Messages 2017


YEAR 2017

Messages of each month from this year.

WARNING : The messages are textually copied from the manuscripts of Brother Fernando Pires. Good discernment.


Message of Our Lady Mother of Goodness

Revealed to Brother Fernando Pires, on , , at the place of the apparitions (Corgo da Igreja).

Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message January 1st 2017


My dear little children, begins today a new year, but what we truly need is  that men be renewed in a special way by the Holy Spirit. Children, you are the hope of this renovation, you are the living bricks of the Church of God, you are the workers in the beautiful vineyard of the Lord, its you children, the responsible instruments for this new year, building a new world and making of this land, a land of peace. In the beginning of each year, is born in man a new hope, a desire to abandon all that is old to begin something new. However My children, the old year which has passed can not be forgotten, because it was a year of many battles and also many blessings. The old has stayed behind but the memory of our good will stays present. How many things happened? How many suffering’s? How many joys, graces, smiles or tears… My dear children, you can not forget the great Grace that the old year left you with, you saw the Eucharistic Miracle… The Sacred Host transformed in the Body and Blood of Jesus, that becomes nourishment to all. This will be one alert to My Church which is following by the path of  Spiritual blindness, I remind you that through the Eucharistic Jesus, which is the Great Miracle, you can obtain all the Miracles in your lives, with Jesus you can also obtain healings, you can obtain deliverance. From now on, many of My children will testify My love for this humble place. Your mission now is to proclaim My Graces and Messages. Be My messengers, I will not forget you.

I have been coming here at this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, to invite you to conversion, I’m the Virgin of Goodness and the Virgin of the Rosary, Mother of all of you, Queen of the universe. My dear children, you can never forget that with your good will, proclaim My Graces, I see this good will in the children who came here to this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, on this first day of the new year, choosing to begin the new year making company to the Mother of God.

Dear little children, begins a new year of  Graces, when we speak about Graces, we speak about God the Father the Creator, of the Son the Saviour and of the Holy Spirit the Sanctifier. Men think that if the year is difficult, will be a sad year. No little children! When the year is difficult, men is taken to think more in God, when men lives a easy life, he forgets God, but when pain knocks in his door, immediately he will awake and will say: Lord my God I need you very much by my side, in my home, in my family.

My children, remember that Grace also means sacrifice, we do not obtain a great Grace without sacrifice, without penance, after the joy comes the cross, the Grace is covered by prayer, and the world is in need of much prayer, if we look at the quantity of souls that are with their hearts blind to God… we will see a great number.

My children, I desire and hope that you be well prepared to be the Blessed Ones of God, because God will need you a lot during this year, year of Sacrifice, year of Faith. It’s three the richness that the world needs much: Holiness, the Grace of the Triumph of My Heart, and the Sacrifice necessary to obtain this Triumph. All need to fight for it.

Dear children, Jesus is the strength of the world, He is the strength of all of us, through His words, He brings us hope,  strength in good will to reach the serenity and the richness of the Holy Spirit. In this Holy Place Corgo da Igreija, we have here Heaven, we have here the Word, we have here the Nourishment, we have here the Grace. The children pilgrims, and all those that serve God should not be afraid, you need to have strength, your greatest joy is going in search of all that builds within you the peace.

When Heaven asks you for something, you should obey. The closer we get to the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart,  the more the good worker’s will go through difficulties and suffer. Today you reunited here in this place, you prayed and meditated on the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary, and did you also though about the mission that God entrusts to you? God needs you now, if you wait for tomorrow it can be too late, how many children is in need of your prayers, how many youth, how many elderly, how many children are in need of the affection of Jesus, of His love… Jesus said: do not be afraid, do not be afraid! Have faith, may faith shine, may faith be your strength, may faith be the alliance, may faith be the victory, may faith be life for all of you. The only thing I’m sure is that faith will change each one of you. Faith is God acting in you so that you may trust in His action, that you may have that great trust in your hearts.

I finish asking you to offer your prayers in this year for peace. Be strong, begin the new year with joy, with great wisdom, with great love, and from now on live your life’s in the will of God. Conquer by love, never lose your faith, live this year in the presence of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

See you soon, Mary, Mother of Goodness in Corgo da Igreija.

Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message February 5, 2017

My children, in this message My words will be brief as there are only a few days left before we commemorate My apparition’s.

On the 16th of February, it will complete 18 years since My first apparition, and then I will give you another message.

I ask you dear little children, that in these days you may pray a lot for the Holy Church of My Son Jesus, for your Pope Francis, for the Bishops and especially for the Priests.

My predilected (priests) have been chosen so that you may be prepared with much prayer, sacrifice, penance and confession, so that you may feel the love of My Son Jesus in your hearts and above all you can receive Him in the Eucharist at Mass .

I will not go any further, but on the day of the anniversary I will give a big message to the whole world.

With love, dear little children, I bless you generously.

May all be in Peace, with the blessing of God the Father, the Son and the Divine Holy Spirit. Amen

See you soon, Mary, Mother of Goodness, in Corgo da Igreija.

Message of Our Lady Mother of Goodness February 16th 2017 (18th anniversary of the apparition’s) in Corgo da Igreja

My brothers and sisters, Heaven opened today and in a great light a great heart appeared, on it, the Archangels Raphael, Gabriel and Michael, placed a banner with the following inscription:  At the end MY HEART WILL TRIUMPH. Then came Mary, Our Mother of Goodness, dressed in white and with a pink robe, She carried in Her hands the word of God, which She raised in our direction, then transmitting the following message:

My dear little children, it is with great joy that I receive you again in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija. I come with the permission of the Supreme God, to teach you the path of perfection and the path of Eternal Life.

I bring in My hands the Word of God, which heals, set’s free and leads to salvation. I want all of you children, youth, sons and daughters, to put into practice the Word of My Son Jesus, who has the power to transform you.

This is a day of great joy to My Heart and for the hearts of all the children who have been faithful to Me in this mission during these eighteen years when Heaven sends you the Word of God here.

When a manifestation of Mary takes place in the world, man often wants to find graces, healings, blessings … but, little children, the greatest of all the blessings you may wish to find is the Word of God. This word can bring you healing, prosperity, and even defend nature itself… But most importantly, is that only the word of God can give you strength, courage, a spirit of surrender and prayer, to help you in the evolution of your spiritual life .

I, today, make a very special request:

– In consideration for the eighteen years of My presence here, in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, I ask you to walk more and more moved by the Holy Spirit. Only the Holy Spirit will make you conquer the persecutions with His gentle breeze. The devil in this time which humanity is now living, wants war, destruction, discord and violence. God is Peace, children, and only the Holy Spirit can give you this peace.

Do not worry so much about your human ego, do worry with the presence of the Holy Spirit in you, which must overcome the pettiness of your ego. You are in need of preparation, more in need of conversion, and even more needy of life in the Grace of God, for His Glory. Truly the world needs the action of the Holy Spirit, and the children of God need to be prepared for their mission, to be God’s presence among the brothers, always invoking the help of the Holy Spirit.

To be prepared today is to seek to overcome the storm of the devil with the gentle breeze, which is the Spirit of God Himself and by His action. That is why dear little children, in this Sacred place Corgo da Igreija, My presence of body and soul manifests itself, and God allows this gentle Breeze to descend upon you. God wants Peace, God is Peace. I want you little children, receiving Peace, breathing Peace.

If you are persecuted because of this Sacred Place, Corgo da Igreija, be silence and overcome those who persecute you by prayer. This place My children, is already a Sanctuary. The heavenly desire is that in the course of time this Shrine will grow in blessings, graces and healings. The cure is Jesus. And heaven sends Me once again to bring Jesus into the world.

You need the love and fear of God. Get rid of all that disturbs you.

In one of last year’s messages, Jesus said, “Let nothing trouble you.” Then may nothing take away your peace, may nothing take away your strength, that nothing may hit you, children. May the Holy Spirit be the Light, warm you, strengthen you, anoint you and enlighten you.

The triumph of My Immaculate Heart is very near, children. You are now in the most delicate part of your mission, which is to be responsible for your Yes. Your YES was founded on an immense rock which is Jesus. You can not allow that on the hour when Jesus needs you the most, the devil with his wickedness and his snares destroy your trust in God. Dear children, you have to trust, you have to be prepared, whoever comes to this sacred place today, Corgo da Igreija, comes by Heaven, comes by the grace of Heaven.

There are still hearts that question this place, even in My Church which I love so much. But everyone will have to recognize that here we live today a real event.

Your lives must be in the Hands of God. The day and the right moment in which you will obtain more graces, as of the Eucharist, that belongs to God. Belongs to you children, value the WORD OF GOD, which leads you to be Christians, not in half, but Christians of surrender of heart and soul.

My little children, where is the enemy? You think that the enemy is on the opposite side to the path which you follow, but many times he is present in the very path that you are walking. To overcome the enemy little children, you need to overcome laziness, anger, envy and jealousy. When you are criticized, let nothing trouble you, throw yourselves into the arms of the Holy Spirit, carry your cross with patience, and with love. You have come to these eighteen years with Me Mary, because I am here present in this Sacred Place in body and soul.

My presence here has brought you eighteen years of catechesis . Remember that man without God would not be able to fulfil a mission like this, man would not know how to love as he needs to love, to understand as he needs to understand, to accept things as they need to be accepted. You would desire everything to be holy, but God makes you see the sinful side, to recognize your sin and recognize God in Christ, which is the forgiveness of your sin.

Dear children, you are here, listening to Heaven, receiving the greatest nourishment which is the Word of God, thanks to the heart of this son who was chosen for this mission.

For Jesus to be made present on earth, God used My Heart. I am present in the world speaking to you, and God uses instruments, which are human children, sinners, that through Me carry out a very great mission. They deserve the respect and affection of all of you.

Dear little children, happy is the soul that thirsts for God. To see Me with the eyes is not so essential, the important is to walk in the Grace of God, is to love, to desire this grace, and to be thirsty for God. I am sure that many children who have already seen Me with their eyes, even if this had not happened, would continue to feel thirst for God and would persevere in their mission. I value in the places where God sends Me body and soul, those who are spokesmen of the Word, spokesmen of Heaven, spokesmen of the sign of God.

Talking to the world about something that few see, is very difficult My children, you have to have a lot of dedication, goodwill, trust and a lot of fidelity, especially in today’s times when man feels great difficulty in seeing God in his neighbour and neither can see God in himself.

Being present in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, it is easy to see God, because in everything here God is present. When you arrived here, God made Himself present in the children and the youth. The presence of His Love is also felt in the lives of the priests here present, they are children of My HEART who have welcomed the Word of God, and continue to fulfil their mission here as evangelizers. The Priests need to be of Jesus. I feel great joy when I see a humble Priest, arriving at the feet of Jesus, recognizing that he is only an instrument, everything that happens in his life is the work of Jesus, and I, Mary, I am sure that these are humble priests and are Jesus’ presence here at this moment.

The world needs to receive the greatest nourishment which is the Eucharist. Jesus said, “I will make the hands of the priests, holy hands.” And I am sure that those who these priests will bless will be sanctified by His blessing, by the blessings that Jesus has poured out on their hearts.

My dear children, before giving My Blessing, I wish to pray with you the “Our Father’s” prayer in thanksgiving, because everything is by the Father, everything is by the Son and everything is by the Holy Spirit.

With hands extended to Heaven, pray with Me:

” Our Father who art in Heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name, Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven …”

Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us, lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. Amen “

And now little children, to all of you who are here present, with all the affection and love I give you My Blessing, in the Holiness of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

I affectionately blessed all the hearts here present grateful to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, honoured by the eighteen years of the Word and by the Teaching of Heaven and the children of the whole world.

May all remain in Peace under the Blessing of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

See you soon, Mary Mother of Goodness in Corgo da Igreija.

 Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message on March 5, 2017

My dear little children, My joy was great for being so greatly welcomed on February 16th, in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreja.

I also felt My Heart very tight, seeing that some children that were here, were not in conditions to receive My Son Jesus.

My children, I do not come to criticize or condemn, I come to correct you, to warn you and to teach you the true path of Salvation. My Son Jesus Christ came to this world just because of you, to help you and guide you to Heaven. But My children, but for that you have to do what He asked you and everything He said, and you do not do … You do not live the Gospel. Why? With a life so wrong, so unholy and sinful … where do you think you will get like this? I know that all of you want to go to Heaven, and that’s what God wants the most, but to Heaven one arrives walking in holiness and not in the sin of satan.

My dear children, in this time of Lent there is still hope for each one of you to be converted. Be converted, be converted, be converted.

For your own good, for each one in particular, do a little examination of conscience, do it in silence and try to see what God has accomplished in your lives. Try to love the Plan of God in your lives and do not have the cross only as a sacrifice, but also have it as Source of Salvation. Jesus died for you and He carried His Cross with the greatest love! He turned all the pain into love, and He felt happy to lay down His life for you all. You may not understand the Wisdom of God, but you must accept it and follow it, to overcome the storms of life, to help this world and with united hands to continue under the Mercy of the Lord.

Appreciate the beautiful presence of the Merciful Jesus which today is upon you, to redeem and sanctify you. Sacrifice should not only be a cause of suffering, but also of penance and love. It is through the Sacrifice that you will meet the Father, who looks so much after you; The Merciful Son, which loves you so much and the Holy Spirit who never ceases to enlighten you, never ceases to be light in your lives and in your hearts.

My dear little children, I finish wishing that the love of God, His Grace and the Holy Spirit be always present in your lives, and be the only true channel that will lead you and teach you to accept the plans of God for you.

I ask the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit to bless and protect all children, families, the Church, priests and especially the children and the youth of the whole world.

Feel protected by the beautiful Merciful Heart of Jesus. Amen.

See you soon, Mary, Mother of Goodness in Corgo da Igreija.

         Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message of April 2, 2017

My dear little children, I begin this message by talking to this son of mine (visionary)

“Son, I know you suffer greatly, but through your pain many other souls are returning to the flock of My Son Jesus Christ.

The love I feel for all souls who are in sin is so great … and I am so sorry for them! Yes My son, many souls like you, suffer to give strength to other souls, so as to prevent them from falling into sin. You will still continue to offer your pains, for these souls that are changing.

Dear Son, I am here to share these pains with you. Let us both suffer, though some of My children think that I do not suffer, I continue to suffer because the world continues to be a world of war, and to Me there is no past, no future, everything is present, I continue, I continue, I continue to suffer for this world. My heart suffers because in this world I am not glorious.

Now I will give a few words to these children who are here in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija.

Children, on Easter day, the day on which we commemorate the Resurrection of My Son Jesus, I Mary, Mother of Goodness, Mother of Love and Mercy I say to you: Rejoice with Me, My dear little children, because Jesus Crucified and dead resurrected with His Glory, Immortal, Impassibly, never to die again.

My children, the Portuguese people in the month of May will receive a great Grace, with the visit of the Holy Father Pope Francis, to awaken the heart of your nation. Although you say you are Catholics, you are a people who needs to truly love Christ, you must be a living Church in celebration, to be Christians with a wonderful heart, in a nation that will feel privileged. How good, little children!

God desires all nations to glorify Him. He has given you the grace of a Holy Father who will lead His flock. And at this moment you are a nation that feels privileged to receive the Holy Father, Pope Francis … May he be a sign of conversion for you, for your nation (Portugal) is still a nation that needs a lot of conversion. Pray much for the Holy Father, so that God may enlighten him, and he may be for you this sign which will lead you to the transformation so desired. Think of the wonder that would be of this nation, if it were transformed, it could help the world and all other suffering nations to find this transformation in a step.

Pray everyone, thanking God and the Holy Trinity, and feel happy because the world has a door that leads to Heaven, this door is the Holy Church.

Even if you encounter a thousand difficulties on the human side, you can not fail to see how beautiful the Holy and Divine part of the Church is.

Today, thank Jesus for all this merit, thank Him for all the graces granted, and thank Him also for allowing the Divine Holy Spirit to enlighten you.

Dear children, before I finish I will ask you again, to reflect on the profound mystery of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of My Divine Jesus. I therefore invite you to have a sincere repentance of your sins and to return sincerely to God. Prepare yourselves for the Easter.

Do not make Me sad with your sins, follow the teachings of the Father and you will not repent, one of you in particular He will make happy. So that this Happiness is constant, cleanse your hearts of hatred, only thus you will have an Easter full of Peace and Joy.

This afternoon I bless in a very special way all of you gathered here in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, the little children, the elderly, the sick and your families, whether they are in hospitals or in their homes and I bless all those who suffer body or soul.

My little children, I leave My motherly blessings upon you. I bless you, in God all-powerful who gathered us together in this Sacred Place, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

See you soon, Mary Mother of Goodness, in Corgo da Igreija.

Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message of May 7, 2017

My dear little children, this month of May will be for Me and for My Motherly Heart a month of great joy, not only for the graces God always sheds in My Heart, but also for the love I receive from all the children, who know how to correspond to the great love that My Motherly Heart dedicates to them. Today the joy, peace and unity take hold of My being, grateful to God for the honour of being the Mother of the Rosary, Mother of all of you and especially the Mother of Him who came to catechize this world which needs so much of divinely celestial catechesis.

It is this catechesis that I as a zealous Mother ask of My children: word, teaching, love, respect, fraternity, prayer, penance and conversion. And this zeal that I Mary, Mother of Goodness, have for each one of you, which are the most beautiful flowers that God created in this land – His children. This zeal is what I also ask of all mothers around the world to have for their children. The zeal to protect them, to lead them, to guide them in a dignified way, true way, with respect, and fear in obedience to God within the family.

My great concern in zeal for families is to transmit to them the richness of the Holy Spirit which should be present in the hearts of the parents, in the hearts of the mothers and in the hearts of the children. And the greatest gift that I Mary, Mother of Goodness can offer to mothers all over the world, is this presence of the Holy Spirit. In My soul the Holy Spirit has made Me Immaculate, made Me Mediatrix, Messenger, Mother, Pious. I desire that the Holy Spirit also work in all mothers and in you, filling you with gifts.

Little children, when I say, “I am the Mother” I remember the Words that Jesus prophesied on that Cross, when He gave Me the world and all the children saying, “Mother take care of all the children.”

In a very special way, today too, God grants Me the honour of being the Mother of the world. In Fatima, I am the Mother of the Holy Rosary of Fatima, because it was “The Rosary” My great request in Cova da Iria (Fatima). Do you know little children, that the Rosary is what defends the world from great dangers? He defends it from the war, from diseases, and especially from spiritual diseases. It is the Rosary that defends the Church, will defend the Holy Father Francisco who will be with you in a few days. It is the Rosary that defends the nations. It is the Rosary that defends the Family. The Prayer of the Holy Rosary is the powerful weapon of today’s times, to overcome all the traps of the enemy. It is no coincidence, it is providence that Mother’s Day is today. This Sunday of meditation on the presence of this Celestial Mother in the world, as Messenger and Mediatrix, is associated with how much mothers need to hear the Messages from Heaven, how much mothers need to care for their Families, to make them holy, blessed and consecrated to God. Mothers today need prudence, there are young mothers unaware of the act of being a mother, there is abandoned children, without love, without affection and without respect. The suffering in the world is great, especially in families, and that is why I always ask the Holy Spirit to descend on the heart of the mothers.

We see that many mothers do not have parental protection, do not have the protection of the family … sadly this is because the family is dying, is ceasing to exist, and today many daughters who felt abandoned and who are already mothers, do the same, abandon their children, despising them, and this does not happen only at the moment of birth, no children, sometimes it even happens at the moment when they are being generated. This contempt sadly manifests in the act of abortion, when violently the mother kills the child. Is very sad! Today this happens a lot in the world. That is why we need to ask the Holy Spirit to be present in the hearts of all mothers, because the mother is the only one who can prevent the act of killing an innocent child at the moment when it depends completely on the maternal breast to live .

To fight this suffering, to overcome the sea of ​​pain that wants to overwhelm you, it is necessary to think of the Mercy of God and unite in prayer.

All mothers need to be responsible, they must be God-fearing, respect life, they must be obedient to the commandments, they must have the Holy Spirit, because He is the only One who will not let them falter. The Holy Spirit is the Light of God Complete. He is God. If you invoke Him, if you ask Him for help, He will not allow you to carry out the cruelty and violence that you practice against so many innocent people who are struggling to live.

Today as it is Mother’s Day and the day when the world stands before My Immaculate Heart, I want to ask the Holy Spirit to come down to give the Anointing to all mothers, I ask Him to bring Mercy to the maternal hearts, that mothers do not waver and make more mistakes. The Holy Family will bless at this moment all the mothers of the whole world and especially the mothers who are here and also their children.

Rejoice your hearts, young mothers, God has given you this gift of being able to have a child. See now how much life has changed for you. What is it to you, now that you are mothers, has more valuable in life? You no longer attach yourself to certain fantasies of the world, you do not have so many illusions, you are more realistic. You must be true MOTHERS. Your children need to be led by a Strong Mother, a Warrior Mother, by a Mother with Spirituality.

Do not forget that there are already many daughters who have their mother with God, they were already chosen creatures, chosen as flowers to be with the Father. And there is also many mothers here on earth who are thinking today of that son who is already with the Father. These mothers shine because they have the grace to smile and at the same time cry. A mother always expects a child to be at her side, and that she will meet God first rather than the child. This example, I, Mary, can give you, because I saw Jesus dying for you! At that moment I, Mary, wished to be in the place of Jesus, but He was the Lamb of God, He was the One Sent of the Father. And I, His Mother, accepted with all wisdom God’s Plan to be fulfilled in My life.

Remember too, those mothers who today, this afternoon, looking at Mother’s Day, are feeling this need. May God give them strength and courage to follow, and the certainty that everything is from the Father, everything is from the Father! We are all of the Father. You are here in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, to accomplish the will of the Father in your lives. It is not in vain that God made the mother, the father, the son. It is no coincidence that God made one Church, and to that Church He granted the anointing of the Holy Spirit. You see this anointing through the Holy Father.

Every Christian truly believes in the light of the Holy Spirit acting in the Church and in the Holy Father, so he may lead the nations of the world. The Pope is a channel of God, his voice, his words are respected, they cause respect to children who have fear of those words. Man no matter how much he says, “I do not believe,” he knows that there is a flame in his heart, there is a light that he must value.

Before ending this Message, I will address a few words to this My son:

“Son, on the day of your surgery, My Archangel Raphael will be there near the surgeon. Do not be afraid because everything is going to be okay.

I end by wishing My congratulations to all the mothers, all the families, and all the religious sisters who are spiritual mothers. May God bless, protect, keep and enlighten all these children who are here today in this Sacred Place, Corgo da Igreija, whom I with so much affection and love, I am blessing in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

See you soon, Mary Mother of Goodness, in Corgo da Igreija.

Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message of June 4, 2017

Our Lady Mother of Goodness did not gave a message on this day as usual to brother Fernando Pires. Our Lady was present and asked to read the message given by Her on the 06 June 2010 and also the message from the previous month 07 May 2017

The Visionary Fernando Pires is recovering from a operation he had less than a week ago, he was present but with much sacrifice, he received the information from Our Lady and received a Mystical Holy Communion which transformed in the flesh of Our Lord Jesus as we all there witnessed.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message July 2, 2017

My dear little children, I begin this message by telling you that I, Mary, did not give a message in the month of June, because this son of Mine was suffering because of the surgery, but offering the sacrifice to the sinners of this world. Many children did not believe in My message in the month of May, saying that the surgery would go well. These children have no Faith, because they doubted My Word.

Today, I come to encounter you in this Sacred Place, Corgo da Igreija, with a heart full of joy because I saw on the 13th of May, in Cova da  Iria (Fatima) representatives of many nations to receive with great Faith, your Pope Francis .This is the way to continue My children, with this great Faith. Do not stop praying for the Holy Father Pope Francis, for the Church, for the bishops and priests, because they will need much of your prayers.

Today My dear children present here, have wisdom and humility in the hearts, for it is very important that you have humility in your hearts, even though the difficulties and tribulations of everyday life prevent you from cultivating your humility and your simplicity. In fact, only simple men can see God, feel God, and love the Grace of God in them.

I as Mother of all humanity, would like to see in the world, hearts that unite to build in Love the Families, but I feel that you still have a long way to successfully achieve the goal of possessing families that truly love, respect each other, and have the wisdom and necessary understanding for living in common.

Today men do not know how to dialogue, be silence and correspond to what is asked of them, they do not content only with the possible, nor do they accept modifications that can transform them, many can only see the external part of life, what the eyes see, what the hands touch, they can not see what is the most precious things they have in their life, which is their interior, as for example, to feel Jesus in their heart, to love and embrace this Christ who lives within them, to be sure that He is the greatest nourishment of your life and your soul …

There are many souls who have great difficulty in finding God, and these souls are suffering because of the strong tribulations of today. These tribulations are driving families, young people and children to live the desperation of spiritual suffering, which is the suffering that humankind lives in today, because we are at the end of times. Therefore children, you are being called by Jesus to have a humble and strong heart, to seek a worthy preparation, so that you can look at this world and know how best to overcome suffering; and the best way to overcome it, is by not allowing him to dominate you. You can not let the trials lead you to sadness, that other brothers may come to harm you, you have a mission for the work of God, and the whole mission is good, if it is built with Christ and for Christ. The devil persecutes you constantly, but do not let persecution overtake you, arise, remember the words of Jesus when He said, “If you want to be of those who follow My way, renounce everything, follow Me, embrace the Cross and love that Cross. “You can not want to be with Christ and walk in the building of the Celestial Kingdom without carrying your Cross. This Cross is a living testimony that Christ has built in you a stronghold, and what Christ really wants from you is that you have a strong heart. This Cross will be living proof that you are on the right path, narrow, heavy, where the journey is always constant, but on it God is always present.

Humanity is losing its values. People do not value the Family any more, they do not respect each other more as families, they do not love each other as family anymore.

The greatest pillar of life which is love is getting lost. What does it seem that the world has everything to do with the satisfaction of the flesh if people today do not have the peace to live in their homes? Where is the value of the Family if parents do not know how to conduct their children wisely? They ignore their children’s greatest needs, they try to give them everything but not what they need the most, which is love. What is the world worth without love? What is the value of possessing possessions, possessing so many great quantities of material if you have no love? Meditate on the Words of Jesus when He says, “Love suffices” Whoever does not know how to love does not really know the essence of life, because the essence is in love. God gave you life for love, He placed you in this group, in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, because He loves you, loves the world, and He desire that by you this world be constructed and restored.

You can not be afraid, you have a great mission, you are here in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, to fulfil this mission and you have a great objective: To walk always according to the will of God. You can not deny how much Heaven today speaks strongly to you: “Change your deeds, correspond more wisely in your actions.”

There are children who have certain Gifts but do not have the humility to put them to the service of God’s plan. You still have much to build in yourselves. The Grace of Heaven, will transform the life of each one, who is here in this Sacred Place, Corgo da Igreija, you will be able to feel this transformation in every message that you hear and that falls in your hearts, stays there present and makes flow in you the celestial fruits of the will of God. In this way children, you will be always awakening and growing spiritually. See how in your life God encourages you to do missionary work. Be patients, meek and humble with your brothers, sometimes I know that your great desire is simply to say – I do not have the strength to carry this Cross … but then Jesus shows you that He does not give a Cross without you having the strength to bear it.

Yes little children, you have these strengths, it’s enough to love your Cross and you will never be able to abandon your mission.

God is giving you a very serious mission, you have a journey to do, and He will give you strength much greater than the weight of your Cross. So My dear children, you will have more wisdom and you will be more attentive to the things of God.

Man can not change his life if he only has a vision of the negative and bad things. You should stop and meditate: – “Am I building a world of Peace, am I struggling to be a better man. With that I will make the earth a better place. “

Man needs to develop these ideas. He may even be on the path of God in prayer, but simply he is empty because he portrays himself in the world. The world which today only shows violence, injustice, where people are suffering the consequences of abandonment and misery, diseases, etc. Do not look at the world, the world is too small. But what if man looks at God? … Children, you are much more valuable than any good the world has. Look to God and see what God does and did for you.

I finish My dear children. I bless you with all My Love. I’m very happy with this moment of prayer, with the presence of all the hearts gathered here in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija.

By the grace of God, by His Goodness, I implore the Holy Trinity to have all the Graces necessary for you to fulfil the mission entrusted to you by Heaven.

Children, you must always plead with God, not only for Portugal, but for the whole world, asking Jesus to have compassion and pity on men, especially that He be the Light for those who are in the darkness of sin.

May the Father, the Son and the Divine Holy Spirit bless and protect you. This blessing is special for the priest who accompanies you on this mission, may God protect him, enlighten him and keep him always, because today only Heaven can guard you and defend you from all the present evils.

See you soon, Mary Mother of Goodness in Corgo da Igreija.

Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message of August 6, 2017

My dear little children, today we will live this moment of prayer, this moment of joy and praise with great love for the Eucharistic Jesus. Let us thank Jesus for this beautiful day, this beautiful afternoon, and the presence of all the hearts that are here today in this Sacred Place, Corgo da Igreija, you are chosen by Jesus and called to walk, and He is your way. Rejoice to know that He has brought you here today to rejoice His heart. He works in you beautiful works and wants to grant you the greatest of all blessings, which is holiness.

Thank Jesus at this time, present among you, and ask Him in a very special way for your needs. Each one in the silence of your heart, believe, ask in faith, feel the emotion of your petition and the Grace will be entrusted to you. Often you are close to Jesus but at the same time so distant … this is because you are before Him, but you do not know how to make your petitions come to Jesus … In a place of prayer, on a Sunday of Adoration, turn to God with feeling, this will enable the Spirit of God to respond to you according to what you feel in your heart. God intelligence reacts intensely to human emotions, that is why you must feel what you intend, with the feeling that your prayer has already been answered and fulfilled. So, truly, you will be in the hands of God. Make God known your more urgent necessities, your family, your children…

The youth and children are in need of inner healing, of liberation, of exorcism, because today are many the attacks of the devil. The world went crazy, people no longer respect each other, they are so poisoned by their own evil thinking which is dominated by evil. Hence the unusual situations that happen every day: assaults, robberies, violence, etc. All this justifies the need for exorcism.

My dear children today this need is very great because the attacks of the devil are very strong in My children’s lives, especially in regard to the act of seeing, hearing and speaking.

In your Baptism My children, you have received the Light, the Light that brings you to life, and when you go walking through life, you need to remain in that Light, there is a path that leads you to the Light, but there are other thousands that keep you from it. There is children who are deceived by the eyes, by the way of hearing, and not always what you hear pleases your heart, or is good. There is children who are always very angry when they hear something they would not like to hear, many times you live without spiritual direction, in function only to your system of organization, subject to criticism, to the taste of events. Jesus said, “You have to listen to what really brings you peace. If you see a thing that draws you away from peace, turn away your eyes from what you see, if you listen to something that takes away you peace, turn your ears away from what you are listening to, and if you are speaking something that is harming your peace, then be quiet, silence. ” Always remain vigilant, even when you are in the house of God or in a place of prayer like this Holy Place Corgo da Igreija. It is in these places that the devil tries the most to attack, even when you stand before the Eucharist and you doubt the presence of Jesus. Watch and pray My children. How many are the tabernacles of the world in which Jesus is waiting for you? And in how many places on this earth Jesus waits for you? How many are the places which you can live a day of prayer and spiritual retreat like this afternoon? To be here in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija even just for a few hours, is a Spiritual retreat, is a refuge. Jesus says: “In times of suffering you need shelters.” And it is very important to know that Jesus Himself opens His Heart to give us a Refuge. Whoever comes to this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, is in the heart of Jesus, being protected against all the attacks and snares of the devil. Jesus also says: “The world needs Light, has the Light, but often prefers darkness.” Hence the need to have a heart illuminated, anointed, blessed and very big. I am sure that today, Jesus has prepared for you a path, Has become the way and brought you to My Immaculate Heart of Mother; Firstly to bless you children, then to lead you to the greatest nourishment in the world which is the Word of God, to give you the conditions to live His Holy Will. You will go out of here much lighter, happier and blessed. Cherish the Blessings of Heaven. No matter how much the devil wants to confuse you, do not let him, God is greater and He loves you, He is with you and will help you to move forward at all times, especially in the difficult ones.

My children I bless the Holy Church and the priests, wishing them peace, may the Holy Spirit be present in the heart of Pope Francis, that he may be an instrument of good and peace. I also bless you all and I tell you that I was very happy with your presence here in this Blessed Place Corgo da Igreija. I surrender you all to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

See you soon, Mary Mother of Goodness in Corgo da Igreija.

Message from Brother Fernando Pires September 3, 2017

My brothers and sisters,

Before we begin our prayer (the rosary), let us turn to our Mother the Virgin Mary Mother of Goodness, with the prayer of the Angels. Mary’s path to Heaven began with that “Yes” spoken at Nazareth in response to the Celestial messenger who told Her of God’s Will for Her.

In fact it is just like this: Every “Yes” to God is a step towards Heaven, towards eternal life. God wants all of His children to have life in abundance. God wants all of you in His house.

In this month of September we pray the prayer “Ângelos”, for the victims of the war and their families, for the wounded and sick and for all who suffer. Let us also pray for Peace, for the dialogue, for the reconciliation and control of all the rulers of the nations.


The Angel of the Lord announced to Mary.

And She conceived by the Holy Spirit.

Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with thee, blessed art thou among women, blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death Amen.

Behold the handmaid of the Lord.

Let it be done to Me, according to Your Word.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee, blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death Amen

And the Word became flesh.

And dwelt among us.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee, blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death Amen.

Pray for us, Holy Mother of God.

That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ,

Let us pray.

Infuse lord, Your Grace in our souls, we beseech Thee, that through the Annunciation of the Angel we may know the Incarnation of Christ Thy Son, through His Passion and death on the cross we may be led to the Glory of the Resurrection, by the same Jesus Christ, God with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message of September 3, 2017

My dear children, I am so happy … today My tears are not of sadness but of happiness. Happiness to feel and to know that this sacred place Corgo da Igreija is from the Merciful Jesus.

The Merciful Jesus is everything for each one of you. When you pray, I pray together with you, and place in the prayers the places on the face of the earth most in need of the Mercy of Jesus.

My dear children, Jesus fought and fight’s hard for His Mercy to be spread throughout the world. I see His joy in these years walking with you, especially in this year dedicated to Peace, to your children, and I am amazed because Jesus gave Me the honour to lead this small army.

Today, what really touched My Soul, was to see you praying My Rosary facing this great heat, and some of you for the first time … I wanted you to offer this sacrifice to God, He accepts your sacrifice, because the world needs sacrifices, and if you are in a place like this which gives you an opportunity to make some sacrifice, seize the moment and offer these sacrifices with joy.

This valley Corgo da Igreija, this little Sanctuary, made you live today a day of sacrifice and Adoration to Jesus. You overcome the heat, the weariness, and you worship the Heart of the Merciful Jesus. With all My heart I tell you, you have already experienced jubilation on earth … Remember Saint Faustina, She who had the Grace to see the Merciful Jesus, the Grace to hear Him and the privilege of knowing that God would do one amazing work on earth, for the triumph of My Immaculate Heart.

My dear little children, I entrust this Work to you, at the request of Jesus and of Saint Faustina, I ask you to consecrate yourselves to the Mercy of Jesus, so that in Portugal, in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, may the merciful Jesus be divulged. If you do so, you will receive beautiful things from Jesus directly. I feel honoured to tell you this, know that from today this Grace will be granted to you. All the pilgrims who come to this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija with great Faith will feel it, and as they proclaim this Mercy they will attain beautiful Graces for their lives. At this moment Jesus manifests Himself in the gentle breeze, in the light wind that passes. I little children, I praise Jesus, because He will make from this little Sanctuary a place of great proclamation of the Divine Mercy.

Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations to the children who have learned to listen to the requests of this Mother, I tell you again – Do everything that Jesus asks of you, now Jesus asks the world: ” Proclaim My Mercy.”

Think of Jesus opening heaven and pouring out this Mercy among you. It is this Mercy that Jesus is having with you.

It is a wise, serene and just Mercy, Jesus is the great keeper of wisdom, He shows the error, He loves the sinner, but He hates sin. Many children think that Jesus is too Merciful, Yes but He loves you, if you are committing a grave error, (sin) if you are offending God, you must remember that Jesus will detest what you are doing. It is important that you stop and reflect, reflect on the situation of the world and the human condition will become clear. If you do not obey the laws of God you will suffer bitterly. Whoever strives for the things of God with transparency, may suffer, but will be happy, will have joy, will feel completely satisfied, their Soul will feel joyous, happy. But anyone who is disobedient will suffer as nature is suffering.

Dear little children, Jesus shows you that He is the Light of the world, whoever follows the Light of the world follows the light of the victory which is Jesus. If you want to be victorious, receive Graces, belong to Christ who is here in the gentle breeze that passes, you will need the Eucharist and prayer, these are the great forces you have on earth My children. The Eucharist and Prayer are God’s Mercy for the world.

My dear children, I am your Mother and the Mother of Jesus. We are all fighting for Peace in the world and for the triumph of My Immaculate Heart. When you gather here in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija in prayer, from the very first moment the Holy Spirit dwells in this place. This little valley surrounded by mountains, green fields and trees, has been chosen so that My presence here as Mother of Goodness will lead you to a life of brotherhood, love and prayer. Reflect on what you need to change in your lives …

You pilgrims, always bring a petition, a thanksgiving and God looks at you all and knows what you are in need. Accept the catechesis you are receiving. You must know the value of prayer, of the Eucharist, today is the day of the Lord, of Holy Communion with Jesus, every day is very important, but the Lord’s day is a day of greater reflection, this does not mean that others days are not so important … Anyone who lives well this day in the presence of the Lord will live every other day of His life under the grace of the Lord.

The world is having the presence of Mary on earth, through Me is receiving teachings, catechesis, you are having the grace to learn from the teachings that come directly to you from heaven, on your part what is missing? Is lacking your will to live what God asks you to do. It is up to each one to do what God wants. – “renounce sin”.

In this message of Catechesis, Jesus tells you:

” To be holy is to live a life far away from sin .”

I ask you little children, are you willing to live this life? The Lord has called you to this life of holiness so that the world may be a better world, so that families are better families, so that youth is a healthy youth. Sin is a disease, if you commit a sin you are spiritually sick, but there is no defect that can not be overcome by the prayer of the Rosary, by the prayer made as I teach. The Rosary is a prayer to give to the Father, made only by love, without preconceived ideas, without veiled intentions, without spiteful eyes or resentments, without looks of discrimination. In prayer, look to God alone and to no one else. A hasty prayer, made in a rush, is not sweet, it is not presentable to the Lord, learn to pray slowly, very slowly, if you do not have time to pray more, pray less, but the little you pray, pray well, fight for praying well. In this field you will always have struggles, since your enemy knows the benefits that comes to you from the prayer done well, he will always try to stop you, distracting you in a thousand ways. Fight against this, seeking to have attention and not hurry. I always take part in a well prayed prayer that pacifies and fills the heart with love. Be accustomed to ask for My blessings after praying the rosary, and you may be sure that at this moment I will bless you and give you new strength to resist temptations. The Rosary is a powerful weapon against temptations.

Before finishing this message, I wanted to ask you a moment of silence. In this silence you will worship Jesus, love Him, glorify Him, bless Him. When you receive the Eucharist, tell Jesus in silence how much you want His Mercy for the world. This Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija is from the Merciful Jesus, you are here by this Mercy. By the Mercy of Jesus we will overcome the pain which is on earth. The evil will be overcome, we will conquer in every bead of the Holy Rosary that you pray, meditate and reflect. When you truly pray, you defeat the devil. The great victory of people on earth comes through prayer.

I bless you all and I tell you that I am very happy with the presence of all of you here in this blessed place Corgo da Igreja. Return to your homes with the blessing of God, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

See you soon, Mary Mother of Goodness, in Corgo da Igreija.

Prayer in September 3, 2017

My God, I ask for healing for the children who are sick.

I ask the Holy Spirit to take care of the hearts of the children of separated parents.

Give joy and encouragement in children who are going through sadness and depression.

Take care of children which take Your Word to schools and to friends who do not yet know Jesus.

Lord, take care of children all over the world.

I thank You in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Message of October 1, 2017

My children, pray, pray, pray a lot for the Church of My Son, the schism approaches with great strides, the confusion spreads and the devil takes advantage of this moment. Pray also My little children, for the nations that are at war, they will be prey of pain, nature will shake and the water will flood them. My dear children, evil rushes upon these nations, taking advantage of the darkness to prepare their deeds, suffering is the goal of evil, terrorism lives every moment, feeding on the result of its action. Pray for the world, dear children, the soil of the world will attract a lot of pain, the chaos is settling in and it will lead those nations to lose peace.

Children, My Immaculate Heart appeals to conversion, cry out for the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit in you, cry out for the gift of discernment so that the new news, does not lead you into confusion. I am warning you about what is coming for your world, but do not give up, stay alert, and alert your brothers to return to the way of the Gospel. You should not expect the designated organisms to protect the earth, to warn you with the truth about the threats coming from the universe.

You must walk trying to fulfil the Will of My Son Jesus, be new children who love My Son and are willing to be doers and worshipers of the Divine will.

At this moment, humanity takes its course, some walk towards the Divine Truth and others wound the Sacred Heart of My Son, rushing with thirst for sin and its innovations. The devil needs to steal your time so you do not react, and keeps your mind occupied, dreaming an imaginary life and especially that you do not listen to Jesus.

You are here present in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, under the protection of the Creator, Creator, who loves you and gives you the happiness of being with Jesus, who is Mercy for the world and with the Holy Spirit sanctifies you, restoring, builds you up and gives you the Light in the midst of so much blindness, darkness, sins and suffering, He enables you to be indeed enlightened creatures and thus you may also enlighten this world through your wisdom, humility and faith.

At this moment you will listen to the Word of God, the Word of God is the greatest Spiritual Nourishment you have, Jesus Christ is the Sublime Nourishment, it’s this Nourishment that leads you to Jesus and His Holy Word. Jesus with Words, took in His hands the bread and the wine and transformed them into His Body and Blood, His objective was the salvation of all mankind.

Today this mystery, work of God’s Love, continues to be performed among you through the holy hands of those to whom the grace of being an instrument of the hands of Jesus is granted. You can never forget that at every moment of Holy Mass in the Holy Eucharist is the moment of Consecration, of transformation, the moment when Jesus is present in the priest life, so that the greatest nourishment – Jesus Christ comes into your hearts. (trough the transubstantiation)

My children, there is a lack of wisdom, there is a lack of discernment, you are living more for the earth than for God. The time will come when the flesh will have an end, but not your soul! If your soul is not in God, how will it enter Heaven? Or even in Purgatory, to later receive this Heaven? My children, you must silence and reflect … it would be very easy if you were only form, but the form alone would not have life. As much as your flesh appears to be full of life, would miss the breath of God. You praise and pray, this happens because you have in you the breath of the divine life. When God created man, He first made the form and then He gave it the breath of life. That’s when you received the great mystery of life.

You have this breath of God in you, and your life is for God, you belong to Him who gave you life. God created you out of love, but the human being was influenced by the disturbance of the devil, the devil is the one who wanted to be greater than God, wanted to have more power than God, did not want to be simply work of the Creator, that is why you see this evil upon the world. You can not explain this and question yourselves why did God, who created so many beautiful things for us, allow this evil? Evil can surround the good but it will never touch it. THE CREATOR, God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, are the opposite of which is the disturber. The devil is the troublemaker, goes on disturbing the human being, so that he may also desire to be more than God, elude the creature, and this still happens today, it happens when you arrive here in this Sacred place Corgo da Igreija, how many times have you been taken by very strong disturbances, and you are led by vague, destructive thoughts … When you are in this state, you can not look at a creature and see on it the beauty of their soul or their heart, you only see bad things, because the devil disturbs you. Dear little children, you have to begin to see the good side of the creatures, God wanted the best for you, He wanted this land to be a paradise for you, but this paradise is attacked by the poison of evil, by the wrath of evil. Wickedness influenced the creature, that is why Jesus said: “If you do not keep watch for your soul, the evil that goes impregnating on it may even kill a human being”

The world is not well, the situation is the one of the end of time. What is the end of time? Not the end of the world! God does not really want to end what He created. He wants to do away with what today wants to put an end to you, the evil, the poison, the traps and the demon himself.

Dear children, Jesus Christ today spoke to your heart, each one must feel the preciousness of God’s presence in their life, it is a call to conversion, it’s time, it is time to convert, convert children, do not wait any longer, if heaven suddenly looks at you and says:

– It’s today, it’s your time, it’s your moment, be prepared.

Do not allow the poison of evil to take away the greatest riches of life, Eternal Life.

At the end of this message, I will once again give you My urgent Appeal. Convert, convert, convert … as quickly as possible, the time you live in, is very serious, there is much terror in your world, sadness, tears and wars. It is sad for Me to know that you are on the verge of a most grievous disaster, if you do not abandon those sins that are barbarously practiced in the world and cry out to Heaven.

No, My children, this does not mean that God is not Merciful. He is being very Good and Merciful to all mankind, despite so many grave sins.

My beloved children, may this message touch the hearts of all, in the whole world, especially those of the rulers of the great nations. From this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, I bless you, I bless My Portuguese children and those of the whole world. Return to your homes, I give you My Strength and My Blessing, May God the Father, the Son and the Divine Holy Spirit bless you and keep you. Amen.

See you soon, Mary Mother of Goodness in Corgo da Igreija.

PRAYER of October 1, 2017

There is always some perfume in the hands of those who offer roses. To give, is to create an emptiness in the hands of the one who offers, but floods the person with divine blessings and rewards, because it is giving that one receives. At the end of a life of so many charitable gifts you will realize that, far from being poorer, your material, mental, and spiritual possessions have grown admirably. The key is to know that all gestures, any action, all words, produce a circle of self-feedback. Good gesture, good deed and good word returns loaded with more benefits. It’s the Law of Good.

As King Solomon, the great Old Testament Sage, said: “He who gives deliberately, sees added to himself more and more.”

So be it, Amen.

Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message of November 5, 2017

My dear little children, it is with great joy, with immense affection and love, that I am here, in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija.

I am very happy to be here, experiencing this moment of prayer and peace, in which you contemplate each mystery with praise and joy. It is time to pray and watch, is the great mission of all of you, the Mother of Heaven and all the children of God. You live in confused times … You feel distressed … You keep within yourselves an inner suffering. I would like that those of you here present, who bear a cross of love to the family, and wish to rescue your children whom you love and for whom you only desire good and peace, at this moment stop and reflect. I would like you to think on those souls which you  mostly want to see healed and rescued. Do these souls want this rescue? Remember also that God has granted to all the free will. Sometimes Jesus tells us: “When we work a land that is not bearing fruit, the farmer will look for another land that can be productive. ” The mission of all of you is not to work that land that does not want to bear fruit, that is why Jesus tells you; “Pray and watch”. You have a duty to do your part.

My children, the plan of God happens in the hearts of those who desire it, God does not force you to anything, you have freedom to be here or not in prayer, in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija.

How do you intend to overcome the enemy if you do not pray, if you do not give time to the things of God? … You have time for everything … but you have no time for God? This is the reflection that I recommend to you in this message. In this month in which you dedicate a very special day to All Saints, to All Holy Souls, it is necessary that you open your heart and begin to think in your soul. How is my soul? If Jesus came today, would it be ready to Jesus see your soul? He can come in many ways, but only the pure in heart will see Him …

My children, stop for a minute and think:

– How is your Portugal and the world? Does justice always prevail in all situations … Or is it that greed, wanting to be always superior is what dominates today? For those who think that they are on the top, know that in fact, they have never been so low. This is because inside their heart this soul knows that is not well, is suffering, it is not doing good. You have the notion of how are those whom only want privileges, they only want benefits, only grandiosities and the exaltation of their names …

Jesus, when He evangelized showed what it is to do good. Jesus spoke of those who did good, and even close to His death on the Cross, He felt compassion for everyone, thinking to Himself … Ah! how they suffer! How they weep … How they feel the challenges, the battles … How they carry a very heavy cross … even only seeking the good, inwardly they are always suffering the battles, the persecutions. But all this in their lives are graces and blessings of God, it was also in the life of the Saints, all the good they did God repaid in abundance, so they could do even more. The great mission of the Saints was not to think of themselves, but to think of the neighbour, the more they helped the sick, the homeless, more holy they became.

And in this day and age we also have creatures that are like the Saints, they live for the purpose of doing good, even if they suffer with it, be criticized, persecuted, but know that they are carrying their cross with patience and love, they are dedicating to God the moments of their lives in which they could be resting, offering it to the service of the community, dialoguing, teaching to reflect, showing the good Way, the Way of God, Peace and Love.

They are showing that the knees need to bend to pray to God. Today I invite you to a more serene life. I speak of Jesus in the gentle breeze, because Christ wants to be the “gentle breeze” in you, Christ wants to deliver you from the noise of the persecutor, which are the temptations and snares of the devil. What I want for you is Peace, I want you to be in a state of grace. But you know, each one will be charged for, if you do not want to produce, do not think that Jesus will spend all the time trying to plant in your lives. NO! The time will come when Jesus will go to another “land”. This is because there are many other “lands” that want to be produced, it depends on your love and your “Yes”. Jesus will not remain all the time being the Infinite Mercy, planting in a “land” that despite all His effort does not want to bear fruit.

My children, make this reflection today: Everyone reaps what he plants, and the “land” that does not want to plant the good, does not want to plant the peace, will reap many sufferings.

You are close to great events, coming from Heaven to earth, to the world. Heaven is tired of seeing so many sufferings, so much violence, so much ego, so many evils that are happening, malice that is being produced by the very hands of men. Who is killing, wounding and taking away the life of the innocent?

My children, it is always good to make a reflection about it. At the end of time the main suffering will be spiritual. Perhaps humanity is not realizing, but the suffering is increasing, riots, misunderstandings, troubled hearts that can only think of negative things, bad things.

– Children start thinking in good things, begin to see that above all this, there is a God who cares for you, who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, start to realize this, it is not the world that you have to please, it is God, who loves you. You must do good My children, without looking at whom.

You may think and ask yourself: Do good to those who do not desire good to me? But My little children, Jesus tells us; “Do good, do not look at whom” Do not worry if that soul to whom you are doing good, is the soul that pursues you the most, is the soul that most humiliates you and tries to harm you … Do good to them, the good you do is the good you will receive, God is here looking at all of you, He is the right measure of the good that you must receive as long as you are giving.

Each of you certainly has a Saint of devotion. Did you know that the life of the Saints are reflected in the souls that receive the gift of the Full Grace? Those Holy Souls were instruments of Holiness on earth, they were sanctified because they fulfilled the mission of loving. God invites you to love and with all His power and Mercy is coming to you, showing you that you still have hope. And that hope is Him, God. Therefore do not subtract yourself to Love. It is more worthy to love than to persecute. Believe in Love, begin to love your brothers, it is so beautiful to have a heart full of love, is so good to reflect on how great is the power of God, He is much greater than that smallness, which the devil wants to cast over the world, dividing you.

Sometimes, My children forget what I remember you the most: many souls condemn themselves and are in hell. It’s good that you remember this, children, sometimes you focus only on the Mercy and you forget the justice of God. My dear children, I am going to repeat to you again: Humility and love for one’s neighbour are indispensable, for the one who does not love one’s neighbour does not love God.

Let none of you consider yourself superior to the other, the one who thinks himself the greater, strive to be the smallest, there must be a spirit of humility, obedience and charity.

I end this message by telling you that I am very pleased with your prayers, they have comforted My anguished Heart. May this message also touch the hearts of the children of the whole world. From here in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, I bless My Portuguese and Brazilian children and those of the whole world. Return to your homes, I give you My Strength and My Blessing. May God the Father, the Son and the Divine Holy Spirit bless you and keep you. Amen.

See you soon Mary, Mother of Goodness, in Corgo da Igreija.

Informative notes:

On this day one of the Archangels who always accompany Our Lady gave the Eucharistic communion to Brother Fernando Pires.

The sun manifested and pulsed, emitting colourful rays.

Prayer November 5, 2017

My brothers and sisters, many think that the Day of the Departed Holy Souls is a sad day, but the real meaning of that day is to pay homage to those dearly beloved brothers who have found eternal life. It is to show them that the love we feel will never die. It is to remember their memory with joy.

He who believes in God must believe that life never ends. Those who die in Grace will live in intimate communion with God, forever.

 The following prayer is to remember, honour and declare your longing to those brothers who have passed away.

O God, through the death and Resurrection of your Son Jesus Christ, you revealed to us the enigma of death, you have calmed our anguish, and you have made the seed of Eternity flourish, which Yourself had planted in us, grant to your sons and daughters of the whole world, already deceased, the definitive peace in Your presence. Wipe the tears from our eyes and give us all the joy of the hope of the promised Resurrection. This we ask you, through Jesus Christ your Son, in the unity of the Holy Spirit. May all those who have sought the Lord with a sincere heart and died in the hope of the Resurrection rest in peace, Amen.

Message of December 3, 2017

My dear children, today I bring My husband St. Joseph, to give you a small message. This month you celebrate the feast of My Immaculate Conception. Walk daily in My Light, being docile to My Messages, doing all that I have commanded you, following the path that all the Saints followed, which is the way of renouncing oneself, renouncing the world. Renounce the false and illusory joys of this world, accept humiliation, be meek, and faithful to the Lord, following Me on the path of prayer and spiritual perfection, seeking to accomplish God’s will, and thus give the world a sign, a witness of the presence of the Lord and of My presence among all, especially among those who live full of wickedness, hatred and sin.

May the Grace of the Lord restore all mankind and bring new Heavens and a new earth to you, a land of holiness, of grace and love, where all will love God. Thus the love of God will transform the world into a great garden of Grace and Holiness.

In you and through you the Grace of the Holy Spirit will illuminate this world wrapped in darkness, and make all hearts soften, open to God and accept His saving grace. If you fulfil My requests, My Heart will work mightily through you, filling the whole world, with the Light of the Sacred Heart of My Son Jesus. The spirit of darkness, satan, will be crushed beneath My Immaculate and Virgin feet.

My dear little children, this sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, is under the Light of My Immaculate Conception. I have already shown you some signs of this Light descending from Heaven on this place, because here, truly, I the Immaculate Conception and Mother of Goodness, am loved, obeyed, followed, glorified by My children more dedicated and hardworking. Here, for years, you have followed Me, you love Me, you pray My Rosary, fulfil with love all that I have asked of you. For all this, here in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, I never tire of pouring upon you the effective graces of My Immaculate Conception, purifying your bodies, sanctifying your souls, healing you from all spiritual and bodily wounds, which you acquired throughout life, so you may enjoy a perfect health in body and Soul and that you may be My living mirrors wherever I desire to reflect more and more My Light, with My presence, My love and My purity. My children I have conquered sin, I have conquered satan and I tell you:

– Soon, by the Light of My Immaculate Conception, I will crush Satan a second time and this time forever, My children who groan now in the midst of so many sufferings, caused directly by him or by the evil men who are part of his army, will finally be released and will know a new time of peace, which My Immaculate Heart prepares every day for all those who love Me, all those who faithfully stand by Me.

My dear children, this month you too will celebrate the birth of the Child Jesus. For Me the birth of Jesus is every month, it’s not just a date, it’s not just a month when we make a simple novena and pray. Christmas My children, is to place the Baby Jesus within you, it is to rekindle that flame, that Light that needs to shine.

When we remember God the Child, God the Son who is the Christ, we have to do it every month, the memory of the Child Jesus must bring much sweetness into your lives. He is Tenderness, He is sweet and simple, He transmit to us a great simplicity. However today’s world is without tenderness, people are not gentle and tender, but full of anger, hatred and rancour, the human being is aggressive, exploding with aggression, however the Child Jesus wants to transmit to you this tenderness which you need so much.

You are waiting for the Child Jesus, and Christ is waiting for you too. Jesus is always waiting for you, waiting for your conversion. This month My children, is the month of seeking forgiveness, and acquiring it, is time for a sincere repentance.

What is hurting you today? It is of no use just to get here in this place, to the feet of Jesus, and through Me ask Him for forgiveness, you must also bring your forgiveness.

I My children, want to place the world at the feet of Jesus, so I bring symbolically the world at My feet. And Jesus followers, show us the footsteps that must be followed, the footsteps of Jesus need to be the testimony of your Faith, you need to walk in the footsteps of Jesus and be families as Jesus wants families to be – an image and likeness of the Holy Family.

As we recall the birth of the Child Jesus, we must think of the Holy Family and ask ourselves:

“Is my family an example of the Holy Family?”

Tenderness, gentleness and affection must be the allies of parents and mothers in their responsibilities to love, evangelise and catechize their children. The world is bad because families are involved in what is not good, there is so much bad example that respect no longer exists … The Catechesis of the children does not exist anymore …

This is the month of the great waiting. Jesus also expects a change in your life, waits for your conversion. Before finishing, St. Joseph transmits a small message to you.

St Joseph:

My dear children, I Joseph, I came down from heaven today with My wife, to remind you that you must pray the Holy Rosary every day. You must always follow My Wife, Mary and Her Messages. Today I see as a Father, that the world needs conversion! As much as humanity is praying today, experiencing the Eucharist, love is still lacking. Between Heaven, which is Good and Evil is waging war, you lack piety, wisdom and authenticity, Jesus gave the Source to those who need to drink, He gave Mercy to anyone who wants to accept it, He will not force anyone, we are free to choose.

What do you want for yourselves? Mercy or Suffering? God’s Compassion or His Righteousness?

In the silence of your hearts, you have today, to turn to the Heart of Jesus. You have this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, and you receive here messages directly from God, through My wife, know that this is a miracle happening in your lives.

I ask you for more trust and surrender, I have My Heart available for the children who seek Me in their pains and joys. I will leave you a Prayer, so that when you want to ask for protection, you do it with much Faith, reciting it.

PRAYER (from St. Joseph) :

O glorious Saint Joseph, who has been given the power to make humanly impossible things possible, come to our aid, to the difficulties in which we find ourselves. Take under your protection the important cause that we entrust to you, so that it has a favourable solution.

O most beloved Father, we place all our trust in you. Let no one ever say that we invoked you in vain. Since everything you can with Jesus and Mary, show us that your goodness is equal to your power.

Saint Joseph, to whom God has entrusted the care of the Most Holy Family, we ask you:

– Be the protector of our life, and obtain for us the grace to live and die in the love of Jesus and Mary.

Saint Joseph, pray for us, who appeal to you. Amen.

My children I will not stretch further, I leave you with My wife who will give you the Blessing:

Mary, Mother of Goodness

Children I beg you from all My Heart that burns in flames of love, that you convert, that you pray and that you learn to forgive your neighbour. I ask for the protection of the Father, the Son and the Divine Holy Spirit for Portugal, for the world and for this Sacred Place, which is from the Merciful Jesus. I bless you all in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

See you soon, Mary Mother of Goodness, in Corgo da Igreija.

PRAYER of December 3, 2017

Lord, with your Nativity I ask for my Family.

Bless the people I love wherever they are.

May the confidence of your Mother Mary, dwell in our home; the zeal of your Father, Joseph, and the innocence of your childlike.

Remove from our house the pains, tears and anguish caused by so many Herod’s who try to kill our dreams of Peace.

Grant us the health of body and soul, so that we may sing you praises every day of this new year that will come.

May our doors always be open to You, in the visits you make to us, in so many suffering faces.

Give us the joy of your presence in our home, which will be the greatest of all gifts possible.

Bless my family this Christmas, Lord.



Explanatory note:

This apparition is supported by the decree of the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith (AAS 58/16 of December 29, 1966, which defends canons 1399 and 2318, thanks to the intervention and approved by SS Paul VI and published by his will where it says: ” It is authorized to disclose, without express permission of ecclesiastical authority, writings concerning new apparitions, revelations, visions, prophecies and miracles , provided that Christian morality is observed in general.” In publishing revelations, apparitions, or any other graces of Jesus and of Mary, as well as of His Angels and Saints, this group of friends of Our Lady Mother of Goodness, in this way give the opportunity to all those who wish to know and be informed, of such wonderful manifestations of heaven, on earth, according to freedom and free will of each person.


We remind everyone that the site of the apparitions is private property , although it is still not properly closed, and is a place of prayer and Catholic devotion , so we ask people to respect the place and all those present, gathered in prayer, without interfering in celebrations, and in the surrounding spaces that are private.

All who wish to approach in the Heart of JESUS ​​and MARY are welcome, but with silence and respect, and appropriate clothing without provocation, as Our Lady asked .