Messages 2014


YEAR 2014

Messages of each month from this year.

WARNING : The messages are textually copied from the manuscripts of Brother Fernando Pires. Good discernment.


Message of Our Lady Mother of Goodness

Revealed to Brother Fernando Pires, on , , at the place of the apparitions (Corgo da Igreja).



Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message January 5th 2014

My dear children, in My first Message of the new year 2014, I ask that you strengthen yourselves in Prayer, in Confession and in the Eucharist, in order to overcome in the fights against My enemy.

My children, in this new year, be attentive and ready for the facts that will happen, because it will be very difficult, great trials for all My children throughout the world. Pray, pray, pray with persistence and Faith, believe in the power of Prayer, with the strength and the power of Prayer, you can do much for your world and for humanity. By Prayer you will be closely united to God. Pray, receive Holy Communion, meditate on the Word of God, confess your sins and fast. Ask forgiveness for your sins, for only then children, will Satan leave, satan wants to enter your homes and is already in many, satan is looking for disorder in your homes, recognize the evil deed he does in your homes and with your relatives.

Do you think that a fight comes from God? No, you do not think so My dear children. If a brother comes to you and tells you something evil, sort it with ease and dismiss the discussion. Satan wants to kill you both inside and out, he wants to destroy you and does not want you to be the image of God. Children, I crush him, and always will crush him under My sacred feet. Pray, pray, pray much My children, to have My protection, also count on the protection of the Angels, and of the Archangels, St. Gabriel, St. Michael and St. Raphael. My dear little children, you all need urgent Conversion. Do not be amazed that I speak so much in Conversion, but the need that you have of it is so great that I need to beg you and say: I need your Conversions as soon as possible so your world may find Peace and Mercy, otherwise the Divine Justice will descend rigorously on humanity. The Mercy of My Son Jesus Christ is like a sea My children. You must come to it and glorify it, for His Mercy will be the salvation of this world. That is why My little children, I ask you very much to also pray the Rosary of Divine Mercy, is the pledge of your salvation. I also invite you not to think of yourselves and your concerns, try to forget the “I” and think of all the other creatures that live in your world, think about how you can contribute to stop the wars, there is not only one war, there are many wars, there is also wars within political parties, wars between great nations, wars between cardinals, bishops, priests and all Catholics, envy and jealousy, children who try to destroy each other. Beware My children, with your sins, God said, “I rebuke and correct those I love.” Watch little children with His correction, it is very strong and sometimes sad. I do not want to talk about this, but I have to tell you, that in the world there are too many sins for God to continue to endure. For many years, ages and millenniums that He endures and will endure, because God has chosen you, God has called you in all My Apparitions. It may seem strange to you, but God greatly needs your help, your cooperation, and your love. Your Prayers My little children, must be true and humble, to bear fruit, if you pray with Me, you will know the Inner Light of the kingdom of Heaven and, then My children, your world will convert and will consecrate to My Immaculate Heart. This is the reason why I come to the encounter of the hearts of My children, those who do hear My call day by day and the hearts that awaken with My voice of Peace. God, My little children, wants Peace, He is Love and loves you very much. Know that His Mercy is great, His Love is infinite for every creature. Open your hearts and let the Holy Spirit enter, for many things are about to happen and you children, who do not hear the truth …. for you will be great the affliction in judgment day, everything is prepared, but your God awaits you and longs from you a good confession. I love you very much and I desire your salvation. Remember My children, that whoever is faithful to the end will be saved.

I am happy with your presence here this afternoon, in this Sacred Place, Corgo da Igreija, those who received the truth and live the truth. Once again I ask that you convert quickly, and that you continue to pray for the world, especially for your Pope Francis, for the bishops and for the priests. To all My Blessing, especially for the sick of the whole world and for those who are here in this humble place blessed by Me and My son Jesus.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

See you soon, Mary Mother of Goodness in Corgo da Igreija.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message February 2nd 2014

My beloved children, in this message My words will be brief, but next February 16th, at this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreja, 15 years will be completed since My first apparition, and then I will give you another message to give you very serious warnings and directions.

I invite you all, and I hope that you may come prepared with much prayer, sacrifice, penance and confession, so you may come to My Feast with your hearts purified and more open, so you may feel the Love of My Son Jesus Christ in your hearts, and especially at Mass to receive Him in the Eucharist.

My children, this February try to pray a lot for Peace, because you may be surprised by great pains caused by discord and disunity in your world. I come again asking you to pray for Peace, for your world. Pray, pray, pray for Peace! To ask for Peace is to ask God to be always with you My children.

Prayer is necessary, not for God to know your needs, because He always knows them, but that you may know your need to turn to God to receive the help of Salvation in this times.

My children, God accepts any petition, but he who asks humbly and confidently for things necessary for this life is heard by mercy and is not attended by mercy. The Thoughts of God My children, are much higher than yours, God wants the best for you, because He loves you very much, God knows the right time to answer you. In first place, God knows when to give you what you ask for. You have to learn to wait and to be patient and persevering, God guides His church and supports it, especially in difficult times, do not lose this vision of Faith, which is the only true vision of the way of the Church and of the world. In your heart, in the heart of each one of you, there is always the joyful assurance that I and My Son Jesus Christ are always at your side, We do not abandon you, We are close to you and embrace you with Our love.

Before I finish, I, Mother of Goodness, the Lady of Light, of Sorrows, of Conception, bless all these candles that you have brought. May the Lord God the Almighty Father, the endless Light and Author of all Light, bless this Light, which has already been blessed and sanctified by you to enlighten the world, and be burned  and illuminated with the fire of the Holy Spirit, enlighten also our hearts and senses so that we may deserve to come to the light of Eternal Life. Also, that wherever the mystery of this Light is taken, the powers of the shades yield to the virtue of Your Divine Mercy. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

My children, may this Light illuminate your world and your houses. I love you very much My little children and I desire your salvation. Remember that whoever is faithful to the end will be enlightened and saved. Be faithful, children. Amen, Amen, Amen.

Pray much for your Pope Francis when He is in His visits and also for the bishops and priests.

With My heart I guard you, with My voice I protect you, as a Mission I observe you and with My Mantle I deliver you of all the dangers of the whole world. I bless you in the Holiness of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

See you soon, Mary, Mother of Goodness, in Corgo Church.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message February 16th 2014 (anniversary of the apparition’s)

My dear little children, today February 16th the feast day of the fifteenth anniversary of My apparition’s, I am very happy to see many children here in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreja.

Present in your midst, I thank all those who came to celebrate this anniversary and particularly those from afar and those who came for the first time.

My children, My Immaculate Heart rejoices and trembles with joy, for God has allowed Me to stay here with you for 15 years, transmitting to you My messages. It has been years of immense great grace for you, those of My Heart, with whom I helped the children who needed My help. I became very present in the lives of those children who welcomed Me with much love.  Have been years of intense protection to all of you, guarding you from all kinds of evil, from all kinds of wickedness that My enemy wanted to perpetrate against you.

My children, listen to My Maternal voice, open your hearts to Jesus Christ, you will be able to value the grace of My Apparitions, My presence here in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, and truly you will give Me what I have come to look for, from Heaven for 15 years already and which I do not get tired of asking you for: – Embrace JESUS; accept JESUS; Love JESUS; Follow JESUS.

Do not lose hope and trust, even before the world that preaches that God does not exist. My children, God is very much alive, and I am also alive with you, I see everything that happens to you and I know everything you need. The forces of evil, My children, can not prevail against those who are My true children and carry in their soul the sign of My Love.

My little children, you, little or nothing have learned from all the catastrophes that have happened in your world … the punishments that have happened and will happen even more … the terrible floods, fires, tornados, hurricanes, volcano’s and earthquakes are only the beginning of the signs of your times, do not be afflicted about it, for many punishments still will happen, because mankind has refused to obey My Messages and to heed what I have said and asked in My apparition’s all over the world. Your world still will know punishments, tremendous! And they will come when no one will expect, but trust My children, I am with you! I am your Mother and I will keep you all within My Immaculate Heart. Only what I ask of you is Faithfulness to My Love, Generosity, Docility, Obedience to My messages, and that you pray daily My Holy Rosary.

My children, believe in the Word of My Son Jesus Christ, for it is True and will be fully realized in these last times. The rulers of your world do not think of the reality of Jesus words, for they despise it and block His words.

My dear little children, today, in a very special way, I will tell you about a treasure that your world possesses: the EUCHARIST – source of life in which My Son Jesus Christ reveals Himself. I am also the Mother of the predilected Children (the priests), they have been chosen, so that the miracle of transubstantiation happens among you.

You can not imagine the greatness of the Eucharist, do not forget to be prepared to receive the Living Jesus, present in the Sacred Host, those children who do so will receive in Heaven from the hands of My Son Jesus, the reward of Eternal Life, but those children who receive Holy Communion without proper preparation will receive the reward of condemnation.

Beloved children, I exhort you to seek Jesus Christ with a clean heart, for He needs a lot of your sacrifices, of pure souls without sin. Without the Holy Masses and without the Eucharist, the world would have been destroyed, satan would have devastated all of this planet, but the remedy of salvation is still among you.

My predilected children (priests), it is painful for Me to point out to you all the problems that I have seen in the Church of My Son Jesus, since it began to change. In changing the Church, the prelates changed the Faith that God the Father established, which is not appropriate, it is not possible for mankind to change what came out perfect from the Hand of God. We gave you a Church and a Faith, and your predilected children (priests) dismantle it systematically, because your ways of doing things are not as those of God. I wish Glory, Honour and Praise be given to God the Father, for creating such a perfect Church where you can glorify your God.

Predilected children, the purpose of the Church of My Son Jesus during the Kingdom of Peace, will be to achieve the most perfect Faith and the most perfect communion in your world, I desire to lead you to a high peak of holiness, so I ask each one of you to consecrate yourselves to My Immaculate Heart, I invite you to always be attentive to the Words of Pope Francis, his words are of comfort, hope and trust, obey him in everything, it is by your words that Christ comes to earth and is present among men, it is sad that many of you do not recognize the great power that you possess. My children priests, be masters of the truth, whom Christ Himself has entrusted to you. As Mother of the Church, I see that a true union is necessary between you, bishops and priests, this is My desire and the desire of My Son Jesus Christ. I appeal to the bishops of the whole world, asking you to give the best of yourselves, that you may always be close to your priests. May the Holy Spirit enlighten you now and forever.

My dear little children, in these days before the great purification, which will not be long in coming, I want everyone to pray, pray, and pray for the bishops and priests all over the world to stand firm in the true Faith and offer sacrifices to God, through the Holy Mass, offer prayers for the prelates and priests, renegades and heretics who profane the Faith and the Church of My Son Jesus, it is an abomination that does not go unnoticed in Heaven, in fact, each of them will be asked to justify their actions before God.

Children, during these years I spoke to you about the Church and its hierarchy, I have made known to you much of what is to come, I shared with you a life full of Love and Hope, I interpret to you a few passages from the Book – the Holy Bible, written by John when he described a new Heaven and a new Hearth. He gave you some indications and I and My Son Jesus gave specific details.

Before I finish, I will direct some lines to My religious daughter who is here, in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreja, without her religious vestments:

“My daughter, do not do this any more (without her religious vestments), do not be afraid, this work is from God, it is a reality My religious daughter, it is an offering that will endure, because everything that is from God is eternal.

My dear children, it was so beautiful this day for Me, I thank you all for these beautiful flowers that are in My altar and in My stand. To all My blessing, which is very special for My predilected son and for My dear bedridden daughter who is here in this sacred place.

From this place Corgo da Igreija and from the grotto of Massebieille de Lourdes, I bless all the sick, your families, those who are here, in the hospitals or in their houses, I bless all little children, I bless the elderly and the young, I bless all of you who are here in this place, especially those who came for the first time and those who came from far away places. Return dear children to your homes, I give you My Strength and My Blessing. May God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit bless you and keep you. Amen.

See you soon, Mary, Mother of Goodness, in Corgo da Igreija.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message March 2nd 2014

My dear little children, I warn you again, you will be tested in tribulation and you will be proved, to know who truly are sons of Jesus Christ and who are the children of the anti-Christ.

Children, spiritual jealousy is a terrible thing, and afflicts many of My predilected children (priests). It also afflicts My followers, who feel isolated and somewhat deceived, because My Son Jesus Christ has chosen certain children to help Me to save your humanity. Instead, you must know that I, and My Son, Jesus, love you all equally. Your jealousy breaks My Heart, especially when the chosen children feel threatened by other chosen children. To each child, whom I and My Son Jesus choose, a different task is given and a request is made to follow different paths. I desire that all the predilected sons (priests) and My visionaries carry out their sacred missions to save souls, I use different souls, humble of heart, to reach the objectives of My Son Jesus Christ.

Satan, My children, will always try to overcome over the hearts of My chosen children by insulting them, after that, he creates jealousy and a sense of hurt in their hearts, this means that instead of loving each other and remaining in a state of grace, they are tempted to look upon others with contempt, in many cases they give up immediately and allow the sin of pride to invade their souls. Many followers of My Son Jesus, chosen priests and visionaries, are treated with contempt just as My Son Jesus was treated by the hypocritical Pharisees. During the time of My Son on earth, they probed and probed every word that came from the lips of My Son Jesus, so they could prove that He was a false liar. So children, will be treated My children prophets and the visionaries of today, satan torments My followers, planting doubts in their minds, because he wants to discredit the Holy Word of My Son Jesus. Pray, that each one of you may be given graces, so through My messages respect the Words of My Son, given to My precious visionaries.

My predilected (priests), My visionaries, do not fall into the trap of succumbing to jealousy and money, it is improper and it hurts My Heart. Love one another, show respect and honour to one another in My name and in the name of My Son Jesus Christ. If you find it difficult to do this, then all your other works for Me and My Son Jesus will be useless.

My dear little children, My visionaries are the true prophets of the end times, led by the Holy Spirit to help to convert your whole world, so I ask you to pray much for the priests and for the visionaries chosen by God in the world today, be sure that they suffer great insults, they are the main targets of the evil one who through other brothers, wants to deceive the faithful, leading them to reject these visionaries. My children, these messengers represent My Son Jesus and His Holy Word. I weep with sorrow, when these children ignore My visits to your world, many choose to ignore the signs I give to ensure that Faith can be restored, you must realize that the forces of evil in your world threaten your Faith, these forces of evil will not win, because they have no power over God, however they will torment you through wars, assassinations, and attempts of control.

My children, accept the Word of My Son Jesus, allow It to change your lives, making you holy, as repairing souls, faithful to the Love of God, souls who through prayer and penance beg mercy to sinners. Do not shrink from prayer at this very difficult time for you. Pray, pray, pray a lot, cling to My Rosary and let yourselves be formed by Me, in the true path of My Son Jesus Christ. Children, I as true Mother, I know all your requests, afflictions and difficulties and I am always with you in all these moments. That is why I am going to say a word to a daughter who is here in this Sacred Place, Corgo da Igreja, asking for her operation to run smoothly. Daughter, keep calm, in My arms, I Myself will guide the surgeon’s hand, you will see that everything will go well.

As I have already told you through My messages: Be ready, My dear children! Our Father’s Warning is near, near, near, the time is each time shorter, use it well praying My Rosary, if you can, pray in the morning and at night with My scapular and the three ribbons, so you may remain more protected. When you pray My Rosary, extend it to your relatives, offering it also for sinners, for the dying, for the Church, for your Pope Francis, cardinals, bishops, priests, religious men and women. Include My children, the souls in Purgatory, so they may help and intercede for you. Do not forget to pray for the youth, and especially pray for the triumph of My Immaculate Heart. Remain united to My Immaculate Heart, for everything must happen as it is written, do not waste your time going in search of the things of this world, My children, leave your worldly cares and seek the things of God. Only one thing is important: Your Salvation.

My dear little children, I say,

– Trust in Me and My Son Jesus, because We are here in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, to protect you. From this place blessed by Me and My Son, with My predilected children, consecrated to Me, I bless you all in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

See you soon, Mary, Mother of Goodness, in Corgo da Igreija.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message April 6th 2014

My dear little children, your sufferings along with those of other chosen children, will intensify during Holy Week. This is the Week when My enemy will harm as many of God’s children as possible through wars, persecutions, and violence. At this time he will inflict great suffering, just as he did with My Precious Son Jesus, who suffered greatly during His Passion on the Cross.

I ask the children of the whole world to fast and pray My Holy Rosary every Tuesday until Easter Sunday.

Fasting and My Holy Rosary will give great strength to the nations, who will oppose evil and those who pursue their perverse desires to control the finances of all nations.

My dear children, you must know that the messages from My Son, when revealing events from the past or the future, are attacked even more. His Holy Word will always be rejected by those who refuse to hear Him. Yet communication with your world at this moment is so important that you can not allow those who oppose these messages to delay or divert you from that mission.

Now is the time for a humble reflection on the Passion on the Cross of My Son Jesus Christ. You must honour the sacrifice He made for the whole of humanity by making your own personal sacrifice and offering it during Holy Week.

– Pray, pray, pray much My children, for Peace in your world, pray also for the protection of your Pope Francis during these times of fierce opposition to the Church, your prayers with humility and fidelity to Jesus are necessary to get closer to the Heart of My Son. I My children, will help you to love Him more and give Him the comfort He needs, in this moment when the world commemorates His death on the Cross.

Praying is not easy for all of you, the best way to do this is to unite with His painful Passion and meditate on His suffering, it is the highest point for this moment of His Mercy.

It was precisely because of sinners, including the pagans that never had a chance to know My Son Jesus Christ, that He came, and came to serve them, not to condemn them, His death was a very special Grace, free from any obligation on His part, for you to accept the Hand of Mercy which was given by the Eternal Father. This gift My children, has been offered to allow mankind to receive the gift of reconciliation and to enter into the Kingdom of the Father.

The night before His death on the Cross and before being crucified, Jesus participated in the Passover Supper with His Apostles. This Last Supper was very important My children, He has given you a special gift: the gift of celebrating the Holy Eucharist which is a Sacrament of Love, a unique gift, which allows us to receive Jesus Himself in Holy Communion. In your world today, whenever the Holy Mass is celebrated, His true Presence is in the Holy Eucharist, do not reject the Eucharist, do not reject one of the most important gifts that My Son Jesus has left to you to atone for your sins. Accept Him, do not forsake Him nor deny Him.

These are the times when the Faith of My children, more fervent followers, including the members of the Church, will be put to the test in a way never seen since the crucifixion of My Son Jesus.

My children, reflect on the truth of the teachings of Jesus, do not accept His crucifixion without accepting also the Gifts offered in His Last Supper, if you do not do this, you will be starving to death for lack of the Food of Life.

In this time of Lent, a time of silent reflection and personal sacrifice, before finishing, I would like once again to ask you to pray because you have the opportunity to reduce and remedy the harmful impact of the “wars” present in your world. “Wars” that were craftily created, all at once, aiming to remove leader after leader. The goal is the domination and control of many of those nations at war, which are supposed to be considered demonic, when lies are scattered over their rulers.

My children, it is with rumours that wars begin … Who starts them and why? Why My children, so many nations get involved in these wars at the same time? Know that there is a plan that is being organized by the anti-Christ, to control and conquer the nations that have rich resources, once they control these nations, they will become very powerful. Pray therefore, that these wars will not increase.

Thank you My dear little children, for the love you have for Jesus Christ. I know that all who came here to this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, love Jesus and therefore will always be loved by Me. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

See you soon, Mary, Mother of Goodness, in Corgo da Igreija.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message May 4th 2014


My dear little children, today is a day of great joy for Me, My Immaculate Heart of Mother rejoices for the Grace of God and for the immense love I have for each one of you, especially for all the mothers of your world. Today joy, peace and unity take hold of My Being, very grateful to God, for this special day “Mother’s Day”, for this honour in being the Mother of the Rosary, also for being the Mother who comes to catechize you, in this moment in which the world needs much of My catechesis. Word, teaching, love, respect, fraternity, prayer, penance, and conversion are the request made by a zealous Mother who loves the children of the whole world. It is this zeal, which I Mary, Mother of Goodness, have for each one of you, and it is this zeal, which I also ask all mothers to have for their children, the zeal to protect, to lead, to guide in a dignified and true manner the respect, holy fear and obedience to God.

Children, My concern is to zeal over the wealth of the family, which is to have the Holy Spirit present in the heart of the parents, in the heart of the mothers and in the heart of the children. I always ask My Son Jesus Christ, to bring the Holy Spirit into the heart of the mothers. Today, mothers of the whole world, the greater gift that I Mary, Mother of Goodness, can offer you is the presence of the Holy Spirit. In My Soul the Holy Spirit made the Work of God: made Me Immaculate, Mediatrix, Messenger and Mother of God. When, My dear little children, I say, Holy Mother, I always remember the Words of My Son Jesus who prophesied on that Cross, when He gave Me your world and told Me:

– Mother, zeal for everyone. And at that moment, My little children, My Heart, became the Heart of the Mother of Mercy, the One who shed and is continually shedding Pity on your world.

May you know to forgive, love, have charity and mercy. In this month of May, in a very special way, God granted Me the honour of being the Mother of the Holy Rosary because this was My great call in the Cova da Iria in Fatima. Little children, the Rosary is what defends the world of the great dangers: of war, of disease, especially of spiritual diseases, it is the Rosary that defends the Church, the Holy Father, the nations, the families and is the powerful weapon of the times of today’s to overcome all the traps of My enemy.

My dear little children, I come to your world to plant the seed of Peace. That is what God has given Me and gives Me as the Messenger of His Holy Word. Today, I and My Son Jesus, We see a lot of hard suffering, especially in the heart of families, in the heart of mothers. Today is no coincidence, it is providence Mother’s Day in these times today. On this Sunday of meditation on My Presence in your world, as Messenger and Mediatrix, I tell all mothers they need prudence. How many young mothers are not aware of the act of being a mother. How many children who are now abandoned, who do not have that Love, that affection and respect. The world My children suffer a very great spiritual disease, very great, very great. The suffering is too great, especially in the family, that is why I always ask the Holy Spirit to descend upon mothers’ hearts! We see a sea of ​​pain. You have to think My children in the Mercy of God and unite in Prayer, to fight against this sea of ​​pain. This sea of ​​pain brings fragility to man, because man is without structures, without strength, without courage, it’s like building a house without foundation. Without foundation a family can not be built, so ask every day to the Holy Spirit who is with you, especially at the moment of the Eucharist, at the moment of the Word. Today, My children, we see many children without parental protection, do not have paternity, do not have the protection of parents, sadly My children, the family is dying, is ceasing to exist, because unfortunately there is much sin destroying many families.

Today we see many mothers doing the same as the fathers, abandoning their children, despising children and not just at the moment they are born … no, no, no, children! Sometimes, even at the first moment when that child is being generated, contempt for him is already present. It is very sad, and worse than this contempt is the moment when violently the mother kills the child. This is even sadder and it happens in your world. And that is why I ask the Holy Spirit to always be present in the hearts of all mothers, because the mother is the only one who can overcome what sadly happens in your world. Killing an innocent child in the moment she needs the mother’s entire breast to live is a crime. I ask the mothers of the whole world, who are responsible, who fear God, respect the life, and be obedient to God Commandments.

Today, as it is Mother’s Day and the day when the world stands before My Immaculate Heart, I ask the Holy Spirit to come to anoint all mothers, to bring Mercy to all the maternal hearts and not to allow mothers to hesitate or make more mistakes.

Before finishing, I wanted to thank you for the crown of flowers that you mothers offered Me. This crown of flowers represents the mothers of the whole world and all of you present here in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreja. I want to give you My Heart of Mother! I rejoice to be the Mother of you all. May all of you remain under the Blessing of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

See you soon, Mary, Mother of Goodness, in Corgo da Igreija.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message June 1st 2014

My dear little children, continue to pray for the conversion of your world, which today is in great danger, with the advance of apostasy, violence, hatred, atheism and rebellion against the law of God. Only the force of ardent prayer can stop the advance from the forces of My enemy.  Carry on with your prayer, never think that your prayer is barren and that bears no fruit.

I do not always return the benefits of your prayers directly to you, but I always bring it, down to your world, with an abundant flood of love that transforms and saves many souls, so My children, continue praying, go forward, trusting in My messages and fulfilling all that I ask of you.

I repeat again: Here, Corgo da Igreija is the second place of My apparition’s in Portugal, where I continue the plans that I began in Cova da Iria, in Fatima.

In this simple place I feel happier because I know that here I am truly loved, served and obeyed by so many of My little children, who in silence serve Me and fulfil all that I have asked of you. I Mary, Mother of Goodness, will not abandon you and would like you to understand, once and for all, that your world is on the edge of the abyss. Mankind is slipping slowly into a terrifying cliff, so pray, pray, pray a lot. Convert, convert, convert and do penance, all this may also serve to save the world from a world war. Pray in a special way for the leaders of the nations, those who have the power in their hands, because they do not pray, they only have time to prepare wars and spread the violence in your world.

My dear little children, I am Mary, Daughter of God the Father, Mother of God the Son, Wife of the Holy Spirit and Mother of Goodness, I ask you to pray daily to the Holy Spirit, so that He may lead you to the path of holiness, of which many are still far away, because it is a difficult and painful road, full of falls, crosses and stumbling blocks, but in the end little children, you will have the joys of Salvation. Imitate the lives of those who have mostly heard the Voice of the Holy Spirit and allowed Him to act in them – the Saints. You must follow their examples, their attitudes, for the Saints lived the same situations that you, and suffered the same as yourselves, or even more, but all of them won. When the heart is good My children, the deeds and the words are also good, when the heart is evil, deeds and words are evil too.

How has been your deeds and your words? I know there is some among you slandering another brother of prayer, they want to destabilize your prayer group, they want confusion, they want to fragment, because a united prayer group is very powerful. God will not allow anything bad to happen to those who pray. I ask you to be very careful, because the poison that dwells in your own hearts can lead your souls to ruin and eternal damnation.

My dear children, pray daily to the Holy Spirit who dwells in you, open your hearts to Him so that He may burn all the venom, remove all malice and lead your souls to Salvation.

Loving is so beautiful, My little children … What hurts most in My Heart is to see that today in your world, many children do not love as they should love; is to see children who do not value the things of Heaven as they should value; to love is to feel more and more the poor son, the wounded son, forgotten, oppressed. Remember that not forgetting the values ​​of heaven is to have an ideal of life, in which God’s will and His plans are always in first place. That is why, as the Mediatrix of Grace, in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, place of Peace and Prayer, I ask Jesus Christ to attend your petitions for the Holy Church, for the Holy Father Pope Francis, and all of you children, because you are the Church of Jesus. Never forget that, children.

I wish very much that you may overcome, that you may know to overcome in a dignified and true manner the tribulations that are arise, in the moments of pain that will come, because I desire that your journey be rich and that you may produce all the fruits that are necessary for your spiritual growth. I desire that the thirst for justice existing in your hearts, be more and more renovating and constructive, with certain and true objectives, because today many get it wrong, deceive, seeking only the world of appearance, a world of matter, that alone should not satisfy you … True satisfaction for a heart should be in the sense of a feeling of Peace, of humility, of happiness, with the ever-present love – the love of God.

Now, with all My Motherly Love, I am going to give you My Blessing. May God bless in a very special way, Pope Francis, the priests, bishops, cardinals and children of the whole world, but especially the sick. With love, I bless you in the holiness of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

See you soon, Mary, Mother of Goodness, in Corgo da Igreija.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message July 6th 2014

My dear little children, I am coming again to this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, to visit you. I am here and thanks to God that you are here with Me praying, little children, pray more and not only today, but from now onwards every day.

Thank you for praying, My dear children, thank you. I am very sad about what is happening in your world today … Look around you children, those who do not go to Mass … how many do not welcome Jesus into their hearts. You must open yourselves to Him little children, and pray for other brothers, for those who are far from God, for those who do not believe in God and in Me, for those who sin gravely against the Lord. My dear children, the Mass is the greatest prayer to God, you will never be able to understand its greatness, that is why you need to be humble and perfect during Holy Mass, you must prepare yourselves diligently for it. I invite you to attend Holy Mass with attention, love and devotion, pay close attention to the priest when he utters the Word of God, you must do everything as the Church of My Son commands, attended Holy Mass with all due respect, pay close attention for Jesus comes to the altar to be loved and Adored, in the hour of the Consecration, kneel down, bow down to Him, He deserves it from you children. It is good if you meet with Him, receive Holy Communion with all the respect and much love, a love that comes from you and that must be very great, because His love for you is infinite, without limits and without end for each one of you. Many children do not take Holy Communion with respect and Worship, these children go to Mass only by habit, and at the time of Holy Communion they feel obliged to get up from the bench to receive Holy Communion, but they do not think in Jesus.

I know that not all of you think like this, but there are still many, many and many … which saddens My Son Jesus Christ, who is there in the Eucharist, in the Sacred Host, He comes to be with His children on that particle of bread and is not worshiped! He is God, God has to be worshiped, loved and honoured by each one, and not despised as many children do. This is very sad My dear little children, and Jesus feels it, He has Heart, an infinitely loving Heart. How many of My children receive Him in grave sin? How sad My children. My little children you need to console Him, I can no longer see Him suffer. These children insist on sacrilege by mistreating My Son Jesus at Holy Mass, it is necessary to respect Him, to love Him, to honour Him, treating Him as an infinitely good, humble and wonderful God, He is a King, the most humble. Honour Him, assist Holy Mass consciously participating in it, it’s a gift from God to you. I repeat again, pay close attention to the priest and do as he tells you. Please children listen and live the Gospel! Holy Mass and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament can not be a routine, nor a habit to do, nor just a custom, must be a Grace, and the Graces are great that God gives you with Love, but it is also necessary to receive them with Love, with your love little children. 

Love this, your Mother of Heaven, the Mother of the King, the Mother of all the children of the world. Give us your hearts and We will take care of them. I beg you not to be rude to one another, be more docile to the brethren and love one another. Love, dear children, you must love a lot, just love, because Love is God and whoever is with God already loves. A son when says that he is with God, he can even be, but if he does not loves the other, never will be with God.

God is love, children.

The world today is very troubled, there are wars in various places, especially in your homes, in your workplace, you are at war with each other and enter into battle strengthened by hatred and unloving. Why? God loves you and you also have to love, you are His children and therefore you must love one another more and more, begin to love your families, especially those you do not like or who are your enemies, pray, pray, pray much for them, they need much of your prayers. Do not fight, be brothers, for that is what you are. Kneel and do penance , ask Jesus for forgiveness and He will forgive you, He is Merciful and loves every one of you without exception. I accompany you My dear little children, I always protect you and protect you always, I do not want to bless only those who are here in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, I want to bless the whole world, I would never come to this Holy Place to bless just one, that would not be fair to the others. May God give you little children the Gift of Love, the Gift of Forgiveness, the Gift of Humility and Charity. May you feel yourselves here in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, being part of one family, the family of God, who are all of us. My Blessing to the sick who are here, in this Sacred Place and also to all others, I give you My strength and My Blessing. May God the Father, the Son and the Divine Holy Spirit bless you and keep you. Amen.

See you soon, Mary, Mother of Goodness, in Corgo da Igreija.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message August 3rd 2014

My dear little children, I begin this message by telling you that My Motherly heart suffers greatly as I look at those children who persistently put what is human before what is Divine. To My children, in spite of everything that surrounds them, and despite all the signs that are sent to them, they continue to think that they can walk without My Son Jesus … I say, it’s a pity, because you are walking towards eternal perdition. That is why little children, that I am gathering you here in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, and in a special way to call you to conversion.

From today I hope that you can start a new life in your hearts, I want to hear your “YES” so that your life can be lived joyfully and at all times according to the will of God. My great joy is to see you all with open hearts, ready to accept My advice and do the will of the Lord.

I invite you, with responsibility, to pray for Peace in your world. Pray, pray, pray very much My dear children, and Peace will reign. May peace reign in the hearts of the great rulers of the earth, and in the hearts of all My children, this is My greatest desire. You will be My Peacekeepers in this turbulent world. Read the Holy Bible, meditate on it, accept those words in your lives and pray. Meet with the Lord by reading the Holy Bible which is the Word of God. Everything that I teach you, the messages that I give you, everything, you can find also in the Holy Bible. As for My Rosary, I ask that you pray with love and with the heart, in doing this you will please Me and My Son Jesus.

You are here in a Sacred Place chosen by Me and My Son Jesus. Right now, nothing is more important than placing your lives in the hands of God. You are responsible for making this place a place of Peace, with your example, with your silence, with your prayer and with your life as witness, you are also responsible for making the world more worthy and better.

Praying in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, praising and thanking God, seek to free your heart from lie, falsehood, deceit, evil, pride, the selfishness, greed and the materialism. The most important My children is the presence of God in you. Your present at this moment is God, God is present in you children, God leads the youth, the children, men, the women, the missionaries to the only true way of life – sincere prayer.

My children it is very easy to say: Lord, Lord … but it is very difficult to attend to His call … You have come to this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, called by Heaven, you have come despite the difficult times that you live, if you were to look at the thorns and the difficulties that surround you, you would not have come here, but My children, if you continue to look at Jesus walking in front of you, the Holy Spirit will lead you, and I am sure that this rosary you prayed here in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, will be very valuable to you. Unfortunately in these days, many are the hearts of young people, children, men, or women who are carried away by the poverty of the world, by sin, by desire, by pleasure, but you have come here to pray. Pray with the heart, pray with love, you have come to place yourself in the hands of God, ask for mercy, ask for compassion, ask for the redemption that Christ offers you.

May Jesus have mercy on you  dear children, may He give you much Peace, may you not only be users of the name of the Lord, but that you may really live His will.

When you come to a place of prayer, to a place chosen by Heaven, following an inspiration, an intuition, as if a great spiritual director told you, you are following a spiritual direction in your life given by God, it is God who acts in your hearts, it is God who acts in the hearts of the priests, it is always God who acts in the heart of a true son, God alone can lead all to Him. I, the Immaculate Conception, My beloved children, act only as Mediatrix Mother, as Mother who intercedes, as Mother who is a messenger, as Mother who welcomes.

I would like to remind you that what I mostly want in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, is your Authenticity. You can come here to show Me your needs and place your petitions. If you have anything in your hearts that prevents you from being worthy to look at God and say: Lord, you are holy and beautiful … Put all that hinders you from being more faithful to God in the hands of Jesus and I will feel great joy for being your Mother who intercedes for you with the Lord of all Lords. If you give Me your petitions, those petitions will be immediately taken to Jesus. You who came to this Sacred Place that God created, that God built, because God created everything and all things, you can trust in the Divine Mercy and believe that there are founts of Graces in the world that can not be denied.

Remember children, that you are a church! Christ is present in each one of you, so you have to bear witness to this presence of Christ, far away from lying and falsehood. Remember also that you are responsible for watching over this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, so that it may be a second great sanctuary in your Country, a place of love and Faith.

Today My dear children, I am very happy and I want you to be also. Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice, I leave you the joy of My Immaculate Heart, and the Joy of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I was happy with the songs that were addressed to Me and to My Son Jesus. Thank you My children.

I finish this message, asking for Penance, Penance, Penance for all sinners. Pray much for the bishops, priests and all the religious, because the days will come when they will be persecuted by the enemies of God. Even your Holy Pope Francis will suffer greatly because of so many persecutions of the Church and of Christians, and of seeing so many victims of war, famine and misery.

Children of the whole world: See that the science of men is of little use to you … It does not contribute much to the foundation of Peace, or to bring tranquillity and harmony to mankind … The scientific discoveries, badly applied in the hands of some men can bring great dangers. Mankind may be on the verge of a great war, because science makes man proud, arrogant and vain, and does not submit to Divine omnipotence, is not humble. The world will not have Peace My children, while the rich and the rulers of the great nations, do not reach out to the poorer nations. I ask you to continue to pray the prayers I have given you … they are the perfume, the track that your Mother of Goodness leaves for you, so that each day you keep searching for the path of perfection, the path of renunciation, and glorification of the Holy Trinity.

My blessing to the sick who are here in this humble place and also to all others. Return to your homes. I give you My strength and My blessing, May God the Father, the Son and the Divine Holy Spirit bless you and keep you. Amen.

Mary, Mother of Goodness, in Corgo da Igreija. See you soon.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message September 7th 2014

My dear little children, pray, pray, pray a lot and do not fear evil, he can not overthrow any of you if you are with God your Father, nothing is impossible to Him, everything is possible for God. With prayer My children, you can get all things. Anything children, can be done for you on My part, your Mother, if you pray with the heart, its enough for you to believe, pray, love and be what God wants. Meditate on the Word of God, My dear little children, and then on My Messages, you will see that the Holy Bible is the Word of God, and My Messages are only a warning and an invitation to the Bible. Read the Bible and do not worry about the things of this world.

My children, do not worry too much about what is fleeting and does not come back. Look My children, as one year comes in, another year goes, ages and decades pass, and what seemed to be eternal in your world that God created, everything passes. And what good is it to think so much about what passes? If it will pass, it does not deserve so much concern, it does not deserve much attention, it does not deserve love, it deserves nothing. The world is forgetting more and more of what does not pass and is Eternal – God and your Soul. Men and women care about their bodies and their lives. And the soul? What will become of the soul if is not holy? It is God who prepares it and makes it holy, He has given you all freedom, granted you free will and does not interfere with your options, however, if you do only what you want, you may run the risk of being far from God. This My dear little children, I do not desire to none of you.

Life is very beautiful and must be lived with God and with the brothers, in Peace and union. It will become a true misfortune if it is lived far, well far from God, for God is the Light, sin is darkness, only darkness, sorrow, anguish. It’s a shame to see many children lose themselves in grave sin, God is allowing Me to appear in so many places in the world, just to say that He loves you and calls you to daily conversion, so that you are saved. It is His infinite love that does this, without this love, what would become of you? God would not want you to die with your sins, He wants you to live with Him eternally in the Eternal Glory. Convert, convert, convert My dear little children! Be careful that it may not be too late when you decide to change your lives, there is still time to convert, remains to you still the infinite Mercy of My Son Jesus Christ, who is and will be eternally great. But take care My children, He, My Son, so loving, is also just, and He can and will have to drop the arm of His divine Justice upon this world. It is sad for Me to say this, for a long time the arm of God’s justice could have dropped, but I did not allow it, I called out to the Merciful Father, I held the Hand of the Holy Trinity and asked for mercy forever. But men continue to sin gravely against God. My beloved children, sin no more, hold My Rosary and pray, pray, pray a lot! Go every day if possible, or at least once a week to Mass. Adore and receive Communion, receive and welcome your Merciful God, Adore Him, cry out for Him, trust Him with your worries, afflictions, sadness and restlessness, and He who is so kind and compassionate, will help you in everything.

My children, I love you all and call you to change your life. Change, change, change, convert, satan is there, wanting to enter your homes and has already entered some places.

At the end of this message I leave you My urgent appeal, convert, convert, convert, quickly and as soon as possible, it’s serious the time you living, there is terror in your world, sorrow and tears, and this has no other reason than the grave sin of many. It is sad for Me My children to know that you are on the verge of a most grievous disaster, if you do not abandon these sins that are barbarously taught in the world and cry out to Heaven. Not that God is not Merciful, for He is very good and merciful despite so many grave sins that He receives from men and women, from all humanity.

May this message touch the hearts of children throughout the world. From here, from this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, I bless you all, I bless My Portuguese and those of the whole world. Return to your homes, I give you My strength and My blessing, may God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit bless you and keep you. Amen.

See you soon, Mary, Mother of Goodness, in Corgo da Igreija.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message October 5th 2014

My dear little children, please, please try to understand this Message addressed to you. I notice that there are many children of Mine, who have days free and do not pray, others work too hard and do not have time to pray, they even have some time, but do not use it wisely, the minutes free they have could be devoted to prayer, not just television, many of you are wasting your time watching TV shows … and you do not need that. In this life, you can have time for everything My children – time to work, to study, to talk, to serve the Lord, to have fun, but many of you spend all the free time you have with superfluous and mundane things, useless and futile, and sin doing so, today everyone still prays very little. Dear children, we must pray a lot, and everyone should pray – children, adults, and the elderly, yes, everyone’s prayers are important, with prayer you draw blessings from My Son Jesus Christ into your lives, and that’s very good children. Encourage other brothers to pray, change your hearts, pray, pray, pray that your lives will be as God wills, and not as you will. It has to be so, it must be so. What I say is for all My children.

Do penance, much penance and offer it to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. If you can, kneel before Him.

My children, it is good to be with you in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija. I am your Mother from Heaven, I am a Mother so rich, so full of Love for you, and God, My children, is a Father, a Father full of life and Glory. Love Him, dear children, Love Him! He deserves your love.

You could love Him even more, but you do not, you only like a little of Him … My children, begin today to love Him with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your thoughts, if you do, you will love your brothers, you will see God in others, because He is in others also, don’t forget this children, don’t forget. Love your brothers very much, all without exception, all of you are brothers and you must love. And how can one day love a brother in heaven if you hated him here on earth? You fight, you argue, you don’t desire good to your brothers well, you do not like some of them, and this My children is very ugly and will disrupt your journey to Heaven a lot. It will be very difficult to get there like this without loving your brothers. My dear little children, ask Jesus for a new heart, ask Him to turn your hearts similar to His heart, humble, merciful and specially loving.

Pray, pray, pray a lot and improve a lot your prayer.

Look at My face and to the face of My Son Jesus, I’m crying for you right now, I have to cry My children, I am in Glory, in Paradise, but I feel for you, for you are My children, I care about each one of you. Look at your world, in many places there is no peace, there is no love, there is no understanding, there is no life, because little children there is no Jesus, Jesus is not in their hearts, and they are far from Me, they even believe in God, but what good is it for them to believe if they do not do His Holy Will? The sins of the world is what makes Me cry. God wants to feel touched, wants to use His goodness in your world, but your world does not seem to want to accept it, it does not want to change.

Everything you do wrong is very displeasing to Me, and it offends Jesus Christ very much, you are free, you have your conscience, you choose right or wrong ways, consciously, if you know why you are doing it, you have the will for it, and it is this awareness that persisting in evil, more offends the Lord. That is the true sin, the greatest sin.

I urge the children of the whole world to pray, to have My Rosary in their hands and to pray constantly against satan who surrounds and tempts you. Asked My Son Jesus for strength and I will give it to you, He denies nothing to His Mother … Through My intercession or through the Saints, grants you all graces, ask forgiveness of your sins, My children!  for forgiveness of all your sins. Now together, pray aloud the act of contrition, asking Jesus for forgiveness.

Act of Contrition

My Lord Jesus Christ, true God and true Man, My Creator and Redeemer, because you are so good and worthy of being loved above all things, and because I love and cherish you Lord, it grieves me to know that I have offended You, it grieves me also that I have deserved your punishment. And firmly, aided by the help of Your Divine Grace, I propose to amend myself and never offend you again. I ask and I hope to obtain the forgiveness of my sins, by Your infinite Mercy. Amen.

Thank you My children for praying, thank you. Change your life now, be no longer the same, and wipe away My tears, and the tears of Jesus. Do not play with sin anymore, I want to continue to come here, to this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, I like to be here with you, but I ask you to change. If it is not so, My coming here will be worthless.

During this month of October, I ask you to place an image of the Child Jesus in your houses, in your altars, as if you wanted to remember His Birth. This act will remind the Humility, Peace and Love of Jesus to many children who claim to know Him, but who do not live what He really is.

My children, you must do a little more the will of My Son Jesus Christ, avoid this world of malice, this world of whims, deceits and pitfalls. Strive to love, with Jesus nothing is difficult, do not doubt, you may believe. Continue to sing with joy to the Lord, He is joyful My little children, very cheerful, much more than what you think, He is only Joy and Love, I invite you to praise Him with all your heart with songs and prayers, He deserves it from you little children. I finish saying: May Jesus bless your Pope Francis, his Bishops, his parish priests and all the Clergy, may Jesus bless your families, the whole world and give you Peace. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

See you soon, Mary, Mother of Goodness, in Corgo da Igreija


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message November 2nd 2014

My dear little children, I start this message reminding you that you should not lean on what other brothers think, but yes you must think for yourselves, the opinions of other brothers are often misleading, there is useless conversations that only contribute to increase the constant noise that surrounds you, preventing peace to remain in your spirit.

My dear little children, you will not be able to understand what I need from you, unless you are silent and attentive, only in this way will you begin to give opinions and advice that are valuable and instructive, rather than content to contribute to increase the noise of your contemporary world. I want My little children, you to spend your days in a spirit of trust, even if you carry your crosses in the name of My Son Jesus Christ. The greater the weight of the cross My children, the closer I will be to you. I ask you please, to try to understand how great the Grace that God has given you in giving you instructions so full of love and so specific. I ask you to thank Jesus for these Graces, so that He may continue to guide you in this way. Your Mother in Heaven is with you, and like any mother looks closely to see if the kids are growing up as they should. Your Heavenly Mother now tries to warn you: Turn away your face from the world. It is necessary to pray together, it is necessary to live Love in families. Families are being destroyed because they lack Love and because they do not live love among one another. A family that does not live Love can not receive My Son Jesus, because He is loves and wants to live in families to transmit His Love to them. However, many families reject Him, because they are concerned only with their own interests, and their concerns prevent them from feeling Jesus in their hearts. Families are being destroyed because they lack Love and because they do not live among one another. A family that does not live Love can not receive My Son Jesus, because He loves and wants to live in families to transmit His Love to them. However, many families reject Him because they are concerned only with their own interests and their concerns prevent them from feeling Jesus in their hearts.

Dear children, you are a family, you are My family, I am your Mother and God is your Father. God desires that all the families of the world live in communion in Love with Jesus and with your brothers. My children, love one another, love one another as Jesus Christ loves you and as I love you.

As I have already told you, it is from the heart of man that, after his existence here on earth, God will gather all the good that he has done during the course of his earthly life.

Peace, Peace, Peace, I proclaim once again! I desire Peace among men of the whole world, Christian or non-Christian. As My Son Jesus Christ told you, there are still many sheep that were not led to My flock and are not of the same flock. My beloved children, pray, pray, pray much for the union of all Christians or non-Christians. I am the Mother of all peoples, Mother of all humanity, I am the Virgin of Peace and the Rosary, I wish to remind you of the need for prayer to the Holy Church and especially for your Pope Francis.

Men does not want to accept so holy teachings that My Divine Son Jesus puts on their lips: It is imperative that all listen to His call for conversion, for prayer, for the union of the Holy Church and especially for the observation of God’s Holy Commandments of the Holy Catholic Church.

Pray much for My predilected children (priests) and offer for them constant sacrifices every day, so that the Divine Light of the Holy Spirit may flood them, guide them, enlighten them and fill them with His Gifts so that they may lead the holy Church by the ways of the Lord, without any spot and without error.

My dear children, may the Rosary be your weapon. Your Mother of Heaven insists so much on the daily prayer of the Holy Rosary, for it is through this humble prayer that you will defeat all the cunning and pride of the infernal dragon. Spread it among all your brothers, inviting them to pray the Holy Rosary, teach those who do not know how to pray it well and with love. I, My dear little children, am the Lady of the Rosary, the Rosary is the sign of My maternal presence in your midst. My children know that where the Rosary is prayed, I am always present, I stand there pouring on My children innumerable graces from My Immaculate Heart.

How I would like all the children to consecrate themselves to My Immaculate Heart and to the Sacred Heart of My Divine Son Jesus Christ. It is necessary that you spread among all children the devotion to Our Sacred Hearts. Our Sacred Hearts will destroy with the fiery flames of Most Pure Love, all the evil that satan has spread in your world, Our Sacred Hearts will triumph My dear children, be assured of this, and happy will be all those who will within Our Hearts, your joy will be so great that it can not equal to anything in this world, your joy My children, will be complete according to the promise of My Divine Son. When the Holy Spirit burns all hearts with the Fire of His Love, then all mankind will burn with a Holy desire to want God above all things.

Pray, pray, pray to the Divine Holy Spirit to pour out upon you His Light so that all may be renewed by His Sanctifying Grace.

My dear little children, it is necessary not to let yourselves fall by the snares of your adversary, I repeat again, he is very cunning and sagacious, be in Peace and live peace and you will never be instruments of which he uses for the realization of his evil plans. Children who are at peace with God your Creator, will never give satan a chance to tempt you, know that the best weapon to overcome temptation, all the pride of the enemy is humility, you must live this virtue every day of your life, you must be small, simple, not aspiring to be great in the eyes of others, but to want to be the one who serves your neighbour. My Divine Son Jesus in his Gospel, always exhorted them to live their service to one another and to the most needy, He Jesus, being God, the creator of all things, taught that in the works of God the most important thing is humility, which must always be present both in the service of others and in prayer to the Father and even in supplication, so that the Father may give you strength, light and grace of His Divine Spirit, and your work becomes pleasing to God. I humbly ask those children who are still far from the Light of God to awaken, to shake the chains of the enemy with which they are bound, and leave as quickly as possible from the darkness, only then will they be blessed and live safely in the Presence of God.

My dear little children, before I finish this Message, I will ask you again, that you believe in My coming here to this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, it is I, the Virgin Mary, Mother of Goodness. If My apparitions here were a farce, I the true Virgin Mary, would have punished and overthrown all this lie. I know that My apparition’s here and in others places are a thorn in the throat of many people, some do not believe in My apparition’s in Corgo da Igreija, they criticize and even mock … It does not matter, I do not want to force anyone to believe, but I will pray that God will enlighten and touch them. 

I, Mary, the Mother of Goodness, the Virgin Mother of God and Virgin of peace, I bless you all in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit Amen.

See you soon, Mary, Mother of Goodness, in Corgo da Igreija.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message December 7th 2014

My dear little children, tomorrow December 8th is a very special day for Me, it is the feast of the Immaculate Conception, the Mother of God and your Mother. I ask you therefore, to pray My Rosary for the conversion of your brothers. In thus coming Christmas, I invite you to be reconciled with God, be more faithful to His love and do not betray Him with Gluttony, Pride, Envy and Greed.

This month you commemorate the day of the birth of My Son Jesus Christ. I, My dear children, celebrate it every month, and many of you do not even remember it … Some people when they hear the word Christmas, do not think of Jesus and His Love, but only in food and gifts. What is this, My children? What are these fleeting things? They pass and are forgotten, only God stays always loving you more. Do not forget that.

The Child Jesus wants to be in the hearts of all of you, those who think and remember Him, He wants to be born in you, as He was born here in this world so many years ago. Open your hearts to Him, and reborn in this Christmas for the Child Jesus, and He My children, will come joyfully unto you, not in the joy of parties and gifts, but in the joy of receiving Him. You will then have Peace, a true Joy and Love.

My dear little children, I don’t want to talk just about Christmas, today I am going to tell you about the Eucharistic Jesus, and the need for reparation. Children, reparation is urgent now, so that God may have compassion on you. I am the Mother of the Eucharist My children, here in this place Corgo da Igreija, My Son gave many Eucharistic signs and He will still give more signs, so that you firmly believe in this Holy Place. But for this, I need many prayers to conquer. Every day My Son Jesus Christ descends from Heaven for you … God descends to the Eucharistic Tables, to be Nourishment for thousands of hearts, but in order to receive Him properly, you must confess before, as I ask you every month in this Holy Place Corgo da Igreija, so that you may not fall into the temptation of sacrilege, and that Jesus may find in each one of you a worthy house to enter. Several times, Jesus enters into real filthy swamps, through the sacrilegious Communions, that nowadays spread in many souls, that run the risk of being condemned. Pray the Holy Rosary, with this prayer and in union with the Holy Eucharist you will be able to deflect from your paths the temptations. I want to ask My children to do hours of family prayer, as a powerful barrier against satan, who now wants to break into every family and destroy them. That is why my little children, pray more and more intensely, so that I may achieve my victory and bring to the world days of peace, Mercy and Love.

This month, I invite you to be bearers of the Gospel in your families, do not forget to read Holy Scripture, place It open in a visible place and witness with your life that you believe and live the Word of God. I see that a great number of Christians have their Bibles, but they do not know that the past, the present and the future of humanity is contained on It. What Christians are these? There are even those who deny the truths that are written there … ask the Divine Holy Spirit to enlighten your lives, nothing will be easy from now on My little children, seek the Lord and His Word and you will know what to do, you will not err so much, I am your Mother and I warn you, be aware of what you are doing and whatever you do, do it from the heart, accept the Word of the Lord and learn to love, to serve the Church, to be of Jesus, only then will things improve, the world will change. Yes My children, when God wants, everything is possible, it is necessary however, that you want to be converted, that you want to change your lives. Strive to change, because you still do wrong things and you make your souls dirty. Where will you get like this? Where will you go? Where do you think you can go? Beware of impurity, it kills your souls without you realizing it, don’t you see, you only delight in sin, you are being seduced, you love and you become attached to sin …. And when you least expect it you will be sad and weeping, worried and distressed with life, then you say that God does not help you, that He does not accept you, that He is far away. In fact it seems to you that He is far, but He is not, He is there at your side, accompanying you at every moment of the day, and you do not see Him, He is present in your hearts, which are far away … because they have accepted satan and his curse. Decide yourselves for God, for the Lord, for His light of Peace and Life, do not choose the path of darkness, the path of satan and sin. My dear children, do not do this any more.

It is sad to see them losing themselves in this life, in the immensity of this world that so much denies the Lord. Tell your brothers to convert! Dear children, I am your Mother, I alert and beg again: listen to the voice of your Goodness Mother and listen to My Motherly urgent appeals. I want to bring everyone to Heaven.

Prepare well in advent for the Birth of My Son Jesus.

I leave you My dear children of the whole world, wishing you a Merry Christmas and a good new year. I give you My Blessing. Praise Jesus with Me. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen, amen, amen.

See you soon, Mary, Mother of Goodness, in Corgo da Igreija.




Explanatory note:

This apparition is supported by the decree of the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith (AAS 58/16 of December 29, 1966, which defends canons 1399 and 2318, thanks to the intervention and approved by SS Paul VI and published by his will where it says: ” It is authorized to disclose, without express permission of ecclesiastical authority, writings concerning new apparitions, revelations, visions, prophecies and miracles , provided that Christian morality is observed in general.” In publishing revelations, apparitions, or any other graces of Jesus and of Mary, as well as of His Angels and Saints, this group of friends of Our Lady Mother of Goodness, in this way give the opportunity to all those who wish to know and be informed, of such wonderful manifestations of heaven, on earth, according to freedom and free will of each person.


We remind everyone that the site of the apparitions is private property , although it is still not properly closed, and is a place of prayer and Catholic devotion , so we ask people to respect the place and all those present, gathered in prayer, without interfering in celebrations, and in the surrounding spaces that are private.

All who wish to approach in the Heart of JESUS ​​and MARY are welcome, but with silence and respect, and appropriate clothing without provocation, as Our Lady asked .