Messages 2018


YEAR 2018

Messages of each month from this year.

WARNING : The messages are textually copied from the manuscripts of Brother Fernando Pires. Good discernment.


Message of Our Lady Mother of Goodness

Revealed to Brother Fernando Pires, on January 7, 2018, at the place of the apparitions (Corgo da Igreja).

My dear little children, it’s going to start another year, pray, pray, pray much, may this new year be of much peace and blessings from God. Pray that peace may be preserved and natural disasters in this year, 2018, may not increase even more, neither in the world, neither in your homeland which I love very much. I want to help all My sons who live here, so return to your God of Goodness and Love.

Begin this new year to cultivate, as you cultivate your fields. Work to change your hearts, so the Holy Spirit of God may dwell in you. I am your Mother of Goodness, I love you and continually urge you to prayer. I am untiring and I call you even when you are away from My Heart. I suffer for each of My children that is getting lost, but as I am your Mother, I easily forgive and I am happy with each one that returns to God. I don’t get tired of repeating: “You must not oppose yourselves to a word of advice, God reveals Himself through His chosen children, be accessible, listening to someone’s opinion, with words of warning and with something that will serve as a lesson.

My children, it is good to see, hear and keep silence, but it is better to see, hear, and silence the things that are damaging. Do not omit yourselves as soon as your conscience points you to something that must be put into practice, good advice should not be oppressed by self-indulgence, generally, they come from humble and God-fearing people. In addition to being uneducated, certain errors committed, still expose you to sin, because only the one who can judge is God, whom penetrates deep within you all. You have to be very careful when a word of advice comes from a stranger or a non-religious person, and do not neglect to listen to it with charity, for it may serve you of some experience for your lives. Try to be attentive to the experience of maturity and do not judge in advance lest you sin through judgment.

My children, the deadline for conversion is almost over. I come to this Sacred Place, and I go to all the other places in the world, where I appear, to prepare you, for I desire that all be saved. Your world is on the verge of great dangers. If there is no conversion I do not “know” what will become of you! I come into the world to tell you that Jesus desires the salvation of each one of you.

As Mother of Jesus and your Mother, I am the Mother of all peoples without distinction, therefore I ask for your urgent conversion, I also ask for your help, so that I can conquer the great battles that will come into the world. It is enough that you have a lot of Faith and pray a lot. I your Mother of Goodness and My husband Joseph will be here in this Sacred Place, Corgo da igreija, to help you. Thank you My children who came to this place, in pilgrimage over the steps of Jesus, and also near My Motherly Heart. Thank you to those whom have come from so far at the dawn of this new year. You are happier, because there are many who wait for a new year, but do not seek to be better children, and the Word of God teaches us that the year, if man does not seek to be better, will be even more sad and more suffering. Humanity has not planted love and hope. You have come not only to plant but to reap from Heaven this Hope and the certainty that you look after your Family. Pray for the Holy Church, for Portugal and for the world and then you can certainly hope to have a new year with much Peace and love .

Before I finish this message I remind you that I love you very much and I want your salvation. Remember that whoever is faithful to the end will be saved. Therefore children, you must be faithful! Amen, Amen, Amen. Continue to pray a lot for your Pope, the Bishops, the Priests and the world. Love the Catholic Church, love the Eucharist. This is what I ask of you.

From this Sacred Place, Corgo da Igreija, blessed by Me and My Son Jesus, with My beloved children Consecrated to Me, I bless you all, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

See you soon, Mary, Mother of Goodness, in Corgo da Igreja


PRAYER for January 7, 2018

My Father of Goodness, in this month of January we celebrate the conversion of St. Paul, and by his example we realize that sin in our life may not be a definite obstacle to Holiness. You are a Father of Mercy and we ask you the grace to open our being, to recognize our faults and ask for your forgiveness.

Paul went through the mistrust of the brethren before his conversion and came to total dedication to the Gospel of Jesus. May the example of Paul help us to overcome our limitations, may it be a path that leads us to love and holiness. Paul also helped the Church of Jerusalem, the first of the Churches, to come out of herself to become a missionary. May his example motivate us to witness the Gospel through the sharing of Love and solidarity. Amen.

PRAYER   7th January, 2018

Holy Mary, Mother of God, I ask Your protection in this new year that is now beginning. Stay always by my side and by those I love. Help us to transform this year 2018 into the best year of our lives. May we all know how to be free from the burden of the past, help us to forgive all who have offended us, and forgive ourselves. Give us peace, light and love, Amen.


Message from Our Lady Mother of Goodness

Revealed to Brother Fernando Pires, on February 4, 2018, at the place of the apparitions (Corgo da Igreja).

My dear little children, in this message My words will be brief. On the 16th of February, I will give you another message that will be of thanksgiving to God for the 19 years of My appearance in this Sacred Place, Corgo da Igreja. I will be with you once more in body and soul, to be honoured with the affection of My dear children. On this day I want all the hearts of My children open and united.

I am inviting you on the 16th, to be love where there is need, be providence where there is hunger. It will be a great gift for My Heart and for the Heart of My Son Jesus Christ.

As you honour Me, try to be well aware and prepared, that is, be people of faith, simple and sincere heart that offers Me your love. I continue to tell you My children, that you must always be by My side with prayer groups, because today the world needs your prayers much more than ever, and especially, the mercy of My Son Jesus.

Trust in this your Mother, for I will always be here, in this Sacred Place, Corgo da Igreija, to help you.

I end by blessing all the sick in your families, those who are here, in the hospitals or in your houses. I bless all the children, the elderly, and all who are here in this place. Return My beloved children to your homes. I give you My Strength and My Blessing. May God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit bless you and keep you. Amen.

See you soon, Mary, Mother of Goodness, in Corgo da Igreja.


Message of Our Lady Mother of Goodness

Feast of the 19th anniversary

Revealed to Brother Fernando Pires, on February 16, 2018, in the place of the apparitions (Corgo da Igreja).

My dear little children, this is a moment of great happiness to My heart, for I am receiving a homage that not only reflects your veneration for Me, but also because it results from the great love that God has had for Me, the Servant of the Lord, the chosen One from Heaven to be the Mother of Jesus, whom is the Light of the World and the salvation of all peoples.

On this day, when you have gathered here and thank the Most Holy Trinity for these nineteen years of My presence, in body and soul, in this Sacred Place, Corgo da Igreija, I want to repeat to you that I love you very much. And in this moment with Jesus, looking at Him, I meditate on your Nation. Portugal will in the near future, be a Nation of Light to the world, despite its many shortcomings regarding solidarity, justice, peace and love. And you, in celebrating and thanking the Most Holy Trinity, all that you receive here, you reveal that this nation wishes to witness the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart. You, who are present here, in this Sacred place, never cease to seek the Blessings from Heaven, I see in your hearts a very beautiful thirst for holiness, I see here sons, daughters, young people and children that bring much love to Jesus in their hearts, I also see your fidelity, I hear the petitions you bring, and the ones you do here during the prayer of the Rosary, I see your perseverance, and it truly makes Me happy, for these nineteen years of mission on earth. Nothing would have value or meaning unless I heard and saw with My own Heart and with My eyes the fruits of My presence in this Sacred Place, Corgo da Igreija. Heaven also feels your homage in an intense way, because these nineteen years were nineteen years of mission, of much struggle. I am with you children, We fight to overcome the torments from the diseases of the body, the diseases of the soul, the difficulties in the families … Today, I saw many children crying to rescue their families, I also see in the hearts of My children a great desire to walk towards the light, especially now that you are in the most difficult moment of the journey, a path of Calvary. This path in Calvary is the most difficult time of the journey. Those who persevere and overcome this Calvary will truly experience the triumph of My Immaculate Heart. It takes a lot of strength to conquer, it is not enough just to be in this Holy Place, Corgo da Igreija. We must be aware that we are in a very big fight. How many journeys My children, have been lived and overcome! … In how many moments have you become as servants of God, faithfully, worthy, true and humble, asking Him for a grace! … Today you will have a Grace here, in this Sacred Place, on the table of the Eucharist. You will see the Consecrated Host, to become the Body and Blood of My Son Jesus. This My children, is a proof that Jesus is in this consecrated Host. We’re in a feast. The Church lives this feast! It is a true and real miracle, shows that Christ is among you. Profess your Faith. Evangelize with your Witness of Faith. You can feel the presence of Jesus. He is full of Love to give to you. He is welcoming the children here present, the young people and children, blessing you the Church, and blessing all the tabernacles of the earth.

Children, the Eucharist is a gift from God. It’s a feast, it’s a joy, it’s a nourishment, it’s the nourishment that humanity needs to receive.

It is a joy My little children, to be with you in this day of My feast, giving you this message. It is a joy to say to you: Cherish the Eucharist while you can have it in your midst. You do not know how long you still have this Mercy.

You will live today this miracle of the living God among you. Love Him, adore Him, and glorify Him by doing at least a minute of silence. Think of the joy of a priest as he raises the bread with his blessed hands and says, ” This is the Body and Blood of Christ .” And the miracle happens. Consider also the joy of the priest who loves Christ, who lives this mystery at every moment of the Eucharistic Celebration, think of this great feast of the Catholic Church, and of the children of God who have the grace to receive Holy Communion.

For Me, it is a great joy to see you all here together, praying the Holy Rosary. Pray it also thanking for the Eucharist. I am your Mother and I still tell you My children: it is not a sin not to believe in My apparitions, but you must believe in the Holy Eucharist .

Do not be discouraged when men, even priests, stand against you and persecute you, and slander you, do not be disturbed, you are with God, you have My Son Jesus Eucharistic, enjoy the great gift that God gives you. Rejoice children. Pray for the triumph of the Eucharist, so that all may believe that the Eucharistic Jesus is always present in the Tabernacles of the Churches. This request is mainly for the priests, because they celebrate the Mass and have My Son Jesus in their hands. You, My beloved priests, must be united and should not fear when you have to speak about the Triumph of the Eucharist. Unfortunately there is “faithful” who violate consecrated hosts in their hands and with them perform black masses.

– My dear priests, I ask you:

– Do not give consecrated hosts in the hands of your faithful.

My dear children, I would like to wish you all a good new year and I invite you, more than ever, to intensify prayer. Pray also for the Holy Father Francis, for the Church, for the Bishops and Priests. I also invite you not to think so much about yourselves and your worries, try to kill the ” I ” by thinking of all the other creatures that live on earth. Think about how you can stop wars. There is not only one war, there are many wars, there is also wars within political parties, war between the great men’s of the Church, war among the little ones, envy, jealousy, there us people whom try to destroy each other. But you that are here, God has chosen you, God has called you, that may seem strange to you, but God greatly needs your help, your cooperation, your love. Pray, pray, pray much so that the Eucharist triumphs in your hearts, in the hearts of the priests, the visionaries, in the hearts of the great politicians, in the hearts of all humanity and in the whole world.

Before finishing, My children, I wanted to say to you: – I am going to be away for some time, but My Heart will always be with you all here in this Sacred Place, Corgo da Igreija , to receive your petitions. I will give you a message every month, which will be given in the chapel of this chosen child. I am very happy with all of you, who came here to celebrate the day of My first apparition. Thank you so much for these beautiful flowers that you placed on My altar. Thank you to those who came from afar, to everyone here and to those here for the first time. Thank you for the great honour and homage you give to your Mother of Goodness. May these messages always be present in your hearts and help you to live in conformity with what God truly wants from you. He wants you to be His servants, and persevere always united, under the blessing of the Father, the Son and the Divine Holy Spirit. Amen.

Until any day, Mary, Mother of Goodness, in Corgo da Igreja


Here is the image of the Eucharistic miracle that took place on this day.

The visionary received the Host in his mouth, and at the request of Our Lady he placed it in a box, reliquary, that he had carried with him for some time. Our Lady told him to wait a little and then asked him to deliver the reliquary to one of the priests present. That’s what he did. When the priest who was to celebrate Mass received it, he opened it, the Host had become flesh and blood, as you can see from the photographed image.

Note: The confidant of Our Lady says that he will be present at the Corgo da Igreija, every first Sunday’s of every month, including in the next two months – months of great suffering for him, because it is Lent. We think that Our Lady wants to relieve him of his suffering, therefore will give him the usual message for some time in the little chapel at his house. The absence to which Our Lady refers, refers only to the moment of the communication of the message, because She also says that she will always be there present to receive our petitions.


PRAYER for February 16, 2018

My God and Lord, You who through Jesus have given us Your peace and through Him lead’s us to Your Heart, in this Sacred place Corgo da Igreija, where the Virgin Mary, Mother of Goodness, invites us to pray, we ask you:

– My God and Lord, let harmony be among the peoples, let the leaders of the nations find paths of justice, may we all attain peace of heart and through the intercession of the Queen of Peace, may we be builders of a more fraternal world, through Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


Message of Our Lady Mother of Goodness

Revealed to Brother Fernando Pires, on March 4, 2018, at his chapel.

Good morning, my dear brothers and sisters, I am the Archangel Gabriel, the bearer of the Good News. I come here today, to this beautiful chapel of our brother Fernando, to leave a message from our Mother of Heaven.

She asks you this month to read the message of March 4th 2007 .

Brothers, I would like to say a few words. You, I and all the Saints of Heaven, we saw on the feast day of Our Mother of Goodness, the Consecrated Host, become the Body and Blood of Jesus.

Brethren, Jesus rejoices your soul by showing you that He is the Living Food, He is the living bread that came down from heaven and dwells in the midst of you. The presence of Jesus in your life is real, it is great, it is very important, and makes the world to be different. When you feel the presence of Christ in your heart, your heart is filled with Joy and you become blessed children of God.

We, the Archangels, we are the messengers of the Most High, we guard all faithful souls. Those who recommend themselves to the Archangels will be saved, we will never abandon them. Therefore brethren, beloved people of God, hear this recommendation, engrave it in your hearts, live it, and you will find Peace.

We protect you and shall guide you to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Come to us, and we will help you.

Before I finish, I remind you that in this time of Lent there is still hope for each one of you, you can convert.

My dear brothers and sisters, convert, convert, convert, for the good of all and of each one in particular.

Remain with the Blessing of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Always seek the Heavenly Graces and Blessings. Amen.

Archangel Gabriel.

(“Copy”) Message of March the 4th 2007

Dear children, I invite each one of you in particular, in this time of Lent to do penance and prayers.

Place in your hearts, feelings of peace, love and understanding and not of hatred, evil and condemnation.

This is a request, which you should all respect. However, many of My children have not respected, and do not even know what Lenten means, others know, but do not know how to respect it. How My Heart and the Heart of My Son Jesus hurt’s My children, We suffer for the sins of each one of you.

Dear children, many are the times I knock at the door of your hearts, to call you to conversion, but few are those who open themselves to the grace from the Lord. I need each of you, because My son continues to suffer the pains of His Passion, because of the sins of mankind.

My mission is to prepare you for salvation, all I desire for all of you is your salvation. I, your Mother, pray with My Heart which also does not stop suffering. Return My children to My son Jesus, only He can save the world .

My dear children, I ask you again not to stay away from prayer .

Pray, pray, pray always, that you may be saved, the world is on the verge of a great punishment .

My dear children, what I have already made known to My other chosen children, I repeat again now through this My chosen child: The world My children, is moving towards a total disagreement, because of a powerful weapon, which may destroy many of My children in the face of the earth.

There will be disagreements My children, and many nations will be destroyed because of the hatred of their rulers. There will be My children, a total lack of control in the world economy and your country Portugal will be the first to feel its effects, in unemployment and hunger.

My dear children, I do not want to cause you fear, what I say is for your own good, so that you may be prepared .

Look My children, I am your Mother of Goodness, I am asking you all the times, that you may be preserved from the greatest punishment that will come into the world. I repeat, convert and keep praying that you will not have to go through what the other children will suffer.

Dear children, if you all embrace My warnings, you will not regret it, but if you continue in sin I can’t do nothing, for whatever is necessary is already been done for you through Me. My children, and if you listen to Me, My son Jesus will reward you. There is still hope for each one of you, take advantage of this time of Lent My children, all that I ask of you is for the good of each one in private.

I end by blessing all of you, who are here present, all who could not come, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Message of Our Lady Mother of Goodness

Revealed to Brother Fernando Pires, on April 1st 2018, in his chapel.

My dear little children, how beautiful it is to begin this morning and this day with the peace and the presence of the Risen Jesus in your hearts.

You, who had the happiness during Holy Week to make with open heart a beautiful reflection and experienced Lent as a time of adoration and fasting, you had certainly the Grace of Blessings, to know that your time is a gift from the presence of God. Live this gift by fulfilling the mission that God has entrusted to you, He taught you that your gift will be based on what good you do, transformed in acts and actions, and if you look a little behind, you will be able to know if your gift is Happy, because if you really have planted the seed of good, that seed will be gathered by you.

When you do good you reap good, so if you look at your past, you can feel joy and hope, it means that although you do not know what the future holds for you, today Easter Sunday you can smile and feel the blessings of joy, because in truth, for those who love God, even sacrifices and penances are accepted as blessings.

The children who had the satisfaction of being here today, in this Sacred Place, Corgo da Igreija, had the sensation of having fulfilled their mission.

My children, I wish you all Peace, Much peace, in your hearts.

I am happy to receive all the ones consecrated, and those who are consecrating themselves to be instruments, according to the will of God, silent children, humble children, meek children, who seek to resemble Him, who loves us immensely, ” JESUS .”

You who knew how to live this beautiful Easter, and the Resurrection, open your eyes to the Risen Jesus Christ.

When we speak of the Passion of Jesus, we speak of a long time, of a walk of Jesus. Place yourselves, My children, within the Heart of Jesus, because the world must live His Resurrection, and when we speak of Mercy, we are talking about this present time, walk step by step with Jesus, reflect both on what Jesus did and on what Jesus continues doing for you, to reflect on the salvation that He has brought you, on the Mercy that He brings you and on the nourishment that He is for you.

My children, what do you see in the world today? I am sure many of you would say, “ things that are so beautiful” But you would not fail to speak of what is much more real – suffering on earth. It is visible, you see a very harsh suffering in the world … – families in pieces, youth losing their faith, their hope, children not having a childhood, you see at all times the affliction of souls … That is why Jesus prepares your hearts, and teaches that you need to watch and pray, God tests you, as blessed children, to see how far your confidence, your faith, and your certainty go.

Those who knew that Jesus was God were confident, prayed and did not question God’s plan, accepted the will of the Father, the heart could be crying in pain, but the soul was at peace. Those who doubted Jesus questioned: “But if it was God why did He die? Why did it all end like this? ” This is what happens to many who come to places like this, Corgo da Igreija, where we live the plan of God, they can not understand the Plan of God, they doubt and question. For those who have faith, it is so beautiful to get here and feel the Holy Spirit …

Children, each day you need to place yourselves more in the Hands of God, lest you should be drowned in the world of sins. God listens to your heart. I know that many of you will leave here carrying this preparation. Remember that Easter is transformation, it is a change of life, you must live the Passover in you, with a true conversion, with true love for Christ. Let this begin today in your families, let it begin in the lives of young people, children, the people of God, the Holy Church.

My dear children, it is time to ask forgiveness, recognise your faults, and not trying to be unique among all, the best among all. It is much more important to be one among the brothers, holding hands, with an open heart, happy, joyful, with your conscience in peace. That is what Jesus asks of you now, that you give your hands, that you be a family, that you make a covenant, be strong, have faith, pray, love, do not forsake this path of God, even if, if you fall in the middle of the journey, get up, or go back a little bit. Because you are already on a higher step, and when you have fallen back again to the first, do not give up, keep going up again, you may fall, but you can never fail to rise. This is the Message that Jesus brings to you on this Sunday of Resurrection. Never cease to rise.

Jesus was raised, and glorious made Himself present with many who got frightened. In one of the messages Jesus said, “Some think that they know more than God, but is God whom knows everything.” Those who saw Jesus and were frightened, it was because they thought it was impossible, someone dying and resuscitating. Jesus, among the Apostles, said: ” I am the Resurrection .” And when He was resurrected, many still, were still frightened. However, Jesus had already told them, ” I am the Resurrection “

I tell you also, children: I am the Mother of God and your Mother, and you forget that I am your Mother. Therefore, no matter how much you are prepared or seek to be prepared, I am sure that there will be a day in your life in which you will be frightened by God’s designs on earth. Man, he distrusts so much of him who all can and knows – God …

Today you are here, in this Sacred Place, Corgo da Igreija in prayer, and in the glorious mysteries, you have declared on the first – the Resurrection of Jesus, meditating on it. This is what the world needs to do, be in prayer and meditate on the Resurrection of Jesus.

Today Jesus waits for hearts that are thirsting for conversion, for love and for peace. It is fundamental that the children always obey God. Never cease to do what God asks of you. Never cease to live a Holy Lent, a holy Easter. The world needs a lot of Mercy.

My dear children, I, as Mother who catechizes the world, I tell you, that only lives true Mercy those who lives a Holy Easter and a Holy Lent.

” Mercy shall be the last tablet of salvation .” This is the time that Jesus is giving the world to prepare. You still have time to prepare the foundations of your salvation, with Prayer, with Adoration, with the Holy Eucharist, with Charity, with Love and with Forgiveness. My beloved children, before I bless you, I would like that together with Me, you say the Words that Jesus asked the world to pronounce: ” Jesus, I trust in You “.

May all of you continue to remain in peace, under the Blessing of God the Father, God the Son, who is Mercy, and God the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Until any day, Mary, Mother of Goodness, in Corgo da Igreja


PRAYER of April 1, 2018

Easter means Rebirth, reborn,

I wish that on this day of today, where Christians celebrate the rebirth to Eternal Life, we may also be reborn in our heart

In this special moment of Reflection, may we remember those who are afflicted and hopeless.

May we make a prayer for those who no longer do it, because they have forgotten that life is an eternal resurgence.

Lord, you are with us in our hearts, for even if we have forgotten you, you have suffered the martyrdom of the Cross for humanity, and many and many times we forget it when we attack our brothers and ignore those who are hungry. We forget Your Sacrifice, even when we ignore those who suffer the pain of loss and separation, when we use the strength of power to dominate and mistreat our neighbour, when we do not remember that a word of affection, a smile, a caress, a gesture can make the world better.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus …. Grant us the grace to be less selfish, and be more in solidarity with those in need. May we never forget You and that you may will always be with us, no matter how difficult be our journey. Thank you, thank you, thank you Lord, for how much I have and for how little I may have. Thank you, thank you Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


Message from Our Lady Mother of Goodness

Revealed to Brother Fernando Pires on May 6, 2018, at his chapel

Good morning my brothers and sisters, I am Archangel Michael, head of the Celestial Militias, also the messenger of the Most High, the guardian of faithful souls. I was the chosen one, here today in this chapel of our brother Fernando, to leave a message from Our Mother of Goodness. She asks us to read the message from May 3rd, 2015. Brothers, I want to say a few words. Never the heart of God’s, brother’s, have been so sad with humanity as in this generation now, as in these present times in which you are living. Never the Heart of God was as displeased and sorrowful, with the attitudes of man, as now. My brothers and sisters, if men does not stop offending God, many plagues and punishments will fall on the world. Man offends God with all his actions, words and thoughts, without escaping not even one from him, and this is what causes the sorrow and wrath of the Most High. If men does not convert, punishment will come, and do not say, it is God who is severe. It is men, who have a heart of stone, evil and hateful. Brothers, satan has deceived many good souls, by misrepresenting them, by driving them away from the right path, by turning to shortcuts that will only lead to hell. The devil has seduced so many souls, even religious and priests. Many of them preach that nothing is more a sin, many of them also downgrade our Mother from Heaven, to any woman, to whom not much attention is to be paid. Ah, but I tell you brethren, these same ones who mock Our Mother from Heaven, will be the same ones who will weep from their sin in the future. Men have forgotten the Word of God, denied the Miracles of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the supernatural interventions of God in Sacred History, and this is what makes the arm of God so heavy. The devil has made many souls fall with their manoeuvres, while numbing some, finishes hardening the hearts of others and blind the eyes of others. Everywhere in the world, violence, hatred and war reigns, and also the lack of Religion and Faith … evil reigns. Brethren, only a great effort of prayer, together with the prayers and atonements that the Immaculate Heart of Mary offers to God, can save this poor and miserable humanity. In these times brothers, I have come ahead of the Woman clothed with the Sun, to prepare His way. I combat the devils, I protect many souls from the webs of sin, I lead you to the presence of this Mother of Heaven, of whom I am a humble Servant, so that She may save and bring this souls back to the Lord. I am attentive, even to the least of Her desires, a minimum look of the Mother of Heaven is for me an order. Therefore brothers and sisters, I want you to always seek me with confidence, so that I, St. Michael the Archangel, may have more and more openness and space between souls to act. Wherefore, brethren, I am the messenger of the Most High, the guardian of faithful souls, whoever is commended to me will be saved, for I will never forsake him, those who despise me, forget, or ignore me, or whom do not nourish any devotion for me, will fall into many sins, because I can not protect those who do not invoke me. Brothers and sisters, listen to this petition, engrave it in your hearts, live it and you will find Peace. I am the Archangel who protects you and who must guide you into the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Come to Me and I will never abandon you. You will remain brothers and sisters always united, under the blessing of the Father, the Son and the Divine Holy Spirit.


Archangel Michael


Prayer (Month of May, 05-06-2018)

Glorious Archangel Saint Raphael, who deigned to take the appearance of a simple traveller to make yourself the protector of the young Tobias. Teach us to live supernaturally, by raising our souls without ceasing above earthly things. Come into our Help in the time of temptation and help us to remove from our souls and from our works all the influences of hell. Teach us to live in this spirit of Faith that knows how to recognize Divine mercy in all trials and to use them for the salvation of our souls. Obtain for us the grace of an entire conformity to the Divine will, whether it grants us the cure of our evils, or refuse what we ask. St. Raphael, guider, protector and companion of Tobias, lead us on the path of Salvation. Saint Raphael the Archangel, pray for us. Amen.

 (“Copy”) Message of May 3, 2015

My dear little children, first of all I address a few words to My beloved son, chosen by My Son Jesus Christ: Dear Son, your faithfulness to Me, to My Son Jesus Christ and to this Sacred Place, Corgo da Igreija, is proven each day. Many try to impede your mission, but they can not do this because of the Holy protection conferred from Heaven, those who cause you pain, suffering, or try to abuse you, will be punished, Jesus Christ will not tolerate such actions. Remember that it was foretold, that no one can stop the fire of the Holy Spirit, which Jesus shed’s in My Sacred Messages addressed to mankind. Therefore son, I ask you to continue to ignore the obstacles placed before you and ignore any hatred, or arguments generated. Son, My three little shepherds (Fatima) also suffered, and I am also rejected, insulted and humiliated. Our enemy wants to withdraw your Mission and your Faith, if you pay attention to hate, it will spread, by ignoring it will die, because he can not find the food he needs to grow, and will rot. Do not falter, do not hesitate, your indecisions often throw you down, and you suffer things that were not for you if you thought better. As you think that I and My Son, that we are moving away from you, arises in you agonies, despair, impatience, fatigue of life, insecurity, imbalances and diminishing of Faith. No, My Son, we are not moving away from you, with all your defects, we love you, and we want to save you, We want you to continue this mission. Remember that I, your Mother Mary, I am at your side to defend you from all dangers, in all your journey. I hope that you correspond with prayers during all your life. I see you sad for your family’s failure, but you know My dear son, that you should never condemn, because you are subject to the same definitions, because you are human. Pray for all and live with Me united by love. Certainly you will one day have a little place in Heaven, next to this Goodness Mother of yours.

Now I am going to address Myself to the children of the whole world:

My dear little children, I am the Mother of the Beautiful Love, and Mother of Goodness. On the 13th of May you will remember My first apparition in Cova da Iria(Fatima). You are living the events that I have announced to you and what will happen. At this moment I ask you all to pray for the unity of the world. You dear children, My followers, bring Me the consolation that I and My Son Jesus Christ so much desire. I see the terrible pain and difficulties that are being faced by My children in every corner of the world. There is perverse sons in Europe and in the United States, who are among the most powerful elites in the world, who are perpetrating the biggest lie through their deliberate conspiracy to take control of the countries of the Middle East. Their weapons is money. The collapse of their banking systems was deliberate. Now they act to complete the next phase of their plan.

Pray, pray, pray very much My children so that you can stop this evolution. You must join now, little children, in prayer to stop the European leaders, some of whom are capable of bringing terrible suffering to many innocent children. My children, never forget the importance of My Most Holy Rosary, because when you pray it every day, you are helping to save your Nation. Ask Me for help and I will intercede for you, I will ask My Father, Most High God, to hold up the hand of justice for the severe punishment that He will pour over your world to prevent evil from spreading. My dear children, it is time to understand that My Messages are not to bring fear, they are meant to bring love, they are also used to warn those who commit sins and crimes, who must redeem themselves before My Son Jesus, or they will be lost forever. I realize that sometimes you feel a burden as recipients of these divine messages. My children, you should not be afraid, because your Faith and your prayers will help to dilute the effects of war, genocide, famine and apostasy. But you should never allow fear into your hearts, for fear does not come from My Son Jesus. It is important that all those children, who believe in the truth of the Holy Word of God, which is being given to the world at this time, remain calm. And because many children still deny the Bible, which contains the whole truth … the Holy Word of God, the events predicted in the Book of Revelation are now unfolding in your world. Your duty My children is to respond to the instructions of My Son Jesus Christ. Prayer and trust in My Son Jesus, will bring your salvation. The gift of the seal of the living God, My children, will be your greatest protection, in times of war or conflict. Never forget My dear little children, the power of My Rosary, and with it you can dilute the impact of such events. Unfortunately, many of these events will happen because they have been prophesied. I appeal to all, to venerate your Blessed Mother, to understand that this is a call from Heaven. All the seers of the world will be instructed to pray in order to avoid the dangers associated with a world war. My children, it is very important to recite My Rosary daily, because with it you offer protection to the nations which still do not pray it. At this time, pray a lot for Europe and ask My Son Jesus Christ for the strength, courage and perseverance necessary to maintain your trust in God.

My beloved children, please pray, with all your heart for your Pope Francis. He suffers greatly and in many respects is alone in his sorrow because of the apostasy he sees, outside and within the Holy Vatican.

This month of May I also wanted to ask you to pray for the African continent. Many children on that continent starve to death, without something to eat.

My Heart fills with sadness as I witness My little ones dying of hunger and disease. I repeat again, pray a lot for them, My children. My greatest desire is to see your world full of Light, away from this rot of sickness, misery, poverty, sin. I trust and I am quite sure that your prayers will help the world to conquer, I am sure that My Heart will triumph. Today is Mother’s Day, I want to give My congratulations to all the Mothers of the world, I feel happy to be the Mother of all Mothers, the Immaculate Conception, the Mother of Goodness, the Messenger of Heaven, here in this Sacred Place, Corgo da Igreija, which brings you the Word of Salvation, the Word of the Lord.

I end by blessing all the Mothers, daughters and children who are here present in this sacred place, Corgo da Igreija, and who came from afar. Through your presence, through the Caring of this Nation, Portugal, I as Patroness of this Nation, and also of the whole world, I want to cover with My Mantle of Love, all Nations of the earth, so that there may be Peace, so that there is simplicity in the soul of children of God, and harmony in the heart of each family.

My beloved children, I repeat: prayer is the resource I offer you in these very difficult times. Whatever happens, stay steadfast in your Faith, have courage, I and My Son Jesus Christ, We will always be with you. I bless you My children, in the Holiness of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

see you later

Mary, Mother of Goodness,  Corgo da Igreja


Message of Our Lady Mother of Goodness

Revealed to Brother Fernando Pires, on June 3rd 2018, in his chapel.

My beloved brothers and sisters, I Archangel Gabriel, I am here again to leave a message from our Mother from Heaven:

My dear little children, first of all, I want you to read again My second message from the month of June 19, 2011 :

(“Copy”) Message of June 19, 2011

Dear children, I am glad to see you again this month, here in My sanctuary, Corgo da Igreija. Children, listen carefully to My message, satan is  each time more present within the Church and in the midst of prayer groups, to divide them, as I have already told you in other messages, satan will put you against each other, and this has already begun as you could see, and therefore, more than ever, prayer and fasting are necessary, penance is also needed. My dear children, once again, I will warn you about the false prophets scattered throughout your world. Pray to God that their masks fall in time, because later, many souls may be lost as a result of their lies. Satan entered many places of apparitions, sowing discord and envy, many visionaries were seduced by greed and power, many of My predilected children contributed to this. Poor children! Pray much My children. My Son Jesus is agonized by seeing what is happening in these places of false apparitions, many of them still continue to confuse your minds. I am your Mother and I want to alert you to these false prophets. Many point out dates of events to take place in your world, they say they work for God, and they receive My messages every day. No My children, I only give one message a month to My chosen children and only in special cases like here today in this Sacred Place, Corgo da Igreija, I change that purpose. Careful, careful, careful My children, lest you fall into the trap of the enemy.

As I finish this message, I wanted to ask you to pray a lot for peace in the world. Be true Christians. I call you to this emergency. I warn you, for something that is about to happen in your nation, Portugal, a punishment may fall on Portugal, I wish to rescue Portugal with your prayers and sacrifices. I love you My dear children, so I warn you. May your prayers be truly graced by Heaven, may all humanity be blessed and may the signs of Heaven be revealed through the merits of the Love and Mercy of God. May God bless you and in a very special way, the Holy Father, the Holy Church, priests, bishops, cardinals, your world and all the children who are here, especially the sick. With love, I bless you in the holiness of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

(Message on this day)

My children, you have heard My message, I bring you the Word of Salvation, which should be the main content of your meditation. You must reflect, stop and truly meditate. You need My children, to transform your way of being, of thinking and of living. Dear children, your journey is very beautiful, but you have to take significant steps in its construction to meet the Will of God with much Wisdom, because the times of tribulations are here, with difficulties, sufferings, lack of unity between prayer groups. But children, I would like to tell you again that is already enough of sufferings here on earth! But these sufferings, children, still will become more painful. I invite you all to love one another, because you do not love one another yet, and you are not like brothers, many are like enemies and hate each other. No My children, this can not continue like this, this is not what My Son Jesus told you! You dear children, you know very well that no, and yet you continue to speak evil of your brothers, you make an exception, you choose some to like, some you want more, and less others. Do not do that anymore. Confess in this month of June, to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, seek the peace of My Son Jesus, give the embrace of peace to your brother with love and affection, that is how God wants it. That is why My children, I always insist with you that you go to Mass and communion, visit a priest, loving him and not criticizing him, they are ministers of My Son Jesus Christ, it is Jesus Himself who acts in their person. My children, the month of June is the month of the great response that Jesus wants from you: yours yes, your surrender and your humility. It is the month of offering for Jesus as children, because He said, “Thine is My Kingdom.” Offer yourselves to Him Wisely, with discernment and transparency. Whom ever really wants to be of Jesus, testifies to this, has in his heart a fear of God, obedience to God, because the only one who knows you is God. It is you children who are here present in this Sacred place, Corgo da Igreija, that were chosen by God to be here today. Begin, from this Sunday, the Lord’s day, to see in your hearts the thirst you have for holiness, the struggle that you must have for a true conversion and the pure transformation of your heart. Begin to do God’s will, it is not simple, but the will of God is for the great soldier of Jesus who has courage, who overcomes fear, who overcomes tribulation and overcomes persecution. And today Heaven calls you to be a conqueror, to be announcers, to be witnesses and to bring the love of Jesus to all the hearts that thirst for Jesus. The world is thirsty of Christ, just look at My children, the sadness which families are living, the children, the young people, the lack of affection, protection, the lack of shelter that humanity is on. People in need of prayer and living away from prayer, living far from the path of prayer. A heart that needs the Eucharist and lives empty because it does not know the Eucharistic Jesus. So children, your great love has to be true, your action today needs to be immediate, you can not get used to as the people living in the world today – always leaving God for later, seeking only to satisfy their human ego, their pride, their human vanity, and leaving God always for later. This sad way that humankind lives, brings humanity to the great wounds of the soul. What has sin done to the children of God? Enslaving, led to cruelty, violence and death. How many people who kill for pleasure or who have the pleasure of doing harm.

Jesus, children, taught you that we are the image and likeness of the Father, and that this Father is so good, this Father is the good. And today, as we see people on earth so poisoned, surrounded with so much wickedness, a cursed world. Therefore they need conversion, of this return to the House of the Father, of the immediate search for the things of God, to reflect, to stop and to see that Heaven really needs you, and that you are here because you also need Heaven, much more than you imagine, much more than you can think, It is your need for the love of Heaven. That this afternoon, this day, I ask you children, those children who really listen, because not everyone listens, not everyone embraces the Word and puts it in their heart, but those who embrace and place in their hearts, that from today, begin to be an evangelist, to help this world in needy, homeless world, passing through fear, facing the terrible abysses of the enemy’s traps. Place yourselves My children, before Jesus as a true soldier, as a true worker, and let yourselves begin to work in the Lord’s harvest, to be part of this work of  God, of this love of God. May your heart be truly willing to be what God wants, especially yourselves children who today was among many people on earth, the chosen one from Heaven to hear the Word that comes through My Immaculate Heart into your hearts. Then listen My dear little children!

Heaven now asks you, at this moment, for your donation, for your dialogue, for your true fight for the fundamental essence of your existence, which are the wonders of Heaven, which are the things of God. And may they feel like the wonders of the Father, the heavenly things which the Father has created with such greatness to offer to His children, because Heaven comes to you. This Heaven sheds many blessings and many graces, and all the blessings, all the graces makes you still much more stronger, wiser, more courageous and really willing to conquer. God called you children, to this Sacred place, Corgo da Igreija! He entrusted you with this mission. You children who are so faithful to Him, open your hearts and feel so happy to be here near My Immaculate Heart. I see My children, that many children who come to this Sacred place Corgo da Igreija, are like children thirsting for the Heart of the Mother, and who feel sad when they can not approach this Immaculate Heart, it is this Immaculate Heart that loves you immensely, feels joy in offering to Jesus the most sweet and humble hearts, which are the hearts of those who are faithful to the realization of God’s Plan, I know also that many of you who are here are faithful to the realization of God’s Plan in your life, have a life of communion, have a life of prayer, have a family life founded on the rock, overcome the obstacles, face the battle, but they never get discouraged. God loves you very much. Trust in Him, be vigilant and attentive to God’s call. Your life is solely in the hands of the Father and you can do nothing without the mercy of this Father. So children, each one will surrender your heart to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, will offer to Him the family that is here present, this family of God, the people of God, the Church of God which is blessed and enlightened. May heaven really do in your life the work that the Father wants to do, especially in this year of mercy. Dear children, what a blessing of God! The Sacred Heart of Jesus radiates Mercy to the whole world. This message leads you into that Sacred Heart, into that Merciful Heart. I feel so happy when I tell you: You are children of Faith! Nothing can separate you from Him whom loves you: Jesus! Have confidence! You children need not fear anything. Faith, trust and strength! Have Strength at This Moment, this is a year in which you need to be strong, the battle will become immense, but Mercy will be infinite. Think My children, in an infinite Mercy over the world, in the Mercy of Jesus on each one of you! May the Father, the Son and the Divine Holy Spirit give strength to the children here present and console and comfort your hearts, bless you and protect you and make you faithful to heaven. Amen.

Until any day

Mary, Mother of Goodness, Corgo da Igreja


Prayer (Month of June 03-06-2018)

 Lord God, transform all our young people into “Joseph and Mary,” lights that never fade, so that true homes of Nazareth will rise again and this humanity become the paradise you have planned. May our young men do not walk with those who do not follow you, lest they fall into their ambushes, and may all their steps be diverted from the paths of the enemy, so that they never walk again in the way of evil. Give them wings Lord, for in this way in vain they will cast the net upon them. And even in the midst of so many difficulties and corruptions, do not let them give up on the good. In a time of so much materialism, do not become greedy for wealth, rather work for your sustenance so that nothing lacks, and bless you for all the true gifts you give them: health, harmony and peace of a quiet conscience in a heart completely turned to You, for these riches are the most necessary and can not be acquired for any money. Complete your work in me, in all the families and young people of the whole world, Lord, inserting us forever within your Most Holy Heart and in your Holy Mother, Most Holy Mary.



Message from Our Lady Mother of Goodness

Revealed to Brother Fernando Pires, on July 1st 2018 in his chapel.

My dear children! It is an immense blessing for all of you to experience this beautiful treasure which is the presence of the Holy Spirit in your hearts. God made and makes in you beautiful works of love. The most noble of all is to teach you to be holy, serene and blessed children. The Catechism of God – which is the Word, which is His teaching – makes you strong in the midst of such painful suffering, such pain, such deep sorrow.

God, children, is the source of living water that overflows into your being all the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Nothing can keep you from this immense love that God has for you! Nothing can shake you, not even the biggest storms that the enemy launches against you. Heaven made each heart to be a son dedicated to His mission, clad in the robes of Holy Baptism, white robes, robes of peace.

Children, make an examination of conscience and realize how many storms the demon arms in your lives: discord, disunity, criticism, persecution. Unexpected things happens, which makes you suffer so much. When your soul is calm, is light, she wants peace. In several messages, especially in this time that you began to live the end of times, I warned you My children, the devil wants to drive you crazy, he does not want anyone conscious, no one with a really strong heart, with a strong soul, he wants people unprepared, unbalanced, without wise reactions. The devil, children, tries in every way to take away your peace. To overcome the storms of the devil, you have to be very wise and very humble. Today, when I looked at Jesus, I asked Him more love for you children, because I see in you coldness. The devil wants to lead you to a great sadness. The devil wants to take away your radiance, which is love! It’s very sad when you do not love people, it is very sad when man looks for example, for a child in need and does not love that child! It is very sad when man sees one father and a mother needing help and does not help them by lack of love.

You little children, whom come to this Sacred place Corgo da Igreija, here you learn to love, here has a lesson in heaven’s love. Perhaps you look at this work of God in this Sacred place, constructed of men, women, youth, and children, and children when you come to this Sacred place, Corgo  da Igreija, you look well at this work of God, and you see sins, see weak people judging. But Jesus teaches you a very beautiful reflection: Silence! Why the noise ?! It is so beautiful children to live in silence! Start doing this experience! I invite you to make this experience of silence. Avoid the noise! When the devil tries to get you to the noise, shut up! Silence! Allow silence to happen in your life. Today we are children, in the end times! It’s time of confusion, It’s time of traps, It is the time when the devil wants to stone man, and he stones with words! Do not think they are material stones, no, the stones are the words! There is nothing that hurts the other more than words, when they are not said under the effect of love. So dear little children, you have to begin to reflect.

Therefore, you children who are in the path of Holiness, will find moments of intense suffering, because God gave them freedom. You, who have God, want all people to be in the presence of God. Does your life have a cross? Yes! But it also has glory. The whole cross leads to glory! When you children, remember the Cross, immediately also remember the glory, the resurrection, then you will value the cross.

I ask you children to value your cross, do not run away from the cross. Is the battle great? It is! Every mission has a cross, all the way to the triumph. You children are heading for the triumph of My Immaculate Heart – it makes the devil angry. Reflect how, the devil is furious with this journey. This sacred place Corgo da Igreija, children, is a place chosen by God, it is chosen by God, is persecuted, but is protected by God. So, children you have Heaven here, Heaven shedding many graces, Heaven shedding light, Heaven shedding blessings. Heaven shows you the need for conversion. What hurts Me, little children, is that you in this world do not seek conversion, you have to search, you must want silence! Children, God is giving you various signs, the sign of humility, of obedience, of seeking: you need to go to the encounter with the Word, get it, be thirsty, have hunger for the Righteousness of You. Your battle children, it will be very big, It’s not any battle, the devil’s fury is enormous. You children are understanding because you are creatures that are on the journey, you conquer a battle and comes a bigger one, you solve one problem and another bigger one comes up, but there is a solution: believe, pray, plead, talk to God!

God hears you! At this moment all of you here are being heard by Heaven! God is listening to your heart! He is listening to your prayers. You children, who came to get a cure, a job, a conversion, God is listening to you. God, children, are listening to your requests, I am only an instrument of God, He is all the grace. Your gift is Him! This moment of prayer is for Him! It is He who allows this moment. The life of all is in the hands of the Lord: your mission, your life of prayer, your “Yes”. Children, God is not giving you an opportunity, but the grace to return to the Father’s House, the grace to open your eyes to the inexhaustible source of the magnificent light of the Holy Spirit. In this message, children, Jesus spoke to you, was not referring to a heart of flesh, but to a heart that is life, a life that the Father has given you, this life flourishes in you, this life is the essence of your existence, it is your soul! The soul shines on you the perfume of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Little children, how beautiful is the mystery of Faith, how beautiful is the mystery of God! We can live this mystery so beautiful, by faith! Have faith! You children, will have the wisdom to always accept the will of God. Live the possible and believe in the impossible! Always be assured of the love of the Father for each one of you, of the merciful love of the Son for each one of you and of the light of the Holy Spirit who – beautifully – enlightens each one of you.

May all children remain in peace. May each one of you take from this sacred place, Corgo da Igreija,   Peace. May God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, together with the Sacred Heart of Jesus, bless you, keep you and enlighten you forever! Amen.

Until any day

Mary, Mother of Goodness at the Corgo da Igreja


Prayer (Month of July 07-07-2018)

My God and Lord, we are in the middle of another year. We want to thank you and bless you for what we’ve done so far. May we with your grace, evaluate well the month that has gone, aware of our failures, let us make this one which is beginning, the opportunity to draw closer to You, and with Your strength to make happen your project of love, sowing values ​​and virtues to overcome the individualism and discouragement in the environment where we live. May we praise You and bless You always, and counting on the intercession of St. Peter and St. Paul, Our Lady of Carmel, St. Mary Magdalene, St. James, and Saint Christopher, Saint Joachim, Saint Anne, Saint Martha, and Saint Ignatius Loyola, whose month of July we celebrate, and obtain your help to continue the journey seeking our sanctification, which passes through our ability to always love our brothers and sisters and humanize ourselves through “Love.”


Prayer (Month of July 07-07-2018)

Lord Jesus Christ, you taught us to pray to the Father in Your name, and you promised us that whatever we asked for, we would receive it. Therefore, we come to you with total confidence, asking for our Christian brothers in Lebanon, Syria, Nigeria, Egypt, Sudan, Cuba and Japan, the grace and power to persevere in this storm, to achieve peace and security, before it is too late: This is our prayer and although it seems impossible, we trust that you will grant us everything we need for our survival and for our future in the world. Help us, Father, In the Name of Jesus Christ, Your Son who was crucified and resurrected, to continue to work together, to be free from this world at war, to know your will and to fulfil it, with joy, attention and courage. Through your intercession, we ask You, Father, to transform our situation – as Your Son transformed water into wine – from death to life.

Thank you so much, my father.



 Message of Our Lady Mother of Goodness

Revealed to Brother Fernando Pires, on August 5th 2018, at his chapel

I, Archangel Gabriel, I love you my brothers very much, I always cover you with my protection and remove all evil from you. Continue brothers to pray the Holy Rosary every day, as Our Mother of Heaven asks us, so that more and more, God may increase Peace in your lives and in the lives of all the people of the whole world. I will not go any further, because I have yet to read to this brother the message of Our Mother of Goodness:

My dear children, it was recited the prayer of the Holy Rosary, which is the prayer that most comforts the Heart of the Mother of God and the Son of God. Children in the silence of this day, this afternoon of the Lord’s day, it is a great joy for your hearts to be united here, to the Heart of Jesus, pleading to Jesus for a special grace, for peace in the world, for peace in Portugal, for peace in the hearts of all the sons and daughters of God. Today when we speak of peace, we speak of God, who is our peace. This peace that heals us, this peace that gives us strength, and especially that peace that is light for our life. The people of God is people who is thirsty for peace, hungers for peace, because is people conscious to make  everything for peace, it means everything for God, by the grace of God, by the Mercy of God and by the Goodness and God. That’s why we trust in His Mercy! We know that only Jesus can avail and rescue the world. Portuguese children, look at Portugal: “what do you see?” see’s more and more injustice and greed on the part of many, each time more sufferings!

No one can harvest good things by planting bad things! Men no longer, on their own, have the wisdom to change what needs to be changed. A lot needs to be changed My children! Let’s face it, let’s not omit mistakes, everyone needs to change. When we receive the Eucharist or hear the Word of God, all that God asks is that we do not do the opposite of what He asked us to do, but the devil always uses his malice to poison the hearts of My children.

My children, the world is facing a strong battle, even here in this sacred place Corgo da Igreija, which was consecrated to My Heart, but which the enemy has so much thirst in destroying. The enemy is thirsting to destroy what God does, but what God does is greater than everything, nothing can shake or destroy what God does. Children, you are in a very special place, a place chosen by Heaven, has a protection here of the angels, very rich. They know that, even with all the protection of the angels, they find today a frail and weak man, but it is not because their guardian angels are not protecting them, it is because they are fleeing from this protection.

You children, have prayed, but you have forgotten the action, the silence, the appreciation, the reflection. My children is very easy to hear a message, difficult is to reflect it, difficult is to feel that this message asks us for a change, which begins within us. On the outside is very easy to change: wash your face, your hands, change your clothes, put your shoes on; but on the inside, wearing the white robes of baptism is a struggle. It is not a struggle for any child, it is not a struggle for the humble, simple and the prudent son. Children, wearing the white robes of baptism is to have this peace, to have God with you children. What is needed to change to start washing your interior and have the white robes of Holy Baptism? It is necessary to bathe in pure and crystalline waters that sanctify, purify, renew, restore! It is necessary My children to change your language, your ears.

Unfortunately, the attacks of the enemy disturbs you, by watching, by talking, by listening. Therefore My beloved children, have a lot of prudence in what you hear. Do you think that what you are listening today is good, is useful, is pleasing to your souls, does it bring peace to your souls? Run away from the traps of the devil. When you see what you experience is not something of God, it is something harmful to your souls, flee My children! And run away smiling! That means you are strong, that God has given you courage, intelligence, ability to choose what is good for you.

Know that you always harvest what you plant! Think My children, in a fertile, beautiful land, in which they sow the seeds, so it is when you will gather roses in the garden, even with thorns, the roses are beautiful, but it is therefore why they have the thorns. These exist because they have to seek perfection, to defeat the battles. No one comes to be “the rose” without battles. This is “the roses” and also have the thorns. Sometimes the rose is so beautiful, but they thorny your hands as you touch it, that is because the rose is beautiful! To reach what is beautiful, they do not find a wide road, find a narrow road, full of thorns, stones, stumbling blocks, barriers, difficulties!

Then children, when Jesus speaks to you, you have to listen to Him. You must hear the Word of Jesus, listening the messages from Heaven, coming directly from the Mother of God, what comes from the mouth of God. You children, need very much the Eucharistic Jesus, need confession, need forgiveness, need love, faith, charity, fraternity. And as soon as you abandon these graces, you fall easily on the paths and traps of the devil – the enemy! Then, you begin to have a bruised soul, a wounded heart, begin to live that terrible suffering, which tries many times, to be greater than your strengths.

But My dear children, indeed, God is greater! God’s strength is superior! This is where they find, in the Eucharist, in the prayer of the rosary, in the living of the Word, in the intimate pursuit of being with Jesus, that peace! Then My children, have more maturity, learn to reflect, stop before heaven, as Jesus did when He climbed the mountains, made those beautiful reflections! You are here on a hill, in Corgo da Igreija, among mountains, make your reflection, in the silence of your heart say these beautiful words: ” Jesus I trust in You! “Then children, from now on, Keep the Words of God: storms after storms will come, and pains after pains, whoever is not praying the Holy Rosary and loving the Eucharistic Jesus, and adoring Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, will not endure the suffering! Because children, what you are seeing today, in this present moment, is just the beginning of a storm that is yet to begin.

Then children, let us ask the Merciful Jesus – today is a beautiful day, it is the Lord’s day – we are going to ask at this moment that the Merciful Jesus cover us with His Mercy, save the souls that are agonising at this moment, and pour the Light into the hearts of the young people, but especially to be a living Church, holy and united to the Eucharist, which is Christ Jesus himself.

Before I finish, I am going to address these two children, My beloved priests, you cannot imagine, My sons, priests, how happy the Sacred Heart of Jesus and My Immaculate Heart feel when they see you here once more in this Sacred place, chosen by God. I know that you are going to celebrate Holy Mass in this sacred place. Do it with Joy and stand firm in this Mission.

My beloved Sons, always bear your testimony of Faith. These children, pilgrim’s, need much of your help to witness these apparitions.

Thank you, thank you My dear little children, thank you for your presence here in this Sacred place, Corgo da Igreja.

To all My blessing, especially for a son who is here very sick, a very special blessing for a daughter who is also here, whom came to thank Me for the cure of her illness.

With all My Love of Mother, to the children of the whole world, I give you My Strength and My Blessing, I do it in the Name of God the Father, the Son and the Divine Holy Spirit. May they bless you and keep you. Amen.

Until any day

Mary, Mother of Goodness in Corgo da Igreja


At the end of reading of the Message, the messenger Fernando Pires asked to come forward the person whom received the grace, and to give the testimony. At this point, a lady “called Salete (!)” Came forward from the crowd and told us the following:


“She had breast cancer with metastases in the liver and ribs. Since she began attending this Holy Place Corgo da Igreija, the disease started to heal, and her doctor confirms this.

She is the mother of two footballers, whose age she did not reveal, she always accompanies her children and on this day they went to play with a group of Americans, but she did not accompany them to come and give her testimony of the cure. “

(We ask the lady who gave her testimony, please confirm her name, because the address was not taken properly. Please use the email on the “Contacts” page at / )


Prayer (Month of August 08-08-2018)

Saint Anne, you were called by God to collaborate in the salvation of the world. Following the ways of Divine Providence, you received St. Joaquin as husband. From this marriage, lived in holiness, was born Mary Most Holy, who would be the Mother of Jesus Christ.

Forming Your Family so holy, confidently we ask you to this family of ours, obtain for us all, the graces from God: to the parents of this home, may they live in the sanctity of marriage and form their children according to the Gospel, to the children of this home, may they grow in wisdom, grace and holiness and find the vocation to which God has called them.

And to all of us, Fathers and Sons, obtain for us the joy of living faithfully in the Church of Christ, always guided by the Holy Spirit, so that one day after the joys and sufferings of this life, we too can deserve to reach the Father’s house, where we can find You, so that together we may be eternally happy in Christ by the Holy Spirit. Amen


 Message of Our Lady Mother of Goodness

Revealed to Brother Fernando Pires, on September 2nd 2018, in his chapel.

Brothers and sisters, I, Gabriel, the Angel of the Annunciation, I come to you here in this Sacred place Corgo da Igreija, announcing to you: Since the world has existed and whenever humanity has departed from God, God has always sent chosen Prophets to warn their people, to correct their sins and to fulfil the Law and the Will of God. In this message I bring to you brothers, from Our Heavenly Mother, is a very strong message for you, which I am going to transmit to our brother Fernando:

Dear children, today My Heart feels immensely graced by your love and affection. You children, came for a very beautiful thing that I can feel with My Heart, I see the children that love the grace of God, which are here in this Sacred place Corgo da Igreija, moved by Faith, by humility, by trust, by the truth which is God. And God reserved a very beautiful afternoon for all, one afternoon of prayer, one afternoon of joy, one afternoon with a Christian feast. What is a Christian feast My children?

It is a feast in which heaven manifests a living presence among you. It is so beautiful when you look here, in this beautiful nature, in this place that God has chosen, and we see here the presence of God the Father, God the Son and God the Divine Holy Spirit. It is so beautiful when we see and feel the perfume of our soul, in the perfume of our Heart, the presence of the grace of God.

Children, what is this place? It is a very simple place, but a place where God dwells and where God will dwell forever, because, sons, where God manifests, God abides there forever.

Today we see here strongly reflected a family, a group of people appointed by God, by the will of God to fulfil here in this Sacred place a certain mission. In this mission where love must be the source of all graces and virtues, many things still need to be transformed, beginning with the hearts of many children.

What did Jesus said to you children? If today He came, most of the children would not have consciousness, and be  prepared to enter directly into His Heart. Majority would need His Mercy.

So one of the things that I see, feel and I am increasingly feeling clearly with My Heart is that these children need a lot of mercy from God. Children, today God shows the world the need of the family, the truth is this, today fathers and mothers do not love their children, with the love of God, today God made a great fraternal family. A fraternal family, in today’s times, can only be built and grounded by the Hands of God. That is why, exists  a mission assigned to you here, but a mission that Heaven itself leads, which is the hand of God that sustains.

Little children, one of the main reasons in My Heart is love, is to transmit this love, to teach My children to live this love and to walk facing this love. But My great mission in the world is to fight for the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart.

Jesus approaches you children. This afternoon, He will enter your hearts, many of you have had the happiness of receiving Him in the Holy Eucharist, but He also approaches the world. Jesus will return to this earth, My dear children, the world draws near to the great truth. This day, if there is something we can say to ourselves, is, the day of truth, is the day when Jesus Christ says: is not quantity, is quality, is not numbers of people, is men of faith, because today there is no necessity of large crowds. Exists in Heaven today, a need of multitudes and multitudes of faith, and charity. God wants his children with open hearts, with humble, meek and serene hearts.

In the Word of God, Jesus spoke to us so strongly: “Many are called, but few say Yes . ” We will see from now on that only a few will remain steadfast in this mission. It will be the time of the fall. Man will be proved and tested in their faith, many will be discouraged.

What will come to the world, children, is a consequence of an enormous lack of faith, man will lose the notion of respect, of fear and obedience to Heaven, he will not live the commandments, the Gospel, will not live fully as the Church of Christ, alive and full. Suffering is going to dominate nation by nation, people by people. There will be no nation that will not live suffering. According to Jesus, all humanity, where is a child of God, will exist suffering and pain. All the places in the world will be alerted My children, the great message will be present in the life of all humanity. But the warning from heaven is clear, is distinct, is transparent. The world is going to undergo a great transformation. What man imagines will be completely contrary to his imagination. It will not be the end of the earth, no My children, it will not be! But will be destruction on earth. It will not be the end of the world, no My children, it will not be! But many men will see their end. Whoever does not convert will condemn and suffer eternally. The Light of the Holy Spirit will illuminate nation by nation. Portugal is a nation that is already illuminated by the Divine Holy Spirit. But there is something of supreme importance: the Light of God is present in all nations, but only will have the light, those whom truly live it.

Your importance children is to renew your baptism and to ask Jesus Christ for the seven gifts, is of supreme importance to overcome suffering. This will come in all forms: material, bodily, temporal and spiritual sufferings.

The spiritual will lead people to lose faith, will be the worst. Man will feel a terrible anguish, he will live as if he were only matter, dust, he will not have brightness nor hope, he will be an empty man, like a fruit that has form, but that has no flavour.

Temporal, because we will see terrible consequences due to suffering, result of the sins of humanity: disobedience to Jesus, disrespect to the Word of God, greed, greed will be the consequences of all these sufferings.

The material sufferings will be the material difficulties: much misery, hunger, difficulties in which the parents will feel to give sustenance to their house, their family. The material will be the diseases in the flesh, it will be the difficulties which man will suffer from the diseases of the body. But it is not the greatest sicknesses, the worst, the greatest sickness is the one that will cause sadness and anguish, depression and revolt.

It is necessary My children to pray a lot and have a lot of faith, but remember: to pray conscious that in the same way that you need the bread, you need prayer.

You children, which are here in this holy place chosen by God, will need to pray in the family every day, you will need to pray and always do an act of reflection examining your conscience, looking into your hearts and asking Jesus Christ for strength to conquer. The time of suffering has come children, something I would not want you to live. But My children, do not worry because the great prophecy of Jesus is this: ” will come a storm that will lead so many people to despair and terrible suffering, but, I will come soon after this storm, and this storm will not have the power to destroy those who are faithful to Me. “

Today children, you are already living consequences of these storms. A very clear example that I give to you, and it is clear, is that today the difficulty to reach this Holy place Corgo da Igreija is too great. You little children go through all the storms, you face all difficulties, but whoever stands firm will remain, and Jesus soon after this storm comes and leads you in the arms of mercy.

Children, what I ask of you, is  to be faithful to Christ, pray a lot for the Holy Church, you will be persecuted. When I say that you will be persecuted, it is the Church, children, because we are all the Church of God. Faith will be completely shaken and Christians will not truly live the will of Christ. So pray a lot for the Holy Church. Today, children, we are already seeing there how many people are doing everything contrary to what God asks, how many who are treading on the commandments of Heaven. So that is why you will see this persecution, because the Holy Father has a very serious mission: He receives the Divine Holy Spirit who acts and enlightens him, and he seeks to do the correct, the right, to defend the world from danger. But unfortunately, today, people are preferring danger, to light, to grace.

Children, today when you talk about the world, it’s a crowd that crawls through it. When speaking of Christ, few follow Him. That is why He needs to return and when He returns the world will completely feel the fear and the respect

Children be faithful, and faithful instruments. God has brought you here, so that today with open hearts would say, with all your heart, that you want to be faithful to Christ, you want to be faithful to the will of God. What I ask of you as the Mother of Goodness is that you be faithful, you will see so much suffering in life, your fidelity and your faith will save you. The world is already in the abyss of suffering, there is only the way of grace which is Jesus, still children, you have this way and you have everything, because this way is everything. I also ask My children, be faithful to this path, follow this path out of love, do not abandon this path, and live life as if it were today the last day. Do not expect much from tomorrow, live your today, do not worry about your tomorrow, try to become aware of your today. Tomorrow will not belong to you, it belongs to God! Live your present so you may not suffocate yourself in your suffering, live now the grace of God in your life.

Beloved children, may God continue to give strength, courage and much light to each one, so you may be worthy and authentic instruments. May you have the true armour of a Christian: Faith, prayer, the Eucharist, the will to fight and fight for a better world, even if suffering comes, even if the difficulty comes, even if everything is lacking, but may your faith be always the greatest wealth of your life, and the beautiful strength of your soul.

My children, before finishing, listen to what this Mother has to say to you, I appeal again to you all, one last time: I alert you again, reminding you that scourges and great catastrophes on a world scale will be poured over all the earth, these times are very serious and the world is transforming. Many wars, fires, storms, earthquakes, volcanoes, harsh winters, violent cyclones . Open your eyes children, to the truth of God that was written by the prophets in the Holy Scripture, and no one can alter it change it or distort it according to its own interpretation. This time children will arrive so fast that many of you will not be prepared . I do not wish to frighten you, but I ask all the children of the whole world, pray, pray, pray a lot, and I, your heavenly Mother, will intercede with God, that your purification may be lighter.

Children, God is the truth. Jesus said, “The world will want to blind you with his illusions, but God will enlighten you along the way. ” I want to thank all of you who came to this Sacred place Corgo da igreija. May God bless, protect. We are on a mission, now we will truly see the events, the truth will always remain, the Light of God will always remain, but this message from today makes you prepare your hearts well.

Be in peace, dear little children! With the blessing of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Until any day

Mary Mother of Goodness, Corgo da Igreja.


Message from Brother Fernando Pires (02-09-2018)

Brothers and sisters, all my messages are accompanied by the three Archangels, Michael , Gabriel and Raphael .

Brothers and sisters, the month of September has become the most festive for Christians, as the Church has unified the celebration of the three most famous Archangels in the history of Catholicism and religion.

Starting by the day of the Nativity of Our Lady, celebrated on the 8th of September. The birth of the Virgin Mary is celebrated nine months after the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on December 8. As we know brethren, She is the daughter of St. Anne and of St. Joachim – Mary was conceived without original sin to bring the Creator into the world in human and glorious form. She was born near the tank of Bethesda, where there is currently a crypt under the basilica of Saint Anne. It was here that Our Mother of Heaven was born, 20 a. C. a Saturday. As a child, my brothers, received the name Miriam , in Hebrew ( Lady of Light ) which in Latin passed to ( Mary ).

The Nativity of Mary marks the moment when God’s great promise for the salvation of mankind was about to be fulfilled. Brothers and sisters may the Feast of the Nativity reminds us of this special story, with grateful eyes before God and the One who knew how to say Yes and submit totally to the Creator’s will. Through His “Name” Mary became the Mother not only of Jesus, but of all mankind

Brothers now talking about the Feast of the Three Archangels. The Archangels, because of their apparitions and nominal and personal manifestations described in the Holy Bible, or narrated in documented events, the three Archangels, brothers, are the most known, venerated, invoked, and respected in the Church. In past centuries, each Archangel had his own Feast in the Catholic liturgy. Saint Michael was celebrated on the twenty-seventh of September, St. Gabriel on the twenty-fourth of March, and of St. Raphael on the twenty-fourth of October. With the reform of the liturgical calendar, they are celebrated on the same day, on the twenty-ninth of September.

They, brothers, represent the high hierarchy of the angels- chefs, the select group of the seven pure spirits who attend the throne of God and are His messengers of the divine decrees here on earth.

Brothers, beginning with Michael – the great Michael – the one who fights the devil. He is considered the prince, guardian and warrior, defender of the celestial throne and the People of God. Faithful squire of the Eternal Father, Supreme Chief of the celestial army and of the angels Faithful to God. He is the Archangel of Justice and repentance, patron of the Catholic Church. He also helps us in the fight against evil forces. He is quoted three times in Holy Scripture. His worship is one of the oldest in the Church.

Gabriel brothers and sisters, is the Archangel announcer par excellence of the revelations of God and is the one who was close to Jesus in the agony among the olive trees. Patron of diplomacy, commonly associated with a trumpet, indicating that it is the one who conveys the Voice of God, the bearer of the news, helps us to give good direction and direction to our life, give us understanding and wisdom. It is to him that we resort when we need these gifts. In addition to the most important mission ever given to a creature, the Lord entrusted to him: the proclamation of the incarnation of the Son of God.

Rafael, brothers and sisters, is the Archangel who had the task of monitoring the young Tobias in the Old Testament, on the journey, as his safety and guide, was the only one that dwelt among us. He is the bearer of the virtue of healing, the gift of transformation, of the curative beauty which is his function in the world. He leads mankind by teaching the path of defence against the physical and spiritual evils that may threaten it.

Brothers, the Catholic Church, consider these three powerful Archangels, intercessors of the elect to the throne of the Most High. During the tribulations of daily life, they usually advise and assist us, beyond, of course, to carry our prayers to the Lord, bringing the messages of Divine Providence. They are our companions because they have the same vocation in the mystery of Salvation. They worship God, they glorify God, they serve God. And so brothers, on the twenty-seventh of September, let us ask the three Archangels, following this prayer:

Michael, help us in the fight; each one knows what struggle have in his own life today, each one of us knows the main struggle, which makes endanger our salvation.

Help us, Gabriel, bring us good news, bring us good news of salvation, that Jesus is with us, that Jesus has saved us and gives us hope.

Rafael, take us by the hand and help us on the way, so we may not get wrong the road, so that we do not stand still, but to walk always, but helped by you.

Brothers and sisters, at the Feast of Our Mother in Heaven and at the feast of the Archangels, we must live our days as Christians; is to be always celebrating with them, is to live with them in joy, is to live in the Church as brothers, in understanding, in dialogue, in sincerity, in tolerance, in mutual respect, in love, it is also brothers living the other way, is to look at the others brothers and sisters with a frank and positive look, searching for what is good in them.

Brothers and sisters, we have just heard the message of Our Mother from Heaven. She talks a lot about the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart, which is the great struggle from the people of God for the transformation of the earth, transformation of hearts, the struggle for a better world, a world without war, a world of Peace among all men. Brothers, Our Mother in Heaven, She is a mother whom warns us with wisdom and prudence, not with threats and fear, She affectionately welcomes us in Her arms and caresses us with Her sweet motherly words.

Brothers and sisters, let us all welcome in our hearts this message so rich for our spiritual growth and we will live the requests that She asks of us. This is the safest way to reach the Father’s arms.

Faced with a message like this, it is almost impossible to make a synthesis. In every word we find a single, wise and true teaching. Let us read in our home’s again this message, to meditate and deepen, in this wealth that only God could give us.

Thank you, thank you, thank you all, let us know brothers, that we are here, in this Sacred place, all united by a single ideal and by Our Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Goodness.

May the love of God, the Grace, the Peace of Jesus Christ and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with us and with the brothers of the whole world.

Hugs to all and may God bless us and protect us all.

Brother in Christ, Mary and Joseph.

Fernando Pires


Prayer (Month of September, 02-09-2018)

Lord my God, Mercy. Lord My Father, Mercy. Lord Son, Mercy. Lord, Holy Spirit, Mercy. May the flame of love, of Faith, of charity, come down upon us, give us light and teach us to love, forgive and silence, so that Mercy and unity may be in us with the Blessing of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Message from Our Lady Mother of Goodness

Revealed to Brother Fernando Pires, on October 7th 2018, at his chapel.

I, brothers, St Michael, I assure you with all confidence, the days, the times of satan, are about to end. The enemy will be crushed shamefully, humiliated, before all the Angels of God by the Feet of the one which is the Mother of the living God! Yes, brothers and sisters, the Blessed Virgin, Mighty Mother of God, will crush his superb head! And his reign over the world will be destroyed … Trust! Trust brothers … In the end, the two Sacred Hearts will triumph. My brethren, I am not going to stretch further, I still have the message of Our Mother from Heaven, to transmit to our brother Fernando, I bless you all with love, all the objects that I find here in this Sacred place, pouring on you all the graces that the Heaven has given Me to bring to you. See you later.


My dear little children, today is a day for Me, as Mother of the Holy Rosary. Today we are here on a day of peace, in a place of peace. There is something in this place that our heart needs to differentiate from the other places in our life, the place where God is, is a place of peace, we find this peace, even in the face of temporal suffering, because your world suffers the imbalance.

I, Mary, the Mother of Humanity, I feel honoured because God has given Me the honour of having all the titles, originated from the manifestation of His power, through My Immaculate Heart. I, Mary, I am only a mother who is honoured with various titles, because of being similar to My children in the whole world, resembling Myself to the nations.

Let us all joyfully ask the Most Holy Trinity for Portugal and for the whole world.

Why is the Rosary the weapon that fights the devil? He has horror of the Holy Rosary, to the prayer that the Angel with beautiful words said to My ears and My Heart about the greatness of the presence of Jesus, about the treasure of the descent of the Holy Spirit, whom performed the miracle of the great Jesus in the life of each of us.

Little children, let us pray to God this afternoon, this day at this moment, for the conversion of all sinners. Let each one ask for his own conversion. May they have the eyes to see with wisdom the will of God, do not allow hatred, jealousy, envy, pride, vanity, laziness, lust, move you away from the way of the Lord, but let Him come near to the silence, humility, charity, brotherhood, and be merciful, meek and humble in heart, like the sweet Heart of Jesus.

Ask My children for your conversion. The world is approaching the time of Justice. We are still experiencing the time of Mercy, but the world is approaching the time of Justice. May this justice of God transform the lives of the people who need to be transformed. May it give strength to those who are already on the way to this transformation.

There is still so many children that need of a good word from a friend, from a brother with faith. We have the grace to know that the Holy Spirit moves in us, we need to let ourselves be moved by Him: be careful with the words, with the ears, with the eyes, there is so many good things for my ears to hear, for my eyes to see and for my mouth to proclaim, why  do we let ourselves get carried away by the fantasies, traps and snares from the devil?

What will happen to My children in these final times, which are not the end of the world, will be the battle from Heaven to help us with all Mercy, which is the Merciful Jesus to overcome the poison of evil on earth.

Children, Jesus tells us that people are accommodated in a life of sin. They think that every mistake is right, and think what is right is wrong. They do not protect families, children, young people who know they are on the wrong path. You must give them a hand, so they may be strengthened in faith and have the courage to let go the wrong path and follow the good path.

Today little children, is the day of the Lord, it is a very special day to unite ourselves with God through this moment of prayer, in this moment of faith. And at the beginning of this message, we will put here all the needs, starting with the biggest, children: Peace! The world today urgently needs peace. This sadness that you are witnessing today over all the corners of the earth is because no one is having peace. Peace is something that is within us, it is God acting in us, and today too few hearts are letting God act upon them. You children are here, in this Sacred place, blessed by God, it is a day of meditation and reflection, and I, as Mother, want today to lead you to a wise reflection, little children. Often we ask ourselves: what is the best way to obtain a grace? Then we pray, we search through the Holy Rosary, others seek the novenas, supplicating to the Saints, each placing their faith. But there is many hearts that supplicate, ask, but can not reach the great merit of the grace. Why this? Because prayer, children, must be much more than an exchange. Prayer has to be done from the heart.

My dear little children, we are here, in this hour of this day, and we have to be here with the heart. We’re going to hear the Word of God. We know where we have the living presence of Heaven. We are here and feel surrounded by the protection of the angels from Heaven. So, children, we have to be right here with an open heart. We are going to hear a message that God sends directly from Heaven. So your presence at the time of the prayer of the Holy Rosary, should never be an exchange, it has to be made with the heart, with complete surrender, completely with love. Sometimes man when asks God for a grace, instead of putting his life in construction for the merit of that grace, he wants to simply make an exchange: I pray and the grace comes! It is not so children, with prayer is very different.

In today’s world, children, one lives from exchanges, but with God it is grace, it is not exchange. That is why when you take too long to achieve a grace in your life, you can be sure that it is because you still not understand what is the virtue of a grace, it is not an exchange, it is a receiving directly from Heaven, by the grace of Heaven. In this hour of our day, for example, we are receiving a grace, and the most beautiful thing is to enter here and value this grace of God. If we really want to console Jesus, let us at this moment be fully silent to listen to Heaven, for Heaven has urgency in warning us, that difficulties arise, problems, sufferings. Man needs God, and God does not deny His son’s His love! Children, today we are being truly catechized by Heaven, powerful, great and beautiful messages come to raise awareness and prepare men to be faithful, strong and perseverant. Many are the snares of the devil in man’s life: pleasures, evils, envy, pride, suffering. It is time to be always vigilant and attentive, otherwise man will easily fall into the temptations of the enemy. All of us, little children, who are here, must in the silence of our hearts thank God. Today anyone who hears Heaven, strives for holiness, because Heaven teaches us to be holy, and we have this great knowledge of what it is to be holy and how to strive for holiness.

Children, the final times are here present. From now on the world will experience a constant tribulation of pain and tears. Man, in an immense way has planted suffering, with his lack of spirituality, man allowed himself to get too much involved by the poison of evil.

Today we see the sad reality of the world, and the call of Jesus to all peoples. The guidance Heaven gives us is very big, because you children, a pilgrim in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, will see the suffering, and will defend itself with dignity, because is a son of God who really knows the power of prayer and the Eucharist. So what will keep us firm and strong is the prayer of the Holy Rosary, and Heaven asks us today: Pray and watch, for everything has already begun, all we are living in is in the Holy Gospel: difficulties in families, war between nations, war within the homes, depressions, spiritual illnesses, sin tormenting the family, youths fallen in a disorderly way in addictions and drugs. This is very sad because man dominated by addiction has a wrath from the devil, he is capable of killing, capable of committing terrible things.

And we are seeing the world dominated by addiction. Man does not want the Eucharistic, he does not want to worship Jesus, but he wants the vices, the pleasures. Man is in immense spiritual weakness. Jesus said to Me: My Mother, how great is the weakness of man, because man does not pray! You, sons, received in this place the greatest miracle in the world, the presence of God in the Eucharist. The Eucharist is the greatest miracle in the world and the Word of God leads us to love the Eucharist. Truly, children, those whom are here, in this holy place Corgo da Igreija, are being sealed, those whom are with an open heart are being sealed now, with the Spiritual Blood of the Lamb, who is My Son Jesus in the Eucharist. Children, showing the truth in front of us, sometimes it’s hard to look at and see it, but Jesus asked you to see the truth: “It is My Blood, it is My Mercy, it is pure water that flows from My Heart to wash, Sanctify and protect the world . ” Children, we truly, must go and meet this Heart, surrender ourselves to this Heart and be sure that God will do everything for us, because He loves you, is a zealous love, either in the hour of pain, or be in the hour of joy, it is a love that does not abandon us.

Thank you My dear little children, may God bless you! I am sure that on the day of the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart, your eyes will not have space for more tears of so much Happiness, just as today My eyes have become a well of joy, not tears of sadness, but tears of joy.

Before finishing My dear little children, I wanted to ask you in this month of October, that you place an image of the Child Jesus in your homes, as if you wanted to remember His birth already.

Why do I make this request My children? To answer, I ask you: Who is the Child Jesus? He is humility

What do we reflect on that crib? Humility !

What do we reflect in the death of Jesus on the Cross? Humility !

What do we reflect in the Rays that come out from the Heart of the Merciful Jesus? Humility !

What do we reflect before the Blessed Sacrament? Humility !

So children, Jesus is Humility !

Jesus is meek! Jesus is our complete way of life. We are here in this Sacred place for Him. Dear children, so many wonders that we need to thank! So many children who are here placing in My Heart today their petitions for healing of sickness of the body. Here is the miracle: Faith. The first miracle must happen within you children, this occurs with your surrender and acceptance with humility.

No one children, is chosen by a chance, but because they accept the difficulties and become special, because they struggle to conquer the battles, they are special because they accept carrying the cross. Jesus and I, Mary, stand by your side carrying your cross with you. We must ask Jesus to perform a miracle in your life, as he has done so many times and he continues to do so many miracles in the world.

So children, ask Jesus to make the miracle happen in your life. This miracle will happen through the beautiful faith that one has. So have faith, that faith that shines because it comes from the Holy Spirit and flows like living water, showing that it flows because it is the very Heart of Jesus that is always blessing it.

You must believe, dear little children! He who believes, attains, by faith, all that he desires.

Thank you, My children! I love you very much! And I want to go along with you, because our battle is to conquer the devil. Love this place! Value this Sacred place, Corgo da Igreija, which will be one of the most beautiful Consecrations, will become the Sacred place in which the Divine Holy Spirit will dwell forever! Now I finish this message, under the protection of the Love of the Father, the Son and the Divine Holy Spirit, which will keep you in the peace, take peace from here and be happy in the grace of God. This blessing was for the anniversaries that celebrated their birthday this month and also the children who today, are celebrating years of marital union, God bless you, to all the families of the whole world, to all pilgrims and I say as Mother: Happy are you children, who know that Jesus Christ is the way! I give My heart to all the children who are here. Amen

Until any day

Mary, Mother of Goodness in Corgo da Igreja


Prayer (Month of October 07-10-2018)

Time of our cross

                               I come to You Jesus Christ,

                                  humbly and with faith,

                               to contemplate Your cross

                                 and enter this Sanctuary

                                     For our confidences.

                                       In it I find serenity

                                      and carefully place

                                       the joys and fears, 

in a grateful and lasting remembrance of Your time among us.

Betrayed by a friend, you will understand my feelings.

In Your gaze I seek light, love and a space to snuggle.

I see You reaching out to welcome, nourish the flame of faith.

Contemplating Your gestures for healing the pains from the helpless of life,

I implore you to place Your Divine Hand upon my weary head,

bringing Your Peace to my suffering and frightened heart.

Protect me, Jesus, in this time when I must embrace my cross.

I want to learn with you the art of opening the heart, offering forgiveness.

                                           In silent prayer I hope,

                                           after loss and pruning,

                                          the dawn of a new love,

                                          the flourish in the spring

                                        of some cherished dreams.

                                 may memories and homesickness

                                         do not weaken the hope

                                        of finding happiness again,

                                               in paths full of light,

                                     for the transparent friendship

                                           that, with care, lead’s me

                                          to trust more in you, Jesus.

                                         Bless the love that has gone

                                and the longing that remained here,

                                          Parcels of anguish and pain

                                           Dreams, read the projects

                                      and what deserves my affection.

                                             All by the hands of Mary.

                                             I lovingly entrust myself

                                        to Your care, Lord Jesus Christ!

                                                      So be it. Amen.        



Message from Our Lady Mother of Goodness

Revealed to Brother Fernando Pires, on November 4th 2018 on his chapel.

My brethren, I Michael, affirm that the interventions of Our Mother of Heaven in the world, are a pure grace of the Divine Mercy, however many children despise the messages that She brings you.

It is obvious my brethren, you must be prudent, for satan can become an angel of light, you must examine the message in the light of the Scriptures and the Magisterium of the Church, but many brothers even after obvious signs of the celestial presence, persist in not wanting to believe. Of course, the apparitions are not dogmas of faith, but what Our Blessed Mother Mary remembers to humanity is contained in the Scriptures.

Brothers, I Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and all Angels, we are under the orders of the Mother of God , Mary is the Queen and Lady of the Archangels and Angels. We are all at Her command because She is God’s Predilected.

Be, brothers, like Our Mother Mary, Her humility and total obedience to the Divine Will has elevated Her to a high degree of glory and Holiness in Heaven.

Pray, pray, my brothers and sisters, pray very much to bear with faith and martyrdom if this is asked of you. Pray for those who are being sacrificed, for it is by the shed of blood that new brothers will be born.

Honour the priests! Give to them what belongs to them: reverence, respect, obedience, seek them, receive from them the sacrament of communion, of Penance , of the Anointing of the Sick . Seek the priests, brothers and sisters, I do not mean that you should not receive the sacraments of the ministers, but I want to make it very clear to you: the sacraments were instituted to be administered by the priests, give preference to receive Holy Communion in the mouth and preferably from the hands of the priest, give preference to Masses  and not to celebrations, give preference to silent prayer made on your knees and not to the cries and screams of the modern Charismatic Renewal that has expanded and made the Christian Doctrine a real clown, a true source of ridicule of the True Faith of Jesus Christ, introducing Protestantism within the Christian Church.

Out with everything brothers, which is contrary to the voice of the Holy Father.

Brethren, we have to get away with these false Doctrines, which are rising up among you. Love the Doctrine of the Church of Christ, spread it, propagate it.

I recommend all the brothers of the whole world to have a great devotion to the Doctrine of Christ, to Our Mother from Heaven, the Lady of Angels, because it is only through Her that God will give peace to the world.

Before transmitting the two messages from Our Mother from Heaven, one for our brother Fernando and the other for you, I bless you all with love, pouring out upon you all the graces that Heaven has given me today to bring to you.

See you soon my brothers


Message to Brother Fernando:

Listen to Me, My son, you have to stay strong for My Beloved Son Jesus Christ. He is too important and special for you to be absent with doubts in your mind. Yes, it is easy to be confused in this mission, but you must trust Him completely, He needs you to submit and give Him your full confidence.

My Son, this mission was for you, but like I said before, first you love then to persevere. You will accomplish this mission. I exhort you to return to your daily prayer routine. For it is through My Most Holy Rosary and the Rosary of Divine Mercy that you will be protected. This mission is very Sacred. My son, therefore out of respect, please obey My Son, trusting in Him completely. Set your doubts aside, My son, because special graces from the Holy Spirit have been given to you. Truth now lies in your heart, soul, and mind, that’s why you find it easier to write the messages I give you. He loves you, My son, and has chosen you for one of the most important tasks ever in this century.

Your mission is being compared to what Sister Faustina was asked to do. You are going through suffering, which includes the lack of ability to pray and the daily doubts that are normal. They will pass. All the saints, including Saint Faustina, walk with you My son, and they guide you every day.

The mission you are doing, in My interest and My son Jesus, was predicted. It is one of the most important ways for you to save souls. Do not hesitate. Call always, always for Me to help you. I’m always close to you. Please son, pray daily to My Son, reciting His Rosary of Divine Mercy. In that way, you will be closer to Him and you will feel Him moving in your heart. Gain courage and move on now. Look with love for the precious path that leads to the Holy Trinity! I bless you Son.

Message to all children:

My dear little children, with great joy and love in My Heart, I warmly welcome you on this beautiful day, on this beautiful afternoon.

Let us all first thank God for being gathered here. Each one will place in Jesus’ hands your petition, your need, and in a very beautiful way let’s trust in the grace of God.

Let’s do a meditation and a reflection today. What does this sacred place, Corgo da Igreija, place of faith, place of the Mother of Goodness, means to us? It means to us a place chosen by Heaven, for Heaven to lead the grace that the world needs the most: the Word of God, which teaches us to love without limitations, without measures, without excluding anyone. God’s Word teaches us to bend our knees and to have faith. Word of God that teaches us to be simple, humble and charitable. Word of God that heals the sick both in body and in spirit .

Therefore, children, let us meditate on the value that God has for the presence of each one of us here, at this moment, the presence of the young people, the children, the families, the priest, the pilgrims, each one bringing in their own heart a petition to Heaven. And in this petition we ask for Portugal, for all the world, for this Holy Place built by God, because today we see here a construction of the hands of God. We see here the love of God reflected in each child, who often comes wanting to meet God. We see here the grace of God in the heart of every missionary who renounces the world to serve God, who leaves his work, his home, his city and comes to a place chosen by Heaven, where all those who walk here are also chosen by Heaven, where all those who are part of the army of Mary are chosen by Heaven, where those who today dedicate their lives to the Apostleship of Prayer, the Holy Rosary, of Mercy, are also chosen by Heaven, where those who dedicate their lives in love to the neighbour, these are also chosen by Heaven. And these are My children, chosen by Heaven who bring in their hearts one of the greatest riches of life: the Faith, the eyes of faith.

Children, what is the greatest sign that God has shown you? His faith. Because His faith made you move your feet, your hands, and your heart and soul, finally, your whole being. Your faith has transformed you, healed you, and saved you from the mud of the world. In the mud that today the world constantly offers to all, the mud of greed, lust, pride, selfishness, vice, poverty of spirit, which is lack of love, charity, honesty, and justice in the people’s lives.

So the grace of God here in this Holy place is like a river that turns into living water. God chose a small piece of ground, and from that small piece of ground he made a living work. Here children, it is not a different work, it is not a work built before new teachings, it is a work built from the same teachings left by Jesus, but forgotten to be lived by men. God does not come to bring a new message, comes to make the world aware of the message that never becomes old, which is today, tomorrow and forever: The Word of God.

Who is Christ for our life?

Is the beauty, and the way, and the truth. But the Christ for our life, He is today, tomorrow and always the same Christ.

Beloved children, I have a great joy today in knowing that God is making this community a spiritualized, catechized community, aware that here is still a great deal to be done for the Kingdom of God, and we have received from Heaven a catechesis, whose value it contains is incomparable, surrounded by a theology called Grace and Science of God.

That is why we children, we must know how to listen and live, always try to be humble and never to became conceited. Always look into your heart and ask Jesus:

Lord, clothe me with your humility, serenity, sincerity and your love. Let me be a worthy, authentic, true and humble instrument. Do not let me falter, and when I fall, make me rise and get up to Your great and immense power, which is His mercy.

Children, we must resort daily to the mercy of God , especially those who are part of this army with Mary and Jesus, here in this place Corgo da Igreija. Let us give thanks for the beautiful merits of graces which are the Apostles of prayer, the journey of prayer groups, formed in the true catechesis of prayer and love of neighbour, because the greatest sign of the world is love. Because it was out of love that Jesus died on the cross, it was out of love that Jesus became the Holy Food for the world, which is the Eucharist. And by the same love, Jesus continues to work in us the greatest miracle: the Eucharist, which is Jesus Himself present in us and the grace to live the love of God in each heart, conscious that the one who loves will have the great reward of the grace of God in your life.

Children, each one in the silence of your heart, will ask forgiveness to God for the times that deny Jesus Christ completely, and to love Jesus in the person of your brother; for excluding your brother, not knowing how to really respect your brother, for the times you forget to respond to the designs of God.

Children, let us also turn to Jesus Christ, and request strength for all of us who are together on a pilgrimage to the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart.

I, Mary, the Immaculate Conception, here as Mother of Goodness, wish that you realize that from now on we need to be much stronger, the path will become a much narrower path, the difficulties will arise in a much more violent way, and you children need to be very careful not to deny God.

Be always conscious, begin the day and ask for strength, thank God at the dusk of the day, for the strength that the Lord has given you. Try to be very silent, avoid the malice of your eyes, your tongue, your ears. Plant beautiful things so you can also harvest beautiful things. Be strong! In a very short time you will see children, here in Corgo da Igreija, a second great Shrine of Mary and Jesus.

So pray a lot, because the example of you children, is the main key, so that this Sanctuary may be recognized as soon as possible. Cherish this piece of soil Heaven Blessed. Remember My children, that the work here is not based on the will of men, but on the will of God.

Always have great fidelity, especially to the grace of being a fraternal community, sharing everything you have and constantly living Divine Providence. Never worry if one day you lack what is matter. Concern with spirituality, as for this one we are having here the greatest happiness and richness of having it, coming directly from God to each one of us.

Pray always for the Holy Church and always be united to Her. Be humble, persevering and strong. Do not be discouraged by criticism. Jesus said that whole His work is clothed with suffering. In the moments when you are criticized, embrace with joy your cross and offer in solace to Jesus, asking Him for His goodness and mercy for the world.

Be steadfast, dedicated and obedient to the will of God. Never let yourself be carried away by your will.

My dear children, nothing is worth, the world apparent beautiful things, today the structure of the world is so poor. Therefore, children, always worry about keeping this piece of ground spiritualized. The fundamental base for this spirituality is living the Word of God, the love, the Eucharist and the prayer of the Holy Rosary. This is what I and My Son desires, children: that each place of My Apparitions be a burning place of love, prayer, faith and penance. And may it be a safe place of refuge, where My children may always find Me and My Son Jesus.

Continue My children, to pray the Holy Rosary every day! If all the children prayed My Rosary the world would already be a small Heaven.

Help Me, My dear children, to transform this world of wickedness and sins, of injustice and destruction, in a small Heaven of peace, of love, of joy and happiness, praying My Rosary fervently every days!

Trust My children, that at each Hail Mary, that at every bead of the Rosary, of My rosaries that you pray, you bring down the high and strong citadels which the devil raises in this corrupted and lost humanity! Every Hail Mary, with every bead you pray, you give a hard blow to so many satanic works which My adversary, with so much pride and arrogance raised in the world.

Continue, continue, continue My children to pray the Rosary, until we completely annihilate the citadels of the enemy and erect a new world of peace and love … a world with My Immaculate Heart! … Peace! With the blessing of God the Father, the Son and the Divine Holy Spirit, you children will always remain united, persevering and victorious, being protected by the Mercy of God. Amen

Until any day

Mary, Mother of Goodness at Corgo da Igreja


Prayer (Month of November 04-11-2018)

Mother Mary teach me to walk the path of sacrifice, do not allow evil to deceive me with easy things, and let me see the wide road with the perfect path. Open the eyes of my heart, I want to be strong to overcome evil, renounce it, and live the anointing of the Holy Baptism. I wish dear Mother Mary to polish me by the sacrifice and the suffering, I want to stop being an old man and assume the happiness of being a new man, to leave aside the slave man to assume the grace to be a man servant of God, a happy man ! I desire Jesus to carry me in His arms in this arduous mission! I wish to live in a state of grace, to live the Eucharist, the Prayer, the Holy Rosary, Charity and adoration of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Finally, I want to live the most beautiful work: the work of love. I want to love as Jesus loved us, and how Jesus loves us, and how you Mary, knows how to love.



Message of Our Lady Mother of Goodness

Revealed to Brother Fernando Pires, on December 2nd 2018, at his chapel.

Brothers and sisters, I Gabriel, the Angel of the Annunciation, all of you who receive in your hands the messages and counsels of the Holy Mother of Heaven, walk with Her! Learn with Her to be faithful to the Lord! I ask you my brothers and sisters, grow as true little brothers, who love and want what is good for each other! Walk together as a great family in prayer, in fasting, in this wonderful journey to which the Mother of God has invited you.

I urge brethren, to surrender your lives to God as an act of reparation for the conversion and salvation of souls, as many may receive the Light and Grace of God by changing their wrong attitudes.

Continue to pray the Holy Rosary and the chaplet of Divine Mercy every day, so that more and more God may increase peace in your lives and in the lives of all the people of the whole world.

How many brothers abandon God for not having thought before taking action on some problem. Brothers and sisters, God never forces your free will, it depends on you, whether you want to accept God’s grace, or not, if you want to collaborate with it, or waste it . Be obedient brothers to Our Blessed Mother Mary. Live Her messages day by day, ask for Her aid so all of you can walk safe towards victory.

I Gabriel, I am with you, with the Angels and the Saints, and for you we will fight until the Triumph of the Most Holy Mary. Before reading the message from Our Mother from Heaven to Brother Fernando, I wanted to give my blessing to all my brothers. Peace brothers! The blessing of the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen – Gabriel

My dear little children, I begin this message, saying to be attentive to the messages I gave you this year, “read and re-read” again in your homes. I want you next year to have your feet firm, well firm and standing up ready, because the fight will be arduous and I need you so much, so I may continue to sow in this arid earth and without prayer. Peace My children! Peace! … My Children I, your Celestial Mother, invite you to be vigilant, to be attentive! Prepare yourselves for the new coming advent in which Jesus will appear Glorious and Victorious over evil and sin which today inhabit in the world. Prepare yourselves My beloved Sons, but prepare yourselves well! At the invitation of the Lord you must give your answer of complete adherence to His project, or not, that your yes be yes and yours no be no.

My dear children, I’m tired of always repeating the same song: Pray, pray, pray a lot! Convert, convert, convert! Do prayer and penance for the conversion of poor sinners, beginning with yourselves, who are so small, so limited, so fragile and so hesitant in your life, because often you are with Me and sometimes are far from Me, many times you are believers, ardent and many other times cold.

Even My predilected priests do not hear My call when I desire to reveal the Mercy of My Son Jesus. As purification in the world continues and increases the speed now, it is time to call Me, sons.

Do not be afraid My children, of the storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, volcanoes and heat waves that will descend on earth. My children who follows Me will be secure in the knowledge of what awaits them in the New Paradise, which will result when Heaven and earth merge as one. These things children should happen. My children, Jesus said: I want those children who are faithful, because My work in this place is love, many will suffer by living this work, many will be criticized, persecuted, humiliated, because love is My work.

Here little children in this Sacred place Corgo da Igreija, we can breathe, live, feel, and even take this miracle of love, because love is visible in all which we look at, in the surrender of the family, in the surrender of those who live to serve. Those who have given themselves up, live to serve and help those who need help, be it the rebel, the selfish, the poor in faith, well, all those who need help. Those children who have riches, I do not condemn you, because you have material comfort, that does not mean that you are not following the right path, but you have the responsibility to share and take care of the unfortunate, this is your duty, it is not comfort or material wealth that is wrong, it is when this becomes an obsession and when your desire for a life of luxury takes precedence over your own faith and the well-being of others, which makes it offensive in the eyes of My Son Jesus.

Your wealth is like the clouds that pass through the sky, they’re there in a minute and they’ll be gone soon. You can not take your wealth with you to the next life, it is your soul that goes with you. Take care of your soul, show love for one another and for those who cause you anguish in life.

That is why Jesus said: I came to whom? To the sick, to the abandoned, to the excluded, to the marginalized! That’s because Jesus came to save us. If the world has children abandoned, excluded, it is because the world does not live the great teaching of the first commandment: To love God. Those who love God, love their neighbour, and those who love their neighbour, love God.

Children, follow the teachings from My Son Jesus Christ.

This month My children, ask for His mercy, only then will you join Him in the new earth that is Paradise. Do not lose My children your inheritance and your place in the Kingdom of My Son.

My beloved children, having given so many signs in My numerous apparitions, they can not convert nor even 1/3 of humanity.

Why My beloved Sons?

In My Cova da Iria, at Fatima, I manifested Myself as the Lady of the Rosary and now, one hundred years after My apparitions, I again manifest Myself as the Lady of the Rosary, but not in Cova da Iria, but in every corner of the earth.

I have appeared in so many places on earth, and none of this is good, why? Very soon God will cleanse the face of the earth and then it will be a land of peace, a land of love.

It is necessary that all pray the Rosary, I have asked so much in My apparitions, the Rosary My children, leads to conversion, and conversion leads the world to salvation. It takes reconciliation with God, and the Heart of Jesus will pour mercy upon you. My dear children, do not be afraid, come to My Son Jesus, He will always be with open arms to receive you, come before it is too late.

My dear children, one of the things that made My soul happy in November, especially here in this Sacred place Corgo da Igreija, was the beautiful evangelization that My three Archangels, Michael, Gabriel and Raphael did, teaching the Young People of God to pray the Holy Rosary. I want to congratulate these young people. This is a blessing from God.

You children, are in a month where you will honour Me as the Mother of Jesus, the Immaculate, the Virgin Mary. I am happy to be the Messenger of God, even though I am aware that the suffering that humanity has planted is very painful! It is a suffering that greatly offends the Heart of Jesus, which offends the Heart of God, but I fight for you Sons! My mission on earth as Mother, is to fight for the lives of My children and the happiness of My children. I would greatly appreciate that you also fight with Me for the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart, which is the victory of peace on earth. You children are also close to a date, where you remember the birth of My Divine Son Jesus. At Christmas time, I always reflect on the presence of the Holy Family in the world, I reflect on the gift that God gave to Me and to Saint Joseph: The Child Jesus! This gift, God did not grant only to Us, He made Us instruments, so that you children, also receive this prize, this magnificent gift. But the way you handled this gift was not the right one. How often children, you have placed your will in the foreground and forgotten the will of God.

You placed your human ego and forgot about humility, simplicity. How many times did you kill for greed. But Jesus was born so humble, so small, in need of a mother and a good father, to save you, to be the Light of your life.

Today, so close to Christmas, how often do you children think of a beautiful party, a beautiful present, but do not think of the gaze of the Child Jesus, who looks after your Family, the Youth, sheltering in grace, granting pardon, giving you a handshake. How many times does the Child Jesus gives you this handshake on the person who is closest to you, someone of your family, it may even be in the person of your mother, how often does she exclaims: O Mother of God, ask for my son, who is suffering, who is in sin, in drugs, lost in illusions, without living grace, love, forgiveness.

To be the Immaculate Conception is to be the Mediatrix of Peace, that peace that the world is in so much need, but which so little fight’s for it. Sometimes the person says: I want peace, but he does not pray with his family, he does not spend time with God, many times, in the Lord’s day, he runs, but he does not approach Jesus in the Eucharist, wants rest and tranquillity, but he forgets the face of the Child Jesus, who loves them immensely. He, when He died on that Cross, was stripped of His garments, mocked, He was crowned with a crown of thorns to be humiliated, they cruelly pierced His Heart. But little children, Jesus wanted something even greater for My Heart, He wanted the Mother to be also the Mother of all the creatures that He loves the most. And when I stood at the foot of that cross with My Heart bleeding in pain He said, “Mother, behold your children.”

This children, comforted Me in the face of that pain and made Me understand how much Jesus loved each of you children. The pain that I then felt, for the love of My sweet Jesus, who will never cease to be the Light of the Soul of the Immaculate Conception. Through every gesture of Jesus, I found peace in My Being. Today dear children, so many years have passed since the moment when this beautiful mission was planted by Jesus in your souls and hearts, He planted salvation, He gave His Life on the Cross to save your life, He planted the resurrection, so that you might rise again.

Imagine My children, if at the moment of the death of the flesh, you did not had the hope of the resurrection of the soul! Jesus became that hope alive, it is a hope that when contemplated, calms the pain of loss, and makes us soft, so we may meet God.

And Jesus, sons, He wanted something even greater to the Immaculate Conception, He wanted Me to come in body and soul to plant over this nation (Portugal) devotion to the Holy Rosary, to the grace of love, to the grace of forgiveness and above all, devotion to the maternal bosom of Mother’s love. He made Me the Messenger in every moment that sends Me to pass on a message of peace, love, hope and life.

Jesus announced to the world the struggle for the Triumph of My Heart. Today, I, Mary, fight for the harvest of this Triumph, which can not pass over the time, has to be in the time of God, in the moment of God. Everything that passes after the time of the harvest is lost. We children, are here in this fight.

I beg you children to convert! As the Immaculate Conception, the One who is surrounded by the protection of the Angels from Heaven, I ask these angels to protect My children on earth, I ask to carry the youth in their hands. How many tragedies happened with the youth.

How the devil thirsts to destroy the great wealth that is the life of the youth. I ask Jesus to place the protection of the Child Jesus on the children and on the life of the innocent. Human being battles to protect the earth, but sometimes forgets to protect life, and Jesus, what He did the most was to protect life. When Jesus died on the Cross, I’m sure He thought about your well-being, He did not thought in a fertile and productive land, but in your soul, children!

My dear children before finishing, I wanted to tell you, the message I gave to your brother Fernando, was also for you, because I see that you are very absent in prayer and with doubts in your mind. If it was for him, I would not have it be read to you.

Children I want again to warn you about the ambushes that the devil is casting upon your minds. You must be very careful, for he is intelligent and astute, he knows how to use all forms perfectly to deceive you, he knows all your weaknesses.

Dear children, I just want to make a request: Long live a Happy Christmas! Take away this sorrow from within your heart, take this suffering from within you, be happy children, do not carry the pain with you, carry love with you.

The child God is here among us! We are the living crib of the child God, and the warmth that we are going to give to the child God is the embrace in the brother, is the sincere handshake, is the friendship of the fraternity, is the embracing of the Holy Spirit, and the forgiveness. Let’s forgive! Let’s forgive Children! Forgive yourself! Look into your heart and say strongly: “Jesus is the forgiveness! He’s with us. “

Ask for this forgiveness, give this forgiveness, and be free.

Christmas, children, is soft, it’s one of the most beautiful times so that you may be soft, is the Christmas time. May you children be washed from all hatred, from all pride, from all vanity and jealousy.

Surely we need to make a beautiful petition to child Jesus: the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart. I want so much this Triumph, children! I am sure that all the children of the whole world are listening to the Mother of God, and love the Word of God, also want this Triumph.

The world is tired of suffering. People pass Christmas and Christmas in appearances, forgetting the presence of the King of Heaven and earth, which is the child Jesus.

I wish for your children, peace!

May you be a beautiful crib!

You will have strength and spirituality, this we can already feel in this small Sacred place Corgo da Igreija, but which becomes infinitely great in God.

May you children, take this perfume to your lives and be more and more blessed by the Light of the child Jesus, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

Until any day

Mary Mother of Goodness at the Corgo da Igreja


Message from Saint Benedict (02-12-2018)

My sons and daughters, I, Saint Benedict, am your Father, friend and protector.

It was here in this Sacred place, on a day of carnival that Our Blessed Mother gave the Cross of St. Benedict to your brother Fernando.

Today in the name of the Lord, I come to tell you that I come in these apparitions, Corgo da Igreija, to form a great group of prayer, penance, sacrifices with the Cross of Christ, with my medal. Always have in your necks this cross, this cross fights with the sword of truth, stop’s the traps of the devil with the shield of the prayer of the Holy Rosary, fight, return and hurl the demons back in the fire of hell.

Children, this is our time to make already this prayer of the Holy Rosary, to which the Lord, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, and Saint Joseph send me to form this prayer group of the Holy Rosary. In these times where the demons, all out of hell, are in the world to destabilize my children of prayer.

But children, through the Cross of Christ with my medal, I give the grace to dominate the demons, the grace to exorcise them! Yes children, in a time where the Church lacks exorcists and where even the priests who are called to this service no longer believe in the demons.

Children put the cross and medal on your necks, so that the devil does not enter your soul! Yes, I will do much through the Cross of Christ. In these end times they are the crosses and medals of the Apostles of the end times, they are more resistant than steel to you, in all times, dangers and combats! I, Saint Benedict, bless you and congratulate you on the joy you give to the Mother of God, for Saint Anne and Saint Joachim and the blessed souls who are in purgatory. Many blessings my children descend upon the earth, including the grace of the conversion of your relatives. The conversion of your priests, their return to the true Faith and unity with the Church of Christ.

I bless you all present here in this beautiful Sacred place Corgo da Igreija, in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

St. Benedict


Prayer of December (02-12-2018)

O Lord, you who were born in a manger, but grew up as the King of Heaven and Earth, make us worthy to one day enter Heaven, to live on this earth conscious that we live here in a passage. Do not let us cling on to this malicious world, to these waves of pain and sin that arise that lead man to the pit of abyss and pain. Pray to us Lord, in the moments that we falter, give us your grace in the moments we need. Be for us assistance, especially in this new year to come, that we may have courage so that our eyes may have more piety, judge others less by appearance, but may seek you Lord in every heart. Your name must be present in us, and transform each one of us always, so that we may be, not us, but the grace of God, which is You in each one of us, leading and transmitting to the world true happiness, to which the world needs so much, which is peace, justice and Love. Amen






Explanatory note:

This apparition is supported by the decree of the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith (AAS 58/16 of December 29, 1966, which defends canons 1399 and 2318, thanks to the intervention and approved by SS Paul VI and published by his will where it says: ” It is authorized to disclose, without express permission of ecclesiastical authority, writings concerning new apparitions, revelations, visions, prophecies and miracles , provided that Christian morality is observed in general.” In publishing revelations, apparitions, or any other graces of Jesus and of Mary, as well as of His Angels and Saints, this group of friends of Our Lady Mother of Goodness, in this way give the opportunity to all those who wish to know and be informed, of such wonderful manifestations of heaven, on earth, according to freedom and free will of each person.


We remind everyone that the site of the apparitions is private property , although it is still not properly closed, and is a place of prayer and Catholic devotion , so we ask people to respect the place and all those present, gathered in prayer, without interfering in celebrations, and in the surrounding spaces that are private.

All who wish to approach in the Heart of JESUS ​​and MARY are welcome, but with silence and respect, and appropriate clothing without provocation, as Our Lady asked .