow to the whole world .

My children, today I feel happy to be here in this place of prayer. It’s a work of true love, this oil that purifies, transforms, renews. Jesus will place here His Light, He’s going to put here His Merciful Oil. This oil will be oil completely blessed by God, where all children who need to be blessed, by a priest, will receive, will reach, and the blessing of God is the total cure of the infirmities of the body, the spirit, depressions, discouragement , from discord . Then this oil will be the Peace that will reach all hearts that will receive this Peace, which is Jesus Himself.

When you children, find yourselves lost, going through a material or spiritual need, you will come here, bless with this oil, and will feel clean and transformed.

When you feel heavy by the traps of the devil and touch on this oil, you will feel completely relieved, for God will bring a very special blessing. God is making this piece of ground in Corgo da Igreija, a place of Light, Hope, Faith, Love, trust, Faithfulness. My dear little children, Jesus blessed this oil with such care! I am sure that as I see My child be blessed with this oil, I have seen the cures come into your lives, because Jesus can do so much. Children, He is everything! Because of this, remember: when entering in this Sacred place Corgo da Igreija, bless yourselves with holy water which is now at the entrance of this place, and say to Him:

Lord, you have blessed this oil,
this oil that came from nature,
but which You have turn into a
healing and deliverance oil. Give us
the grace of being faithful servants,
humble and meek of heart
so this oil may purify
our hearts, because in this
oil is your mercy
of love!

He children, will feel very comforted and you will be able to transform each day your hearts more and more, so your hearts will be clean like this oil, and as holy as His heart. Children, today in a very special way, I am also very happy, because it is twenty years of a beautiful mission with My children. I am grateful to be here, asking the Blessed Trinity to bless this sacred place Corgo da Igreija, dedicated to the Mother of Goodness, the Mother of God, the One who for twenty years has been bringing Heaven to you children, here in this Sacred place. Comes bringing a Heaven of Blessings, a Heaven of Peace, a simple Heaven. Heaven is a greater place, but stands out for being a great place in simplicity and greater in peace. Heaven children is the place where God has prepared what is most beautiful for His children. He loves you so much, and wants you too, He wants us to begin to live that Heaven here on earth.

It is therefore, children, that I feel a little bit of this Heaven here on earth, especially through the simplicity of this place that twenty years ago, God grants Me the privilege and the blessing of being the Messenger of His Word, of His teachings .

Here dear children, we have the greatest example of family in the world, which is the Fraternity. It is not easy to be fraternity. Fraternity asks us for love, and love without measures, especially, to love those who most need of love.

Then dear children, Heaven asks us in the Fraternity, much love, much affection. Asks for a special affection with your children, your youth, with the parents.

And also, Heaven asks us for obedience ! It is time children to live here, the Holiness of this Sacred place . The world lives a suffering, which is not any suffering, but is an arduous suffering.

Much of humanity lives fear, and not trust . To say, “Be it done unto me according to His will, Lord.” It’s believing! It’s trust! It is to be sure that the will of the Lord is the best for you!

Why does man take so long?

Even seeing Portugal and the world in an alarming situation of pain , full of sins, where values ​​and commandments are no longer experienced by the children of God on earth. And yet, one does not see in the world an action of fight, and of transformation.

This is the time, dear children, to wake up . Make more silence, watch, fast and pray! Try to live a life of more communion with Jesus . You children who say so much: I believe! I believe! I believe! To believe is to do what He asks of us. So children feel the need to do what Jesus asks you to do. That is what I ask of you. I am quite sure that the world will live the transformation. This transformation is not far away. You will need a lot of courage, because the enemy will try everything to keep you away from Jesus.

At this moment the devil is furious with all who love the will of God : the family that prays, the child that prays, the youth that prays, the priests that pray.

Whoever prays, evangelizes, shows the way of truth, the teachings of the Laws of God, the commandments, the Gospel, suffers !

The enemy, sons, want to reign over this world. But the Kingdom of God is the Kingdom of Victory! we have a King and the King is Jesus! Today Jesus is among us in the Eucharist, He is the King of humility, of simplicity, He is the King of the humble and the simple, He is the King of the wise, of those who in their daily lives built themselves on the path of love and peace.

I call you children, to walk with Jesus. Do everything He asks of you to do ! Reflect on the need of the world that needs to become to what Jesus asks. He asked for love, but people live hate, He asked fraternity, but people live the indifference, He asked for justice, but people live under injustice. We need children to live what Jesus asks us to do . That is why sons, that I am here in this blessed place, catechizing you, bringing to you what already exists, but which you do not live, which are the teachings, which He Himself left you. But Heaven transforms everything, children!

It is time for transformation,  is time to be strong, because the struggle of the people of God is great, is great, but victory, even if few before a fallen multitude, even if a few remain standing, the victory will be to those few.

My little children, Jesus is very Just, He has Mercy for you who have a life of prayer, He blesses but if you want the wide path, He has given you freedom.

He does not want His children out of obligation, He wants the children out of love and faithfulness to the mission, no one is obliged to serve God, but he who serves God must have faith, but not a faith of appearance, is easy to be with the Rosary in your hand, is easy to walk to the Eucharist, but it is difficult to live the Rosary and the Eucharist which is Jesus. It’s hard to put it into practice.

Children I have repeated so many times in My messages, the Eucharist is a gift from God, is feast, it is joy, it is the nourishment of the nourishments that humanity needs to receive. Cherish My children the Eucharist as long as you still can have it among you, You do not know how long you still will have this Mercy.

Today My children, it’s one year since you saw the Consecrated Host transform in the Body and Blood of My Son Jesus. It was a real and true miracle. Now you have My children the answer to this Eucharistic miracle.

I have asked so much and begged Jesus for the children of God, for the children of Faith, because whoever wants Mercy has had enough time for it, whoever desires Mercy has already prepared his heart, especially those who frequent this Sacred place .

Praise God My children for these twenty years of blessings!

Praise God for all the pilgrims here present, who are devout and faithful children, even those who are here today without knowing what they are doing here, I want to tell you children: I love you very much! Even if you do not know what you are doing here because I know that for God you are very important children! And what is important to God is also important to Me.

My dear children, I wanted to tell you, today 325 souls have risen to Heaven. So I beg you to continue to pray for the souls of Purgatory.

I wanted to thank the children who left their homes to be here in the Heart of the Mother of Goodness. How many children who, even with physical health weakened, due to their age. To Me My dear children, I wanted to tell you, today 325 souls have risen to Heaven. So I beg you to continue to pray for the souls of Purgatory.

I wanted to thank the children who left their homes to be here in the Heart of the Mother of Goodness. How many children who, even with physical health weakened, due to their age. For Me, this is already a Sign of My battle, that during these twenty years, God has sent Me to this Sacred place, I have fought and built your path – which is Jesus – this fight of devotion to the Holy Rosary. What a beautiful weapon My children! Whoever has this weapon is happy. Use this weapon and remember the words of Jesus when He said: The day you look at the world and find no way out, take your Rosary, tighten your hearts and say: The prayer of the Rosary is my victory! The prayer of the Rosary is my weapon of victory.

Children now raise your roses that I asked you to bring. The red roses symbolize the Blood of Jesus, the mercy of Jesus and the white ones, the water that flows from the Heart of Jesus , I will now bless them, then you will take them to your homes and distribute the petals to the sick (1) , so that My Grace and My Son Jesus Grace may fill and envelop your homes and free them from the snares of the devil.

I would like to thank My daughter who offered the Banner in honour of My Merciful Son, whom I and My Son very much love and bless. We will never forget this beautiful gesture and we repay with joy and blessings .

My children, I wish to speak to you of this, My image which represents My apparition here in this Sacred place Corgo da Igreija. Today I give to her a blessing, when she goes to My children’s homes, I will be as I am already present. Where she is the Angels and Light of My Heart will echo not only the mystical bells of Heaven but the bells of My Graces, of My Immaculate Heart, riddled with thorns, rays and bands of light, will convert hearts, give life, hope to My Children. When they contemplate My Look, they will find their true Mother. My hands outstretched with the doves of the Holy Spirit, it is a sign of blessing you, placing you, one by one under My hands as docile, kind and sincere children. I desire nothing more from you children, but that you love Jesus, return to Jesus , I want you to be always candles alight, and always more alight! Burn, burn and burn those around you! Contaminate them with the Blood of Christ, the love of Christ, the truth of Christ, the search for Christ, I wish that you little children, find like Veronica that Jesus who stretched out His hands and offered her forgiveness.

Come to this image of mine, and I will take you to this Jesus.

At this moment, in this Sacred Place, Corgo Da Igreja, I bless all the sick of your families, whether they are here, in hospitals or in their homes.

I bless all the pilgrims who are here, the old and young, especially those who came for the first time, and those who came from far away places. I also bless these beloved priests who are here in this Sacred place and who are going to celebrate Holy Mass today. And in your words, beloved children, that Christ becomes present among men on earth, it is a pity that many of you do not recognize the great power that you have. As ministers of God this is your task, My sons priests. Your heart must be humble, merciful, sensitive, pure and compassionate.

Give the best of yourselves, so you may always be near to your faithful.

Before I finish, I am going to give a very special blessing to a daughter who is going to turn hundred years old, and to all the children who make their birthdays this month.

Return to your homes. I give you My strength and My Blessing.

May God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit bless you and keep you. Amen

Mary, Mother of Goodness, in Corgo da Igreja


  • (* 1) Clarification on the petals. Petals should be placed in your homes in an appropriate place, and petals distributed by the sick, who must keep them with faith close to them. It may be in the bag of the scapular of the Our Lady Mother of Goodness. Tea can be made.
  • Download the brochure on Blessed Oil and Blessed Petals , in: Folder.PDF
  • The summary of the analysis of the Consecrated Host was read , which became the Body and Blood of Jesus. We will soon publish the official document
  • On this day, the seer Fernando Pires received the Holy Communion given by the invisible Holy Angel, which became visible in his language, as can be confirmed by the videos and photos below. “video”
  • Miracle of the sun. Once again, the people present at the site could look directly at the sun, and saw it manifest in different ways.
  • A few thousand commemorative postcards of the double anniversary, the 20th anniversary of the first apparition , and the 1st anniversary of the Eucharistic miracle were distributed .
  • At the beginning of the meeting, the procedure of candle blessing that was not foreseen was exceptional. We recommend that all have in their homes the candles blessed on the day of Our Lady of the Candeias.  


Prayer (Month of February 16-02-2019)

 (20th Anniversary)

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Lord Jesus Christ, I ask You to send me the light of Holy Spirit, May He bring wisdom and intelligence, may He enlighten and transform my life. This is the most important moment of my life, because I am in prayer and being in prayer I am with God, I am with the Mother of God I am with Heaven in my heart.

I want to share this moment, this grace with all my brothers, so I ask for my family and the great family that is the Holy Church; I ask for all the children; I ask for the youth; missionaries; for the sick, that all of us may be heal in body, soul and heart.

I see Jesus, how you have done everything so beautiful on earth; the green of the fields, the colours of the flowers, the blue of the sky, the softness of the rain, the grandeur of the sun, all so beautiful that nothing lacked to man.

I also see that we are even more beautiful, our brothers, because you have made us in your image and likeness, you have given us a heart and soul. Now we must preserve this beauty not only on earth, but especially in our souls.

That is why I beg for your Holy Spirit, because I have become fragile and sinful. Often, I want to go too far, and far I get from being in your life and losing everything; for all is found in Thee alone. Pride, greed, vanity, and luxury lead me into the darkness of darkness.

I want to have faith and trust to live God’s designs. I want to help the Immaculate Conception to rescue, through prayer, all my brothers who allow themselves to be seduced by the traps of evil and deny their cross.

I want to be a responsible worker in your vineyard Lord, I want to be obedient, faithful, honest and holy, I want to become light for the world; for this I ask the intercession of Your Most Holy Mother, the Blessed Mother, the Wife of the Holy Spirit’s enlightened so that He may be the greatest Light in my life and in the whole world. So be it

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 Message of March 3rd, 2019

Message given to brother Fernando Pires at the site of the apparitions Corgo da Igreja

My dear brother’s, I Michael, with great joy I speak to you today of the beloved son of the heart of Our Mother in Heaven, Pope Francis is as if he were a son of John Paul II, You can not separate them! The Catholics who do this will answer to Our Lord Jesus Christ. Brothers, Pope Francis while he is the head of the Holy Church, no matter how much the Church experiences trials, however much her voice may find no echo in the hearts of cardinals, bishops and priests, the Church will be still at peace. When he is moved away, when the sword reaches him, will arrive the time of silence already prophesied by Joel, already prophesied in Scripture, comes a time worse than the very beginning of Christianity, you will be deprived of growing your faith even within your homes. Pope Francis is an aurora, he is a sign with Mary.

Brother’s, obey him, love him, defend him, protect him. He will give you still a great joy with the one who has been known all over the world as Saint (John Paul II) .

Before transmitting the message of Our Mother from Heaven to our brother, I wanted to bless you in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen – Archangel Michael.

Dear children! This moment of prayer is a great grace. But as we reflect on the world situation, we see a very tragic situation – hearts afflicted, sick, deprived, needy.

Grace comes to the extent of the need of the children of God. We have urgency! The first of all needs is respect for God, not even during the time of Lent the people have respect for God. The disrespect is so great that it hurts in My Motherly Heart. Each one must master their hearts a little more, Jesus did everything for your Heart to be worthy to receive Him. People are so impure, with so much contamination in the soul, in the thoughts, in deeds, in words, in the eyes, in the ears. My dear children, I ask you for a Penance that all of you must do this month, so that sin does not contaminate your homes, in the three days of Carnival, it brings to the streets great blasphemy, In these days search for a Church and comfort My Son alive in the Tabernacle. Therefore children, the world urgently needs healing, the healing that only Christ can bring to humanity, our hope is that Jesus during this time of reflection, prayer and adoration, which is the time of Lent,  may infuse peace in the lives of men and women, on earth, in the children, young people and mothers. The Word that I have today My children to speak about is this: Still, the world will see the righteousness of God, This righteousness of God will hurt a lot in the lives of people who do not respect God. Therefore you have to prepare and recognize that it is already time to convert! Heaven can no longer extend this time of Mercy, because the world today needs to be transformed.

My dear children, the designs from High surpass all human limitations, God always shows that He is above all else. This is what happens right now with the Church, we have to be aware that above the human will, is the will of God, above human desires is the designs of God, is the things of Heaven, like the Church that is something that God created on earth – something that was created with the One who came from Heaven, was born, grew and died in the cross, but who wanted to bring prosperity and become the Nourishment, the Strength, the Light. He has become the great wealth of our Heart.

We are in the time of Lent, a time when we taste the sweetness of Jesus’ love and contemplate this beautiful love.

At this moment, the Church – who are all of us – experiences what we need to trust: the Presence of God! It is as in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, above each one of us is the Presence of God. This is a place of prayer, of respect, and as much as you are disobedient to what God asks of you – it is you who are losing My children, it is not Heaven, Heaven is pouring blessings and graces, sorrow comes to him who is within grace but ceases to live it, this is out of sheer vanity, the vain person is not authentic, does not admit that errs, that is in sin, that is hurting their own heart and the Heart of God.

Jesus is God! The Holy Spirit is God! The Father is God! So this great moment now lived by the Church is the moment of the Presence of the Holy Spirit.

What did the Holy Spirit wanted to give us?

He wanted to give us what the Church needs. As much as human beings deviate from that which is Sacred, from that which is blessed, Heaven stands firm fighting for that which can never cease to exist, which is obedience, respect for Christ, the Founder of the mission that we have, which is the love that unites us, which is the strength that unites us, It is Christ who makes us strong ! Above all human limitations and disorders is Jesus! Is the Holy Spirit! Is the Father! On a day like this one sees the action of the Holy Spirit, it is up to each one to let the Mercy of God, to let the grace of God, manifest through the action of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus offers us enormous blessings so that we may continue to pray for a Holy Church. This is even what Jesus wants for us: Holiness! Yes, Jesus wants the Holiness of the Church which is all of us, we are committed to fight for Holiness, I Mary, the Mother of Goodness, and you the children! This is a time of Mercy, for life today is an act of Mercy, the End Times are on the face of the earth.

The human being can not continue with their stubbornness, can not continue in this vanity that will lead them to suffer even more. This vanity will lead them to make this world even more bitter than what already is, is the very creature that makes the great bitterness, the great suffering, that has destroyed humanity, the families, the foundation of the family.

Jesus shows that we are receiving what God is sending us, we are receiving what God wants for us. It is up to us to pray.

Children, the world today needs a lot of brotherhood, this is the happiness you are enjoying right now, it is this happiness of being able to embrace the brother and to look at the needs of each one and to see the difficulties of all, It is this fraternity that the Holy Father needs to channel into the hearts of the priests who will lead this flock that is now lost, without direction, without life, without light, without hope. The herd unfortunately is letting the pain reign.

What is pain?

Is sin! Is the darkness! The world needs a lot of light!

What do we need to do today as a church?

Pray for the Holy Father to be light, pray that he may be filled with the Holy Spirit. The moment God gave him this grace was precisely the one in which all were enlightened to give their “yes” to the fulfilment of God’s will.

Nothing happened which the world expected. This can be a great answer! It can be a transformation for humanity, for the Church. God’s plan is different from people’s plan. The will of God is different from ours. God is much greater! God is above all else.

In looking at the Church, people sometimes think only of the Clergy, but the Church is Jesus! And we are instruments of Jesus. The Holy Father is an instrument of Jesus, mothers are instruments of Jesus, as are parents, young people, priests, missionaries. We are all instruments of Jesus! He is the Way !He is the Eucharist!

Children, what does the world need the most? More zeal for the soul. If you receive Jesus with dignity, your life will be worthy.

Why do people have an impure life?

Because they are receiving Jesus without dignity. This is a very grievous sin. The person who wants to justify his mistakes, err doubly. The mistake is not justified, the mistake is corrected! We can not justify our wrongdoing. We must correct.

What did Jesus tell the great sinner? “Do not sin anymore”! That’s what He’s talking to us all through this year of Faith: “Do not sin anymore”!

Children, faith is the righteousness of God, faith is what moves the truth, Faith is what moves humanity, this is what Jesus made the Church feel today. God is above human beings! God is above the designs of beings! The eyes of the creatures were contemplating something, but the Holy Spirit showed that He is the Light. Surely, God will do a great miracle in the Church.  Children, Jesus is the miracle! I as Mother, believe that Heaven desires this miracle, Heaven wants to destroy all the treacherous storms that are putting an end to faith, which are causing people to lose the path that leads to Heaven which is Jesus!

Children believe in the Holy Father with wisdom and with joy in your hearts. Our Heart do not know what will happen, but has to receive what God wants .That’s what God wanted for us, That is what God wants for the Church, God wants the Church to be enlightened by the High and not by the earth, by on High !The whole earth produces the fruits of that light that comes from on High, which is the Divine Light.

My children make this reflection: even the fruits that you have on your table, depends on the light that comes from on high, from the rain that descends on earth, so we have to turn our eyes to on High! As much as you are aware that you are on earth, that you have a mission here, your eyes must always be directed towards the Highest. Certainly children, Saint Francis together with all Saints, will illuminate Pope Francis with humility, charity and wisdom. Blessings and prayers will bring the fruits of peace! The heart that strives for peace is a prayerful heart, charitable, humble and persevering. The qualities of a person are in their virtues! May you experience the virtues of the Holy Spirit. Pray and cultivate these virtues for the good of our Church, We are the Church, Let us pray and cultivate these virtues for our own good. Let us cultivate good in all of us .

Dear children, the good things that God wants to give you in this new year, are the renunciation of sin and the strength to fight for holiness. God wants to reap the following in this year: the search of people for true faith and conversion. Jesus said: A person who does not fight for conversion will be pruned out of My garden. We have to pray and trust.

I bless the Holy Father! May God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit– the Holy Trinity – enlighten this son with humility in his heart, humility in his soul, so that he may cultivate charity and hope. Today the Church needs faith and love. May the Holy Father, Pope Francis, cultivate the grace that his own nation taught him during his life of evangelization.

My dear little children, however great the battles, the difficulties and the sufferings, we must always hope for the best. We can never be discouraged. Jesus, even carrying the cross and sweating blood, went on and on. On this cross He died for all of us. So it will be with the heart of the Holy Father, Pope Francis, his struggle will be immense, his battle will be painful, but with confidence he will win. He has God! With the Holy Spirit in his heart he does not need to be afraid, just trust.

I finish My children, wishing everyone a blessed Lent! Live this Lent with the Light of God the Father, God the Son and God the Divine Holy Spirit in your lives. Amen

Mary, Mother of Goodness in Corgo da Igreja.

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Certificate / Testimony

(Healing of Brother Pires)

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Lúcio Pereira, graduated in Medicine from the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Lisbon and bearer of the Professional Certificate No. 27565, issued by the Order of Physicians, I certify on my word of honour that I observed Mr. Fernando Pires about nine months ago, for presenting a wound, type burn of 1º degree, in the outside of the right forearm. At the time I only advised surveillance. After about two months, I returned to find Mr. Pires and found that he had the same lesion, but with increased redness and an almost necrotic area, in the centre of the wound; Mr. Pires declined to undergo any treatment and covered the lesion with a ligature.

About six months ago, on the first Sunday of September (2018) , I again met Mr. Pires at the apparition site in Corgo da Igreja, and I noticed a central protrusion, with prominent irregular borders and necrotic aspect and an expansive reddish area. He complained of pains that were sometimes languorous.

The central nodule had necrotic features with possible penetration into the deeper structures, which caused pain.

I advised to go urgently to a surgery consultation to be analysed through biopsy and surgical treatment.

On this day 3rd of March (2019), during the prayer of the Rosary in Corgo da Igreija, Mr. Pires interrupted the registration of the Message he was receiving from on High, to call me to him and observe the cure that was exercising on his right forearm at this time everyone present could observe that something was happening when Brother Pires extended his arm.

I moved close to him to observe the right forearm. I placed my hand at the site of the injury and found that the skin was soft, with only a dark spot, signaling the center of the anterior lesion.

Because it is true and has been confirmed by me, I verify this statement.
Lúcio Pereira

Photos BEFORE healing:

Photos AFTER the cure:


Prayer Month of March (03-03-2019)

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My God, look to the face of your Christ, the eternal High Priest, and for His sake have mercy on your priests.

I remind you, O Merciful God, that they are only feeble creatures. Keep alive the fire of your love in them. Keep them close to You so that the enemy does not prevail against them and never become unworthy of their sublime vocation.

O Jesus, I beseech thee for thy faithful and fervent priests; by your tainted and unfaithful priests; by your priests who work in the distant or close missions; by your priests who suffer temptations; by your priests who suffer solitude and desolation; by your young priests; by your elder priests; by your sick priests; by your dying priests; by the souls of your priests who suffer in Purgatory.

But most of all, I commend you to the priest who baptized me, who acquitted me of sins and those whose Masses I attended and who gave me Your Body and Blood in Holy Communion. Those who encouraged and instructed me, who encouraged and advised me, to all the priests to whom I attach a debt of gratitude.

O Jesus, keep them all close to Your Sacred Heart and grant them abundant blessings now and in eternity. So be it – Amen

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Message from 7th April 2019

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My brothers and sisters, I Archangel Gabriel bring the message from our Mother of Heaven, which I now pass on to our brother Fernando:

My dear little children, today in this day of prayer of the Holy Rosary, Prepare your hearts for the resurrection of Jesus, Prepare your heart to be truly open, to also rise before the resurrection of Jesus. He resurrected that you might have live to the full; life and truth.

At Holy Week, man’s heart with faith turns to spirituality, and there is no way we can not reflect on Jesus’ mission to save us. And how was beautiful the yes from Jesus!

You children, you will taste the food that is the Word of God in a very enriching way. In the reflection of Holy Thursday, Jesus will put you before Him at the Eucharist. His humility and simplicity made us reflect on our lives as apostles of Jesus: “What kind of apostle are we?” This is a very serious thing!

Mankind has not realized, but the Word of God and the teachings of Heaven are always showing us how important conversion is! Jesus tells us that we do not always want to be that apostle who welcomes, who lives the Word and who witnesses the truth. Many times, unfortunately, man denies God, giving wrong witness of life. This is something very serious! Especially for those who are on the journey, because when you belong to the world God will not charge you, but when you are in grace, you will be charged!

Sometimes you may ask, “Why if belongs to the world I will not be charged?” Because God has given you wisdom and discernment, you know what is good and what is bad, know the good path which leads to joy, and knows the path that leads to suffering .

If I looked at you and asked: “The path of vice brings joy?” : You would know that not! If I ask: “Does the path of praying the Holy Rosary brings joy?” ; you would know that yes! Therefore, you have discernment, you are not pagan children, you are saved children, enlightened and baptized.

On Good Friday, Jesus will call to the great grace of carrying our cross.

We do not need to throw on the other’s shoulders, the cross that is yours! The suffering you are having in your life is the result of your sins! Jesus took the cross and died on it for the sins of the world! That is why it exists in the path of the Christian, of the true Christian, so that he carries it with love, with patience, with wisdom, with serenity. The true Christian never gets discouraged, as difficult the journey is, he is always open-hearted to accomplish his mission.

You, sons who are here today in this Sacred place, Corgo da Igreija, often ask: ” the Lord does not listen to my voice ?! ; Know that Jesus has already listened, because He loves you! But what you ask for, is not always what you need at the moment. At the moment, Jesus will give you what you need the most! What’s the use of asking Jesus for the grace of having a family if you still need to receive the grace of knowing what a family is?! You need to know that the family is sacred!

It is of no use receiving from Jesus the greatest gift in the world and throwing it out! You must receive this gift, that he may be your happiness. When you ask Jesus for a family, in fact, the first thing you should ask for is a lot of strength! Because you live a mission on earth – priestly, religious or matrimonial – it’s a struggle, not easy! When you ask Jesus for the grace to be a priest, the first thing you have to ask of Him is strength, because being a priest is not a simple mission. On the contrary, it is a mission of much prayer and much love! You have to hold Jesus’ merciful hands! The world needs Holy Priests, evangelizers and wise men, of those who are not afraid to speak of what God wants the world to know: His Word! Often the Word of God is being hidden from humanity .

Children, when we present ourselves before God in the Eucharist, the great miracle happens! How often do you go to the Eucharist without faith ? With your heart far away from faith! And forgets that at that moment God will be present there in the Bread and in the Wine; but your heart is completely without faith ! But even though you are there present without faith, at that moment God has something for you, He has for you the grace to open your eyes, to teach that in your heart there is faith, love, joy, hope and trust .

In this little Sanctuary we live the great miracle of the Eucharist, of Faith, of graces received. How many managed to get healed and delivered! How many children here have freed themselves from addictions! What a beautiful thing is faith with the will to really conquer!

All of you have faith children ! Often the grace which you have not received is not because you have no faith, it is because the time is not yet right ! There is a right time! Only God knows the right time ! We must know how to trust with faith, that God has conceived us as children, so that we are not blind to the will of God .Often grace is before us – like Jesus in the Eucharist, and we look up high, to look for Jesus, and we forget to look at ourselves , at our hearts and finally find Jesus !

This way, Holy Sunday means for us the great grace of finding Jesus , waiting for the hour of God , for Jesus could have just died and been resurrected, He is God! But, He allowed man to experience this moment of reflection. We need to be stronger than the doubt, more consistent than weakness . He allowed us to live in prayer, and to grow before Him, and He continues to do this to us in this day and age, by stoning our hearts and showing us that the will of God is always the best ; even if we cry and say, “No!”

Holy Sunday brings us the grace to trust! Everyone wanted victory, and for the world at that moment the death of Jesus was like a defeat!

But Jesus is God! Humanity was aware, and even the earth shaken . The hearts were afflicted waiting for something, even knowing that the death of Jesus was the great grace of our salvation.

The Blood of Christ washed us and the water that flowed from the Heart of Christ purified us ! Such is Mercy! We are living here a reality, we are in the time of mercy , because we expect the grace of God on earth! We have no more answers to the suffering we are experiencing, nor to those to come , we can not even say, “Lord, why today the world does not respect you anymore? Do not live the commandments anymore? No longer respect’s the Word?

Indeed, My dear children, we are experiencing a moment like what the apostles of Jesus lived : the wait! We are waiting for something: the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart ; The world waits for Heaven, because in man there is no more how to wait; we only see suffering ! If you look at yourself and in the silence of the soul ask yourself: ” what do you expect from men? , the answer would be one: ” suffering and pain ! And, ” what do you expect from God ? ; Mercy ! “

Children, each one carries with themselves pain and suffering, and the greatest suffering is knowing that the world lives without faith. Without faith no one will be able to stand! Think of building a house that has walls and roof, but where you forgot to build the foundation. No one can build a life on appearances. Your foundation is God! Your existence is God! If you ignore this existence, your foundation, without it you are knocked down! Jesus is your foundation and Mercy, your salvation!

Men no longer have the wisdom to change what needs to be changed on their own, a lot needs to be changed My children! Let’s talk the truth, when we receive the Eucharist or hear the Word of God , all that God asks is that we do not do the opposite of what He asked us to do! But the devil always uses his malice to poison hearts, he dominates your minds , this happens to many who go to places like this one – where you live the plan of God, you can not understand the plan of God; doubt and question! Does Mother come here in body and soul? Does heaven open and Mary comes ? Does the words spoken by the visionary are words from heaven ?

Therefore, I have taught you, placed you on the path of prayer , showing that today we must conquer, conquer and conquer! If not, you will become a weak man and the devil will take all the strength.

At the beginning of the year I said to you, “Children, it is the Year of Peace” , but it will be the most difficult year for the missionaries, because it will be the year of the great struggle for peace . The mercy of Jesus, justly is going to teach us how to fight for peace ! It’s enough of suffering in the world! Man alone will not direct his life to justice, brotherhood, equality; Jesus must be with him!

In fact, the world My children needs to prepare for Jesus’ return. They are often afraid to speak of Jesus’ return, because they are far from Him ; they are afraid of Him coming to them and not know them !

Children, we must always be prepared ! But man is not ready! The feast of Mercy must be a feast of a living grace.

Think My children : when going to baptism, or when the mother takes her child as a child, or even a young man, or an adult, in white robes to be baptized, meaning purity and which soul will receive the Holy Spirit. Mercy is not a feast for you to be here, it is a living feast! At each encounter with the Merciful Jesus, at each year of the great Feast of Mercy, we are climbing a step to Heaven , we are preparing for the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart . Our time is of Mercy!

Think My children too: when you get the Holy Bible, you begin to understand God’s plan on earth; the coming of the first Christians; the pursuit of the great transformation; the preparation to welcome the Messiah, the Son of God.

In that time it was chosen those people of God, the disciples, the witnesses and the Apostles. In this time of Mercy you are the chosen ones! It is you who are here today. It is you mother! It is you father! It’s you young man! It is you Church!

How many priests today are with their hearts in celebration , because it is the Feast of Mercy ! They have a very great connection with Jesus , and at the same time they know the mercy of the world. Jesus placed in their hands the mission of helping the world. They know of the sufferings that families carry, which the young carry; of spiritual illnesses, of tribulations, of troubled minds of so much sin and misery!

And what do you see today?

Your children, who are here in this sacred place Corgo da Igreija , see the green and beautiful nature, breathe peace, see a brotherhood. But there are still, men who could not see Mercy in this place! They could not embrace Mercy and could not forgive.

Great suffering is for those who can not forgive themselves, and who carries with them all sorrows. And he always wants to cast the poison that is in him, in others.

Children, Jesus spoke about this to Saint Faustina, He showed her how much the world would need to heal and forgive, how  much people would need to pray, be more pious, quieter, and have more prudence!

The Mercy of God is for our time! When I speak of Mercy, I speak of the Mother who is here on earth; I speak of the Messenger of God on earth; I speak of the children who for so many years are following the messages of the Mother of Heaven on earth . Messages which are the Gospel, the Word of God forgotten ;forgotten to be lived! Forgotten to be put into action in your day to day!

My children, the world , needs to be more evangelized, knows little the evangelization ! We are in the moment when humanity must cling to the last Tablet of Salvation:

Think: it ‘s the last! You will not have another one! But, Jesus will always be our salvation, He will always love us with merciful love! He will always have compassion on you!

Often, they are aware that their grave sin has led to their suffering. You have this awareness, and knows he is suffering because he is not innocent, he knows that he has sinned. But you have so much protection from God in your life, Sometimes you do not even deserve the hands of Jesus to get him out of that hole, because he simply is not praying; let himself be overthrown, imprisoned in sin, But Jesus is there with His outstretched hands for his son, for his house, for his family, for the Holy Church!

My dear children, the day you assume that you are a sinner , that you need forgiveness, that you are in serious sin and you need to be released, your life will be renewed.

If, today, we live in this misery, which Jesus felt would come very strongly, that’s why He becomes mercy – we need to be more just and wise people! People more alert! And it is not because Heaven has not warn us! How many years have I come to warn you, at Jesus’ request, to fight for the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart?

Be more prepared My children! This is what I most desire with all My Immaculate Heart of Mother.

My children Jesus wants to do a restoration work ! He wants a world more edified! That is why we are fighting for the Triumph of My Mother Heart ! And does human being value this triumph? Fight’s for it? Do you want it to happen? Or do you prefer to live in this most painful world, where depressions, spiritual sufferings, spiritual ailments, are ever more comprehensive. Who do they target ?To the Son of God, in the image and likeness of God.

Jesus, little children, have an answer for us! He wants sacrifice! He wants each one to assume the cross of his mission; the cross of his fight for Heaven. No one will reach Heaven without this cross ! No one will reach Holiness without this Cross! Sometimes they question the difficulties they are experiencing. But consider: What have you planted? No one goes through anything by chance . You go through the situations of life because you have made a choice. God is one way , the devil is another. If you chose the demon, you will suffer. But if you chose Jesus, you will be happy. Your soul will be peaceful, and freed! You will not be a prisoner of that which suffocates you! Will be released! The Spirit will live in you! The Holy Spirit will touch you! The Holy Spirit will move you!

Children, Jesus asks for a life, for a life of honesty, dignity, transparency, living the religion! You abandoned this Christ, stepped on the one who is Holy! And the One who is Holy is in you! The burdens, which are now upon your shoulders, are the consequence of your not having the wisdom to bear your own cross ! You say that the cross sacrifices you, but it is the cross who will make peace! But the apparent freedom of the broad way will lead to much greater suffering .

I as Mother, have received from Christ which is the way, very strong guidelines for humanity! Your suffering is the consequence of your sins, and the cause of the suffering of the world is in the sins of mankind. Suffering is serious, because sins are not being light but very serious . At this time of Lent, we must stop, close our eyes, and take an examination of conscience . We must see what is sacred and deserves our respect, our love and our devotion. This is what Christ wants from us . That is why we are here being catechized. And God is showing the way and telling us little children, “Look this is the path, the path you need to follow, the road that you need to follow, if you do not follow this path, you children will make mistakes, and if you make mistakes you will suffer, and if you continue in error will suffer more and more. So children you need to be alerted, Heaven’s warnings are there. It is enough for us to see that our acts show us the existence of God, and how righteous are the things of heaven. So we have to return to this righteousness of God. Each one will place his heart before the Holy Trinity and ask God for the grace of perseverance, faith, and to love always .

I will finish by saying to you again that in this time of Lent there is still hope for each of you to convert . Convert, be converted, be converted, My beloved little children, for your good, for the Good of each one in particular.

I bless all of you who are here in this humble place , and to all who could not come.

In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Mary, Mother of Goodness in Corgo da Igreja


Prayer for April (07-04-2019)

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Father who art in heaven, who is on earth and everywhere. You created the world, and everything that exists in it, but only to your children You give life in your image and likeness, you give a heart to love, a soul to lead and be light before the Glorious Light that is You. Open our eyes, our ears, our mouths and teach us to proclaim Your Holy Name. You are the Master of all masters, the Lord of all lords, the King of Heaven, of the Earth and of all hearts! You are Peace! You are the Life! You are the Truth! You are Wisdom! You are the Love! You are the Light to the whole world! Holy Father, be present in all hearts and help all your children in this journey. Amen.


Message from 5th May 2019

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My dear little children, it is an immense joy for My Heart in this month of May dedicated to the Mother of Jesus, the one who is here present in body and soul to receive the consecration of the children and the renewal of those who have already have consecrated themselves .

Children, it is God who gave Me and gives Me the happiness of being the Mother who brings to the world the great desire of Heaven: peace, love, spirituality, prayer, devotion and the search for conversion . These are the wishes of the Mother who is here today in Mother’s Day. I say that I am happy to be the Mother of all the mothers of the whole world , the Immaculate Conception, the Mother of Goodness , the Messenger of the Lord, here in this Holy Place,  Corgo da Igreija.

Congratulations, Mothers.

Make yourselves mothers, mothers, mothers. The word mother is everything , is protection, is tenderness, is sweetness, is welcoming, is life. Each mother will give her heart to Jesus.

And we can not forget that many mothers here on earth, who are thinking today of that son who is already with the Father. These mothers shine, because they have the grace to smile and at the same time to cry. There is also many children who have their mother with God, which already were chosen creatures, gathered as flowers to be with God.

A mother always expects a child to be at her side, and that she will meet God first than the child. This example mothers, I, Mary, I can give you, because I saw My son Jesus dying for you! At that moment I wanted to be in Jesus’ place, but I, His Mother, have accepted with all the wisdom the plan of God to accomplish in My life. So are the mothers who look at their homes, at every corner, as if for a moment there is a void, but at the same time they are filled by the grace of God. Let us remind ourselves of these mothers, who today, this afternoon, looking at Mother’s Day, are feeling this need. May God give them strength, courage to follow their walk with Jesus, and the certainty that everything is of the Father, everything is of the Father! We are all of the Father! Therefore, we are here to fulfil the Father’s will in our lives.

Children, this is a very important month for My Heart, because the great struggle of My Heart is for the Triumph. I want My heart to triumph! God has given Me a mission here on earth, this mission was to come to the world to fight for the triumph of My Immaculate Heart of Mother. With all the sufferings, wars, sorrows and the consequences of the sins committed by humanity, God gave Me the mission of a Servant, Messenger, Mediatrix and Mother. That is why God twice sent Me to your country as the Mother of Fatima, in Cova da Iria, who for 100 years taught the world to pray, the Mother of the Holy Rosary , the Immaculate Conception, bringing you the Holy Rosary ,the Mother of Goodness, in Corgo da Igreija, who for twenty years has been bringing the Holy Food, which is the Word of Salvation, the Word of the Lord. Mother who taught humanity to believe in the light of the world: Jesus Christ! The Mother who pleaded with humanity to fight for peace, to overcome suffering, war, pain, the fight for the blood of the innocent, who is cruelly shed.

Children, let us today ask God for the mothers who are crying because they lost their children due to violence in the world. How many mothers who are heartbroken because of this violence, meaningless and without reason. The world does not have to kill, the world has to save, give life, give joy. God made us to build and not to destroy. So children, we have to ask God, for these mourning mothers, for these mothers who are with their hearts in pieces.

Today the devil is bringing many children to live shattered, children of so much pain. But Jesus comes to build in us this Force, Portugal will be a strong nation, because it is a nation consecrated to My Heart, is a nation consecrated to the Heart of the Merciful Jesus.

In this month of May, I say to all the mothers of the whole world, as Mother of all mothers, do not kill the child that God has granted you. Love it! Love life! Love the grace of being a mother. Love this Celestial prodigy, this blessing of God. There is still a lot of children’s blood being cruelly shed . There are many countries where there is no love for the innocent. Let’s ask Jesus : Have mercy on these souls. Have mercy in the mothers so they can be merciful mothers, as is His Mercy.

Today a mother when she looks at her family, as in this moment when I am here looking at you, I say: I am blessed by God !. And you, mothers, must also say: I am blessed by God! Your family is a blessing from God.

Congratulations mothers! May the Holy Spirit strengthen you, enlighten you and always protect you.

Children, today we have beautiful children, who have already completed their years of life. But on this day, the Lord’s Sunday, Mother’s Day, it is time to congratulate these children who are shining for their Faith. May God give them much light and wisdom. They, with such devotion, even being little ones, are strong and fight for the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart. This to Me, is a gift from God, it is your life as well. And also to all the children that celebrate their birthdays, and all that today celebrate their birthday, celebrate their birthday in this month dedicated to the Heart of the Mother, to all the mothers of the whole world, because today they are mothers.

Through your presence, for the affection of this nation, Portugal, I as Patroness of this nation and the whole world, I want to thank you for the homage you will do on May 13 in Cova da Iria(Fatima) the Mother of the Holy Rosary, on this day I want to cover with My Mantle of Love all the nations of the earth, so that there may be peace and harmony in the heart of each family.

Children, today in this blessing, I will ask Jesus to heal, deliver and save you all from this terrible stain of sin, and grant you the necessary serenity to change what needs to be changed; may your life become a sanctuary of grace, may your heart be a Sanctuary of grace. When I say that this sacred place Corgo da Igreija will be a Sanctuary, it is because I want you children to be Sanctuaries, the Sanctuary is not the place, or the land, it is the children of God. It is your heart that Jesus wants to transform into Sanctuary. That is why children you must be a Sanctuary.

Before I finish My beloved children, on Pentecost Sunday, is the Sunday to pray and pray to the Holy Spirit, claiming for a lot of light for the Holy Father Pope Francis, so that he can lead the people of God to the Path that is Jesus, which is Mercy, to lead especially in today’s times, the people of God to the Path of humility, to the Path of Simplicity, to the Path of Obedience and to the Path of Love.

I also want to ask you My children, do not forget to go to Holy Mass. And why? Because is in the Mass that love feeds on the inexhaustible source of Love. This is the path that we discovered and that we spent participating in the Eucharist, is the only path that shows us how the heart of each one can cloth on joy and peace. My children prepare before Holy Mass. The Children who come to the Church without interest, who do not prepare for Communion and do not give thanksgiving after Mass, it would be better if they did not come, because this situation only serves to harden your hearts even more.

Because during the Mass My little children, God speaks to us in different ways: through word, gesture, in the Sacrifice of the altar, He is present in the bread and offers Himself in communion, which is the mystical encounter of the soul and of the body, and that is why the soul and the body must be prepared, and listen to the divine silence, through which God desires in the Eucharist to speak to you and to heal you in the healing of the body, mind and spirit.

Children, Jesus comes to bring you at every Mass Love, and show you that acted out of love, healed out of love.

My children, you must protect yourselves with blessed objects, I insist, in your houses place sacred and blessed images, as well as holy water, which must be used regularly, not only for the physical space where you live, but also for yourselves, so that Satan tempts you less, therefore you shall have a breastplate against him.

I end up blessing all the mothers of the whole world, sons and daughters who are present in this Sacred Place, Corgo da Igreija, especially a very special blessing for this My predilect Son, Priest, who also does today in mother’s day, his birthday, may his path, predilect Son, always, always, always be more guided by the Light of the Divine Holy Spirit.

I bless you My children, in the Holiness of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

Mary, Mother of Goodness in Corgo da Igreja

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Prayer of May (05-05-2019)

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Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, the most pure daughter of St. Joachim and of St. Anne, you were educated in a home sanctified by the blessings of Almighty God, who cleansed you from the original stain, so that your beloved Son would become flesh in your womb , Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God and of men, listen to my requests that I humbly address you, trusting in your love, in your goodness.

Lady of the Conception, refuge of sinners, cast your merciful gaze upon my home, covering with your most pure mantle, defending it from the attacks of the enemies, visible and invisible, supporting my husband, my children, infusing peace, contentment, joy in hearts of all my loved ones.

Guide my children in the path of goodness, virtue, and honesty, keeping them faithful to the teachings of your Divine Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, preserving them from sin, from vices, from misconduct, inspiring love to work.

Lady of the Conception, it was never heard that anyone who would have begged for your help would be forsaken. I have faith that I will not be forsaken, that you will listen to my prayer and that you will cast the blessings I beg you on my home.

Immaculate Conception, listen to my appeal.

Blessed Virgin Mary, listen to me.

Mother of God, protect me and all my family.

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Message from June 2nd 2019

 St Michael:

My brothers and sisters, I Michael the Archangel, I tell you today, pray, pray, pray much the Holy Rosary, as not to happen what happened in the bus last Sunday, in the day of your pilgrimage to Fatima.

Brothers, now when you go on a pilgrimage, make an exterior and interior blessing of the vehicles, with exorcised holy water.

My brothers and sisters, you must know that satan exists, I know that in the Catholic hierarchy there is Cardinals, Bishops and Priests who do not believe in satan. Brothers, satan has infiltrated within the Church in such a way that he makes discord with Cardinals against Cardinals, Bishops against Bishops, Priests against Priests. Brothers, even now, he is beginning to lose his power and has become very aggressive, he is destroying marriages, creating divisions among you and he is responsible for obsessions, murders, accidents at work and in vehicles, he creates traps, tries to divide the visionaries, sow discord among you, tries to confuse you all, so that you may hate each other and abandon Jesus and Mary. Brothers you must protect yourselves against him with blessed objects, place them around your necks, in your wrists, in your houses and renew the use of holy water .

Before transmitting the message of Our Mother from Heaven to our brother Fernando Pires, I Michael bless you all in the Name of the Father of the Son and of the Holy Spirit . Amen. Michael.

Message of Our Lady Mother of Goodness

My dear children, everything that My Archangel Michael said is true, but I tell you even more, there is an enemy that is against the Church, is the freemasonry, with its own deceptive tactics, works in the occult to destroy My Church. You know My children, there is no salvation for those who are part of Freemasonry, for they are the followers of lucifer .

Children, this masonic infiltration within the Church had already been prophesied to you by Me in Cova de Iria, Fatima, when I announced to you that satan would enter himself up to the vertices of the Church. That is why many children are moving away from the true faith today, thus fulfilling the prophecy I gave you in Cova de Iria : times will come when many will lose true faith . Now the loss of faith is apostasy, freemasonry acts cunningly and devilishly to lead all to apostasy.

My children all know that a Catholic, conscious of his faith and who celebrates the Eucharist, desires salvation, and will obtain it by serving only God and not satan.

My dear little children, it is a joy to be in a month of great protection, in the beautiful presence of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Did you not wake up to that yet? Children when the pain is too much, the suffering is excessive, and feeling the size of the pain of the nations, the Sacred Heart of Jesus has placed its powerful Hands on them, and you children will continue to ask for these nations. May Jesus bring all the necessary Light, may He even bring the Holy Exorcism, may He bring the anointing of His Sacred Heart .

My children on the twentieth, it is a holy day, on this holy day, at this beautiful feast in honour of the Body of Christ, in honour of the Blood of Christ , we must seek to turn to the Father, make this act of reflection. This is a day of Adoration to Jesus .

Let’s do a minute of Adoration! Let us close our eyes to the world, open our hearts to Jesus, ask the Holy Spirit to be the Ark of Love in our life, the Ark of the Covenant in our fraternal life. Each one will Adore Jesus in the silence of his heart, in this moment of Adoration you will ask Jesus to enlighten the world, to Be the Light of the world. Go ask for the children in the world to wake up!

Isn’t the human being so hungry for the bread from the earth? May he also have hunger for the Bread of Righteousness, which is God! The only who can promote a world of equality and fraternity is this Bread of Christ, this bread which is the greater Supper; the biggest .

Children, the Host is such a simple piece of bread, but in there is the King of all kings, the Glory of all glories, the Power of all powers! We need to get closer to Jesus, to Adore Jesus more! I am very happy, because the Church celebrates this day with so much joy, so much joy, it is the people of God conveying this fervour, this gratefulness, this homage. Children you need even of more love, both in your gestures and in your words, attitudes and actions. You need to love this Lamb of God more closely, get closer to that Lamb of God. Sometimes people spend their life time, months, years, and dates, celebrating only the celebrations of the world and forgetting the Lamb of God, the Christ.

Children, Christ is the great Gift!

This is the time to think about Christmas and the Resurrection, is the time to think a little bit about the Passion of Jesus and His Mercy. It is necessary to think about these times of today, in the beautiful ark which is the Holy Trinity on the world, in the Divine Eternal Father blessing all humanity.

We must always ask that we do not lack love, may not lack the Eucharist, let us not lack joy in our hearts to receive this banquet.

I see many children today that can no longer live without the Eucharistic Jesus. That’s a blessing! This experience with Christ is the experience of healing ! You children who walk with Jesus, who receives Holy Communion, must have a life of more silence, more prayer, more love, you must leave that world of intrigue, judgments, small crumbs, and approach the Great Banquet! Think on what is Jesus for us! Think of that big table, think of the Great Nourishment. This Great Holy Nourishment is to feed our Holy Life.

What will God say to you on Sunday of the Holy Trinity ? You are a little piece of God. He lives in us! Whoever receives Holy Communion receives Christ, who then lives in us ! Then is God in us ! It is God in our midst ! God is with us ! God is in our Hearts! We have this blessing, we have this Heaven that blesses us, enlightens us, protect us. We are already breathing today that air of this feast day, this great feast of this holy day.

Children I am always repeating the same thing, today I want to speak to you again about perseverance, during the difficult moments of life or in times of crisis, My children, it is at this moment that your relationship with Me and My Son Jesus is of the greatest importance, do not forget My children that when you are in human exhaustion or in moments of great revolt, including moments of illness. Unfortunately many children forget that I am with them and that I want to guide them during the crisis and the pains of illness. I understand My children, when a disease changes abruptly, or when physically you do not feel well, it is sometimes difficult for a child to remember that one has to put faith into practice, but if you are living the life of a disciple of Christ, this position will not be something new, in those moments My Son Jesus sends you a flood of graces. You should always ask yourself what Jesus wants to show you through a tragedy or an illness .

My dear children, I am not trying to tell you that your God is a cold and severe Being. On the contrary your God loves you and it is He who controls everything, intervening many times to save you from the madness of your mistakes and your sins. Nowadays, what is frequent is the children blaming God on your innumerable problems and trials, you use the fruits of sin to justify your refusal to follow My Son Jesus.

My children, it was not My Son who sent darkness into your world, it was you, through your sin and your refusal to serve My Son Jesus. My children, I want you to stop blaming your God for your misdeeds, and also do not let other children continue to think the same. Defend My Son Jesus and defend the priests and religious. I need that each one of you, without exception, turn your eyes to Heaven and accept to serve My Son Jesus for the rest of your life. Show yourselves humble and let Jesus lead you. This will be how many children will gain joy and comfort in their lives. This is going to happen My dear little children, the present times will escape from darkness and from now on My Son Jesus will do in the world what He wants. You must assure yourselves that this will happen in the corner of your world. Are you ready to walk with My Son? I am calling you My children, do not waste any more time.

My children, I want to warn you once more of a danger that threatens to hinder your spiritual renewal. Your enemy seeks to turn you off from your path, seducing you with the pleasures of this world. I want you to pray My children, to be able to discern when you stand in the crossroads in your journey, either in relation to your way of life or your family life. I must tell you that I want to protect you, these attacks My children can be disguised as being something good, but you will never be deceived if you consult Jesus and if you pray My Holy Rosary to keep your discernment. You see My children, why does your Mother begs you to pray with determination? If you do not pray regularly, you will give the enemy room to work, and gradually you will move away from your path. Be attentive and above all, watchful over the commitment in praying the Holy Rosary. Your Mother guides and protects you more and more.

I end by blessing with all My Heart all of you and the petitions you are making to Jesus. I want to place these petitions in the Heart of My dear Son, so He may bring grace to every child here present in this Holy place Corgo da Igreija, so that Jesus may give  Graces to the families, children, youth, Holy Church and missionaries. I desire you to be firm in your mission with faith, love and trust.

This blessing is for the sick. May Jesus heal your sickness, restore your strength and give you the acceptance of his cross.

Remain all in the blessing of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit .


Mary, Mother of Goodness in Corgo da Igreja.


Prayer Month of June (02-06-2019)

Psalm 7

Brothers and sisters, today instead of reading a prayer, we will read Psalm 7 is one of the most powerful on the Bible, and can be prayed to ward off envy, occult enemies, people who negatively interfere in our relationship. This psalm also helps to unmask lies, bringing up the truth and purity. This psalm is also very effective in situations of distress where we need immediate help.

Psalm 7 (prayer of a persecuted righteous)

Lord, my God, I trust in You;

Save me from all who persecute me, and deliver me. Or like a lion they will tear me apart, they will drag me away with no none to rescue it.

Lord my God, if I have done this, if there is wickedness in my hands. If I have repaid my ally with evil harm or plundered my foe without cause,  then let the enemy pursue and overtake me, trample my life to the ground, and lay my soul in the dust.

Rise up, lord, in Your wrath; lift yourself up against the fury of my oppressors; awake o  My God, you have appointed a judgment

So let the assembly of the peoples be gathered around you; and over it take your seat on height

The LORD will judge the people; Judge me, O Lord, according to my righteousness, and according to the integrity that is in me.

Let the wickedness of the wicked have an end; but let the just be established; for you, the righteous God, try their hearts and minds.

God is my shield, who saves the upright in heart.

God is a righteous judge, a God who ha indignation every day.

If man does not convert, God will sharpen his sword; he has already armed his bow, and is equipped.

And he has prepared his deadly weapons; and he shall set his arrows afire against the pursuers, see how they conceive evil, and are pregnant with mischief, and bring forth lies.

They made a pit, digging it out, and fell into the pit they have made.

His work shall fall on his head; and his violence shall descend upon his own head.

I will praise the Lord according to his righteousness, and will sing praises unto the name of the Most High Lord.

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Unexpected occurrence on the Algarve bus on a pilgrimage to Fatima on 26-05-2019.

As it was already revealed to those who were present and participated in the pilgrimage to Fatima on 26 May, there was an unexpected occurrence in the bus which left the Algarve towards the Sanctuary of Fatima.

The unexpected event occurred shortly after eight o’clock in the morning, after the bus had entered the motorway, and the group of people inside the bus began the recitation of the Holy Rosary.

Brother Fernando Pires, as everyone must know, by the grace he has received since 1998, has the capacity for locution and spiritual awareness of the presence of the Holy Angels, as well as the presence of the devils, of satan.

As soon as the group on the bus began reciting the Holy Rosary, Brother Pires felt that something negative was happening, and from his seat, he turned around towards the back of the bus and saw satan coming out of the inner trunk, above the seats of the rear zone of the bus, starting his way down the aisle of the bus for the purpose of going forward to the driver’s area, so that something bad happened, but Brother Pires with his rosary in his hand, immediately blocks the way, questioning him about what he was doing there, and prevented him from passing, which caused satan in his fury to throw something like a fireball, which Brother Pires stopped it with his hand and with the Holy Rosary, brother Pires immediately felt in his hand something like a burn, and immediately called for the help and intercession of the Holy Archangel Michael, who immediately assisted him with His Divine power, expelling satan, and placing His holy hand in the hand of the brother Pires, shielding him from the evil thrown at him.

The Holy Rosary that was in the hand of the brother Pires, with such phenomenon at the moment of the intervention of brother Pires to stop the fireball, the Rosay burst in several parts, partially burned that spreads to diverse places of the bus, this fact was witnessed by all the passengers who were in the interior of the bus, and brother Pires had his hand with black spots as if he had touched in some charcoal, but without any burn, Divine grace given by the intervention of St. Michael the Archangel .

Immediately they ordered the driver to stop the bus, and then St. Michael the Archangel called Brother Pires to the rear of the bus , and explained to him how they should from now on bless with exorcised holy water , the exterior and interior of the bus and the people inside it, so as to protect themselves in all journeys of pilgrimage to Marian shrines, namely Fatima and Mother of Goodness, from the wickedness and snares of satan.

The blessing should be made whenever the bus stops, to receive more passengers .

As Saint Michael the Archangel urges us in his message, “now when you go on a pilgrimage, make an exterior and interior blessing of the vehicles, with exorcised holy water . ” It is recommended for all people , for all vehicles. Brethren, God allowed this event to be witnessed , for us to be aware that we must know that Satan exists , and as it has been revealed to us even now, he is beginning to lose his power and has become very aggressive. He is responsible for accidents at work and in the vehicles .

Brothers and sisters, we must protect ourselves against it, with blessed objects . Put them around you necks, your wrists, in your houses (and vehicles ) and renew the use of exorcised holy water .

Photos of the Rosary, after the occurrence.

Message from July 7th 2019

My brothers and sisters, I Archangel Gabriel, I am going to tell you that Our Mother from Heaven is very concerned with Her daughters in various dioceses, with Her Bishops, Priests and lay people. Too many feminists with their occult or not-so-occult agendas have successfully introduced the heresy into entire dioceses. Spiritism, yoga, occult sciences and witchcraft, were introduced in priestly seminaries, conference of Catholic teaching, these do not belong to the Faith.

I Brethren I tell you sincerely No. The Lord, our God considers all this as a great blasphemy, since they substitute God in the Holy Trinity for other gods. It is a sin against the first commandment.

These are primary mistakes that I attribute to my sisters who decided for the feminist life and who want to change the Church. Many of these are nuns. Sisters, where is your vocation ? Where are your habits? That the errors that are being introduced in the liturgy,  in literature, in programmes of education to the youth and the ideas from the feminists can only come from a source, not from God, but from Satan.

Before giving the message from Our Mother from Heaven to our brother, I wanted to make another observation, some brothers do not seem to realize that We in Heaven are aware of these things, or if they know, they do not give much importance to it. Oh, my brothers and sisters! We care about everything that goes on the earth.

My brothers, as the Triumphant Church, we Archangels and Angels, we have a grave responsibility, assisting you for the Glory of God, we assist you daily so that you will do what is good … with your free will, we support the Commandments, the Dogma and the Laws of the Church of Jesus Christ.

We do not desire or support you to commit sins, only the evil spirits encourage you to sin. For this reason brethren, what is not good to God, can only be the work of satan and his demons.

That is why my brethren, that in the struggle against the devil and his temptations, we should really make use of the Sacramental, in particular Holy Water, we know that in the rituals of Exorcisms and prayers of deliverance it is possible to verify the efficacy of the use of Holy Water, and how it torments the devil. Brothers you should always have Holy Water to use in any circumstance, for example, blessing oneself when entering and leaving the church, at home or at work, to start a prayer, one service, one trip. To keep away from your homes the evil influence of the demons it is very advisable my brothers to sprinkle all the house, this my brothers can be done by anyone, of course if it is a priest to bless, it is much better.

Before I finish my brothers, I warn you, these days will be very confusing, be alert, careful, always say yes to God and follow His narrow path to Heaven, we the Archangels and Angels we love you, and we are here to help you.  

In the Name of the Father of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen – Archangel Gabriel

My dear little children, with great joy and love in My Mother’s Heart, I warmly welcome you this afternoon, in this special moment of prayer, of union with Heaven, let us in the silence of our hearts make our petitions. The first request is for peace in our hearts. Let us also make a second request, peace for the world, for the Holy Church, for the Holy Father Pope Francis and especially for all the families of the whole world. In the third request, let us ask for peace for all those nations that are living in war, that in the hearts of the people of all humanity may be piety, charity, love and much peace.

Let us all offer this moment of prayer in the console of the Merciful Jesus for the grace of being instruments of authenticity, an instrument of Light, an instrument of Faith, a true and full surrender of our life to God. Let us also in the silence of our hearts appeal to Jesus, asking Him to give us the necessary help for our spiritual growth, that we may know and be led by the spirituality, by love, by Faith, by humility, that we may know how to recognize our weaknesses.

My children, the message that I bring today, is food for the soul, it is a richness for each one to value, especially in these days, difficult moments in which mankind is living the great bitterness of suffering caused by sin.

We are here in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, with our hearts turned to God, with our lives totally surrendered to God to pray. I as Mother of Goodness, you children pilgrims of faith, we will place in our moment of prayer the request for the conversion of the world, each one will ask for his own conversion and make an examination of conscience: Am I a converted creature? Am I a man capable of living the designs of God in my life? Am I a creature that fight’s for Holiness? Do I love as I need to love? Do I forgive as it is necessary, precisely necessary that I forgive? Do I know how to hear Heaven as Heaven hears me? Do I know how to live the commandments? Do I love the Gospel? Do I have Wisdom in my soul? Who am I? What I am?

Ask Jesus to bring you the answer! Ask Jesus to show you the great presence of Him in you: He acting, guiding, illuminating, leading and strengthening each one of you.

When you examine your conscience, reflect about it: remember that you are in a privileged place, a blessed place, but also a place where you will see difficult times , because here you have a child of God but also a sinner, Sin causes much tribulation in man, sin blinds man, sin causes people to see only the sad things, the mistakes, the defects, the weaknesses.

But today children, there is a great teaching from Jesus, where He asks us to recognize our Holy side, where He looks at each one of us and teaches us to value the greatness in us, the love of God in us, the goodness of God in each one of us. That’s why My children, that when Heaven opens and God sends Me to be present here in this Holy Place Corgo da Igreija, I try to look at you with the eyes of My Heart, and try to see here the son who came to bring a prayer, a petition, a request, the healing of the body, the healing of the soul, who came to pray for his children, his family membershis prayer group, asking for the young children and youth, also came asking Jesus to lead and guide his path, his being, his existence.

The son who is aware that God exists, that we are creatures guided to live a noble life, as part of a journey of apostolate, of meditation, reflection, life of charity, fraternity, prayer of the Holy Rosary, of true union and unity with Heaven, has to live this in practice, because it’s so easy to say: Share it! But it is very difficult to share. It is very simple to say: Love! But it is very difficult to love .

Children, we can not be ashamed to recognize our human side, our weak side, the sinful side, we can not be ashamed to recognize the smallness in the eyes, in the tongue, in the ears, but we must have wisdom to recognize the Holy Spirit of God in us, teaching us that it is worth believing, it is worth having faith, it is worth loving, it is worth even the criticism, when we are criticized for the Son of God.

Because My children, there are children who want to be what they do not know to be. What God wants from the world today is authenticity, it’s transparency, is of no use children, to see clean water, but is contaminated, but there are children who want to have a clean face, but a closed heart, a locked heart, especially in sharing, in charity and in love.

My dear children, I say, places of prayer are fundamental points of victory, but they are also the main targets from the enemy, that’s what the enemy wants to destroy! Think little children, you are here in this place Corgo da Igreija, on a very rich afternoon, it is a day of prayer, of sacrifice, of penance, today is the Lord’s Sunday, and we are here living moments of full union with the Holy Trinity, who is the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, we are having the happiness of hearing this message of peace, because today what the world needs most is a lot of peace. Many children are plagued with their uncertainties, with the insecurities afflicted with the sufferings that are present there in everyone’s life and reaching everyone.

My children, we are coming to the moment, to work for Heaven, to work for the things of God. I feel astonished at the many conversions that have happened here in this Holy Place Corgo da Igreija, a place chosen by Heaven, where sinful children are present, children who often do not have a completely open heart, but children who are fighting. There are also children who say they have high knowledge but forget that the greatest knowledge in the world is to know that one does not own anything, and that God is everything! And how happy are those children who know how to deliver their lives to God from dawn to dusk, happy are those children who do not cling to dust, who live today in trustgiving thanks for their sustenance, for their work, but never letting themselves be led by greed, never violating nor killing because of the things of the world.

God created the world for the happiness of His children, and not for the suffering of His children.

The enemy took possession of so much greed on the part of men, of human weaknesses, he takes hold of this weak part and today takes the world to war, takes the world to terrorism, takes the world to great destruction.

Today children you are already seeing great conflicts, but you will see a storm of pain on the face of the earth when man completely loses the notion of love, peace and faith.

My children, in the Word of God, especially in the Holy Gospel, Jesus warns us, is enough to have the Light of the Holy Spirit to understand all that Jesus speaks to us, He speaks clearly, clearly, that suffering will be in the whole world.

Dear children, let us ask God for wisdom, discernment, and the surrender, that the children who seek to walk in the way of God, be in fact prepared.

Many sad things are happening to My children, but we also can not be discouraged, because the Mercy of God, the Providence of God, will help and alleviate the pains of all His children who are walking with Jesus Christ. My mission on earth is precisely to lead all My children to the Merciful Heart of Jesus, also having the mission to ask My children to wake up before it is too late. It’s sad to see how much the world suffers. But if we reflect My children, we will see that Jesus in the teachings passed through His Holy Gospel, has already made us aware of all the suffering that would hit the earth at the end of time. But, My children, Jesus made us aware that all this was going to happen, so much so that He said, ” Woe to Him who does not prepare by prayer “! Today Heaven calls us, we are invited by God Himself, to truly seek this preparation. Being prepared My children, is to be fully aware, every day, that our whole life must be entirely and solely in the hands of God.

My dear children, you need to be strengthened by prayer, place yourself always in the hands of God. Reflect and have mercy, ask God for the souls who finish their mission here on earth and are often not ready for the passage. My children, have you stopped to reflect, if God calls you today, if suddenly something happens to you, would you be ready to be in the Presence of Jesus? Is your heart at peace, your mind calm and your conscience clear? Jesus wants a humanity closer to Him, He brings us here in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, so that we can feed our soul, our heart, to restore our strength, really is to seek the Light from Heaven.

What I and My Son Jesus desire My children, from all our Hearts, that you grow in faith, I wish that everything that has happened in this Holy Place Corgo da Igreija, be not only for questioning and ask questions, but also to reflect on how much we need conversion, how much we need to fight for peace, for holiness, for the restoration of our Faith. We need to have a strong spiritual structure that will serve as a solid foundation for our lives, we need to join hands, to be united people of God, who believes in Divine Providence, without this sickly attachment to material things.


My children, let’s now make a gesture, close your left hand and feel the hand of God holding your hand. Hold the hand of God very strong.

Let’s all do it together, close our eyes and imagine the hand of Jesus reaching our hand and we will hold it tightly. This victorious hand has conquered the devil, the evil spirits, He overcame them on the Cross, and this hand is stretched out to us because God loves us!

Now, children, just as you stretched out your hand to God through Jesus, and held it tightly, I ask that today, if possible now in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, in the Name of Jesus you extend your hand to your brother standing by your side and hold it tightly in a gesture of love, forgiveness and reconciliation.

Children, God wants to make your hand His hand, let God hold your brother’s hand, loving him by forgiving him and saving him through your hand.

How beautiful is all this little children!

And if you want to thank God for the great love that He has for you, do so also, reach out to your brothers, for they, like us, by baptism they are living temples of the Holy Spirit of God, and God who dwells in them, through them he will stretch out his hand to you, saying this month’s prayer July:



Come, Lord Jesus Christ, come! Wash us in Your Precious Blood and fill us now with Your Holy Spirit, that united with You we may adore and glorify Our God who is Father, who is Son and who is Holy Spirit. Save us, Lord! Save us Lord! Save us Lord! Save us! Save the families that are breaking up, Save, Lord, marriages in which there is no love or harmony, no mutual trust, no fidelity. Oh Lord, You have power to make all things new, for it is written that “He who is in you is a new creation.” Today then, extend Your hands and hold in Your hands this families, these marriages. Lord, we present to you all those who are suffering in the beds of the hospitals, with intense pains in the body, and with so much anguish in their heart, You are the Almighty God, Save them Lord! Save them, Lord Jesus Christ right now, with Your power, with Your Mercy. Stretch out Your hand, as You have stretched it out to Peter’s mother-in-law, stretch out Your hand as Yoy have stretched it out to the leper that came to You seeking healing, and You said, Yes I want, be healed. Stretch out your hand as you extended it to Saint Peter, saying to him, “Man of little faith, why did you doubt?” Lord, our faith is all in You now, we believe in You! We believe in Your Power and believe in Your immense love for us. Praise Your Holy Name forever!

It is so beautiful My children, I feel comforted by this joining of hands that you made to Jesus, I was also very happy because today we have just heard a very serious message, where Jesus speaks to us about the lack of humility in the people here on earth, where there is no more union, communion, fraternity, sharing and charity in the life of each one.

the Immaculate Conception, the Mother of Goodness, the Mother of all titles, races, languages ​​and peoples, I end up blessing all the sick in your families, those who are here, in the hospitals or in your homes. Return My children to your homes, I give you My Strength and My Blessing:

May God the Father, the Son and the Divine Holy Spirit bless you and keep you. Amen

Mary, Mother of Goodness in Corgo da Igreja.


Month of July (07-07-2019)

Act of Consecration to Merciful Jesus

Ò My Merciful Jesus, I trust fully in Your Mercy.

I ask you to take care of me, our Priest Father Vieira, who is sick, and of all the priests of the whole world he is especially the one who comes here to this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija.

Merciful Jesus, You who do not refuses the light to those who beg for it, and from all good comes, increase in the Priests the Grace that they may always practice worthily works of Mercy, so that all those who come here to this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreja, Praise the Father of Mercy who is in Heaven.

Your much Beloved Son, who we believe that His Kindness and Piety does not have limit.

Ò Jesus, Blood and Water that poured out from Your Heart as a fount of Mercy for all humanity, I Trust In You. Àmen

Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet. 


Message from 4th August 2019

… download message , scan the MANUSCRIPT .PDF

My brothers and sisters, is with great joy that I the Archangel Raphael come from Heaven to bring you the message from Our Mother from Heaven and to be with you in this beautiful Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija.

But brothers, I invite you to pray with me today for the souls in purgatory, they need your prayers and your sacrifices very much. Brothers, the souls that go to purgatory no longer want to return to earth, there they recognize the existence of God. In purgatory there is many degrees, some more lower, some more higher.

There are many souls who have been in purgatory for many years because there is no one who prays or sacrifices for them.

Brothers, the most effective and quickest way to release the souls from purgatory is the Holy Mass. You should ask for Holy Mass to be celebrated for them. In purgatory they recognize the value of Holy Mass, they rejoice when someone asks for Holy Mass to be celebrated for them, and also when you brothers attend the Holy Mass celebrated for them. My brothers do not forget, when you ask for Holy Mass to be celebrated for the souls, you should participate in that Holy Mass that day. Another very effective prayer for the souls, my brothers, is the stations of the cross. It is our Divine Jesus Christ who sends us the Archangels to redeem them, another very powerful prayer is the Holy Rosary. Brothers and sisters, make sure you pray for souls in purgatory, make many sacrifices for the souls. Many people before they die, when already sick, God is already beginning to put in many hearts that they will depart, especially those who were devoted to Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Mother Mary and those who confidently said the prayers of the Holy Rosary, God already places in these hearts true repentance.

My brothers, many go to purgatory because they did not abandon themselves to the love of God, they did not accept God’s will. It is therefore very important that on the deathbed, a brother and even a family member to pray with the sick and also make them conscious to abandon themselves to God, and tell them how much God loves this soul.

Many sick brothers deny God, and this makes them go to purgatory. Many have to go through purgatory. It is not God’s will that they go through purgatory, but they need to recognize God.

Brothers and sisters, this causes God great sorrow … When God calls them to death, the person has only a few minutes to accept God’s will and recognize God, when the soul recognizes God’s love, He takes them to Heaven.

Brothers, when you go to the funerals, do not stay talking, but pray, invite those present to prayer, at this moment the soul needs prayer and not conversation. To many brothers attached to matter and also to the body, God allows some persons to stay for a few minutes by the body (funeral) so that they can see that they are attached to matter and have forgotten their spiritual life.

Brothers, when a soul is saved through your prayers and sacrifices, that soul becomes a blessed soul, from there on she begins to intercede for you brothers. In purgatory the souls are not alone, we the Archangels and Angels will always visit them so they do not feel alone there. Brothers, you must encourage the brothers that will depart, you must prepare them so they do not blaspheme God in face of suffering. Suffering at this time serves as a purification, many do not accept and neither the family. Brothers, there  is many souls in purgatory, cardinals, bishops, priests, nuns, mothers and fathers.

With affection, I bless you brothers and sisters, in the Name of the Father of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


My dear little children, you have heard the message from My Archangel Raphael, I ask you once again for prayer and penance for the souls in purgatory.

Little children, Heaven exists, and also hell and purgatory where souls go. Beware with the false philosophies that deny the truth of the Gospel, these philosophies are spreading throughout the world, even in the hearts of My children the predilect Priests. Pray, pray, pray a lot for the Priests, pray also for your Pope Francis, help him to stand firm in the seat of St. Peter. Dear children, you are experiencing a time of great confusion, where it does not let you realize the great dangers that humanity will face. Great suffering is about to befall on all mankind, there is nations that will suffer more than others.

I repeat My children, in few places of your world will be drinking water, where there are fountains, streams and lakes, take good care so that they are preserved for your children. Many of My children will die of hunger and thirst, others from war.

It is necessary to pray the Holy Rosary in family, children need to be taught to pray, as they should be aware of what will happen in the near future.

Increasingly the earth will become a dangerous place to live, but I the Mother of Goodness, want to prepare your hearts for the arrival of My Divine Son Jesus Christ. Children, as I have said in some places of My apparitions, a great light in Heaven will show to everyone that the coming of My Son Jesus is near.

My dear children, the experiments of science will bring destruction to many of My children, many nations will have no peace and many children will seek shelter in the places of My apparitions. I am very happy to see My children resorting to this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija.

Pray for those children who work here with love, so that My Messages left here reach many hearts, put into practice what I have been asking you for.

The stone will fall from heaven, many will have nowhere to go, only My Heart will be the safe haven for these children.

Do not be afraid. I am your Mother and I am protecting you.

Priest, predilected children, pray as long as you can. The Pope asks for help, you must take good care of him and also ensure his protection. The enemy is on the prowl, and from within the great temple he gives sign to his chosen ones for the destruction of the Faith.

My children, I do not want to frighten you, but rather that you bow to My Son Jesus as soon as possible.

Children all these punishments can be avoided if there is prayer, love and charity among you.

I see the world in such great decay that I just have to ask Jesus for a better world, a world where there is more peace and less injustice.

But I feel much for you children, because you still will live a very unfair world, very poor, of greater suffering than it is today, of greater sadness than those that are so close to us today.

This is why we need silence as an act of love, we need humility as an act of growth in faith, in seriousness.

God wants sincere children. Today many are announcing the Kingdom of the Lord only by lip service, they do not live the will from Heaven, they do not correspond to God’s designs in a right, wise, and dignified manner.

Man today is facing a very big fault, man today lives before his own hiding place: lies, falsehood, jealousy, envy, and that is something the world needs to break free from, man needs to be heal. Christ is the liberation, Christ is the healing. So man needs Christ.

My dear little children, I come to make a strong appeal to you, to build in your life the beautiful grace which is faith! I have with Jesus Christ, seen the terrible attacks of the devil against the faithful children of God to the Holy Trinity, the more you are faithful to the Holy Trinity – the more you seek God’s Kingdom and fight for God’s plan – the more you will be attacked by the devil! You have to be prepared.

I, Mary, live great battles to this day, and feel the terrible attacks of the devil against My Heart, but I see that this persecution is the fruit of God’s great good in us!

The more we are blessed and strive for the world to be blessed, the more the devil sees himself defeated, he gets angry and starts using fragile and weak people to persecute those who are really doing God’s will.

May the human being be alert, may he learn to wake up, we are experiencing the end times, these are not beautiful times, No! These are times when the devil will try his best to drag you into paths full of traps! All are traps, children! Do not think in any trap! We see it even here in this Holy Place Corgo da Igreija, this is a place where people should think about the work Jesus is doing. Jesus is doing a work of mercy for the world, a work of fraternity!

Did you My children ever stopped to reflect that in the midst of this vast land, you are in a unique place where you live in a fraternity build by God? How many times does the devil try to poison you with greed, try to make you his instrument, and not of peace! Here comes pride, greed! And you are starting to stop living the fraternity to look for crumbs! Think carefully! Jesus is willing to give you Heaven, but you children are wanting purgatory! Jesus is offering you Eternal Life, Heaven!

At this moment, with great determination in the silence of your hearts, we will seek Jesus Christ for our lives, we will thank Him for this day, for this moment of faith, for the presence of each one of you here. And let us ask Christ for much mercy for the world, for the Families of the world.

This blessing is for the sick.

May Jesus heal their sickness, restore their strength, and give them the acceptance of their cross!

Remain under the blessing of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
Mary, Mother of Goodness in Corgo da Igreja.

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Prayer of August (04-08-2019)

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1st Prayer ( August 04/2019)

Lord Jesus Christ, Redeemer of men, who in your Passion wished to endure our pains and endure our sufferings, we ask you for our Priest Manuel Vieira, who is sick.

Wisely guide the physician and all caregivers, give him Your Healing Force to restore his health.

Take care Lord Jesus Christ, of him, that Your Children may continue here in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, be guided by him on the true path towards Your New Paradise on Earth.

By Christ our Lord. Amen

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2nd Prayer ( August 04/2019)

O Sacred Heart of Jesus, I ask You to offer protection to all Your true seers in these times of today.

I pray, and I ask all the brothers of the world to pray too, that they may be protected against hatred and envy.

Protect Lord in Your Heart, Your messengers from abuse, slander and all manner of lies.

Protect their families and surround them with the Holy Spirit at all times so that the messages they give to the world are received with a contrite and humble heart.

May my prayer and my brethren, be heard by you, may your visionaries have the strength they need to proclaim your Most Holy Word to an unbelieving world. Amen.

 video on the spot _ MaedaBondadeTV _ Prayer 2


Message from 4th September 2019

My dear little children, this is a moment of great joy for My Heart. God’s plans are so great for this Holy Place, Corgo da Igreija, so humble and so simple.

Today, the day of the Lord, is a day of joy, firstly because all your walk in here is for God, My children, and there can be no greater joy than this. How many children today who walk wrongly, without direction, unable to overcome the suffering that is there in their souls – sadness, anguish, depression, weakness, I know there are many hearts with this disease.

That is why we must really at this moment consecrate our life to God, not only with words but with deeds and actions.

Dear children, with great humility and love in My Heart, I am immensely glad to know that God gives us such a privilege, which is this afternoon of blessings and peace, where His presence is the greatest wealth we have in our live, therefore we will ask Him to grant us at this time, true wisdom, true faith, true dignity, sublime authenticity and sublime love with the things of Heaven.

Children, let us try to be here in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, gathered with an open heart, with our soul, asking God in preparation of thanksgiving for the life of each one of us, because if we look deep into our hearts, we will always remember and meditate that we are instruments of a beautiful journey towards Eternal Life, for here on earth is a passage, and that often man lacks on the meditation on this passage. If each one meditated on this passage, there would be no pride in the world, no indifference in the world, no injustice in the world, because today those creatures who make war, terrorism, injustice, who rule in a loveless way, what do they seek to reap for their lives? Suffering, because those who do not know how to use their hands to share do not know how to have peace in the heart to live.

So if you really want to be happy, you have to have peace, if you have peace, you will be content with little, and little will be to you immensely, little will make you happy. Today the world – man – has no longer valued the little, man increasingly has surrendered and surrenders to pride, greed, injustice, lack of sharing, lack of holiness, lack of unity, lack of communion. The world no longer has communion with Jesus, and when we are gathered here in prayer, we seek to have that communion with God, because we hear Heaven tell us clearly about the difficulties that the world has now experienced, the difficulties which has caused that the children, the youth, fathers and mothers live in the face of enormous suffering. Why, My children? Man today no longer has joy in their heart to thank God for all that he has, man is always wanting to demand more and more.

My children, one thing that I see, is that many men want solutions to their problems, but they don’t want to pray, they don’t want to give their lives to God, they do not want to make their lives a life of prayer, a life of sharing, of charity, of solidarity. It is as Jesus said: “Many want the Kingdom of God and few build the Kingdom of God

And as proof of our love for God, I want to ask you now My little children, let’s make a minute of silence asking God for peace and for the Holy Father Francis, asking God to give him strength, courage, to be our mainstay, because we are the Church of God, and we are happy to be the Church of God and to have such a noble heart to lead it, which is  the Holy Father.

I give you some advice My dear children: I would like very much that you try to overcome a defect each day, if your defect is to be angry in everything, try one day to be less angry. If your fault is not to obey, or not to be able to bear those who do not please you, try one day to talk to them. If your fault is that you cannot stand a proud person, you should try to approach him, if you want this person to be humble, be humble too, show that humility is worth more than pride. Therefore children, each day try to overcome and to reject all the defects of your heart. Look for the defects you have to overcome.

Therefore My children, let us in our silence, go beyond this, saying a prayer, where our hearts will be united to God. Let’s all say three times together:

Lord, who are the source of Light,
And of the Brotherhood, by Faith,
build in us unity,
with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

This silence, this prayer My children, pleases God very much! You are in a place of prayer! It is the meditation of thanksgiving to God! You must remember, each pilgrim, even the one that came today for his first time to this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, chosen by Heaven, that this work exists because God so willed, we are all here by God’s will.

It’s time for silence! Let’s avoid the evil of the tongue! Sometimes you meet a person who is begging, suffering, but your heart with love for God, will have mercy on that poor person, sometimes you find a soul on the road that is fallen in drugs, alcohol, suffering, in your heart out of love for God, you will have mercy on that soul. For within you is Jesus, and Jesus is love.

The silence My children, is what makes us see life with other eyes, because the silence makes us see God, and God makes us see the most beautiful thing we have: the soul, the heart. And this is all the greatest that we have!

May God lead you to spiritual growth, may you all overcome with love all difficulties, all tribulations, and always strive to be firm, strong and faithful to God, little children! Because in life, what we should always put in the first plan is God. If you put God first, it will be very easy to love and forgive people, if you put your own project, your own will, it will be so hard to love and forgive, because in the little human being there is such a selfish part, so often so proud, so fragile, so small. Therefore let Jesus act in your heart and you will see how great is the Son of God!

That is why I want you to have this greatness of heart and humility of soul! I will bless those who celebrate in this month their birthday, wishing them much peace, love and wisdom. May God bless, protect and enlighten you.

May you all congratulate them, because the birthday is a very special day, if each one reflected well, he would understand that life is a great act of God’s love for each child, and that we are not here by chance, we are here by a design of the One who created us out of love.

May each one then know how to value his life, and today live in Christ, with Christ in search of peace!

Before I finish I will give a blessing to the children who came for the first time, all pilgrims of faith, who made this day, this afternoon, a thanksgiving to Heaven by your coming to this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, which today is a richness to My Heart and your hearts, because God is here.

I leave My Heart with you, I take the heart of all of you with MeHave a peaceful afternoon in the presence of the Father, the Son and the Divine Holy Spirit. Amen

Mary, Mother of Goodness in Corgo da Igreja.


New Eucharistic miracle in the seer’s mouth.

After finishing the revelation of the message from Our Lady Mother of Goodness in the site of the apparition Corgo da Igreija, Our Lady asked the seer Brother Pires to drink water from his bottle so as to “wash” his mouth, and thus show that nothing was in his mouth.

Subsequently, St. Michael the Archangel gave him, the visionary, the Holy Communion, invisibly in the eyes of those present, but immediately the Holy Host became visible to all when It touched the tongue of the visionary Brother Pires, and was witnessed by all present on the site. Once more this Eucharistic Miracle of Holy Communion can be seen in the video.

St. Michael the Archangel, then explained to Brother Pires that the request of Our Lady was due to the fact that were present in the assembly, some incredulous people about the truthfulness of the miraculous facts that are revealed and manifested here, by the power and will of God.

This miracle in the tongue of the visionary Brother Pires, also serves as another proof given to the world, to all unbelievers always inclined to censure.

My God, I believe, I adore, I hope and I love You.
I ask forgiveness for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope, and do not love you.


Prayer Month of September (01-09-2019)

My God and my Father. I thank you with all my heart for the strength and courage you have given to me and to my brothers.

I beg your pardon for those who do not believe in you and do not believe that you my God, really exist, My Father if you were not there in Heaven as well as our dear Mother, what would be of us.                                

I can only say that we are less than a grain of sand in this world that we are really worth nothing. All we know to do is to sin and make God suffer and our dear Mother so many tears She has shed for all of us. How many do not understand, how much it costs to suffer for the sinners of Portugal and the world, and some still say that God and Our Blessed Mother does not exist, I ask you to forgive them, and us also that sometimes we do not understand what Jesus and His Mother and ours have also suffered and cried for all of us. Once again I apologize for these brothers of mine away from the faith and hope and reality. Brothers of Little Faith, raise your hands to Heaven and pray, pray, pray, and say My Father and Mother forgive us because we hurt you by being ignorant and not believing in you. But from now on we will pray every morning and night or anytime, that our brothers distant from faith will be converted and that will end the wars, the killings, the murders and the drugs that have destroyed so much complete families.

Forgive us Lord, all of us and even our greatest enemies, have compassion on them and forgive them Lord, they do not know what they say or what they do, I apologize for all of them, that they may one day be forgiven in Heaven, and that they may repent from all the blasphemies they spoke against you Lord and about our dear Mother. Forgive us, Lord, forgive us, Lord, forgive us, Lord, because we are sinners and sometimes we unintentionally sin. Thank you very much Lord, thank you very much. Amen


Message from 6th October 2019

My dear little children, with great joy and love in My Heart I warmly welcome you on this beautiful afternoon of prayer, of grace and blessings. Let us all thank God, Jesus, the Father, thank the Holy Trinity for this time when we are gathered here in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija. It’s such a beautiful moment, so special, so beautiful, it builds our soul, it transforms our life, it makes each one of us a worthy, authentic, deserving and true instrument in the Faith!

My children, God is so good! What could the world do without God? Nothing! What would be of man without God? Nothing! That is why today we seek to cultivate with great responsibility and joy this noble merit: God’s presence, God’s grace, and God’s love present in us, especially in our heart, in our soul, in our being.

Today My children, we are here in this Holy place Corgo da Igreija, seeking one of the greatest riches of life: The prayer of My Holy Rosary!

The world today feels so poor in the front of such great wealth, because men don’t value it anymore! Jesus Himself shows very clearly in the messages, in the Gospel. Will the world have the conscious to live the Faith when Jesus is before men again, glorious! Because His glory is eternal, He is with us in the Eucharist! But the moment when He returns, will the world be before faith and holiness? Will men be prepared? What we often forget to meditate, to reflect, is that often man bases his life on a daily basis, and forgets that this afternoon may be the last afternoon of his life here on earth, of his passage here in this world. This is why more and more men find themselves unprepared. And the thirst that the world has for Justice, every day is bigger, more necessary, there is an urgent need for the world to convert, because suffering is clearly there, each one can feel, each one can realize that the only solution to the world is God.

Man, My children, had destroyed himself  before greed, the eyes, the hands, he overused the things of the earth and before them he has been enslaved, materialized, oppressed, depressed, forgot God, the life of prayer, the fundamental sustenance of his soul: Faith! And that is why today I look to the world and turn to the Father saying: Mercy My Father for the world! Why the world no longer knows Him! Because there are few who value the most beautiful things in life, the noblest, the most authentic, the most edifying! How good God is My children. How God is Father, how God is wonderful! I feel so happy when I see you here in this holy place, before the wonders of the Lord, the blessings of the Lord, joyful, contented, with your hearts worthily surrounded by love, full of love! How God loves us, and often man lets himself be dominated by such insignificant things: pride, envy, greed! How man needs to change his way of being, thinking, acting, how we need to be someone special to God, someone who can love God without measure, to take on your responsibilities, to follow the path loving, forgiving, really being what God wants, as God wants to see each one of you, stronger, wiser, more serene and true each day.

So it is time to fight, to search, it’s time to uncross your arms and fight, fight and fight! We cannot tire now My children, because the world is already so close to the Triumph, to the full life that is God, all Power, all Powerful! Right in the silence of your hearts ask Jesus to lead you, to protect you, to enlighten you and to make you wise, serene and simple. May you value the most beautiful things in this world, the most beautiful, the most authentic! I am with you My dear little children, in this great fight! And in battle I will not leave you ever alone! I will help you always to conquer! So today I am always present among you, when you are praying My Holy Rosary, with My Heart covering you with My Holy Mantle, next to My Son Jesus Christ, giving you more strength to pray for the peace in the world, especially for peace in your nation, Portugal, which I love so much.

My dear children, My greatest wish is to see the world full of Light! Far from this rot of diseases, misery, poverty, sin! That is why I trust and I am very sure that your prayer will greatly help the world to overcome! The Triumph of My Heart will come soon! Knowing that many children fought for this, they gave their yes, their testimony, their example of life!

My dear little children, I know that the situation in the world today is very sad, but I understand that God’s Mercy will redeem and save the whole face of the earth. I only ask you to pray for peace, because the world is not ready for war. War My children, in these days, in these times, is like saying: everything will be destroyed. Man grew up too much in science, built very good things, but also terrible things.

If the world went into war, how many people would lose their soul, and how many people would forget how great the pain is! And perhaps because they have forgotten, many times in the silence of their hearts and in the depths of their souls, they have not yet been able to make a call for peace.

I know children, as Mother of God, that humanity needs a transformation, materialism has corrupted the world. Today men talk only about power, money, greed! They are destroyed! As Jesus said: the human being is completely hollow of spirituality. It is a reality that we must know how to face it with our eyes set on God, and working harder to save souls and hearts that are in need of the Triumph of the Heart of Mary.

I, My children, do not come to foresee events, but I come to avoid them, to ask for your prayer, your life of penance, of sacrifice. The solution of the world is not war, not destruction. The solution of the world is prayer, is peace. What needs to be changed is the heart of man, what makes the world live in the face of a terror of tears is the lack of basic spiritual structure in one’s life.

My children, I say it again, the Rosary is the weapon that best overcomes violence, pain, war, because the Rosary overcomes the one causer of all this.

Jesus said that when man takes the Rosary and meditates in his heart the words of love, the devil goes to the ground! The power of the Holy Rosary is what will make the world a world built by the love of God. So children, let us consecrate to God our life as a great walker, praying the Holy Rosary, faithful to the commandments, to the Gospel, faithful to God the Father, the Son and the Divine Holy Spirit to the Holy Trinity.

Before finishing My children, do not forget in this month, I ask you to place in your houses, an image of the Child Jesus, as if you already wanted to remember His birth.

I will bless all the children, all the hearts here present in this holy place! Today they received from Heaven this beautiful catechism of how to experience love in their life. I am sure that from now on you will experience more and more the love of God. I am completely sure, as Mother of God, and your Mother, that you will work harder and harder to know this love of God.

When a child begins to speak, one of the first riches of his life is when he says “father” or “mother”!

In this way it reflects the love it receives from parents. So it is also those who truly know the love of God, never forget to say “Father”, “Father from Heaven!”

My children, God’s love for us is all we have in life. That’s why we have so many people celebrating their anniversary  today who are happy to be able to thank God for their lives, their gift of being here, their gift of serving Heaven, their gift of having a mission. May God the Holy Spirit enlighten you always.

May the Holy Trinity – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit – bless every heart and bestow upon each one the grace that has come here in this Holy Place Corgo da Igreija.

May your receive total healing, as much in the Body and in the soul.

From this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, I bless you all

In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit . Amen

Mary, Mother of Goodness in Corgo da Igreija


Message from the visionary Brother Fernando Pires 10/06/2019

My dear brothers and sisters from around the world. With the help of the three Archangels, I am very happy to be able to share with you this afternoon and to share with all the beautiful messages that the Heavenly Mother has been bringing  to us and some brought by the Archangels during all these twenty years.

She comes to us when we need it the most, when we have a problem.

She also comes to take us out of this blind path in which we are walking on. Through these apparitions in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, it will really be a turning point for humanity, the Church and the families around the world. And when I tell my brothers and sisters that we are in a time of change, I mean that, or we are going to walk in God’s way, or we are going to walk in the way of the world? Our Mother of Goodness is warning us to decide for God, it is in Him that our peace is, not in the world. Therefore we must decide for God, accept these treasures because they are eternal. We are in this world just as pilgrims. We must decide to walk the right path.

We brothers and sisters have come here in this Sacred place Corgo da Igreija  to surrender ourselves to Our Heavenly Mother in Her arms, to give our problems, desires and all our needs. She intercedes and prays before Her Son Jesus Christ for all of us. She my brothers, Our Heavenly Mother has given us many messages. I would like to talk to you about the most important where She says peace, conversion, prayer, fasting and penance, strong in faith, love, Eucharist, forgiveness, confession, and a message of hope. These are the most important messages my brethren that Our Heavenly Mother has given us, so that we can understand and live them, and many of us have not give much attention.

Brethren, Our Mother comes to us because She wants to lift up this sinful humanity, She cares a lot about our salvation.

In one of the messages She told us that She was with us to help us, that peace may return. She really needs us to be able to realize peace. For us to decide for good and fight against evil and sin.

Our Mother of Goodness, brothers, speaks simply so that we can understand what She wants. She repeats so many times, She never tires of repeating, always the same things: How many times have you spoken to your children: be good, study, work. So our heavenly mother wants it with us.

When Our Heavenly Mother sends us to read a previous  message, it is a new invitation for each one of us, it is because something is not going well for us, is awakening us again. She, brothers and sisters, is asking much, for us to return to the monthly confession, to worship the Blessed Sacrament and to worship the Holy Cross, especially She asks Priests to organize Eucharistic Adorations in their parishes.

She calls us to pray the Holy Rosary in the parishes, and to read Holy Scripture before you begin to pray the Holy Rosary. May we forgive and love each other. Because brothers and sisters, without forgiveness we cannot heal ourselves spiritually, we must learn how to forgive. This is why Our Heavenly Mother calls us so much to forgiveness.

My brethren, for all the evil we have done, we ask forgiveness from God and the Blessed Virgin Mary, which She will give us. We should always look ahead, we often think that every moment of our life, Our Heavenly Mother sees us, listens to us, that is, when we do evil, but also sees us when we do good.

Brethren, I want to ask you, as Our Mother in Heaven has asked us, we must pray a lot for the Priests, many of them do not follow the path God asks.

Brothers now changing the subject, do you remember when Saint John Paul II said: We are now facing the greatest historical confrontation that humanity has ever experienced. I do not think large circles of American society or large circles of the Christian community realize this completely. We are now waging the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-Church, of the Gospel against the anti-Gospel. We must be prepared to suffer great trials in a not too distant future, trials that require the readiness to abdicate even our lives and a total surrender of ourselves to Christ. Through my prayers and your prayers it is possible to alleviate this tribulation, but it is no longer possible to avoid it. How often has the renewal of the Church come from blood?

My brothers, the Archangels confirm that it is true what our Holy John Paul II spoke. Over the past 50 years, the demolition has been gradual, they, the modernist Catholics who follow the fashions of the world, and the masked ecclesiastics, wolves in sheep’s clothing, have been gradually undermining and imploding the foundations of authentic Catholic faith. They ended with the true Holy Tridentine Mass, suppressed the routines and holy habits; they trivialized the Holy Eucharist with communion in the hand and standing; they profaned this Most Blessed Sacrament with the institution of extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist; abolished the use of the paten; They have eliminated the presbyteries, and the altars are filled with laity, made the priests turn their backs on the Saviour and Redeemer of mankind; plucked the Throne (tabernacles) with the King from the centre, from His house, the Churches; ignored Lucifer and the demons, claiming that they never existed – with this attitude invalidate the holy words of Jesus in the Gospel; also the vast majority of Bishops around the world no longer appoint exorcist priests in their dioceses, as it would be their duty; and why? They do not believe!; many closed purgatory and hell, saying that it does not exist; Now, finally, they want to abolish the word Sin, if it were possible, from the very condemnation of Holy Scripture. Couples can now marry, divorce, and remarry.

Brothers and sisters, after all these apostate, defiling, and heretic actions, they proudly and hypocritically make public that conservative Catholics who uphold the tradition of the Church are wrong!?

Let us pray and watch brothers and sisters so that we will not fall into the error of these wicked men, dominated by Satan, who seek to bury authentic Catholicism, with its doctrine, dogmas and tradition inherited from the apostles, martyrs, holy doctors and holy popes of the Church of Christ.

Brethren, for us to stand in God’s way, steadfast in faith and truth, during the present crisis of the Church, we simply need to follow St. Paul’s teaching, maintaining the tradition, always taught and defended by the Saints, Doctors, and Popes.  

Therefore brothers, we will stand firm and keep the teachings we have learned, whether by word or message.

In one of the messages from Our Heavenly Mother, She told us brothers: Satan will infiltrate in our homes, even in the churches, so that there will be cardinals against cardinals, and bishops against bishops, and priests against priests, because of wars of power.

The priests who worship Me in My apparitions will be despised. There will be vandalism in the Churches.

And this brothers, unfortunately we have seen today inside the Vatican and in the Churches.

It is also worth it, brothers, to remember the words of our Pope Francis in one of his speeches; warns all Christians around the world: “We are at the end of time, he ask us to be prepared for the apocalypse.”

He said that the Bible scriptures referring to the last days, makes reference to war, famine, and cosmic disasters, all of which have been quite evident in recent years.

Our Pope Francis said he was unable to say when the world would end and advised us that we should not speculate or guess when the apocalypse would come. He also said that trying to find out details about the future from sources such as horoscopes would only distract Christians from focusing on the final judgment, which he said should be their main concern in these desperate times. We are called to live in the present, but always ready to attend God always. He also said that at the end of the world, the power of Jesus’ sacrifice and redemption would rule the world and be the only source of stability in the midst of a tragic and highly chaotic world.

In our days, he concluded, there is no shortage of natural and moral disasters as well as adversity of every kind. The Lord tells us that everything passes and only He and His Word will remain as a Light to guide and strengthen our steps.

Many want to predict the future of the world! That does not exist brothers. No one guarantees that the world will end, the world will end only when God wants, He is our Creator and He is the one who decides, it is not us who decide, honestly, brothers and sisters, do not believe it!

According to our Catholic knowledge the world has no end date, what God says in the Holy Bible, is that the day and the hour no one knows, neither the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father.

But we must be prepared, my brothers for this day. We believe that in this day the world will undergo a great transformation. Let us have faith and always believe in God. Let us ask God, that our world will improve. Let’s not link to pessimistic predictions. If the world undergoes a drastic transformation, we should pray and hold hands with each other.

My brothers and sisters from all over the world, I want to ask you to pray for me so that I may be nearer to you in this world. Any time I can leave this world. I also want to correspond to the Graces of Our Lady, Mother of Goodness, as She wants, so that I may have more spirit of sacrifice and prayer, so that my happiness is only the “Love to God”, doing good to souls and accepting with joy all that God sends me, good or unpleasant, regardless of my desires, whatever He wants.

Pray for me brothers and I will pray for all of you. I also ask you to thank God for leading you here to this Holy place, Corgo da Igreija , and for having had the opportunity to pray the Holy Rosary and to be closer to Our Mother in Heaven.

My brothers, for a long time that I wanted to tell you, I know that many brothers say that I have no spiritual director, but I want to tell you, I have four spiritual directors, three are here near me, they are the Archangels Michael, Raphael and Gabriel. I feel totally and really driven by them. The fourth is here on earth, is such an anointed Marian priest who has also helped a lot in my spiritual life. To be all clear about my spiritual director.

Before I finish, I would like to thank once again my three Archangels, Gabriel, Raphael, and Miguel who guided me in this message.

Let us know brothers, that we are here in this Sacred Place, Corgo  da Igreija, united to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Goodness.

She with Her Holy Cloak will always protect us.

A hug to all and may God bless us and protect us all.
The brother in Christ, Mary and Joseph
Fernando Pires


Poem granted by the Archangels at the end of the Holy Rosary Prayer

O Mother of Goodness
in a simple and humble place,
you appear to your children,
very rich in love in a mountainous region
where nature, God blessed,
it was afternoon in spring and the bells will ring Glory and Praise
heaven then announced
that there came the Mother of the Lord, the Mother of Goodness,
Hail, Hail, Hail Mary
Hail, Hail, Hail Mary
Hail Mary, Hail Mary, Mother of Goodness ,
Be welcome to this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija ,
Your children embrace you.
I’m seeing a beautiful woman
it was Our Heavenly Mother, who arrived there,
surrounded by white doves,
bringing the messages from Heaven to us.
The Mother teaches us to live the love and Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Hail Mary, Hail Mary
Hail Mary, Hail Mary
Hail Mary, Mother of Goodness,
be welcome in this Holy Place Corgo da Igreija,
Your children embrace you.
For this wonder have an explanation
Divine mercy among the people in tribulation,
the mother of Jesus comes to our aid
and ask for a chapel and a lot of prayer,
Jesus is our victory, triumph of our hearts.
Hail Mary, Hail Mary
Hail Mary, Hail Mary
Hail Mary, Mother of Goodness,
welcome to this place Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija,
welcome Mother of Jesus,
in this humble Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija.
Give by mercy
Peace to the whole world.
Hail Mary, Hail Mary
Hail Mary, Hail Mary



Prayer Month of October (06-10-2019)

My Eternal Father, in the name of Your Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, I ask Your protection from the terrible moral dangers that threaten the world, against the persecution being waged by world forces against innocent nations.

Aware of my own human weakness, I voluntarily place myself, body and soul, this day and forever, under Your solicitude and protection.

I consecrate to You my body, with all its members, and ask You to help me never to use it as an occasion of sin for others. Help me to remember that my body is a “Temple of the Holy Spirit,” which I must use according to God’s Holy Will for my salvation and of others.

Please give your tortured children the strength to endure such sufferings in atonement for the sins of the world through our Lord Jesus Christ.

I consecrate to You my soul, and ask You to protect me and take me safely home, which is Heaven, for all eternity.


Message from 3rd  November 2019

My dear children, it is with peace and love that today I want to teach you how to listen to Heaven. This listening often becomes difficult for your heart, but you must, for your own good, develop the desire to be servants of the Lord and always do the will of God. We need to know how to hear the voice that comes from within your heart. This voice is Jesus speaking in each heart, and showing that, indeed, Portugal and the whole world really need to pray!

Heaven’s strongest appeal to earth is prayer. Pray and watch that you do not fall into the temptations of the enemy. This is the Word of God that alerts us, makes us aware and prepares us. That Word moves and transforms your life, touches your heart.

The human being is surrounded by pains caused by spiritual, material and temporal suffering. The pain is great, especially when it originates in the heart. This pain is greater than the physical pain. Greater than the pain in the body is the pain in the soul! But prayer is the victory of all of you.

The balance of the human being is not the body but the soul. If your soul is not at peace – if your conscience is not at peace – your body may be in perfect health, but still will be sick. This children, happens when we distance ourselves from the great content which is divine grace. This detachment causes the world to fall into arduous spiritual suffering, for the balance of the physical part is our spiritual being!

This is why Jesus said, ” In life we ​​must first take care of our heart, our soul, so that everything else may be completely healthy.” This is spiritual healing, it is the healing of the Lord! It was this healing that Jesus gave us by dying on that Calvary, giving His life for us, He took away all the pain that was inside us and put love! The love of Jesus was the great forgiveness of Jesus to each one of us! So today we have the grace to live this grace.

Children, to live the grace of God is for the few, it’s for those who truly want Holiness! This is not difficult, not impossible little children, it’s something easier than we think! When we talk about holiness, about the things of God, sometimes one goes on such a dark quest that one forgets that God is Mercy, God is the opposite of what we do! We think of God as a cruel God, a demanding God, but God is a Father God, Is a God friend, Is a God who loves us, who does everything to rescue us to the fullness of happiness, it is that God who makes us aware that there is no point in wanting to insist on being happy while we are wrong. It is like wanting to plant a seed in an unproductive land. We have to be aware that our lives need to bear fruit, whether in the family, at work, in daily life, in the years that go by.

The body gets old, this is a reality, it is a reality that is difficult to accept. Contemplate the case of a rose! When you see a rose opening in your garden, you will be happy, when it opens you shine with happiness, but when it falls you will be sad, you think that the rose just died, but in fact a rose never ceases to be a rose, because, soon after, appears a new content that will open, which will turn into a rose, and then it shows that it has essence, which is its perfume.

So children is our passage on earth! Each year we climb one more step, and at each step we take on a greater responsibility. The child and the youth have their own responsibilities at their ages, but the mature person must already be fully responsible! This is why you, mature people, are examples for the formation of happy children and young people, it’s no use for us to ask from the children what we don’t live at home, you want holiness, happiness, dignity and respect, but your children do not see in you what you want them to be! The best example is the one that one gives itself, is what we really live! When you live what you desire from your children, you become the best example.

God’s children — the youth, the children, the fathers, and the mothers — need to pray. Only the one who prays, the one who actually puts his life into the Lord’s hands, will be saved! The Lord will have mercy on all who, in the silence of their souls, plead for this mercy! Nothing can destroy you, nothing can shake you if you trust in Mercy! The truth is that people are shaken. Considering the appeals that My children make to My Heart, I see that the family is shaken, the structure that supports a happy childhood is shaken, the lives of young people as well, as the lives of priests, missionaries, religious men and women. People are unable to stand before grace and have a firm structure guided by what Jesus said.

There is a lot of suffering. It is sin that turns your eyes, ears, and words from that which is Holy and Sacred .

So, if the world prays, it will be saved! The world prays, but prays little! There are many who are praying the Rosary, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, making their life beautiful apostolates of evangelization, but there are people on earth who live years and years without knowing what prayer is! If we reflect, we will see that there are still many people left on earth to join in the frequent practice of prayer.

Thanks to the Holy Trinity, the human being has already taken steps towards the greater encounter with the grace of God, but many hearts are still missing. So when we are here in this Sacred Place, Corgo da Igreija, praying and asking God for the world and for Portugal, we see the size of our mission, we feel how great it is. It is the mission to pray for the world, to pray for souls, to pray for the sick, for families and for vocations!

Portugal, which is a small country, already lives the consequences of suffering, divisions, sadness and insecurities. Think of the whole world! If you don’t pray children, how will you conquer! This is the time to listen to God! The prayer that comes from Heaven to us is great. Heaven asks us for prayer.

Also asks you for a life of love!

May we do on earth a living work!

Children, let’s meditate the prayer in three contents. The first is the spiritual. What is prayer for our spirituality? As we think of this prayer we come to the Eucharistic Jesus! The greatest prayer is the Eucharist, is to have Jesus as Sacred Food. Without Him we cannot keep our lives focused on prayer, we are unable to maintain the state of grace and blessings. With this prayer we strengthen both our spirit and our flesh! Of the three contents, the first is fundamental, is Jesus, is to be with Jesus!

The second content is the prayer of the Holy Rosary. On it we meditate on the mission of Jesus as Saviour. We reflect from His birth to His resurrection. We will briefly reflect on each mystery of the Holy Rosary, on the mission of Jesus as Saviour, on the presence of Jesus as Saviour, and on the fullness of Christ as Saviour! He stands today with the Father watching over us all, especially for you on earth. The great fertilization of the Holy Rosary occurs with the strengthening of your faith, your strength! I ask Jesus to make you praying people! Praying people is strong people, because they are not afraid to conquer the journey, however great it may be.

At the moment we are seeing the suffering in the time, in nature: the need for rain in so many places in Portugal and in other parts of the world. We need what comes from the weather, rain and sun, as food. This is why we reflect on the supreme importance of prayer so that we can achieve the other things! It is being with Jesus, It is keeping in grace with Christ, It is to have the essence of Christ!

Not My dear children, it is of no use having the experience of the Eucharist, of prayer, either of the Holy Rosary, or the Chaplet of Divine Mercy – or even of other times when you may encounter God, because there are various contents of beautiful prayers, of Rosaries and beautiful reflections – if you are not in a state of grace!

This is what Jesus asked in the message: “ Remain in a state of grace. »Because the devil wants aggressive servants. It’s aggressiveness that drives them to suicide, It is aggressiveness that drives them to kill innocent people, It is aggression that even drives them to kill a child in the womb!

If you have tenderness, sweetness, you have God, you will not sin against the Holy Spirit. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, so it will remain in a state of grace! Listening to God is making our lives a life of more respect! Listening to God is what we can, need, and need to do to keep our peace.

Little children! I had the beautiful experience of living peace always, in the worst moments of My mission! I found the persecution, I found Jesus carrying a cross because of the sins of mankind, but before God I found meekness, My Heart remained in peace, in the softness of meekness!

What does the devil want to do to you?

He wants to take away your peace. Because on the day you lose this relationship with peace, which is God, you lose everything, you lose the unity of your family, the unity of the fraternity, lose the unity of communion with Jesus! So to live in a state of grace is to live closer to God! It’s not letting the devil mock us, especially when you are in a difficult passage on earth, in a year of grace, but also of sacrifice and holiness.

Over the days, with each passing day, more and more the situation of the world will be narrowed, because the time of God is different from the time of the creature. The human being thinks that God has given all the time in the world to him! But in fact God has given us a time called Mercy! We will reap in our lives the fruits of our obedience! The more we earn this Mercy, the more happiness we will have, the less obedience, the more suffering in the flesh, time, and spirit! These are the three kinds of sufferings that come from disobedience: material, temporal, spiritual!

But dear children, how wonderful God is! As always, we can feel, receive and embrace God! Especially those children who are here in this Sacred Place, where God sends Me to so many places in the world in body and soul. And we see that God always presents us, no matter how difficult the world is. The lack of rain, the lack of protection against the storms is due to human disobedience. God created the time, God created the environment, God created the nature, God created the earth, but man transformed these blessings into suffering.

My children, God has done everything with love, done everything the best way. God did not give us leftovers, He gave us the best! If we stop for a moment and close our eyes, we will see that we have an intelligence, that we ourselves are not even aware of the size of that intelligence, He gave us the Holy Spirit! He gave us the breath of life! He didn’t make us a shape, He gave us life. If we look closely, we will see that God’s love for us is magnificent, extraordinary, blessed! We must always say children: « Blessed, Blessed is the Lord! Because He did everything for us!

Dear little children, Jesus brings us that great joy, that such beautiful peace, He offers us this grace of remaining in a state of grace! It is important that we always put ourselves in the presence of Jesus, it is important that we truly want Him to reign forever in the tabernacle where He most desires to be, which is our heart. Think about it children.

Each one must be thirsty to become a living tabernacle where Jesus Christ may be! Your heart, your soul, is the true tabernacle of Jesus.

Before I finish, I thank you for your presence in this Sanctuary, Corgo da Igreja.

With joy I have blessed all the objects here, and the requests you have made to My Heart. I also thank the prayers prayed here. I want to address especially the children who came for the first time and those who came from far away. And to the children who are sick in their homes and hospitals and who are here in this place, especially this My favourite Son (Priest). It is with great joy, beloved son, that I and God see in him a wonderful human being who always fights for this Sacred Place, so he deserves the gifts of life and of God, beloved Son, I Mary, Mother of Goodness, I want to pour out My blessings, for being here for the celebration of Holy Mass. Only your presence is enough, it is already a celebrated Mass with these, your faithful. I ask you, My beloved son, to be the bridge that connects this Sacred Place to Portugal and the whole world, so that many of My children can come to this place, which will be the second place of My Apparitions in Portugal, where I will continue God’s plans, which I started in Fatima, in Cova da Iria.

Return to your homes with the Peace of God.

I bid you farewell, with the Love of a Mother, who has been heard, followed and glorified by all of you.

May God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit – the Holy Trinity – keep and protect you all. Amen

Mother of Goodness in Corgo da Igreija


Special manifestation of the Eucharistic Miracle. (03-11-2019)

Once again, the Eucharistic Miracle occurred in the mouth of Brother Pires (the visionary) with Holy Communion being given by the Archangel St. Michael, which from invisible becomes visible by touching his tongue.

To the surprise of everyone, and especially brother Pires himself, Our Lady commanded the Archangel Michael, to give the Holy Communion to the Priest Manuel Vieira present there, but through the seer brother Pires, making the invisible Sacred Host, which became visible by touching the physical hands of the seer, but clad by the divine graces, so that the seer would give it as communion in the mouth of the Priest Manuel Vieira, as Archangel St. Michael commanded him.

Later, Brother Pires asked the Archangel Michael of why the Sacred Host, true Body of Christ, fell from the Priest’s mouth, touching his stole(which is the symbol of authority and priestly dignity in what represents Christ, our Redeemer, in his Sacred Passion, and which represents the rope around his neck, when He was led in prison), and falling to the ground where people kneel to receive Holy Communion in their mouth.

Christ falls once more in His Way of the Cross.

Archangel St. Michael revealed to Brother Pires that this “fall” of the most precious Body of Christ was a manifestation of pain, by the fact that on the table (altar) there were a pack of hosts purchased for consecration of the Mass which would follow, but they had been poorly made by the people who made them, using a mixture of several flours, not just pure wheat flour, and they were over 40 days old, which is all incorrect.

The most precious Body of Christ falls once more.

The most precious Body of Christ suffers once more.

Archangel St. Michael revealed to Brother Pires that with this “fall and suffering” , Jesus Christ blessed and purified the particles for their proper use, and blessed the place where the faithful kneel to receive Him with reverence and respect, whenever Mass is celebrated on the spot.

What has happened in all this unusual procedure bears witness to those who insist and remain in the unbelief of the wonders that God gives to the world, as well as reflecting on what is happening in many of the churches in the world, at the solemn moment of the Sacred Communion to the faithful .

May each one reflect on what was really made of the requests of Pope John Paul II, and of Pope Benedict XVI, to commune in the mouth and on the knees, in order to recover the solemnity and respect of the moment in which each person receives the True Body and Blood of Christ, a whole God transubstantiated in such simple form.

The suffering of Brother Pires revealed throughout this process, carried by the inner pains of the stigmata with which God often invites him to suffer for the world, also reflects the suffering of Jesus Christ in such a solemn moment in the churches of the world, with the carelessness and disrespect that is practiced and promoted from the consecration, even during and after Holy Communion.


Prayer month of November (03-11-2019)

My God and Lord, I want to pray in communion with You for all the Bishops and Priests of the world, to be faithful to the truth and to profess the catholic and apostolic faith, thus confirming and guiding us in the faith of the Church through which we reach salvation.

So be it


Message from DECEMBER 1st 2019

My dear little children, this is a moment of peace and love! As we look into our heart, let’s feel how much the world needs Jesus! Especially families, young people and children, they need to meet the baby Jesus!

We children are in great need of this meeting with Jesus! Jesus is the victory over all sacrifice! Jesus is the grace of all holiness. Children, prepare yourselves for Christmas, cleanse your hearts from hatred, only then will you have a Christmas full of joy and peace.

Do not stay away from the confessional this Christmas, and seek the friendship of God through confession.

Christmas little children, is the grace. This is the time to think about the present moment. Just think of the beautiful Baby Jesus in that manger and remember that the Baby Jesus is to the world, Light of the world. Think about the Child Jesus and consider if your family is living in the Light that this Child is to you. Children, when Jesus was born, the Light has risen, that magnificent light is Heaven. But today you look and see the families sad, how many fathers and mothers no longer have the joy of preparing for Christmas because of family sufferings, how many children are also lost, parents being a bad example, having a culture that is the opposite of what the child expects, love, responsibility, commitment, prayer.

My dear children, the world has undergone such great transformations, and these transformations have led people to distance themselves more and more from Jesus!

Today hearts are very aggressive, rebellious, hurt. But Jesus came to heal, set free and save! Children, we cannot look at Christmas, look at this day and think only of festivities and gifts, because our greatest gift is Jesus. What Jesus expects of us is our conversion, He wants us to be converted to Him, He wants us, after this journey, to be able to overcome today the sacrifice. Win the sacrifice in silence! Win the sacrifice in humility! Win the sacrifice by smiling! How many say they are ready, ready for this Christmas, but they don’t even know what the value of Christmas is! They do not know what the birth of the Child God is.

Jesus was born to save us! Right now the world needs Him.

The world is in darkness, families are without direction, the youth are lost, the world is in darkness! Therefore, Jesus needs to shine! But not just one night, on the dawn of Christmas Day, He must always shine in humility, simplicity, respect for God, fear of God! He was humble, He accepted every will of the Father in His life, He accepted the manger, He accepted the heat of the animals. It was too simple and still continues being simple! Jesus comes today to redeem this simplicity. Because a day will come on earth – and you are not far from that day little children – when you will see gifts, materialism, but you will cry, because Jesus will be missing, peace will be missing, love will be missing, which is already missing! Then you will understand why Jesus said, “I am the way to truth and life ”!

We need My children to go back to this Baby Jesus and see that our life depends on Him, it also depends on Him the lives of our children, these children that the world is killing. There is violence in the world! How much violence, how much discord! The human being has reached the limit of disrespect to the family. Therefore, we who are here in the family, in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, in this Shrine of respect, need to pray for the family! Baby Jesus asks us for prayer for the world. What do all hearts need to do? Pray! Because the joy that is the spirituality of Christmas is being set aside! People think of everything but the baby Jesus, on the children, on the special children and the elderly who need affection, affection and protection, they don’t think on the old parents who need respect and love!

Baby Jesus came to tell us, to teach us, that we need to direct our way to Holiness, and that we cannot hide from sacrifice! He came to teach us that the cross should not be a matter of question, of doubt! Even if you doubt it, your strength must be greater! Even if you fall, your strength must be greater so you can rise! Baby God asks us to stand, because the tendency of people is to crumble in the face of sacrifice. They plant so many errors, so many storms, that there is no way to reap the gentle breeze that is Jesus! It soothes your heart, soothes your wounds, heals your pain. Because He loves you, little children!

Before I finish, I warmly thank this favourite son of Mine (priest), who is part of this family and My Heart. When God gave Me the honour of being the Guiding Mother of this Holy Place Corgo da Igreija, He also gave Me the honour of being the Mother of very special children.

I am so glad to know that among these children there is a creature here whom God loves immensely, this favourite son (priest). He is truly enlightened by Jesus so that this Holy Place may be enlightened, may have the greatest food that is the Holy Eucharist. May Jesus continue to enlighten you, to protect you, guide you, and strengthen you. May in all times of your life peace be in your heart.

In this message My children, Heaven shows us the importance of making a prayer chain, so that the world needs to be holding hands. It is in this moment of great pain that we see the strength of this prayer that is being built as a fortress is built, so that people do not collapse in the face of greater pain.

Dear little children, it’s sad to see the suffering people are going through. I as your Mother, not only feel, but see the suffering of My children, the appeal of pain from My children. May Jesus have mercy. May He pour mercy upon all these families. Much peace to you all. This blessing was especially for My favourite Son (priest), may God bless and strengthen you, may he be sure he has a mission here too. It has a mission before the grace of God. While fighting for this Holy Place Corgo da Igreija, for doing the best for your faithful, I ask God to give you wisdom, discerning and strength, always!

I give you My Heart to you dear children! I affectionately blessed you all, I was very happy with this moment of prayer and with your presence here in this Holy Place.

May all of you children, continue to remain in peace, under the Blessing of God the Father, of God the Son of Mercy, and of God the Holy Spirit. Amen

Mary, Mother of Goodness In the Corgo da Igreija .


New Eucharistic miracle in the seer’s mouth.

After finishing the revelation of the message of Our Lady Mother of Goodness in Corgo da Igreija, Saint Michael the Archangel gave him Holy Communion, invisible to those present, but immediately the Holy Host became visible to everyone by touching the tongue of the seer brother Fernando Pires, being witnessed by all present on site, plus this Eucharistic Miracle of Holy Communion can be seen in the video.

This miracle in the mouth of the seer brother Fernando Pires, also serves as another proof given to the world, for all unbelieving people, always inclined to censure.

My God, I believe, I adore, I hope and I love You. I ask forgiveness for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope, and do not love you.


Message from Brother Pires. (01-12-2019)

Today brothers and sisters, begins a new month, 1st Sunday of Advent, and a new liturgical time, which will prepare us and prepare our hearts for your birth. May these beginnings, Lord, inspire us to be vigilant throughout the coming liturgical year.

Brothers and sisters, let us all go to our homes on December 8 to make a prayer of Consecration to our Mother of Goodness, the Immaculate Conception:


Prayer month of December (01-12-2019)

Prayer of Consecration

Ò Merciful Heart of Mary, here I am with my family at Your feet.

Ò Mary, Mighty Virgin and Mother of Mercy, Queen of Heaven and Refuge of sinners, we consecrate ourselves entirely to Your Immaculate Heart. We consecrate to You all our being and all our life, everything we have, everything we love, all that we are, our bodies, our hearts, our souls.

We consecrate our home, our steps. We want all that is in us and around us to belong to You, and we want You to share in the benefits of Your maternal blessing as well. And in order for this consecration to be truly effective and lasting, we renew today, on this day eight of December, at Your feet, O Mary, the promises of our Baptism and of our first communion. We pledge to always boldly profess the truths of the Faith; to live as true Catholics, entirely subject to all the directives of the Pope and the Bishops in communion with Him. We commit ourselves to keep the Commandments of God and of the Church, and in particular to all commitments. We are also committed to bringing into our lives, wherever possible, the comforting practices of the Christian Religion, especially the daily prayer of the Holy Rosary; Holy Confession and Holy Communion. Finally, we promise, Glorious Mother of God and Loving Mother of men, to put our whole heart into the service of Your blessed Worship, to hasten and secure, through the Kingdom of Your Immaculate Heart, the Kingdom of the Heart of Your beloved Son Jesus Christ, in our souls and in those of all men; in our dear country (Portugal) and throughout the universe, on earth as it is in heaven.

Ò Sweet Mother, in this grave hour of human history, we entrust ourselves and consecrated to Your own Immaculate Heart. May you be moved by so many material and moral ruins, so much suffering, so much anguish, so many tortured souls, so many in danger of being lost forever! Queen of Peace, pray for us and give the world peace in truth, in justice, in the charity of Christ. Guide to the only flock of Jesus, under the one true Shepherd, the people separated by error and discord. Defend God’s Holy Church from their enemies. Stop the flood of unbridled immorality. Awaken in the faithful the love of purity, the practice of the Christian life and the apostolic zeal. We consecrate ourselves to You, to your Immaculate Heart, the Mother and Queen of the world, that all nations, in peace with God and with one another, may proclaim You and sing with You from one end of the earth to the other.

Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, listen to our prayer.
So be it




We remind everyone that the site of the apparitions is private property , although it is still not properly closed, and is a place of prayer and Catholic devotion , so we ask people to respect the place and all those present, gathered in prayer, without interfering in celebrations, and in the surrounding spaces that are private.

All who wish to approach in the Heart of JESUS ​​and MARY are welcome, but with silence and respect, and appropriate clothing without provocation, as Our Lady asked .