Messages 2012


YEAR 2012

Messages of each month from this year.

WARNING : The messages are textually copied from the manuscripts of Brother Fernando Pires. Good discernment.


Message of Our Lady Mother of Goodness

Revealed to Brother Fernando Pires, on , , at the place of the apparitions (Corgo da Igreja).



Our Lady Mother of Goodness Messages January 1st 2012

My dear children, today, on the first day of the year and the first Sunday of the month, I come from Heaven to tell you that God desires very much your conversion.

In this year 2012, as your Mother, I beg you to continue asking for peace for your world,  be children of prayer, witnessing with your life and your heart My warnings from Heaven. The clock of the Lord runs and for many there is little time left, for the day will come when the laughter of joy will be exchanged for sorrow, the days of festival for days of great despair, because God will severely punish the sinful humanity that has abandoned His Commandments and turned away from Him.

My children, pray, pray a lot in this new year that has begun, and God will have mercy on the world, otherwise humanity must endure a great punishment. God, does not want the condemnation of any of His children, but Eternal Salvation, therefore I came from Heaven to this place Corgo da Igreija, to transmit this message.

Dear little children, God loves you and desires from you faithfulness and perseverance. Pray that you may realize that your lives are important to the Creator who created you, to witness His presence in the world. Those children who listen to the voice of the Lord and live His Word tend to be sure of His Protection and Blessing. God wants to pour out His graces more and more into the world, you will still see things that your eyes have never seen, and you will witness how the Lord is Mighty and Strong. Open your hearts to God, offer yourselves to God as a true offering of love, that He may feel the perfume that your hearts exhale as you open to Him .

I am here My children, to help you in everything and to ward off these dangers away from you. This year too, I ask you to pray for the families, for the young people, and to pray in a special way for all priests, they more than ever are in need of prayer, they are in need of God. How great responsibilities they have, and how many, these days, are immersed in the filthiest sins, far from His grace.

Before I finish this message, I will repeat again to My sons, leaders of the great nations: “Be careful! God will judge with just one look. I know all that you are arming to the smaller nations, woe to the wicked rulers of the great nations, who exploit the people of God, woe to those who make suffer and My little ones. All of you, think that it is not the noise of your weapons, nor the insults uttered by your repugnant mouths that will silence the Voice of God. The righteousness of God will be great for My children from the great nations, who will not repent from what they want to do. With God one does not play, much less with those who serve Him, because God looks upon them with kindness and love.

My children, I thank you for your presence here in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, your prayers and your love.

To all My Maternal Blessing and I invite you today: Pray always the Rosary and the world will find Peace.

I bless you all in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

See you soon Mary, Mother of Goodness, in Corgo da Igreija.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message February 5th 2012

My dear children, today I am happy to be a messenger of God, in this month of February, we will celebrate 13 years of My apparition’s here in Corgo da Igreija, and also 164 years of My apparition’s in the Grotto of Massabieille in Lourdes.

To commemorate these apparitions already in a few days, what I ask of you is that you be faithful to them, being equally faithful to Christ. I ask you to pray a lot for the Holy Church of My Son Jesus, the Church will be much persecuted, when I say that you will be persecuted, it is the Church that I am speaking about,   because you all are the Church of God. Faith will be utterly shaken and Christians will not truly live the will of Christ. Thus is why My dear little children, that you should pray very much for the Holy Church. Today you see that many children do everything contrary to what God asks, and do not respect the Commandments of Heaven. The Holy Father receives the Divine Holy Spirit who enlightens him, to help him in his mission, which is to seek what is correct, the right, and defend the world from danger. Unfortunately, children are preferring danger to Light and to Grace. When I am referring to the world, I want to name the multitudes that live in it. When we speak of Christ, few follow Him, that is why He needs to return, and when He returns the world will feel complete fear and respect. He will come to teach you that in heaven you will reach the greatest blessings. What I ask of you, as Mother of Goodness and Mother of Lourdes is that you be faithful, you will see so much suffering in life that only your faithfulness and your faith will save you, the world is already in the abyss of suffering. With Jesus Christ, you will walk in grace, you still have this Path, you have Everything, because this Path is everything. I ask you dear children, to be faithful to this path, to follow this path by love, not to abandon this Path and to live life as if it were today the last day. Do not expect much from tomorrow, live your today, do not worry about your tomorrow, try to raise awareness of your today, tomorrow children it will not belong to you, it belongs to God, live your present so that you do not suffocate in suffering, now live the Grace of God in your lives.

Children I will not go any further, but on the 16th of February I will give a great Message to the whole world.

At this moment, from this place Corgo da Igreija and from the grotto of Massabieille de Lourdes, with love I bless you generously.

May all be in Peace, with the blessing of God the Father, the Son and the Divine Holy Spirit. Amen.

See you soon, Mary, Mother of Goodness, in Corgo da Igreija.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message February 16th 2012.   ( anniversary of the apparition’s)

Dear children, this is a moment of great joy for My Immaculate Heart. As Mother of Goodness, I am the One who loves your nation Portugal very much, and today I want to tell you that My Heart feels immensely grateful, for your love and affection, you have come with love and I feel it with My Heart, which sees the children who love the Grace of God, who are here moved by Faith, by humility, by trust, by the will to know the truth which is God. And God has reserved for you all a very beautiful afternoon, an afternoon of prayer, an afternoon of Christian feast, a feast in which Heaven manifests a living presence among you. It is wonderful to look at this beautiful nature, this Place Corgo da Igreija, that God chose, and to know that you see here today the presence of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit .

In this message My children, I come to speak to you about My presence here in Corgo da Igreija, in Body and Soul during these thirteen years. First of all, I would like to say that the thirteen years of My presence here, have been for you a great Grace, it is by Me, by My presence here that your nation and the nations of the whole world, have received graces, as Mother of God I know that humanity needs a transformation, all of you urgently need to transform your hearts, the world urgently needs Jesus return to earth, because materialism has corrupted everything, men today are only concerned with powermoney, and are greedy …

My dear children, I had revealed already to you in the places of My apparition’s, and now I will repeat again: – When approaching the end of time, when approaching the end of the rule of Satan over your world, he is more furious, and brings together evil men, criminals and great sinners, linked to politics and money, forming powerful forces such as the brotherhood of Freemasonry, of fraternity and others, to infiltrate various key places of the nations, in the Churches, including the Vatican.

Over these thirteen years, your Mother from Heaven has been warning you, what I said is a reality, the church of your nation, Portugal and the whole world must take holy and concrete measures to overcome the devil, before his total domination. My children, you must know how to face him with your eyes placed in God, to work more to save the souls that are needy of My Heart and the Heart of My Son Jesus.

If the world entered a war today, how many children would lose their soul? And how many children would never forget how much pain is great? In the silence of your hearts and in the depths of your souls, you often forget to appeal for peace, this new Millennium that you have started is a time of pain, I have not come here to predict events but rather to avoid them, I have come to ask for your prayers, your life of penance and sacrifice. This new millennium, is the millennium of torment, is the millennium of pain, of difficulties, is the millennium of the crosstrials, doubts, of uncertainty, of purification and of the tribulation which surely will come strongly.

My children, you have to believe, the solution of your world is not war, it is not destruction, It is prayer, it is Peace, what needs to be changed is the hearts of men, what makes the world live in a terror of tears is the lack of basic spiritual structures in the life of each one, men today speak only of science and matter. That is why God sends Me here to earth.

My children, you are paying homage to My coming here to this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, to a coming in which I Mary Mother of Goodness, I bless the world and I lead it to Peace .

I know that many times you have also honoured the Mother of Fatima, of Lourdes, the Queen of Peace. Continue to do so with your devotion, for your needs and the urgency of fidelity to God. Much faster than you imagine, this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, will be the second great Sanctuary of Portugal, a point of prayer, of conversion, and what should rejoice you the most is to understand My coming to these simple places, to the hearts of simple sons and daughters, is all merit from Heaven.

My children, how many come to this place unhappy and return home happy? How many come to this place sick and return healed? How many come to this place doubting and return trusting? How many come to this place with hatred in the heart and return loving? How many come to this place with their hearts wounded and return with their hearts healed, because Christ heals, sets free and guides My children, I ask you: why all this? Because this project is from God! Because Corgo da Igreija is a place built by God! Because the Grace of God is present in the heart of each one of you, even in those simple children, sinners, who falter, who err, but who pray, who give their example of life.

Today the world no longer knows what is the Holy Rosary, nor what the Eucharist is, this is a reality of the world of today, a world divided and oppressed, it is for this dear children, that I fear very much that a war will come, I’m very afraid that suffering will come, the unbelief of man’s cold heart is great. Man, the sons of God, God’s image and His likeness, learned to kill, learned to steal, to create destructive bombs … because of all this My children, I come here longing that all children of the whole world, to put themselves at the service of Heaven, be His instruments, capable of hearing the message of God. It is already thirteen years, very special, a different time, years of purification for a new millennium. I feel more and more sorrow as I bid you farewell, because I know that great tribulation will come!

My children, the time of Grace and the time of sending Grace to the world is ending, I see the mercy of God so great … but the time of mercy so small! Pray, pray, pray My children, this is the call I have made to you in these thirteen years of journey. I am sure that My coming will be the last call from Heaven, after I leave this place Corgo da Igreija and all  the other places where I am coming in body and soul, everything little children, will happen. The world will see with the eyes of the flesh and with the eyes of the heart the signs of all the Grace of God here on earth .

Dear children, it has been a great joy to be here in this Holy Place Corgo da Igreija, during these thirteen years. For you, it was also a beautiful and a wonderful great time, because your heart rejoice when you know that this Work is from God. It is a reality, it is an offering that will endure, because everything that is from God is eternal. The Corgo da Igreija, My children, is a privileged Place, a Blessed Place, because God has set His eyes on the heart of this Place full of grace, and poured out all His Mercy on it.

I feel very happy My little children, because for thirteen years you have faced everything for this Place – the storms, difficulties and persecutions, if it depended on many children and what they say with their lack of spiritual structure, this Sacred Place would no longer exist, but this Work is a Divine Work and what is Divine tends only to grow, so it has surprised those who do not want to believe. The Corgo da Igreija today is already great and will be much greater, not only in the number of children who come here and will continue to come, but mainly in the number of conversions.

My dear children, there is today great Shrines on earth, and I will fight with all My heart so that this Place Corgo da Igreija  may be like those that already are consecrated by the Holy Church, it will depend much on you children, but I and My Son Jesus will do everything that is necessary so that you can receive this Treasure as soon as possible. You can be sure children, that thirteen years ago, God placed My presence here, and today after these thirteen years of walking, I tell you: God will give knowledge to the Holy Church, of what is the Corgo  da Igreija, in your world. Receive in your hearts this great Grace and pray that the blind hearts that come to this chosen place will return with converted hearts.

The piety of the Lord will be carrying out His great project of giving thanks in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, but pray My children, because the realization of this project also depends very much on you. Heaven will do everything for you to feel how much the graces here will be amazing. Your part must be done by each one, was the request that I have made to you in these thirteen years, and that I still do, asking you to continue to pray. Who will gain from this will be your Portugal, all nations and especially Heaven, who needs sons and daughters, children and young people  who do not deny Love, and place themselves wholly in the service of God.

Stay in peace, have a day of peace, and thank you for this feast you do to Me. Today I covered you My Mantle of Mother of Goodness and for sure you will be protected by it.

Before finishing, I wanted to thank you for these beautiful flowers that are on My altar, I bless you and exhort you to have the courage to overcome sin, evil and temptations of the world, living always united to God and My Immaculate Heart.

I love you and thank you for your presence in this Shrine Corgo da Igreija. Thank you for the prayers prayed here. I want to address specifically to those who came from far away places, return to your homes with the Peace of God.

I leave you all with the Love of a Mother that in these years has been heard, followed and glorified by you. I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

See you soon, Mary, Mother of Goodness, in Corgo da Igreija.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message March 4th 2012

My dear children, during this month of March, which is a time of Lent, a time of silence, prayer and meditation, reflect on the love that God offers you.

I invite you to prayer, to faith, to Confession and to Peace. Many of you are not in the habit of approaching the Sacrament of Confession to ask for forgiveness of your sins, and this makes Me worried, because you are so far from the Heart of My Son Jesus and My Immaculate Heart. You should make sacrifices and fasting, offering them to the Lord with love, and He will reward you in Heaven. God is so offended! He is very sad about the sins He sees in the world, almost no one lives His Law of love: “Love Him and your neighbour”. Almost nobody loves their enemy, almost nobody wants to forgive, they are only selfish and self centred, they only think of themselves, they do not think of others, in their brothers, some kill, others steal, destroy the life of other’s. And I, My dear children, come here to this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, to call you once more in this time of Lent. I call you to conversion, before it is too late, very late. The time that is left for is very short.

My children, make a good confession this Lent, do penance and fasting. Lent is a time of conversion and prayer, I ask My children throughout the world to pray My Rosary every day, those who still do not pray, may strive to pray it, and those who can pray it, offer it to Me, your prayers will reach to God, till Heaven, and many Graces will descend upon each one of you. Make Easter vigils, penances and sacrifices to comfort Jesus, every pain you feel, every sickness, every cross, every suffering, every tear you shed, surrender all this immediately in the Hands of God and do not become depressed. Jesus suffered much more than you and today He is happy, He resurrected. On Easter Sunday may your hearts feel a new life, a new world. Jesus was a simple Man, being Son of God died, but He was fully resurrected, and you who are His most loved children? Will He let you die in sin? No My children,  He wants to save you and will save each one, everything  depends on your will and of your surrender, Jesus does not force you to anything, neither do I, everything depends on you, He loves you, and He loves you so much that He gave Himself up on a cross and humbled Himself to the fullest to save you.

Children, when you make the Stations of the Cross, each of you pick up your cross and go with Him to Calvary, believe in Him and suffer with Him. Today you suffer in your daily life like Jesus. Accept the suffering and the cross. I ask you again: – on this Lent, fast on bread and water on Tuesdays and Fridays, so that you may atone not only for your sins, but the sins of the entire world, and collaborate in the salvation of many souls .

In this Lent, I still want to ask you to take great care with the media – television, or any other type of media, newspapers, magazines, with advertisings, publicity, news. The enemy uses television in particular, as a means of perversion of My children, removing from them the time from prayers and exchanging it with propaganda of the principles, contrary to the Doctrine of God, thus becoming the new false idol, which occupies the central place of your homes. Television has in itself the image of the devil, who is the new idol, the anti-Christ, with sound and movement. In this way the world of shadows is the focal point of the lives of many children and is adored by them. Many lies will be showed on about the Church, and about the Catholic Religion. There is a large armed plot to overthrow the Church of My Son Jesus. The enemies, for long been preparing for the robbery, be alert! There will be much confusion and many things will come from the priests or members of the highest positions of the Church. My little children, the enemy wants to confuse you, pray much, pray much, pray much, asking always for discernment and strength to overcome. Always have your hearts pure and sincere. Love each one with equality and protect yourselves against the infernal court! The enemies are voracious, intelligent enough to deceive you. Pray for your Pope Benedict XVI, God supports him and leads him, because He needs him for the sustenance of His Church, until the time of Redemption arrives, many hate him and want him off the throne, he has sought to correct the errors of the Church but finds resistance, and will find even more, since his enemies are also more numerous, he will not falter, yet his power will be taken, but he will not fall until he completes his mission on earth, he will suffer greatly. Pray for him! Pray also for those who do not understand him, and always judge him badly, trying not to see or hear what he says.

My dear children, more and more the enemy wants to take control of man, wants to dominate , wants to lead , wants to gag, creating events, new technologiesChips of recognition, etc. Children, if they advise you to accept to place in yourselves such events, refuse. If this happens you can not accept it, for you would be slaves of the enemy. If any children accepts, will drink the wine of Divine Wrath. However My children, nothing will be lacking for those who do not accept, for God will accumulate them with Graces and Protection. Is necessary to trust and be very attentive. I repeat: – the enemy lurks around you to find a way to overthrow you in the middle of the path which you must follow in order to attain Salvation and Holiness. Pray much and watch above all your senses , which are the gateway to the suggestions and temptations in your hearts.

I and all the Angels and Saints are with you, to help you to keep the doors of your senses, and of your soul well guarded against the enemy. For this, pray a lot, your prayers, penances, and fasting will greatly help to lessen the events, and the firmer you are in prayer the more I will defend you. Have confidence in Me, My little children, for I am here in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, to help you and to lead you to a more secure place.

Finally, I want to thank all of you who welcomed Me with love and care. I ask you to pray always without ever being discouraged, your sincere and perfect prayers will save humanity.

My blessing, for the sick who are here in this humble place and also for all the others. Return to your homes, I give you My Strength and My Blessing May God the Father, the Son and the Divine Holy Spirit bless you and keep you. Amen

See you soon, Mary, Mother of Goodness, in Corgo da Igreija.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message April 1st 2012

Dear children, next Sunday, Easter day, the day on which we celebrate the Resurrection of My Son Jesus, I Mary Mother of Goodness, the Mother of Love and Mercy, I say to you: Rejoice with Me My beloved children, because Jesus crucified and killed, resurrected, with His immortal Glory, Impassable, never to die again .So, next Sunday rejoice with Me because in Jesus Triumphant of the evil, of sin and of death, Mine and your Triumph will be assured and We My children, will finally triumph over the devil.

At this Easter, I give you Mother’s advice: I would like you to try to overcome a defect each day, if your defect is to be angry in everything, one day try to be less angry, if your defect is not to obey, or if you can not bear those who do not please you, try one day to talk to them, if your defect is that you can not bear a proud brother, you must try to approach him and if you desire this brother to be humble, be humble yourself too, show that humility is worth more than pride. So then every day try to overcome and reject a defect in your heart, seek the defects that you must overcome.

My little children, I would also like to speak to you about a double and very serious sin that is committed in your world: Slander and scandal, both are like homicides, the first stabs the honour, the second the innocence, the soul of a child. I would like everyone to understand the enormous severity of the slander, which so easily spreads, and so much harm does to families, it’s like poison that comes in without you realizing it yourself.

My dear children, love sincerity and prudence, and then for you it will not be easy to slander. How many works collapsed because of the bad tongues … How many families ruined … How many souls, ardent and well-intentioned, felt the bitter stench of debasement or slander …

Children, slander is much worse when it comes from the heart and lips of My predilected children. Those who receive My Son Jesus frequently, who frequent the Church, pass with great facility from murmuring to slander, sometimes it is born of envy and pride, other times it is the small rivalries, even in the Good, but make them become satanic.  The envy of the graces of others, makes you able to discover even what does not exist and to spread the evil that in reality is not there. Dear children, flee from this sin, so serious that it sows death in the honour of your brothers who live around you, without you noticing it, and make the solemn promise not to tarnish yourselves with such a sin, so easy to avoid. If you can not speak well of your neighbour be silent, it would be much better for you to remain silent than to use badly your tongue.

My children, together we will conquer all the darkness, all the evil and all type of death that reigns in your world. Always walk on the road of Good, always moving more away from the things of the world, from the vain and transient things, from the easy seductions of evil, from the easy opportunities to sin, so that by truly keeping yourselves safe from evil, gathered and protected by prayer, by meditation, by the flight of occasions of sin, your souls may ever grow more and more in the virtues, in the practice of good, in the observance of all the Commandments of God and in the faithful fulfilment of all the Messages that I have given you here in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija. Free yourselves from sin in this Easter by the Holy Confession, prepare well with the examination of conscience before you do the Holy Confession, pray, pray to the Holy Spirit, that he may enlighten you and give you true repentance and the perfect contrition of all that you have done by offending your Creator, also ask Him to give you aversion to sin, then seek the minister of My Son Jesus to make your Holy Confession, also ask, him to be enlightened by the Divine Light and thus to guide all souls in the Light of His Spirit. Give thanks to God that He allowed the priests to listen to you in confession and forgive your sins in His name, always thank God for the grace of mercy He gives you through the Sacrament of Confession, and above all because He has left priests here on earth to administer this sacrament. Pray, pray, pray a lot and thank the Lord Jesus Christ for everything : for the joys, for the sufferings, for your work, for the daily bread, for your crosses that sometimes become too heavy, well, for all you must thank the Lord, He only gives each child what he can bear, if you accept the crosses that God wills to command to you, you can transform them into great graces and merits for yourselves and for the souls who are in need of the Love and Mercy of Jesus .

Children, Christ is Life, is Resurrection. Know to accept your crosses, and you can be resurrected to a New Life in Christ, you will truly be My children, Children of the Lord. My apostles of the end times, are those who bring My grace to the whole world and make My Light shine upon the whole world.

In this Easter My dear children, open your hearts … and let faith and Love make an eternal abode in them. Since Easter is Love, I want this Love to be strengthened every day, and every year.

My dear children, I wanted to ask you, next Sunday the first of May, all of you brought three roses : A white , one red and one yellow, for I to bless it. These roses will be a shield for you, in the attack of the devil, in your lives and in your homes.

Before finishing, I also wanted to ask you, when you pray with My Rosary on Easter Day, that you offer it to your relatives, offer it also for sinners, for the dying, for the church of My Son Jesus, for your Pope, cardinals, bishops, priests, religious men and women, also include the souls in Purgatory, My young people and most especially, offer it for the triumph of My Immaculate Heart.

I love you very much My little children, let yourselves be guided by this Mother who will be your refuge and support in the days of tribulation that are approaching. Pray, pray, pray and trust. Be firm examples in your commitments. Be grateful children, praise and thank God without ceasing.

I, the Mother of the Risen Christ, Mary Mother of Goodness, in Corgo da Igreija, I give you a very special Blessing and I do it in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

See you soon, Mary, Mother of Goodness in Corgo da Igreija



Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message May 6th 2012

My dear children, thank you for being here, how happy I am to see them reunited praying. I am the Mother of Goodness and the Lady of the Rosary, Jesus sends Me here to this place Corgo da Igreija, so that I can pour out His Graces. Thousands of Graces are poured out on all of you.

My little children, on May 13, you commemorate My first apparition in the poor Cova da Iria at Fatima, date when I appeared to the three little shepherds, Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta. I invite you to follow with My Shepherds the way of holiness, of perfection and true love. This is the path to which I have also called you here in these apparitions, Corgo da Igreja, which are the continuation and conclusion of Fatima and where each day I lead and guide you towards God and Salvation. Then dear children, follow Me daily, with My Shepherds by the road of penance, I can transform you into white roses, symbol of the Holy Spirit and prayer, in red roses representing the spirit of reparation and sacrifice, in yellow roses, representing the Spirit of penance. All these roses children, will always be open and perfumed, to offer to the Most High the sweet and gentle perfume of your souls, and at the same time to perfume this swamp of sin that has become the world, and transform it into an odoriferous garden of Holiness.

My dear children, always follow the path of true love, loving the Lord and Me as the three little Shepherds loved, placing your hearts completely in My hands, always renouncing your will to do Mine, immolating yourselves without ceasing, for Me and with Me for the Salvation of all mankind. If you do so My children, as My little Shepherds of Fatima did, donating themselves, offering Me their lives in sacrifice, I can transform you into living copies of them, for greater Glory of the Lord, for the triumph of My Immaculate Heart on all peoples, and on the Triumph of the Catholic Faith in the world. In this way, the promise made at Fatima by Me on July 13, 1917, repeated here and in all places of My apparitions, will come true, My Immaculate Heart will triumph, first in you and finally in the whole world. The flame of My Love will burst forth mightily, scorching the whole world and turning it into a single mystical furnace, burning with Love. What I said in Fatima, I repeat to you again, Pray the Holy Rosary daily for the conversion of sinners, for peace in the world and for the end of wars, convert, do not offend more God our Lord Jesus Christ, who has already been too offended, prepare yourselves because the great warning is near, will shake the whole earth, will shudder even the most obscure, indifferent and hard consciences, all men will know that God is alive, that He exists. He is the truth and only in Him is the fullness and meaning of life. Prepare yourselves, for at last My Immaculate Heart will triumph by unimaginable and surprising means!

I invite you in this month of May to accept My Love, to let My Love transform you into these three mystical roses, perfumed with Divine CharityKindnessGenerosity and surrender to the Lord. With this spiritual beauty, I Mary, Mother of Goodness, can build My own beauty, My own Goodness and Love, so that the perfume of My Love may be felt by all the souls of the world through you.

My children, these three roses that I asked you to bring, I now bless them, you will bring them back to your homes, you will distribute the petals to the sick and the suffering, you will place the petals on the bed of the agonising and in your hoises, so that My Grace and My Blessing fill and envelop your homes and free them from the attacks of the devil.

Children, preserve the stalks and petals of these roses, even after they have dried on your altars, so that My Blessing will remain for long and long time, wrapping and filling your homes with the Graces and Mercy of the Most High.

Today dear little children, I wanted you all to go to Holy Mass. When My predilected son, the ” priest “, bless you at the end of the Mass, raise your roses so that they may also be blessed by My Son Jesus Christ.

Before finishing, My dear son Fernando Pires,(visionary) he made Me a question about the meaning of the twelve white doves that are around Me, because many of his brothers already asked him this question and he did not know how to respond. I tell you the meaning of the twelve doves, they are the symbol of the twelve Apostles who brought the Redemption to the four corners of the world, born of the Crucified Christto the four corners of the earth. This message of Redemption, also here, is present in this sanctuary, Corgo da Igreija, united with the Figure of the Holy Spirit that came down in the form of a dove.

At this moment, I bless you all through My three little Shepherds of Fatima.

From Fatima in Cova da Iria and in Corgo da Igreija I leave the Father in your minds, the Son in your hearts, and the Holy Spirit in your souls.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

See you soon, Mary, Mother of Goodness, in Corgo da Igreija.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message June 3rd 2012

Thank you dear children for coming to this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, I thank you, and God too.

We are not ungrateful, God sees everything and hears everything, you the ones who do not see Him nor listen to Him, but He is with you in your hearts, which is the place where He likes the most to be, He dwells within you all, all of you are homes of the Holy Spirit. Pray to the Holy Spirit, the more you pray offering your prayers, the better, when you ask for His help, He will work in you, He conquers you, dominates you, keeps you and purifies you, and when you sin, you diminish His power. He is the truth, the way, the life, God is Life and Peace.

Little children, you need much of this Peace! If you have this Peace, you will be closer to God, you will have God very close to you, but if you feel anger, fear, hatred, rancour, sorrow, doubt, restlessness, lack of joy and tranquillity, anguish, know that with these feelings God will not be with you. My dear children of My Heart, may My Rosary be your protection, always carry the Rosary around your neck so that you may constantly pray against the devil, who rounds you and tempts you, he is a fierce dragon that tries to destroy the Plans of God, causing you to move over to his side. Do not do this My children, do not do it, believe in the existence of the devil and do not doubt that he is there, near you, wanting to do evil to you, and unfortunately with some he is succeeding.

How many disunited families who do not live as authentic Christians … How many parents lose their children to the sin of the world … How many children who do not obey their parents. The quarrels and fights within your homes. The disunity and lack of love between parents and relatives are caused by the devil. Be careful little children! Watch out for the devil ! Pray the prayer to My Archangel Michael, to protect yourself from the devil. Be prepared and do not be afraid, I your Mother of Heaven will not allow you to be devoured by the devil. You must be in constant prayer and remain vigilant, pray in prayer groups, and at home with your families, many of you do not pray with your families, you need to love your families more, yes children, the Family is a gift from God to you, God chose you to stay together in one house, not all of you love your families very much. Love, love, love, children, even if they do you wrong and hate you, yes children, I see hatred in some of you. Love and pray My children, I do not want to see quarrels in your homes, God wants Peace, and how will My children have it? How are you going to build it? With hatred, anger, discord and quarrels in your homes? Begin today to pray with your families. You will never regret it.

Dear children, a thick darkness hangs over you, it takes a lot of prayer to avoid what can come on the earth in great proportions, Wake up My children, wake up, the devil wishes to bring you misfortunes, wars, violence in terrible proportions, so that much blood, blood of innocent victims be poured out to satisfy his evil attempts, mankind will live days of purification, never seen before on earth, the riches of men will disappear, the economies from the nations will be on the streets of bitterness, and the global financial crisis will give humanity many pains. The scourge of hunger will desolate entire nations. The powerful nations will have the monopoly of the little food, and the poorer nations will see their children die of thirst and hunger. How many thorns will be inflicted in the Heart of My Son Jesus Christ and in Me, and how many will be inflicted by the errors that these nations are spreading throughout the earth. May all nations be attentive because the hand of God may fall upon them. I wish these nations to convert and consecrate themselves to My Immaculate Heart. May the Holy Gospel, the Word of God be in your minds.

My dear children, many of you are not realizing the agony of the world, you are not paying attention to the events that will precede, the great catastrophes, which are warnings of the coming of the Lord. In fact children, the coming of the Lord is imminent, but as the Word of God says, no one knows the day nor the hour, but it will happen. And certainly for that time, all the children should be prepared. Do not forget that Jesus Christ died by bearing on Him the sins of the world. Jesus is faithful to His covenant, while you distracted you forget Him. You remind Him only in times of need and in extreme times. Accept My invitation, begin to walk the path of truth and life, Jesus Christ awaits you with open arms, do not leave your conversion for tomorrow, join Jesus Christ in the sorrows and in the joys, this is the time when you must correct your sins and fix what is wrong, this is the time of a true surrender to the Lord, do not leave for the last hour, the time is now, do not allow yourselves to be converted when the earth is completely covered in mourning .

My dear children, pray and be converted, pray and be converted, pray and be converted.

I pour out My Graces upon the children of the whole world. Live in the Love and Peace of My Son Jesus Christ.

From here, from this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, I bless you all. I bless My Portuguese children and those of the whole in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

See you soon, Mary, Mother of Goodness, in Corgo da Igreija.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message July 1st 2012

Dear children, I am here again in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, to ask you once again, to pray for all the Cardinals, Bishops and Priests. They are all My predilected children .

Pray, that all may understand the warnings I have made through My messages everywhere in My apparition’s. Pray that all those souls consecrated to God may fulfil well and with love the grace of the priesthood and of the consecration which they have offered to God, witnessing with faith and courage My Son Jesus to all the faithful.

Do not be afraid My dear children, I am the Mother of Goodness, Victorious Queen of all battles. I manifest here in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, to speak the truth and denounce lie, I appear here little children, to help the Church of the whole world which is in great danger.

Once again I ask you to pray for the Church of My Son Jesus Christ, the enemy has already entered it and very cleverly tries to seduce My predilected children with deceptive gestures and words, I am the Mother of the Church and I try to help you, but I am persecuted by some of these beloved children, who forbid the faithful to go to the places of My apparitions. I want to tell My sons the priest’s that they should help more the faithful to find God. Let Me help you, stop persecuting Me in My apparitions, how many graces and signs the Lord manifested in various places of these My apparition’s … little children, I urge you to advance and make My warnings be  known to all.

Do not waste time, time is precious, apart from its preciousness it is very short, therefore I ask all My children to multiply your steps toward My Most Beloved Son Jesus Christ . About this, I had already warned you in many other messages, I had already asked with sweetness for the conversion of humanity, but even so, I was not and I am not heard.

I once again alert you My children, reminding you that scourges and great catastrophes on a world scale will be poured out upon all humanity, and will be sad and wounded until the transformation of the whole earth. I am very sad when I see that humanity is on the verge of these catastrophes and men prefer to remain deaf and blind. Pray, pray, pray My dear children. Those who pray do not fear the future and those who fast do not fear evil. I repeat My children: Those who pray are not afraid of the future, although the idea of ​​the future has always left you uncertain, doubtful. To combat this sense of insecurity, you must put God in your lives, because you are still very far from Him, especially those who do not pray My Rosary, those who do not attend Holy Mass, how can you have safety, if you do not have PRAYER as your objective? Know that your safety is in God, He made Heaven and Earth, otherwise everything would fall apart.

My children, something that is not built on the rock that is God, can never stand the storms of your dark and menacing world.

Dear children, the appropriate PRAYER comes from the bottom of your hearts, from your suffering, from your joy, from your will to seek the forgiveness of sins. Throw away all sorts of superstitions, cast out the one who comes from afar and tries to rob you of your faith, do not let him deceive you, or even if they speak ill of this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija. Here you can increase your faith and your knowledge about God, you also may learn to know yourselves better, and to remember that you were created in His image and likenessPrayer will bring you to the fulfilment of My desires, the fulfilment of My mission in this world with you, and to the unity of the family of God.

Dear children, in a very special way, today I wish to call you to conversion, so that your example may be a sign and an incentive for the conversion of other children, I am with you and with My Son Jesus Christ I intercede for your conversion. I ask you to create more prayer groups in the name of God, ask for the Light, so that you may rise and be able to help in the process of elevating your world and all of humanity.

I know that there is among you children of prayer, slandering another brother of prayer, they want to destabilize your prayer group, they want confusion , they want to fragment, because a group united is very powerful. God will not allow anything to happen to those who pray.

Before finishing My children, I invite you to pray for the health of your Pope Benedict XVI, always pray in your prayers for the Holy Father, He was chosen by My Son Jesus. The Holy Father is the only hope of the Resurrection of the Church of My Son Jesus Christ and the only symbol of His unity, however My children, the Holy Father no longer has a voice, because many words of his are no longer given to his children, many letter’s from him, orientations, writingsdeterminations, are being camouflaged by the enemies of the Church, and many orders and directions too, no longer come from him, are placed as if they were. Pray much for him My beloved children, for you are part of his Mission. I trust in you.

I also wanted to ask you to pray for the children of the whole world, who are going hungry, because of the financial crisis.

My blessing to the sick who are here in this humble place Corgo da Igreija, and also to all the others. Return to your homes, I give you My strength and My blessing.

May God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit bless you and keep you. Amen.

See you soon, Mary, Mother of Goodness, in Corgo da Igreija.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message August 5th 2012

My dear little children, I come again from heaven to earth in order to invite you again to prayer and confession of your sins.

Sin gains strength, enslaves many families and creates among them much bitterness and restlessness. Today, when you go to Holy Mass, I ask you to humbly confess your sins. Confession brings healing to your souls and it is through it that you will be forgiven in order to be spiritually reborn into a righteous and virtuous life.

My dear children, in confession open your hearts to God and allow the Light of the Heart of My Son Jesus Christ to transform your hearts, to fight against sin and to attain the purity of your souls. RememberGod always sees you and carefully observes your feelings, your thoughts and the desires of your hearts, avoid even the smallest sins, lest you fall into the greatest sins, let My Son Jesus Christ be your Master in everything, and constantly turn to Him who awaits you in the silence of the Tabernacle. I feel great joy when you go to Holy Mass with great Faith, in Holy Mass My Son is always present, alive and resurrected, and there is the Holy Eucharist. Take Him My little children, try to receive as much communion as you can, you will never regret it. What you do for Jesus, He will reward you.

Unfortunately, many children still miss Mass, those who miss a Mass are losing many graces. My dear children, you do not know how important the Eucharist is, if you knew, you would never miss Mass. 

Present to Jesus and to Me your joys and sorrows. You do not know the plans of God, you do not know them, only later will you understand them.

My dear children, you would like to know everything that will happen, but you should know nothing yet. The future is in the hands of God, it belongs to Him alone, no one has to be scouring the future, nor having an exaggerated curiosity about it. Humanity sins a lot, sins gravely against the Lord, humanity herself attracts and causes many misfortunes, unfortunately, and I come to make the last warnings to humanity so that it can converttransform, and change its acts. Convert, convert, convert children, I am your Mother from Heaven, I pray, intercede and cry out to the Lord that you may convert and change your lives. Do a lot of Penance for God to forgive you.

May this Message My children, be to you an even stronger encouragement to confession, in these so difficult and confusing times. Seek to be of those who use the gift of understanding, of wisdom, of piety, of the Holy Fear of God, seeking what is truly necessary, leaving the superfluous aside. Nothing is more necessary for you than to ask that the will of God be done in your livesthat you love God with all your heart and know how to please Him and give Him contentment .

Little children, this is the one and only objective of your existence in your world: Love God with all your heart, with all your strength, all your understanding. If you do what I told you, I promise to help you, I promise to do everything I can to bring your souls to Heaven. Pray, pray, pray a lot, for it is only through prayer that I can lead you to the path of Sanctification and salvation that My Son Jesus Christ offers through My Immaculate Heart. I am always with you at all times, and I have prepared My Immaculate Heart to be your refuge and your perpetual abode, enter, enter, enter on It My little children, giving Me your “YES” in these dark times of the domination of the devil and evil in the world, so that I Mary, Mother of Goodness, may always guard you, protect you and free you of all Evil.

May all be in Peace My dear little children, in the presence of God the Father, God the Son and God the Divine Holy Spirit.

I, Mary, Mother of Goodness, I leave you. Amen.

See you soon, Mary, Mother of Goodness, in Corgo da Igreija.



Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message September 2nd 2012

My dear children, on this Sunday, in Peace and in silence,  thank God for the presence of Jesus in all the tabernacles of the world and especially in your hearts. Praise and glorify God by thanking Him for so great love that Heaven gives you  through the presence of Jesus in your hearts. Children, in silence ask Jesus for peace for your lives, for your families and for the lives of the youth.

On this beautiful afternoon, God wants to make you understand that this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreja, is a place of prayer and welcoming, you must reflect on these two points and especially on the welcoming, because it shows you how you are welcomed here by the Divine Mercy. How beautiful is Mercy! How great are the rays of the Merciful Jesus heart, great is His Mercy, and great is His Heart!

Dear children, live in Peace, feel the presence of God in your hearts, you must come here for a very special reason – Jesus. By Him, this afternoon of today, will be an afternoon of prayer and Adoration, Jesus asks you for great simplicity of soul, He speaks to your hearts and accepts your prayers as a beautiful proof of love.

Men often have neither humility nor simplicity, they are corrupted by greed, by power, they live as if life were only earthly and forget Peace. One of the most important reasons why you should be here is to ask for Peace.

Today, I Mary, Mother of Goodness, the Mother of God, I ask all My children, especially those who govern the great nations to seek to live peace, the greatest need in the world today is precisely Peace. Seek Peace in everything and with all. The world must live in Peace, live in communion with Heaven. In every way the devil tries to take this peace from you, either through illness or vice, or by inducing you to commit  countless sins …

My words today ask you for more holiness, to live more holiness.

Jesus reminds you of the need for conversion in families, in the hearts, especially of young people and the children, reminds us of the need to bend our knees and ask for Peace, Heaven My children, is attentive to the moments of tribulation which mankind lives today, with so much pain. It is necessary that you sustain yourselves in Faith, in Charity, in Humility.

Jesus has been asking for humanity to accept Heaven, accept the teachings of Heaven, Jesus said: ” a very great multitude is called, but few are determined to truly live Holiness.” Among these few, on this Sunday of Adoration and of welcoming to the Word, the Eucharistic Jesus, all the children who came here to this Sacred Place da Igreija, are the Family of God, those who said Yes, who opened the doors of their hearts and came with Faith, with Wisdom, with Love, to give thanks and praise God .

When Heaven guides Me to be present with you as in this moment, as I look at all of you, whom bring in your hands one of the most precious weapons and which men needs the most, which is the Rosary, I ask My children to be men of prayer, not only of words, but mainly change of life, try to transform yourselves, to heal yourselves, to be truly children, more and more blessed by God. My dear children, try to experience with more love, with more affection, sincerity and truth the will of God.

Do always an examination of conscience, an act of recognition of your weaknesses, truly seek the way of Conversion, do not allow the enemy to use you so much, because he knows fully when you err, when you offend the Heart of Jesus, always ask Jesus to protect your families, among your many requests to God, one of the most important is the protection of your family, ask Jesus to protect your homes, your children, your families, also ask God to grant you the ability to forgive, to love, to be charitable, to accept others as they are, because many times you do not know how to love your brothers who need your help so much.

Do you know why God sends Me body and soul here to earth? Because My children need the Heart of this Mother, and because I Mary, Mother of Goodness, I open My Heart and My Mantle over all of you, children, it is with Love that I will rescue all My children and lead them to the Heart of the Merciful Jesus, it is not with violence, because God is not violence, God is Love. Love more, but love with the love of God, it is not with the love of men, a capricious, selfish love, Love with the love of Mercy and thus you will know how to help those who need you the most.

As for you children, who are here in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, asking God for healing, the liberation of your families, asking God for your children, believes that, despite in today being so many traps of the devil to try to confuse and deceive mankind, God is among you, He is with you.

My children, always believe and you will be victorious. You are here because you expect a better world, you know how great the power of God is, you know that humanity is preparing for the triumph of My Heart. Here, you are blessed and happy children of God, far from all the suffering that leads man to a life of sadness, depression, spiritual illness, despair, how many children have everything and do not have the joy of peace in their hearts! What is the use of having the things of the earth and not having what really brings you happiness, which is the grace of God and the Mercy of God?

Today My dear children, this Sunday, the Lord’s Day, ask Jesus for that grace, in a moment when you should be in silence, with your soul in God, away from the hustle and bustle of earth, away from worries. Jesus shows here in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, how the power of God is realized in your hearts, transforming them, because this is necessary. Learn how to be in the presence of God, to listen to Heaven, to surrender your hearts, to allow the Holy Spirit to envelop you completely, no one comes here just to come, all will be here illuminated by Heaven.

You are in this Holy Place Corgo da Igreija, a place that God has chosen, and where He has sent Me all this time, which to you, here on earth seems long, but for God is different, because the time of Heaven it is not the time of men, Man wants everything fast and quickly, man wants things to happen immediately, but I tell you, you would not be here if God did not want to show you, that you should have preparation, so you may know how to fulfil the mysteries of Faith, Charity, Prayer , so you may see the Power of God happening in you. God created your world, made men in His image and likeness and what He really wants is for His children to be happy and blessed.  Therefore live this Blessing.

You who are here in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, continue to ask God strength to overcome the difficulties of the infirmities of the body, to face the battles of the family. Children, Jesus spoke so much of you, He asked for more Love in your homes, asked for more respect. To help to save a soul, seek respect and dignity, not violence.

God is love and peace. It is in the Peace of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit that you will remain here and at all times in your lives, praising and glorifying the Most Holy Trinity.

May God bless each one of you.

See you soon, Mary, Mother of Goodness, in Corgo da Igreija.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message October 7th 2012

My dear little children, ask the Divine Holy Spirit and Jesus to be present among you here in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, and to take care of your hearts, ask for Peace to all the corners of your world, especially to places where there is war, violence, sorrow, pain and tears.

My children, I came to you with My open arms, to welcome you, to embrace you all under My Cloak, many times I can not do it because still there is hearts full of false lights and false idols, cleanse your hearts, only then will I embrace you under My Mantle and give you true Peace and Happiness. It’s for Jesus little children, just by Him, that I’m here talking to you, He with His blood, His pain, His wounds, His passion gave you salvation. It is by His Infinite Mercy and by His Infinite Love that I come into the world, He tells Me to come to warn you of the risk that many of you have of getting lost.

My children, God has given you Salvation, but you also need to seek it with action in your lives. There is children, who with their bad lives and bad feelings, walk on the road of the abyss, there is many others who go to church, but in their lives they do things as if they were walking on the road of perdition.

Do not talk without necessity within the Churches, be silent and speak only to Jesus, just say what is necessary, He wants to hear your prayers, not your conversations, it’s not worth doing some good, and some good deeds, if you are not good children, it’s not worth just to pray a lot, you have to love, it’s not worth only to have Faith in the heart, it is necessary to practice Charity, where is it My dear children? I do not see it in the hearts of many, you sing and praise God in the Church, worshiping Him in the depths of your hearts, but after when you leave, you hate your brothers and do not forgive them for any of the offenses that you receive … How can you receive help from God? To love God is very easy, children, He is wonderful, to love all the brothers is difficult, but it is not impossible, everything is possible for those who believe. God is the Way, the way that leads to Salvation, He wants to save all the children and calls you to look into your lives, to do a good ” examination of conscience ” for your own good.

I know that many of you would like to do something for Me and to God, but children, first think about taking steps on the road to Salvation, setting a good example, it’s this good example that brings you closer to God, only in this way will in your life be less suffering, less poor and meaningless. The meaning of life is to live with God at every moment and to do His holy will, may you not be like those children who only say, “Lord, Lord,” but for your sake, be children who do all that He asks for, for your joy in this world which has become a valley of tears and pains, but where the solution to Peace continues to be in the One that came so many years ago: My Son Jesus, He alone, no one else.

Children, sinners are not just the atheists,  is also those children who go to church a lot but do not repent of all the evil they do in their lives. My dear children, I see in you discouragement and laziness when is to pray and to go to Mass, many of you even make excuses by doing other things, but when it is for material and money there is nothing to hold you back, and when there is some funfairs, you go running to enjoy yourselves. No My children, do not do this, First go to Mass and pray, the graces are in the Mass and in prayer, and you don’t go and get them! Jesus offers Himself and gives Himself in the Blessed Sacrament and you do not go to Him.

Dear children, in your prayers be at ease with Jesus, speak to Him as if you were speaking with your best friend, He knows you better than any of your closest friends, He knows your weaknesses, no matter how much you sin, Jesus will always be ready to forgive you, giving you a new opportunity, He forgives all children as long as you ask forgiveness and want to be forgiven, Jesus always forgives the children who love Him and never forgets the one who has faith. Trust in Him little children, love Him, it is no use just to have faith and to believe, it is also necessary to do His will. Live by putting the Gospel into practice, do not despise it, but fulfil each verse of the Holy Bible. Read part from the Gospel every day.

My children, an event that will shake humanity is at the door, and before this, it is very urgent the prayer and the union of all the children that prays. Pray for each other, do not tire of praying, may the attacks of your daily life do not hold you back, and may your life be a continuous act of offering to My Son Jesus, for the sins of all mankind. Live well the Sacraments, to be well prepared. That is why I want to walk with you always, so I can help you and protect you in the most opportune moments, the enemy hates you, you should not be afraid of anything for if you are walking with Me, nothing, absolutely nothing will happen to you.

Pray, pray, pray always and try to maintain the state of Grace that takes you to Heaven, doing so you will overcome, for prayer overcomes all barriers.

My little children, once again I ask you to pray for the souls in Purgatory, it’s imperative that purgatory be empty for your good, many do not believe in the existence of Purgatory, and these children are destined to pay dearly, as they run the risk of not receiving prayers, they do not follow Catholic doctrine, do not know Catholicism and the dogmas declared by the Holy Church, and therefore do not deserve to be called Catholics. Catholics know that purgatory exists! Catholics know that the communion of Saints exists! Pray for the souls in Purgatory and pray also for the children who do not believe in it, pray much with your heart, every prayer made with the heart for the enemies and sinners, is a precious prayer. You must feel love for them in your heart, making them your brothers, do not criticize them or judge them, but love them, pray for them and show them your good example, this is the best way to change them, to help them, this way you will wipe the tears from My face because of them.

Love children, you must love, because Love is God and he who loves is with God. A child when he says that he is with God, may even be, but if he does not love his neighbour he will never be, because God is Love, He is Love.

The world today is very troubled, there is wars in various places, even in your homes, in your place of work, in schools … you are at war with one another and enter into combat strengthened with hatred and unloving.

Why My children?

God loves you and you have to love each other too, you are His children and you must love one another more and more, begin today to love your families, those you like and those who are your enemies, be brothers, for that is what you are.

Before finishing this message, I would like to say a few words to My predilected son (priest) who is here, do not judge any of My children before hearing them in confession.

Predilected Son, I want to pour out My blessings, so I ask you to be the bridge that connects this Sanctuary Corgo da Igreija, to all Portugal, so that many of My children may come to this Sacred Place.

Thank you to all of you who came from afar and left your homes and chores to be here. I know that many children from other places could not come and would love to be here at the moment, but little children, do not worry, I am there with you in your houses and in your cities, the moments when I feel happy is when I am with you, in prayer, every day, never forget to pray My children, even tired, sleepy, sick or discouraged, true prayer does not tire anyone, when we get tired of praying it is because we have not truly prayed.

I also wanted to remind you that many of you speak ill of the priests, do not do this, because you are speaking badly of your Church, priests and bishops are ministers of My Son Jesus Christ, It is Jesus Himself who acts in their person, a blessing from them is the blessing of God, it drives the devil far away. Ask the priests and bishops to bless you many times. Pray for priests and religious who are already saints, so that they may stand firm. Pray for the priests and religious who make great sacrifices and carry great crosses, so that God may give them strength and comfort. Pray that many priestly vocations flourish around the Eucharistic altars. Pray that priests and religious be protected from all temptations of evil and do not fall into mortal sin, that Jesus may preserve them in purity and holiness, bless their labours and grant them one day the crown of eternal life, Pray for the seminarians, Pray also My children, for the Holy Father the Pope, so that God gives him health, strength and courage, do not let him fall into the hands of the enemies, and protect him from all evil.

I love you and bless you all. Goodbye My dear children. From this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, abide in the blessing of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

See you soon, Mary, Mother of Goodness, in Corgo da Igreija.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message November 4th 2012

My dear little children, this is the month of all Saints, they were true obedient children and made many painful sacrifices, consoling deeply the Lord, that’s why they are the Saints we celebrate today. They are a joy to Me and to God, they were Saints because they wanted to be. Being holy is not impossible, with God nothing is difficult, with Him everything can be achieved. The Saints allowed God to act in their lives, you do not allow, the Saints were totally open to God, you do not open yourselves, the Saints wanted to do the will of God, you don’t do, the Saints lived the Ten Commandments, you do not live.

Now it is your turn to make sacrifices and penance for the love of God, to Me your Mother from Heaven who loves you to the point of shedding tears for all of you. Make sacrifices and penance for your neighbour’s sake, that is  for the love of your sinful brothers.

In these difficult times, I say to you: Courage, courage, courage. My children, you should not be afraid or despair, have courage, a lot of courage in your world today, do not think about the future, about tomorrow, think about today, live today, it is the only time you have to be holy. But My children, this time finishes, your life here on earth is not eternal, it is a simple passage that passes very fast. Be decided for God, My children, this time is time for decisions, take and bear your crosses, the sufferings of your lives, accept the cross with patience and resignation, all Saints carried their cross, We do not reach Heaven without a cross. Be as children, you, adult humanity, young and old, no matter the age, be pure children, simple and kind, children are the best examples for you, they are the Saints of today, be like them, do not be proud, liars, rancorous, greedy, impure, materialistic, no, be none of that, be charitable, generous, prayerful, faithful, lovers of prayer and the Eucharist.

My children, all the Saints gave great value to the Eucharist and often went to the Church to Communion and to worship Jesus Christ. May you not be of those children who are cowering , be of those that happens what happens, at any cost, do everything for Jesus as the Saints, be those children who do not measure efforts or sacrifices, like the Holy Martyrs. Do not evacuate, be courageous witnesses of Jesus in this world who does not want to believe, be witnesses like John, Mary Magdalene and the Holy Women who have spent those hours with Jesus on the cross and not left Him or fled. Today, My children, I suffer because few are the children who are before Jesus asking for Mercy for your world, see that today the same things happen as at that time, the Apostles and early Christians were persecuted, imprisoned and martyred, today those who want to serve God are the ones who suffer the most, today it is humanity that is destroying itself, everything that happened before is being repeated now and in the same way. That is why I am here My children, because I and My Son Jesus love you! I am your Mother and I come to alert and warn you. I’m the Mother of Goodness, I secure these two doves of the Holy Spirit in My hands, to hold your world. I am here in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, interceding incessantly for your world, every moment of the day and night. God is Father of all humanity and of all peoples, God is the Creator of all races, He loves all nations and everyone He wants to save. Pray, pray, pray My Holy Rosary with love and dedication like the Saints, the Saints prayed the rosary with much devotion, much love and I My children, I wanted you to pray like them.

Children, you pray the Lord’s Prayer, but do you forgive your brothers? You pray the Hail Mary, but do you seek to be saints? You pray the Glory to the Father, but do you give thanks for everything? Prayer is Life, Peace and Salvation. I love all the children who pray the Rosary, I love, protect, guide, convert, converse with you and give many Graces and Blessings to those who recite this Holy Prayer piously .

Dear children, I would like to have in My hands the hearts of each one of you to bring it to Jesus, for He is the only one who can save you.

If you want to solve your problems, turn to Jesus the Saviour. No one should resort to false prophets to solve problems, for they work with the name of God to deceive unenlightened children. I cry when I see some of you going to spiritualism, thinking that they will solve your problems, but they end up multiplying them, these false prophets are condemning themselves to hell and behind them want to take My innocent children. Therefore My dear children, you must always stay away from the spiritist, because they have part with satan, who through them heals and cures, but only to hide their disgusting face and their evil intentions. I ask you to stay out of spiritism.

My children, there is yet another poison capable of harming, creating great tumours in the Soul, this poison is called ” judgment .” Do not judge My children, judging distances, judging saddens your souls. Some do err, but it is not up to you little children, to point out faults, or to justify your own ignorance with the acts of other brethren. Forget the judging, Forget to look at the wrong, forget to point out what the other brother did wrong. Be true and good children of God.

My dear little children, before finishing, I wanted to tell you that I was immensely happy with this moment of prayer, with the presence of the children , the youth, the father’s, the mothers, the grandparents and all the children gathered here in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija.

In this month of all the saints, together with My Son Jesus, with My husband Saint Joseph, I bless the whole world especially your nation, Portugal, where My Heart will triumph.

I thank for the presence of each one of you, in this place blessed by God, Corgo da Igreija. My little children, I leave you in My Peace, I leave you in the peace of the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

See you soon, Mary, Mother of Goodness, in Corgo da Igreija.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message December 2nd 2012

My dear children, today I already feel crowned with twelve stars, because on the 8th of December you are going to pay homage to My Immaculate Conception.

am already the Immaculate Conception, and with these words I reveal My Name to the visionaries, to call you to the perfect and true Holiness, which pleases God. I My little children, I say to all: walk in Grace, Love, Holiness, Serenity, Peace, Faith and trust that in the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph, the Immaculate Conception, your Mother of Goodness, will triumph.

It is My Messages and Prophecies that are already fulfilling, which assures you that your liberation is near. The clear sign of My Triumph are My Apparitions here in Corgo da Igreija, which have lasted for almost fourteen years, and although My enemy tried to make this disappear, to block the progression in many ways, he could not do it, because I Mother of Goodness, I crush his head.

My children, when God made Me the Immaculate Handmaid, I felt immensely victorious, it has been a victory that brought Me Humility, Serenity and thanksgiving to God.

On that day 8th of December, when the Church, which is all of you My children, together with Jesus makes this beautiful homage to Me, I as Mother, I want to give to My children the best I have, I want to consecrate you to My Immaculate Heart. This is the greatest gift that I can give you, and it is also the greatest Gift that I can receive from you,  your Consecration.

My children, it is also in this month of December that you are going to celebrate the birth of Jesus, Christmas. And Christmas My children, is Love, Peace, Union, Fraternity, it is the presence of Jesus in your souls, in your hearts.

My children, Christmas continues to have the same Wealth, because Christmas continues to be Jesus being born within each one of you. He who once came into the world in Humility, in Simplicity, in Greatness of Heaven, He who dwelt among you, became man, was born and saved. May this Christmas My children, remind you of Jesus’ great journey with His people, because the years pass, the days pass, the time passes, but Jesus remains with you forever, He remains among you, He is reborn in your lives to make you aware that He wants a Holy Christmas, a Christmas in which the hearts turn to Him, so that each one of you may live in joy and not in sorrow.

Man always expects a better new year, but forgets to live a Holy Christmas, a Christmas with Prayer, a Christmas with Hope, a Christmas with Charity, a Christmas of the childhood, a Christmas of the youth, the Family, of the Missionaries, a Christmas of all the children of God.

My little children, I would like so much to look at you and tell you that Christmas will change everything in your lives, Jesus says strongly that He transforms, but man does not want to be transformed, surely if man wanted to change, Jesus could transform you, but man must have this goodwill, but today humanity is not yet ready to live this beautiful event because many children are obsessed with sin, and the devil is taking away all the values ​​that the children of God have, the value of Simplicity, the value of HumilityFaith and Love.

I ask you children on Christmas Day that the Families welcome Jesus into their homes asking for Peace, Protection, Faithfulness, Hope, because difficult days will come to families, with sufferingdespair, lack of harmony, disunity, lack of foundations, disrespect, inequality, but with the presence of Jesus Christ in your hearts, you can build your homes and sanctify them.

So today, as the Immaculate Conception, Mother of Goodness, I ask you to supplicate to God for the conversion of the world and for the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart.

I would like so much that you would not go through the suffering that is near you children, because I already feel the world in so much suffering, My children disillusioned, restless, sad, unhappy, and in the silence of My Heart I ask My Holy Son Jesus to relieve your sufferings.

I know that a great suffering will come: famine, sickness, persecutions, tribulations. The wrath of the devil, children, is huge, huge, huge, and the closer My Triumph approaches, more is the wrath of the devil, it’s greater, very big little children !!! Therefore, I want today with great affection, to bless the children of the whole world.

May God grant you much strength, wisdom and peace.

am consecrating you to the Heart of Merciful Jesus, in this year that is coming to an end, but however the Mercy of God will never have an end for whoever believes in Him.

May God bless you, may you live a Holy Christmas, may the Blessing of God the Father, God the Son which is the Child Jesus and the Divine Holy Spirit, come down into your hearts and keep you forever.

Merry Christmas little children, because Jesus was born and shines brightly in your life! Much peace.

See you soon, Mary, Mother of Goodness, in Corgo da Igreija.






Explanatory note:

This apparition is supported by the decree of the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith (AAS 58/16 of December 29, 1966, which defends canons 1399 and 2318, thanks to the intervention and approved by SS Paul VI and published by his will where it says: ” It is authorized to disclose, without express permission of ecclesiastical authority, writings concerning new apparitions, revelations, visions, prophecies and miracles , provided that Christian morality is observed in general.” In publishing revelations, apparitions, or any other graces of Jesus and of Mary, as well as of His Angels and Saints, this group of friends of Our Lady Mother of Goodness, in this way give the opportunity to all those who wish to know and be informed, of such wonderful manifestations of heaven, on earth, according to freedom and free will of each person.


We remind everyone that the site of the apparitions is private property , although it is still not properly closed, and is a place of prayer and Catholic devotion , so we ask people to respect the place and all those present, gathered in prayer, without interfering in celebrations, and in the surrounding spaces that are private.

All who wish to approach in the Heart of JESUS ​​and MARY are welcome, but with silence and respect, and appropriate clothing without provocation, as Our Lady asked .