Messages 2011


YEAR 2011

Messages of each month from this year.

WARNING : The messages are textually copied from the manuscripts of Brother Fernando Pires. Good discernment.


Message of Our Lady Mother of Goodness

Revealed to Brother Fernando Pires, on , , at the place of the apparitions (Corgo da Igreja).




Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message January 2nd 2011

My dear children, at the beginning of this new year, I want to wish you all the peace that comes from the Most Holy Trinity.

Children, I wish once again to ask you for fidelity to God and an ever greater commitment to this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija. Little children, I ask you to pray for all those who do not understand or accept My special presence in this Sacred place. Many do not believe, and by not believing criticize and waste an enormous time laying snares against those who have been chosen by God for this mission, once again children I repeat, that such attitude is useless, for this Sacred Place has sprung from the love of the Heart of God to be poured out upon all His children.

My dear children, I invite you this afternoon to a profound revision of your lives, I ask you today to evaluate with calm and much discernment that which is part of your daily life and which does not please the Lord My Son Jesus Christ .

I am deeply happy and grateful for the presence of each one of you here today, and happier still because I see that many have embraced with love and decision the invitation I made, of an ever greater commitment to this Sacred Place .

My children , My Heart and the Heart of My Son Jesus are overflowing with blessings and graces for all those children who wish to draw near to us. I repeat to you children, that if I am here it   is because the Father wanted it and What I say is what He wants Me to say, I am only a Servant, who every day tries to seek more and more children to the arms of the Lord Jesus Christ. I promise you children, that your tears and prayers will not be in vain and I tell you that these tearspenances and prayers are seeds of a renewed and sanctified humanity.

Dear children, I want to make a very special request to you, because this year is also a year of great tribulations, terrible sufferings, lack of foundations in the faith. The lack of a foundation in Love has led the world to become depressed, revolted, and distressed. Children, you need God, you need to look within yourself and be sure that God is with you, you must look deep into your soul and ask for peace. My children, take from here the grace of God, the Light of the Divine Holy Spirit, and the certainty that everything that you place here in the Heart of your Mother Mary, Mother of Goodness, is already in the Hands of Jesus. By your faith, what is impossible you will attain. As an example, you have the testimony of all this work, here in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, which is the Work of God.

I feel sorry for those children who do not know how to give their life and actions to the service of Good, the world needs much of children with pure and holy hearts, the world needs so much that there is Love, that there is Faith, that there is humility in the life of each one. I want you children to lift up your eyes to Heaven, trust more in the power of God, in the grace of God .

This year that begins children, is a year in which the world needs to be very prepared, all in tune, loving, everything with love, nothing without love. Love My children is the noblest thing in the world, it bring us to understand the importance of being children of the Lord. Did you ever My children at some point in your life have stopped to meditate on how much God loves you? How much does God want you? How much God protects you … how much does God defend you from these innumerable snares of the enemy?

I tell you children, this year of tribulation will be a year of great sadness, of much pain, of great hunger, because man himself will be troubled by the consequences of the sufferings that will arise and especially by the great attachment to material things, which will become worthless, because man will see that the fundamental basis is faith, peace and love. So children, heal your hearts, and Jesus is the only remedy that can heal, release, lead and protect.

Children, when the pain comes, pray a lot. When despair comes, pray much, kneel before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and ask Him to help you, to lead you and to protect you.

Dear children, God is Good, God is very Good, God is infinite Mercy, Infinite Love. So children, come to receive the blessings from Heaven, go and embrace the messages from Heaven, seeking a new life, seeking the true conversion, the true Faith, the true love in Jesus. That is what I ask of you children, It is what I most desire.

Children, I want to bless you, I ask Jesus that in this new year the heart of man be a heart surrounded by the love of God, by charity, by brotherhood, so that you may know how to overcome the time of tribulation that is herethe pain which is here, the suffering that is so close to you.

I end up asking you to dedicate your prayers this year for Peace. Be strong, begin the year with joy, with great wisdom, with great love and from now on do the will of God in your lives.

Conquer by love, suffer by love! But do not lose your faith! Live this year dear children, in the presence of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message February 6th 2011

My children, at this moment I have your world in My hands. I am pleading for the mercy of God for all My children, so that the punishment does not overwhelm all mankind.

the Mother of Goodness, am with you, and I place in Your hands My message of Peace, so that you may take it to all My children in the whole world as a dove of Peace that carries to the whole world the Message of the Lord, of Salvation and Peace. Place your family in the Hands of God, may God make available here the necessary graces to each one of you, so that you may live united to Jesus, far from inequality, far from indifference, far from selfishness, far from wanting to be better or greater than another brother. May all strive for a single goal, for a single ideal: PEACE! In these years of your walk, in which I am with you, you have learned much beautiful things, you have received great riches that need to be valued and loved.

In the hour of the mighty tempest, your knees will bend, and you will understand why Heaven has spoken to you so plainly. From now on, there will be great suffering. I want in this place Corgo da Igreja, I want the heart of My dear children open, I want here in this place Full Union.

Children, if you wish to give a great gift to My heart and the Heart of My Son Jesus, be always united, seek in the silence of your heart to hear more God, to meditate on the word of God, to thank for your lives, for being here, for the goodness of God. Everything that happens here is the Mystery of God, it’s a very beautiful Mystery. My children, not even all the human sciences together could explain what is happening here, Only Divine science can do it. To you the knowledge of God must suffice for you to understand why God opened Heaven and sent Me to this place, in body and soul as the messenger of His Word, as Mother, as Immaculate Conception, as Lady of Goodness.

So children, thank God for this afternoon, prepare your hearts well, the feast in commemoration of My coming here, on the 16th of February will be a beautiful Mystery of God, which you should thank the Most Holy Trinity. My children, this year the feast will be different, because your heart will be more present, no one should worry about the number of pilgrims, but with their quality, because what is lacking today is the truth in the lives of those who follow Jesus, is fidelity to Christ Jesus, from now on you will see those who are faithful and persevering, only the true believers and true perseverant will continue the walk, children, be one of these. Have you noticed that today, the devil wants to destroy you in every way, and move you away from this great place? Seek in Heaven the Fortress for your lives and cherish this Blessing from Heaven, which is God’s Blessing.

My coming here, to this Place Corgo da Igreija, is uniquely God’s blessing, here you can see how good God is for you, you have just received a message that teaches you to value the blessings of Heaven, you know clearly dear children, that the hard times have come, Jesus spoke to every corner of the earth about the difficulties. In all manifestations of the mysteries of God, Jesus spoke of tribulations, now is the time to be with your hearts in God, with your life in the hands of God, I My children, only desire that you listen to Heaven, because Heaven still speaks to you, but the moment God ceases to warn you, it will be the time when Jesus Christ will show you the righteousness of His Righteousness. Therefore children, try to be well aware and prepared.

Do not forget during this month of February to pray a lot, so that you are a holy family, a group faithful to God.

Before finishing My children, the only request that I make to you is prayer, prayer, silence and change of life. Children, you must prepare yourselves, because much worse things will come towards humanity, and the preparation that My children need is without a doubt in prayer, in the Eucharist, in forgiveness, in silence and especially in Love.

I leave with you dear children, My Heart. I take with Me the hearts of all of you. Remain under the blessing of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message February 16th 2011  (anniversary of the apparition’s)

My dear children, on this beautiful day, I warmly welcome you into My Mother’s Heart with great joy and love.

Today, it is a day of thanksgiving to God, for the 12 years of My coming here to this Holy Place Corgo da Igreija. I am here present in Body and Soul, and I am honoured with the affection of My dear children. It is a joy for Me to be here with you, to feel that  your faith is strong and overcomes your weaknesses.

You are in a Holy Place, chosen by My Son Jesus, in a Holy Place that is blessed at every moment by the Holy Trinity. Nothing should be more important to you than to place your lives in the hands of God. Children, with your example of life, with your silence, with your prayer, with your witness of life, you are responsible for making this Holy Place a place of Peace.

First of all, you will ask the Holy Spirit to be present here, present in the hearts of the families, in the hearts of mothersfathersyouth and the children. Jesus brought you here, and each one of you who came from so far, you were truly moved by a superior force, which is God, that is why there is children in the places chosen by Heaven, to be great instruments and living founts of love and mercy. My joy is to know that God is preparing each one of you, and that today you are part of the army of the Immaculate Conception, the Mother of Goodness, here in this place of prayer, so that you may be a stronghold for the world, a pillar of strength for the world when tribulation will come. Consequence of many sufferings planted by man itself).

Dear children, you must have much strength and courage, because now you will find the most difficult part of your walk. The events will come, and you will see that many will completely deny the grace of God, and will let themselves be crushed by the malicious world of sin. They will not be aware of the true search for faith, they will not know how to renounce the world of caprice, of malice. It is for this, children, that God has sent Me.

In these times of preparation and evangelization, I truly wish to lead you to a mature, strong and true spirituality, so that you may be victorious over the trials ,sufferingsillnesses, and especially of the material difficulties that arise with great and constant presence in your lives.

Children, God sent Me here to the earth, from the first moment in which the world needed to be catechized, the world has gone through great wars and sufferings, but now children, you are in the worst of suffering, not only wars and material difficulties, not only trials of illness, but suffering that will reach humanity in every way, it will be a suffering that greatly distresses Me, and is very connected to the Holy Father, It will be precisely the difficulty that My children will have here on earth to obey the Holy Church.

Children, Jesus said that the Holy Father would be the object of great persecution, and that is exactly what happens today. The Holy Father is the son of God chosen from among you all, from all diverse parts of the world to lead the flock of Christ, the Church of Christ, the Catholic Church. When Jesus left in the hands of Peter the Light to lead His people, He said that He would be anointing with the Light of the Holy Spirit, the heart of that simple man, so that he could enlighten the people and the nations of the world.

Today children, humanity, the people of God have great difficulty in really valuing the great pillar of the spirituality of the Church of Christ, the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI, who was one chosen by God after the Father took close to Himself the Holy Father Pope John Paul II. 

Benedict XVI will be a great Servant for mankind, because he will have to win a great battle, will be an instrument of God sent to the world by Divine mercy, which is cultivated and evangelized here in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, especially by the apostolate of the Divine Mercy. I don’t know children if you are aware, but Portugal and the world today run a great risk of being seduced by a sick human science, which simply tries to destroy the greatest value of the world which is life. For all this children, you have to pray a lot for the Holy Father, for he alone can be able to give to the governments, to those who claim to know everything, the conscience of the great error and sin that is already terribly committed against life today.

Now children, it is important for humankind to know and be aware that Jesus can come, and you may not have sight of Him because of lack of preparation, and it will not be because of Heaven fault, but by your own fault, already for twelve years that God has sent Me to this Holy Place to prepare you for the great hour and for the great moment, and despite these twelve years there is still children who up to this day murmur for crumbs, cling to intrigues, and allow to be confused by judgments. Where is children the anointing of the Holy Spirit in your life? Sons of Faith, children moved by the Holy Spirit and baptized by the Holy Spirit, where are your acts? Acts of authentic Christiantrue Catholic which says to love Jesus and embrace the Cross with Jesus? They are acts of love that Jesus wants from all humanity, acts of true heroes, who do not fear the fight and who do not fear the battle, as were the acts of the Saints when Jesus needed them, they overcome the persecutions, the critics and judgments.

My children, today you also, the humble, those who will continue, you must try to be like them  in your journey in this place chosen by God. Many children have chosen to give up, many have denied that God can send the Mother of Heaven to earth, but He has chosen Me to bring you the Saviour, He also chose each one of you to walk with the Saviour on earth, that’s why He left Jesus in the Eucharist.

Dear children, the first words that God asked Me to say in this Sacred Place were those that referred to the request for a little chapel. God looking at the world, reflecting His Mercy in the world, looked at Portugal and did this second wonderful work, that I Queen of Heaven and Earth tell you that you must give thanks on your knees, work that only God can do and no man without the anointing of Heaven would achieve such grace in these end times, in which predominates individualitygreed and appreciation of what is material, do not forget that only Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, whoever believes in Him will never cease to be really truly happy.

My children, when I looked at Jesus and saw this place full of beautiful hearts, with beautiful flowers, He said to Me:

“Mother, today when you bless your children, ask them to place their left hand over the heart, and with the other do the gestures that the Lady My Mother does. I desire that My children privileged by the Father and led by Me, may thank this wonderful anointing from Heaven

Let My dear children do as My Son has commanded:

Put your left hand in your heart, and the other hand extend it to Heaven, with light gestures as if you called God into your heart saying this prayer:

O sweet Jesus, you are a living and true miracle, place in my heart Your Heart, and make that my heart which so many times Lord ceases to love you, may my heart love you, respect you, and receive you with dignity and love. My heart needs so much of Yours … Grant me Lord the gift of silence, to listen to Your Word, give me the Gift of the Word so that I can speak and evangelize. My heart will be the channel of grace, because at this moment, Jesus, my heart is part of Your Heart, Your Heart lives in me. I love you Jesus. Amen.

My dear children what sweetness you have now in your hearts, you have the sweetness which is Jesus.

It was so beautiful children, I looked at you and at the same time I looked at Jesus and I saw you offering your hearts to Him, it is this My children that I really come to do to in the world, to lead you to Jesus, this is My main mission here and everywhere in the world, where I appear to My children.

Before finishing I wanted to thank you for these beautiful flowers that are in My altar, I give you My Motherly Heart.

May all be in peace My dear children, in the presence of God the Father, God the Son and God the Divine Holy Spirit. I, Mary, Mother of Goodness, I leave you. Amen.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message March 6th 2011

My dear children, even today My Immaculate Heart rejoices at the feast of the twelve years of My first apparition here in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, and for all these twelve years that My Immaculate Heart, here has poured out on you graces, messages, blessings, warnings, and signs, so that all of you could follow the path of conversion, the way of Salvation, Sanctification and Peace.

My Heart rejoiced with you because in My feast day, heaven and earth united in one feast, sang with Me the hymns of glory and praise to the Holy Trinity, which allowed Me to stay here for so long with you to teach you the right path that you must follow, to accompany you during the journey in this road that leads to heaven, to you help to unravel the snares, traps and tricks of satan who want to deceive you, make you walk in the path of sin, the path of error, of deception, of evil that leads to eternal damnation and the darkness of hell, and to make you leave this correct path that leads to Heaven.

My dear children, My heart also rejoiced with you because many of your hearts answered Me, giving Me your “yes” on that day, at the Mass of My feast, you gave Me your hearts and made Me reign over them, ruling your will, ruling your lives, your families, and so, sons, that day I was able to carry out My Maternal Plan of love and salvation in the lives of My children who docilely answered Yes.

Children, I am also very happy for the Way of the Cross that you have done (in Fatima every last Sunday of the month) it greatly pleased the Heart of My son Jesus and My Heart. Ah Children, if you would do the Way of the Cross every month as in this way, with much faith … how much consolation! … how much love! … how much joy! … you would give Me every month.

My dear children, once again I ask you to pray a lot, without ceasing for peace in the world that is so threatened. Pray for all the persecutors of the Holy Church, pray for the Sanctification of the Clergy, pray for all the persecutors of this Holy Place and for all those who persecute My apparition’s throughout the world. Make your lives a continual offering of reparation and sacrifices for the benefit of all mankind.

My dear children, I ask you today for a total surrender of your lives to the Lord, I desire your sanctification and the sanctification of your families, I ask you to pray without ceasing so that all families may remain under the protection of God, I also ask My children to open space in your lives and in your homes so that I and My Son Jesus can enter and make an abode in them. Analyse the situation in which your homes are and what are your greatest pains and difficulties.

I want to warn you again that you must seek the Confession as soon as possible, for it is through this that your reconciliation with the Lord takes place. Children, let yourselves be bathed by the Divine Holy Spirit and you will see true wonders happening in your homes. The Holy Spirit springs from the Heart of the Father and the Son to sanctify you and give you strength in your journey in search of the Kingdom of God.

Children, Holiness should be your goal, I ask you to be holy in everything : in speaking, in thinking, in acting and especially in dressing, observe your garments especially when you are in Holy Places.

Today you must, at the moment of Holy Mass, surrender in the Hands of the Father your desires, projects and wishes, I ask you also to be in the presence of the Eucharistic Jesus with ardour and trust.

Children, there is no better Friend to tell about your pains and sufferings than to Jesus truly present in the Consecrated Host, I want you to be sure that where there is a tabernacle, there is also the entire Celestial Court, when you put yourselves in worship, I am also there to keep you company and to intercede for you.

Little children, I assure you that everything will be fulfilled according to the Lord’s plan.

I finish by blessing you all, especially your Priest who is going to celebrate with you today the Holy Mass. I give My Motherly Heart.

May everyone be at peace in the presence of God the Father, God the Son and God the Divine Holy Spirit.

I, Mary, Mother of Goodness, I leave you. Amen.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message April 3rd 2011

Dear children, it is with great joy and love in My Heart that by the will of God, I have the happiness of being here in this Holy Place Corgo da Igreija.

You too have this happiness. This is really a place indicated by the divine will with a precise and extraordinary purpose – of leading you to  seek God, to walk with Him and to embrace His goodness and His love more and more.

Today you are on a very beautiful journey, which is the time of Lent, time of Penance, Prayer, Sacrifice, silence and respect for the Holy Trinity. It is a time when mankind should place themselves entirely in the arms of Jesus. You must give Him your life, and try to do what really consoles Him. Sometimes you are looking for something great to offer Jesus, but Jesus is just asking you for sincerity, honesty and openness of your heart. To correspond to Him My dear children, you need to unite more closely with the Heart of Jesus and to live this time of Lent with your heart turned more to God, you must also thank Him for this Grace and always make an examination of conscience:

Do I love the will of God in my life?

Am I aware of my actions?

Do I fight in building the will of God?

Do I know what God wants from me today?

Do I always place myself in the hands of God so that He may accomplish His will in me?

My children, this Lent I would like you to try and meditate on all these contents, Jesus is asking for authenticity in your lives, go and give thanks to God and ask Him that all His beloved and Holy Church can truly live a true meditation on the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus. Ask also to God to lead the world to the Fount of Crystalline Living Water for the purification of men. It is necessary that the heart of man be lapidated and renewed. Many hearts find themselves completely empty under a terrible mud of pain, and only Jesus can wash, purify, and restore these hearts. This afternoon ask God to wash the hearts of each one of you with Crystalline water and give them the Grace of purification and humility.

Children, all of you must be humble, the world today needs to understand that without humility men can no longer see God in their lives, ask Him also for a lot of patience, because the world sees itself in despair, in revolt, in depression, in sorrow, and man lives in a very sad anguish. To have patience children, is to know that the time of God is different from your time, and that the hour of God is different from your hour. Your time now, is of seeking the essence of yourselves in the eyes of your soul, is the time to seek love, forgiveness, charity, beatitude. In the family is time to seek unity, dialogue, respect, humility, faith, simplicity, dignity, justice and many blessings.

My children, you must really look for these virtues and realize that it is a time of preparation to meet God, more intensely each day, is time to have God present in your lives. I ask you My children that during these days you may comfort Jesus more! Seek what is really lacking in your hearts, if you lack love, forgiveness, humility, seek these gifts and these graces.

My dear children, you must not forget the most important, which is to be close to God as children, Seek to come closer to God in the Eucharist, in Adoration and Sacrifice. Lent My children, means for you the time to prepare yourself to reflect and meditate on the Salvation that Jesus gave you, on the mysteries of His deathHis Passion, on the many Graces that He led to the world through the Eucharist. The world needs to understand that mankind can not live without this Eucharistic food.

My children, when today in Holy Mass you receive the Eucharistic Jesus, do not forget to worship Him in the silence, and thank Him for receiving Him in the Eucharist, He lives in you, in your hearts, in this moment, and always.

I end by saying: – Lent is a blessed time, Live this Lent with the Light of God the Father, God the Son and God the Divine Holy Spirit in your lives. Amen.



Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message May 1st 2011

Dear children, on this first day of May, My Immaculate Heart feels a great joy to receive such beautiful honours. This is mother’s month, it is I who say it for I am the Mother of all mothers. Today I want to present My congratulations to the mothers of the whole world, for this gift so beautiful that God gives you and with which He presents you – the gift of being mothers.

The heart of a mother is generosity, grace and especially God’s light reflected in you, through what you have most precious – your children.

To the world, to all humanity and to Portugal I say that I feel happy to be the Mother of all mothers, the Immaculate Conception, the Mother of Goodness, the Messenger from Heaven, here in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, bringing -the Holy Food which is the Word of Salvation, the Word of the Lord.

Today My dear children, I want to ask God for mothers who bear children, but who do not know how to love their children as mothers, this is one of the worst sorrows for the heart of a mother, to be able to give birth, to give life, but not give the essence of life which is love. My dear children, pray to God for these mothers who forsake their children, who despise their children, who simply ignore their children, may God have mercy on these mothers.

Congratulations mothers! May God bless you for this beautiful gift, you are privileged by the grace of God, may God bless you mothers. Be mothers, mothers, mothers and always mothers, the word mother is everything, is protection, is tenderness, is sweetness, is welcoming, is life.

My children, Portugal received a great grace from God, – God sent Me twice to your country as Mother of all races. Today, there is great discrimination in the world, despite the efforts made in education and catechization, many children still discriminate against each other, by poverty, by the colour, language, nation of origin. Portugal still tries to awaken in the world solidarityfraternityunity among peoples, showing that all are children of God and children of the Mother of God – that I am the Immaculate Conception, the Mother of Goodness, the patroness of Portugal.

Today will be the beatification of one of My dearest Child, Karol Wojtyla ,Pope John Paul II. I want to tell you My dear children, that this Son of Mine is already Holy since He left your world, you can make your petitions be know to Him. 

You need much of the Light of God, today you will ask for this Light. As Mother of Goodness I know that here are children who are pilgrims, children who love immensely My Immaculate Heart, who came here to receive Heaven in their lives, because you children, you have come following the footsteps of Jesus, It is He who brought you even to My Immaculate Heart, and what I desire is that the fruits of Salvation be present in your hearts. To you all little children, I give you much peace, may all the children here present receive the Light, the Light of God, may this light inhabit your hearts at this moment, this is the presence of the Divine Holy Spirit in you, I give you this blessing, especially for all those who have come to put their requests and their needs in My heart, I give them to all the children who this month of May celebrate their birthdays, to all those who wish immensely to receive the blessings of Heaven in their hearts.

I want to tell you children, that the greatest beauty of life is to know that God created you out of love, you must begin to value your life as a gift from God, begin to follow in the footsteps of Jesus in building a new life.

May Jesus bless, strengthen, give courage, light and wisdom to the families that will complete their anniversary of marriage union this month. May Jesus give you the grace to be steadfast and firm in your mission. May God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit bless you, protect you today and always.

Dear mothers and daughters, I have blessed these roses that you have brought with great affection to My altar, I have also blessed a rose that you mother’s will give to the priest who will celebrate Mass.

I end by blessing all the sons and daughters who are here present in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, and those who have come from so away.

For your presence, for the affection of this Nation, PORTUGAL, which I love so much, I as Patron not only of this Nation but of the world, I want to cover with My Mantle of Love, Portugal and all the nations of the earth, so that may be Peace, may be simplicity in the soul of the children of God, harmony in the heart of every family.

Be all in Peace. Have Faith. Faith besides healing you, saves you.

May this Word of the Lord always be present in your hearts and lead you to live as true instrument what God truly wants from you, – that you be servants of the Lord and that you remain always united under the blessing of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message June 5th 2011

My dear children, today on this beautiful afternoon, the Lord’s day, I bring you Words of Salvation, which should be the main content of your meditations, you must reflectstop and truly meditate.

The world needs to hear the Word of God, the world My children is living great frictions and enormous afflictions, the solution is to pray a lot, asking God for mercy and peace, to love the Eucharistic Jesus and to welcome Him with dignity in your lives.

My children, men are weak, they live a life in total disorder, they do not have faith, they do not have humility, they do not have solidarity, they do not have respect, they do not fear God, they are disobedient. The Word of God My children, has the power of transformation, you need to transform much your way of being, you need to change a lot your way of thinking and living.

Dear children, your journey is very beautiful, but you have to take significant steps in its construction to meet the will of God with wisdom, because times of tribulation are here, with difficulties, sufferingunforgivingnesslack of unity in families.

My children, I wish I could say to you that is enough of  so many sufferings here on earth! But these sufferings, children, will still become more painful. Today, the day of the Ascension of the Lord, I invite all to love one another, because you do not love each other yet, and you are not brothers, many are like enemies and hate each other. No My children, this can not continue like this, this is not what My Son Jesus told you! You children, you know very well that no, and yet you continue to speak ill of your brothers, make exceptions, choose some to like more, you want some brothers more and others less. Little children do not do that anymore, you know that you must not do it. Confess yourselves, seek the peace of My Son Jesus, give the embrace of peace to your brother with love and affection, for this is what God wants. This is how Jesus did and always does with each one of you, He embraces you with tenderness and love during your lives, even though you always offend Him with your sins. My Son never keeps bad feelings and you feel hatred towards your brothers, He forgives, loves, is compliant, compassionate, merciful, and loving. If you would see Him little children, you would be dazzled and marvelled with so much glory, so much peace, so much love and the infinite beauty, which is present in each of the consecrated Hosts in the Church, in the Tabernacle. This is why My children that I always insist with you, that you go more often to Mass and Communion, visit a priest confessing your sins, loving this priest, and not criticizing him, Priests are ministers of My Holy Son Jesus Christ, It is Jesus Himself who acts in their person.

Children, when I see you meditating on the Holy Rosary, in the silence of My Heart I think: – How many children do not know what is the Holy Rosary! Children, the Holy Rosary is the weapon that hurts the enemy the most, and heals the hearts, it offers a great grace to the son who recites It with affection, saves him and purifies his soul. My sadness is to know that there are still children on earth who do not know what the Holy Rosary is, nor do they know the Eucharist. There is children who enter the Church and come back emptier than when they entered, because they did not realize that they were before the Son of God, they do not feel touched by the Divine, they are not sensitive to the sacred, they have no dignity to receive Him.. This My children is a reality of the world today, a divided, oppressed world. Jesus died on the cross and many children do not know that the blood of Christ was shed for them and demands a change of life.

Men of today My children, if they continue with this ignorance, with a life of greed, will drink the very poison that evil has led in the world – the venom of greed, the poison of envy, the poison of pride, the poison of lies! Many children believe more in a lie rather than a truth, God will reward you for your faith, but because you have not believed the truth, He will ask you for answers about your unbelief. Therefore dear children, faith in the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist is a treasure that I entrust to your care, you may condemn yourselves with it in your hands, or save yourselves if you put it in your hearts! It ‘s your choice children.

I will bless you My dear children, but first I will bless all your Rosaries.

Raise all the Rosaries. All the Rosaries have been blessed My little children.

I bless you, as the Father blesses you through the Son and with the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Goodbye My children. goodbye.

Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message July 3rd 2011

My dear children, feel My presence here in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, know that I am with you, that I am a present and not a distant Mother as many think. I’m near and Jesus even much more, He dwells within your hearts. It is a shame that you forget this, and then you are afraid of things, of the future, of the world … No, do not be afraid My little children, God is here, here in this world and everywhere, don’t you read the Bible ? What does it tells you? Lies? In the Bible you find only the pure truth, the Divine Revelation.

Children, I place in your hands My  message of peace, so you may take it to all My children of the whole world, like a dove of peace who carries the Message of the Lord, of Salvation and Peace to the whole world!

My children, Your Mother of Goodness is attentive to the needs of the world, to your petitions, although not everything can be answered, because nothing is accomplished without the endorsement and authorization of God, who only wants the good of each child. There is many petitions that the children make thinking it to be the best for them … but these requests, if they were answered, it would contribute to the condemnation of their souls. Children, not everything contributes to the good of souls, and God takes that into account, He grants graces that can contribute to the salvation of His children and not to their damnation. God, He does not answer certain petitions straight away, sometimes without humility, some children seem to be demanding that God grant them this or that, almost like: give me this, I give you that, they even seem to test God, and if they do not get what they want they become angry, they doubt Him and even challenge Him. Now My children, how can God in this way hear and answer your requests? God desires that His children get a certain preparation … Your hearts will have to be transformed, whoever wants to ask God for something, should understand who He is, within your hearts and in your mind, you should realize that God can do everything, if so He wills. No child can or should question the Power of God, everyone should understand that God does not need men, but men do need God at all times. So My dear children, whoever asks God for a certain Grace, do this with humility, with Faith, with love, In your littleness trust your problems to God and ask Him for what is best for you, for God knows what is best for you, God knows what is best for each one of His children.

Dear children, let no one defy God, for God is harsh in his punishment for these children. God is love, but He is also justice.

My children, the world is as it is in chaos, because men put God in second plan, they stopped loving Him, they do not respect God or their neighbour. Know that God awaits for your call, awaits your apology for so many sins, in order to finally be able to forgive you. Those children who live their entire lives praying to God for their families, should not forget that even at the last moment God grants forgiveness.

My dear children, I am the Virgin Mary, the Mother of Goodness and the Lady of the Holy Rosary, I love you very much and I want you all within My Immaculate Heart, I invite you to increase your Faith, pray every day so My Son Jesus can grant you the Gift of Faith. Pray, pray, pray a lot, and ask Jesus to strengthen your Faith. Pray for poor sinners, remember your deceased brethren and make sacrifices for them, for there are many needy souls, waiting for your prayers to be able to leave Purgatory. Pray also that My enemy do not destroy this prayer group and all groups around the world.

To you all I give My blessing and may the Holy Spirit enlightens you. Be wise, be a light to other children who are not yet seeing the road that leads to God, only in God is true peace and true happiness.

My dear children, let yourselves be guided by Me.

To all of you, I bless as the Father blesses you, through the Son and with the Holy Spirit. Amen.

See you soon children.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message August 7th 2011

My dear children, it was with great joy and love that I received the confirmation that this Sacred Place is already in My power.

I would like to thank all of you, the commitment, the goodwill and the work done to help that this piece of land (place of the apparition’s) was donated to the Church of My Son Jesus. Now My children, with My help , let us build the chapel in honour of My Name. Keep coming to this Holy Place Corgo da Igreija, and do not mind  with persecutions and slander.

My children you must be strong, do not My name disappear from this place, My son Jesus chose it for Me, I like this place because I know that many of My children need Me and My Son Jesus, We want to continue to manifest here to convert and reconcile the whole world.

Dear young people, be faithful to My Son Jesus, He loves you so much … and does not want to see you thrown into the mire of sin, pray My children, asking the Holy Spirit to strengthen you with His Grace, so you may be able to resist the temptations of the devil.

I am your Mother, I want to keep you under My protective cloak. Children, pray for My Church, for My priests, for My religious sons and daughters, I want you in My Immaculate Heart, for these children My Motherly Heart is totally open to welcome them always.

My dear children, My messages and secret revelations, which will still be revealed to you must be respected, My messages are true and what I say should be taken seriously. To My children who do not yet believe, I would like to tell you that one day in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, where is My image and the cross of My Son Jesus is located, I will show a visible sign for all the children of the earth to believe in My Maternal presence here in this Holy Place Corgo da Igreija, but it will be very late for those children who did not yet had converted. The conversion My dear children should be now, wherever I have appeared and continue to appear I always confirm My apparition’s, so that there is no trace of doubt.

My dear children, I call everyone’s attention to My Messages, they are always in accordance with what the Holy Bible teaches you. Read them My dear children, read them and meditate.

To My Japanese children I recommend that you leave all false philosophy aside, Buddha is not the creator, I invite you to love the Lord and Creator of this universe. Turn away children from idolatry while there is time. Amen, Amen, Amen to God and not to Buddha . Pray, pray, pray and ask God’s forgiveness for your sins, the Lord is about to lower His arm over that nation, many calamities will happen in many cities of that nation.

Dear children save your spirit, idolatry does not pleases God, God want to save you, do not be slaves of yourselves, My children flee from sin while there is still time.

Today I bless all My Portuguese children and all the world, I want all the families to pray together and live the love among them.

I give you all My Motherly Blessing, convert now My little children. Thank you for your presence here in this place.

From this place blessed by Me and My Son Jesus, with My predilected children to Me consecrated, I bless you all in the name of the Father of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

See you soon.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message September 11th 2011

Dear children, I rejoice with the presence of each one of you today in My Shrine Corgo da Igreija. I’m happy for seeing you here in prayer.

Little children, I am the Mediatrix of all graces, I come from heaven to invite you to conversion and prayer. Pray a lot, a lot, a lot.

My dear children, do not close your ears to the voice of your Mother. Some of you are muffling My requests made in these apparitions in Corgo da Igreija.

Once again I tell you that you must pray for the Church, the evil one has entered it and with great astuteness tries to seduce My predilected children, the priests, with gestures and deceptive words. I am the Mother of the Church, and I try to help them, but I am persecuted by them, forbidding the faithful to go to the places of My apparitions.

My children, you must multiply your prayers for the priests, I ask you for prayer, penance, Mass and also fasting for all of the priests. I wanted to ask you too, that you always had My Holy Rosary in your hands, so the enemy does not attack you. Pray for those priests who are no longer among you today, so that they may find Peace with God, the bad testimonies brought many of them to Purgatory.

Little children, with much pain I tell you that many priests are losing themselves because they have no one to pray for them. Do not forget to pray for all the predilected children, the priests, for your Pope Benedict XVI, your prayers will help them to live in holiness in their communities, they need much of your prayers to feel supported and at the same time to give testimonies of the Love of God in their lives. Dear children I wanted to tell you that I love you very much and I want to always be among you. Pray, pray, pray, for you know through My messages that decisive days are to come for all mankind, stay attentive, the prophecies of My Son Jesus Christ are already being fulfilled day by day.

I ask for prayers for Italy, France, England, Holland, USA, Brazil, China, Japan and Africa.

To all who are here, especially to the sick , I leave you the blessing that the Lord sends to you through Me, and My own that I offer you with all My heart. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message October 2nd 2011

Dear children, how strong and important is My plan for the salvation of the world. I feel so much concern for My children … I ask for your help little children, I ask you to pray with your brothers and sisters the Rosary every day for the conversion of sinners and for reparation of all terrible blasphemies against My signs. I ask you dear children, to consecrate yourselves continually to My Immaculate Heart, it is only through the Consecration that you will be in the Refuge of My Heart. I ask you to close your ears to blasphemy’s against My signs and messages, many will claim that it is the power of the human mind, do not let these calumnies hit you, pray and trust, everything has its due time, I give a sign is to show you that I am close to you and because I want something from you.

I ask you again: prayer, conversion, penance and fasting. Humanity is full of grave sins which offends God’s love. 

The Peace on earth can be ended at any time, your world can not be saved without Peace, the world needs to find Peace as quickly as possible, but will find it only if humanity turns to God.

I am going now to address My children who rule over your nations. I Mary, I call for Peace, for moderation and for the search for results that will satisfy the parties involved in the pacification process of the world, I am with you in your meetings, I watch without ceasing, until it finishes the political confrontations created by you, to the peoples and the nations that depend on your competence to be free. I am observing attentively to your attitudes towards each nation, you must take responsibility for your thoughts , feelings and actions with the awareness that it is by this, that create your reality and the reality of your world. I want the rulers to open up in sincere dialogue with one another in order to find a harmonious balance capable of bringing Peace to the earth. It is a present necessity My government children, that all peoples should now unite and agree among themselves to work for a greater cause: to meet the needs of food for the most disadvantaged populations. Know that to allow hunger is the greatest offense that humanity does to itself, it is a consequence of the times in which you live, times in which nature seems to despise itself, renouncing the principles for which was created. But you responsible men for the nations must intervene on behalf of the suffering people, and present important arguments  that value them.

Governing sons, look what I say to you: be conscientious in your proceedings towards your brothers, assume your commitments by helping to restore the balance in your world, dispensing love to nature, taking care of the sacred soil in which you planted your roots, recovering the purity of the air that is contaminated by all sorts of pollutants that destroy and kill life, purifying the waters of that being that shelters you (your planet Earth). It is necessary to rescue the mercy of God for the waters since you were withdrawn from them.

Do not forget that it is God who gives you life and death, God of Fullness and Love. When God calls you, it is to Him that you will be accountable, this will be your final act.

My children I am your Mother, I come to bring you the Light, I do not bring you darkness, may it be clear to you My children, I’m preparing you, happy are those children who are prepared. If you wish to hear My words, listen, but if you don’t want to … Everything I say will not stop from being fulfilled, because My words are correct, I am here to point you to ways of salvation. In this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, and in other places where I appear, I always come with the same objective – the salvation of the world, think well, because as Mother I want to help to save humanity, I come to prepare you for the return of My Son Jesus, this is not so simple My dear children.

In this Sacred Place, Angels circulate around you because I am here, if I were not here this place would already be shaking! … Let it be clear to you this. It is very important that you never go away from the Lord or from Me, remain always in Jesus, even when you feel depressed, discouraged, and prostrated by the sufferings of your illnesses, if you remain in Jesus My children, you remain with His will, this is a very important warning from Heaven. Place your hope in Him and I promise to always help you to overcome your sufferings, tribulations and difficulties.

In the name of the truth of God, I bid you farewell in this beautiful day with a joy of great days like this, here, in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreja. May the will of God be done in all sons and daughters. With My eternal presence, you must worship the Most High during your lives.

An Amen to all of you. With a Hail Mary, I bid you farewell. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

See you soon, Mary, Mother of Jesus.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message November 6th 2011

My dear children, I am your Mother of Goodness, I am the Mother in all the places in My appearances.

I come to these places to make My children holy, spiritually enlightened, faithful, courageous, profound in faith, and above all filled with love for My Son Jesus Christ and for Me, Mother of Goodness. But where are those who venerate Me faithfully, strongly and full of  spiritual strength whom I have sought? These children need to be filled with the Holy Spirit, so that I may give a holy Son to the Lord. For this My children, re-read, meditate and listen again to all My Messages, the faith of those who do not meditate on My messages is a house build on the sand that will not withstand the wrath of trials and temptations.

I come here to this place Corgo da Igreija for so many years to help you along the path that will lead you to Heaven, I love you all, and that is why I keep coming from Heaven constantly to the places of My apparitions to give you My Messages. It is love My little children, that makes Me constantly run after you, to try to convert you, to transform you into true children of the Light, for the greater glory of the Lord and of My Heart. I seek sincere love, I’m tired of the falsities of human beings, I am already exhausted from the falsehood of so many who call themselves My children but in their hearts is not true Love that I see, but rather the love of self, the love of creatures, the love of the world and of transient things, this is what I see, yes, I see the love of one’s own will, the love of one’s I, the love of evil.

My children, I ask you to open your hearts and begin to create in yourself true love and cultivate it, otherwise I can not enter and live in your hearts, I approach many hearts but they exude a horrible odour, because they are full of attachments of self and of creatures, and so I turn away from them.

Children, seek to have in your hearts the pleasant odour of My Love, of true Love, of sincere Love, of deep, loyal and Holy love, I tell you that whoever leaves this life without learning and without creating true love in their hearts will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Hurry then, take seriously this great task of creating in yourself true love and making it bear fruit of sanctification, of perfection for the Glory of God.

I am here to help you in this great task, and all those who believe in My great Love and are docile, not resisting My action, all will attain Great Grace to perfect love. See My beloved children, how much you are loved by God and by Me. Embrace Our Love, correspond to our Love, give everything of yourselves to work with Us and to cooperate with Our Love, Your Mother from Heaven is here before you to duplicate you for more prayer, more prayer, more prayer for the salvation of the world.

My children, I will repeat again:

“How many sad things are to come upon the world, how many calamities will occur unexpectedly and in terrible proportions, rebellion among My children will spread throughout Europe, and your nation ( Portugal ) is also in this role, here in several streets and squares, many deaths will occur.

My political sons, the devil and his powerful and intelligent hosts bring you deceived politicians, giving you false lights and false promises, false doctrines and false hopes. It is in this way that you, the political children of nations become blinded by pride, and you urge children to be proud with your deeds. No, this is lack of awareness, when a nation and its politicians spend millions and millions of euros on works whose need is not urgent, they forget that there is millions of children starving themselves all over the world.

Pray a lot, pray a lot, pray a lot with the intention of avoiding the revolts and the terrible sins committed against God. Make reparation. Dear children, believe in the power of God, God will respond and politicians will see the powerful hand of God acting.

What I have revealed at Fatima and now here in this Shrine Corgo da Igreija, is about to happen in the world.

At Fatima My children, shepherds children the shepherds in spite of their smallness and simplicity as children, did many prayers, sacrifices and penances with which you would be surprised and amazed, and today how many are the lazy children, slovenly and cold to God who do not pray, who do not sacrifice themselves and who do not do more penance because of guilt, negligence and sins of their own parents? I love all the young people and I want to help them, young people who have lost themselves in the world, young people who are destroying themselves in sin, young people who today they are being a disgrace to Heaven.

My dear children, help the youth, pray for the youth, bring the Light of God to all young people, do not let the devil reach the youth, For where he goes, he causes pain and destruction, he has no love nor is he pious, for he is full of hatred, do not let him destroy them by lack of prayer, do not allow this, and pray, pray, pray much, pray to St. Michael the Archangel and ask for His protection, He has the task of defending you from the snares of satan, of opening your eyes to the snares, so that you can overcome all difficulties, you do not always remember Him St Michael, but ask for His help and He will help you.

Do not forget also your Guardian Angel, He is always close to you, but is often forgotten and despised.

Now My beloved children kneel down. ( pause).

I don’t want to bless only those who are here in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija,  I want to bless the whole world, I leave you now, pouring out upon you all My blessings and enfolding you all in My Mantle of protection for I am Mary, Lady of the Corgo da Igreija, your Mother of Goodness. It is thus children, that I want you to treat to Me and not Mother of the goodness of the cork tree.( Our Lady used to appear in a cork tree)

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Goodbye My children, stay in the Peace of God. See you soon.

Mary, Mother of Goodness, in Corgo da Igreija.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message December 4th 2011

My dear children is about to end the year 2011, which was so rich in graces for those who said “yes” to Me, who responded to My call and who put themselves completely under My will.

Once again I say to you, watch, watch, watch and pray, pray, pray without ceasing.

Little children, in this Holy Christmas of 2011, My Immaculate Heart comes again to bring you Peace and My Solemn Blessing, I am the true Mother of God, I gave the Son of God to the world once, I will bring Him again into the world on His second coming, He will come upon the clouds of Heaven … therefore, I am the Perfect Mother of the first and second Advent.

My children, My maternal mission, is to prepare your world to receive Jesus at His second coming. For this reason I multiplied My apparition’s and My extraordinary manifestations everywhere on earth to call all mankind to receive their Saviour, who will soon return to you in Glory. Pray, pray, pray very much that next year your faith, your love and your hope will increase more and more, and pray with Me for the conversion of your world, plunged in an endless precipice of hatredviolencesinof abandoning God, of apostasydenial of truth and rebellion to the Lord’s law of love. Help Me My children to save this world by praying as much as possible for it, so that your prayers may reach the Throne of the Most High and reach from Him, yet, the Mercy for this fallen world. Pray with Me and take My Messages even more fervently in the coming year, so as to heal all the souls that have already been poisoned by the venom of errors and the apostasy that is spreading more and more, killing in the soul the true Faith, or putting in them a false faith.

My little children, today I thank the Lord for the great gift that He gave Me, for having been able to spend another year with you here in these apparitions, Corgo da Igreja. Praise also with Me to the Lord for this grace that is great, many children would desire to have this grace also, and they did not have it, however, you have. Will you know to thank the Lord enough? My apparition’s here in Corgo da Igreija, with My Son, My husband JosephMy Angels and My Saints, with the Holy Spirit of the Lord are for you the greatest Grace that God could give you. Examine your hearts and see if you have correctly corresponded with such great Grace. And from now on, begin a new life seeking to correspond to the great Love of the Lord for you and the Love of your Mother who loves you so much. You should be reborn for a life of grace, love and holiness through a profound conversion. Convert your hearts, purify your souls by prayer, by penance, perfume your spirit with meditation, with intimacy with God through a deep prayer, so that your souls begin a new year, truly transformed and determined to love the Lord with all the strength of your hearts.

My dear children, it is your mission to work with Me, to bring the Light of Salvation to all others as soon as possible, look how many people still do not know My Son … how many reject Him … how many forget Him … how many turn their back ignoring His birth, His life, His pain, His passion and death, two thousand years ago, how many choose to live without Him, or against Him, only to offend Him and despise His Love.

My dear children, I invite you to move forward in trust and hope, in love and joy, in peace, in the total certainty that in the end only My Heart will triumph, bringing into the world new days of joy, of grace and peace, I am with you always, continue to do all the prayers that I have commanded you, because through them I purify you, I deliver you always more from yourselves, I fill you more with desire for the things of Heaven and I help you put aside that which is illusory and temporary on this earth.

My beloved children, be in the grace of God, to have strength to overcome every difficulty and trial.

Next year Europe will suffer a lot because it is being disobedient to God, It will be shaken strongly from one end to the other. O My dear children, do not waste time. Return, return, return to God while He is still giving you time for conversion.

I bless you and exhort you to have the courage to overcome sin , evil and the temptations of the world, living always united to God and My Immaculate Heart. I love you and thank you for your presence in this Shrine, Corgo da Igreija. Return to your homes with the Peace of God.

I leave you all in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

See you soon, Mary, Mother of Goodness, in Corgo da Igreija.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message December 8th 2011

Dear children, in this beautiful day I affectionately welcome you with great joy and love. This afternoon, chosen for you to be gathered here in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, is very special and very important for Me, because it is the day of My Immaculate Conception. I feel joy to be your Mother, to be the One that God chose, that Jesus chose to be the Mediatrix and intercessor, the one who welcomes you with all the affection and love.

Today the world turns their heart to My Immaculate Heart.

My children, to be the Immaculate Conception is to have an Immaculate Heart, a Heart truly Maternalloving, welcoming Heart, a Heart that embraces each one of you.

Today is the feast of My Immaculate Heart, but it is not only the feast of Mary, because you are included in it, you have come here to this place chosen by God to bring the most important things to Me – yourselves. You are My precious things which God has given Me now in these end times, so that I can truly evangelize, lead and enlighten towards the right path. Know that the wealth of My Immaculate Heart is in you dear children, I am the Immaculate Conception, and the joy of receiving the honour of this merit, I owe it to the great Love of God for each one of you.  It was, is and will be the Love of God which makes My Heart an Immaculate Heart, a Motherly Heart.

The feast in honour of My Immaculate Heart is also yours, because, I would not be Immaculate Conception if Heaven did not love His children so much, if did not zeal so much for your salvation.

Today, I receive all this heavenly honour because God prepared for you this day, prepared this beautiful afternoon. Everything that happens in your life is God’s will, even the difficulties, the problems encountered in the walk of a Christian, in the walk of a missionary, they are the will of the Lord.

My dear children, God is the Greatest, and you are privileged by this God who loves you, who welcomes you, who really makes you feel here the Celestial Family, the Family of Heaven, right here on earth.

God sends Me body and soul to some children who are still walking towards the Kingdom of Heaven, who are in the passage, walking this hard and heavy path. It is indeed heavy, by the lack of respect, obedience and love. This path is getting harder and harder because man has ignored God. Today, children forget that Christmas is the Baby Jesus, they think of everything, they remember everything, but perhaps they forget a confession, a moment with God, the Eucharist, of Adoration of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament …

Today, especially at the moment of the blessing, I will consecrate you to My Immaculate Conception, so that you may truly attain to the greatest Grace of all graces which is to have your heart truly in God. For a soul full of God’s love, to receive Jesus, the Child God, is to receive the Light of life.

My children I will also bless your Portugal, in particular asking God for mercy everywhere where violence and suffering reign, may Jesus place His merciful hands on the hearts of those children who have no fear of God and do not respect life. I will also especially remember all the vocations, especially of the families who consecrate themselves to My Heart of Mary, the Immaculate Conception, I will also remember the priests, the Holy Father and all the Clergy of the Holy Church.

May Jesus enlighten and protect all of you who came here this day, this afternoon, you have come to thank the love of My Heart, to thank God the Father, the Son and the Divine Holy Spirit, Mary the Mother of Goodness, the Immaculate Conception who is in Portugal to evangelize this people who thirst and hunger for God. I am happy because you hear My call and present yourselves here as true children of God .

May Jesus protect the children celebrating their anniversary, may He inquire much peace and meekness in all those who today thank God for their life. To children and young people, may Jesus give strength to their hearts and especially to those chosen to build a world of peace.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

See you soon, Mother of Goodness.








Explanatory note:

This apparition is supported by the decree of the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith (AAS 58/16 of December 29, 1966, which defends canons 1399 and 2318, thanks to the intervention and approved by SS Paul VI and published by his will where it says: ” It is authorized to disclose, without express permission of ecclesiastical authority, writings concerning new apparitions, revelations, visions, prophecies and miracles , provided that Christian morality is observed in general.” In publishing revelations, apparitions, or any other graces of Jesus and of Mary, as well as of His Angels and Saints, this group of friends of Our Lady Mother of Goodness, in this way give the opportunity to all those who wish to know and be informed, of such wonderful manifestations of heaven, on earth, according to freedom and free will of each person.


We remind everyone that the site of the apparitions is private property , although it is still not properly closed, and is a place of prayer and Catholic devotion , so we ask people to respect the place and all those present, gathered in prayer, without interfering in celebrations, and in the surrounding spaces that are private.

All who wish to approach in the Heart of JESUS ​​and MARY are welcome, but with silence and respect, and appropriate clothing without provocation, as Our Lady asked .