Messages 2009


YEAR 2009

Messages of each month from this year.

WARNING : The messages are textually copied from the manuscripts of Brother Fernando Pires. Good discernment.


Message of Our Lady Mother of Goodness

Revealed to Brother Fernando Pires, on , , at the place of the apparitions (Corgo da Igreja).



Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message January 4th 2009

My dear children, My words will be brief because I have said so many things in other messages.

I come to repeat the Gospel, and men remain cold and obstinate in the pleasures of the world and in the vanities of the governments.

My dear children, I am asking again, begging, for humanity to wake up to the terrible events that will happen in the world this year 2009. The world My children, will be even more punished in this year of 2009 by great typhoons and earthquakes that will make great destruction, will be torrential rains that will cover part of some countries, several cities of Europe will be shaken and buried by earthquakes bringing fires and rains.

My dear children, suffering in the world is inevitable, so I ask My children: prayer, prayer, prayer. In every hour that passes the world gets worse and worse.

I finish My dear children saying:

“Pray much for the world.

“Pray much that there is no war.

– Pray much that there is no crisis in the economy.

“Pray much that there is no famine.

“Pray much that there will be no earthquakes, typhoons, torrential rains, tornadoes, and fire.

I bless you My dear children and bless this place, in this place you will have refuge and salvation.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message February 2nd 2009

My dear children, I want everyone to be by My side, to overcome a great evil that can strike the world. However, in order that this evil does not happen My children, you must pray and have a lot of faith.

My children, I wish from all the conversion as soon as possible, because the world, I repeat again, runs great dangers and you to be free from these dangers, you must pray, convert and believe the word of My Son Jesus. If you pray, you will find peace for the world.

My dear children, I suffer greatly because of your suffering and for what awaits you, because many governments want to be greater than the Creator of the world.

I exhort the governments of all the world, even the well-intentioned ones, who fail to satisfy the true needs of the people, to which they leave their theories, do not continue to do as they are doing and have done, to disfigure the truth, only out of pride, vanity and desire for power. I exhort you to change your ambitions and make them grow in the sense of peace and love.

My dear children, the crisis in the economy will worsen even more and will affect several countries: Japan, China, South Korea, United States, Brazil, Russia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Germany, England, Iceland, Sweden, France, Italy, Spain and your Portugal. Everyone will face big losses in the economy, there will also be great misunderstandings between the political authorities of the world.

My children, a major ecological catastrophe will happen in the next three years, and as a result of global warming it will make you feel the lack of water even on the soil itself, the sea will occupy several continents and new diseases will emerge, large tornadoes will hit the United States, South Korea will face strong winds, rain and very cold weather, Tornadoes will also hit Australia and the intense heat that will be felt will bring major problems, and will aggravate the problem of lack of water. For all this My children, pray, pray, pray exceedingly.

I continue to tell you that you must be at My side, with prayer groups, because today the world needs more than ever your prayersof My help and the Mercy of My Son Jesus.

Trust in your Good Mother, for I am here in this Sacred Place to help you. I pray to God the Father that I may fill you with His blessings and His graces, so that you may be faithful to Him.

From this blessed place, I bless you all in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message February 16 2009 (anniversary of the apparition’s)

My dear children, today February 16, 2009, the day I appeared in this humble Sacred Place as the Lady of Goodness, I come to My Maternal appeals and to give you a message of peace and love.

I am very happy, because here in this humble sacred place many of My children have already converted and many hearts have been opened to God. My children, if you remain like this to the end, you will be assuring before Me and My Son Jesus our support of Mother and Father.

Today My dear children, I call upon you to encourage all, My warnings and appeals spread throughout this dark world, all over this world of discomfort and anguish, I children, insist so much with you, by various means and in so many places in this world, calling you to conversion. My concern is great because humanity is so sick that it continues its stubborn rejection of God and of His law of Love, also the Name of My Son Jesus is despised and His Day ever more profaned.

My children, selfishness suffocates the hearts of men, making them cold and closed by a great inability to love, fight with the weapon of My Holy Rosary and walk in the path of the Holy Love of My son Jesus, of the contempt to the world, in the path of humility, simplicity and purity, then you will be ready, My children, to endure the great trials that will begin for humanity.

I repeat again My children: – Continue to honour and My Name of Mother of Goodness in this Blessed Place, fight for this place, I will continue to manifest Myself here, I really like this place. I ask again that a chapel be built here.

I am happy My dear children, with your presence here this afternoon, you who received the truth and live according to the truth. I ask you to love one another as Jesus loves you, without fanaticism, with humility and truth, do not judge, do not hold a grudge or avarice in the heart, but only love, do not wish any harm to your enemies and ask God to bless and protect them. Continue to pray for the Priests, the Bishops, Cardinals and the Holy Father. Pray for peace.

I finish and I repeat: – Obey only those who follow the Holy Father, do not deviate from the truth that is found only in the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

My children, go forth and preach the Gospel, for it is the only means of salvation for mankind.

To all of you My blessing, very especially for the sick who are here in this place blessed by Me and My Son Jesus.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message April 5th 2009

My dear children, continue to love the Pope, to pray for Him and to follow His exhortations, He needs the faith that you demonstrate by faithfully serving the holy Catholic Church.

My children, this is the right time to dedicate yourselves to the great task or transmitting the full and complete faith of each generation, of defending the family life from all that weakens it and of meeting the needs of your brothers, especially the poor, the sick and suffering.

My dear children, faith leads you to know the definitive truth of things, of people and of God, Faith does not keep you from the world, from the friends you have and from the things you like to do. Children, when you embrace faith and allow yourself to be loved by Christ, do not run away from yourselves or others, but you will find the true meaning of life in faith, it’s the great force able to lead to salvation. My children follow faithfully Christ and is His Church, the world is thirsting for God and for spiritual values.

My dear children, in order to carry out this action it is necessary that each one of you allows to be enlightened by the word of God through a constant liturgy and well meditated. Learn to hear the teachings from your Bishops and Priests. If you want to imitate the Lord who Is Holy, seek My children to love your neighbour, because God loves you and is good with you. You must love His Commandments and have hope in His promises, if you do not love the Law of God with love, you will hardly keep it.

My children, many of you suffer through the obsession of material goods, by which you are overshadowed, despite their good will many of My children can not get closer to God, because material goods are like a wall that rises between God and the soul, among you there is also children of goodwill who sometimes make heavy sacrifices, but who can not receive the extraordinary graces or the ones God wants to give them because worldly goods and interests keep them stuck and blind. These souls My children, constantly receive inspiration from what they should do but do not want to believe that these inspirations come from God and from their guardian Angels.

My children love God more and more, every day. My dear children the Father in Heaven says: The more you love Me, the more the world will escape from sin and catastrophes.

Children, you are responsible for each other, you are responsible for your family, for your nation, and for the destiny of all humanity. May all feel responsible for the whole humanity, do not be afraid to talk about My messages, do not let the truth that I am speaking to you be buried, but proclaim it to all who need the Mercy of God, let yourselves be led by the hands of My Son Jesus, convert if you want to be happy, bear testimony of your faith through prayer and conversion, confess yourselves weekly, do not hide any of your sins, if you make a good confession and if the priest in the name of My Son Jesus forgive you, your soul will be saved, always do so My dear children, if you need the forgiveness and the mercy of God, there is the danger of eternal damnation for those who do not care about confession. The way you should go is of conversionpenance, humility and love, be true brothers of your Bishops and Priests, seek with understanding and compassion to share their responsibilities and reinvigorate them in your identity as ministers of word and the sacraments.

My children, if you use your trust in Christ, you will be able to lead your life with generosity in the purity of the Gospel, which is true for the family morality, true for morality which leads to honesty in the presence of the good, is true in all fields of solidarity and each one is responsible for his side, for what makes the brothers live. Your responsibility will not be mature if you do not destroy the individualism that makes you flee from other brothers. Dialogue is source of wisdom.

Seek My children, to gather together in prayer groups, together open the gospel, seek what Christ and the Holy Catholic Church tells you in order to act with your brothers, and to react positively to the “let it run” or the individualism that blocks society. Do not discourage My dear children, in the face of difficulties, its in them that you will bear witness to your fundamental orientation and your relationship with My son Jesus, in this way you will come to the house of God. Surpass yourselves, here is your spiritual path, the path that challenges and invites each one of you, especially young people, because for you, My Son is in a special way the Way, the Truth and the Life. My Son has surpassed you to teach you how to overcome yourselves, to find life with Him, to carry out in Him your life, your way, to teach you how to discover in Him the fullness of truth. Accept My children, the teachings that My Son Jesus presents to you through His Gospel, accept the truths that the Church of Christ presents to you. The Catholic Church is reconciliatory, in the way as it shows the ways and offers the means, the ways are exactly those of conversion of heart and victory over sin, be it selfishness or injusticearrogance or the exploitation of others, attachment to material goods, or the unbridled pursuit of violence. I suffer because of those who despise My messages of peace and salvation that I propose to you.

My children, I did not come from heaven to save you but to offer you the possibility of salvation.

My beloved children, I invite you to pray for your families and in a very special way for the cities that are suffering with the fury of nature. Little children, stand firm in the way that I tell you through this servant of Mine.

Before finishing My dear and beloved children, I wanted you to hear the seven pains that I and My child Jesus suffer every day :

” We suffer as we see countless families self-destroying, for satan is blinding many children as to finish love in the sacrament of matrimony.

” We suffer from seeing a number of starving children, others becoming marginal because of the lack of love and nourishment in their homes. If everyone prayed with fervour this cruel reality would be different.

” We suffer from seeing countless children being aborted. Abortion draws upon you the just anger of My Divine Son. Fight My children, so that the crime of abortion may be extinguished.

” I suffer to see My Divine Son being scourged and killed again for the sins of this cruel humanity. Jesus also suffers when He sees His beloved Mother, Most Holy Mary, not being attended to, Her apparition’s to all humanity. I suffer for every scourge that My Jesus receives, and Jesus suffers also. His most chaste Heart is torn by each tear I shed.

– We suffer to see the Priestly or Religious vocations diminishing. If you My children do not pray with faith, asking for the increase of Priestly vocations, very soon will be scarce the number of priests, confessions and masses.

– We suffer when we see the disobedience of many priests, religious and consecrated souls to the Church of My Divine Son Jesus. Pray, dear children, that your faith may not be shaken.

– We suffer as we see countless souls straying from the Church, for the devil tries to cast into the heart of humanity that sin does not exist, that within each there is good and evil, so everyone must become accustomed to accept evil. This is wrong dear children, for evil only exists because it is the devil who dispenses it to humanity. Abandon sin, renounce the devil, and return to God.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message May 2nd 2009

My son, I am your Mother, your protector and your friend, I don’t want to see you sad My son, you must be calmer, stop worrying about tomorrow – about what you will eat or wear, I’ll take care of you and your family.

– My Mother, forgive me, I am very insecure, I am afraid!

My dear and beloved son, this is normal, you too will create courage.

My son Jesus has a plan for you, which you will have to fulfil, son now you’re a prophet of the end times, whether you want to or not, you’ll have a lot of work, you will go through many trials, but you can not hesitate, you have been chosen by Me and My Son Jesus to announce to the other children the last requests from Heaven, so strive to fulfil your mission, do not disappoint My Son Jesus, know that you can disappoint all your family, all your friends, all your neighbours, but you will not be able to disappoint My Son Jesus, do not give too much importance to what some of your family or friends tell you, you must pray for them and understand that it is difficult for them to understand you. You will have to understand them.

My son, I am the queen of the prophets, and I will never leave you alone, learn to trust in Me and My son Jesus, you have been chosen, because we know that you can fulfil what We ask of you.

Tell My children that I am your Mother, I come to help you, I am the shortest way, I am your telephone, I take your requests to the ear of God in seconds, so pray, pray, pray My children, very much and ask Me for help that I will help you, but do your part, changing your life, confessing yourselves, going to Holy Mass.

I love this Portugal so much … and I want to save the children of this land.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message May 3rd 2009

Dear children, today in a special way I your Mother of Goodness, want to urge you to pray more for your country – Portugal. I Mary Mother of Goodness, with your help, want to save all countries and especially yours. From here, this Blessed Place of Mine, in this month of May I want to bless Portugal from North to South. Pray, pray, pray a lot and daily for your country.

Children, My messages are not being taken seriously as they should be. Be ready, for difficult days are approaching the whole world.

My dear children, it is not this epidemic that will affect the world, another one will come, in which men will not be able to develop a vaccine to control the virus. Yes My children, it will reach many countries in a short time.

I remind you once more, you must have masks in your homes, which many children do not yet have.

The Lord sends Me to this place to help you find the true path of salvation, confession, fasting, sacrifice, penance, prayer, Mass with holy Communion and the recitation of the Holy Rosary. That’s what I’m asking you here in this sacred place, all this I have asked you in many other messages, but few are those who are fulfilling My requests, I continue to cast a seed of hope, love and charity among you.

Children, if you want peace, then pray for it in the prayer groups, if you desire the conversion of a member of your family, pray with confidence and place all hope in My Immaculate Heart. Help Me, so that I may help you.

Little children, many of you have behaved like disobedient children to My teachings left here in My apparition’s.

My dear children, I love you, believe in My apparition’s all over the world, especially in this one Corgo da Igreija. I weep, and it is for you that I do, interceding before God. Pray, pray, pray a lot My children. It is with great love that I come here today, with the Archangels Rafael and Gabriel, it is with them that you should pray your prayers.

Dear children, cast out all your pride and be humble to ask forgiveness, true forgiveness frees you and heals you from many diseases, turn away from the slanderers and the proud, pray much for them, children, nothing is lost.

O little children, do not leave this, My Blessed Place abandoned, I’ll still give you a stronger sign, when this sign comes I will tell you that humanity will only be saved by the Mercy of My Son Jesus, if you dear children, live My warnings with affection, you will be great in faith. Courage My children, My Triumph is near. Be gentle to your brethren, be gentle and humble in heart. I want to encourage you to witness My messages that are read here.

Dear children, the remaining time is very short, I continue to send My Angels to help you in this battle against the snares of the evil one. Always have My Rosary with you, do not fear the attacks of the enemy, the Angels will be your guides.

Children, I wish once again to alert you to the false prophets scattered throughout your world, many of them still continue to confuse your minds, I am your Mother and I want to alert you to these false prophets. Pray, pray, pray much for your Pope, it’s he who represents My Son Jesus here in your earth, you must listen to him and obey him, many of My chosen children want to contradict his words. You have little time to bring these souls to Me. Give testimonies of true Christians. Many point to dates of events that will come to fruition, these are false prophets.

Remember that before the great “Warning” there will be much confusion about the great Tribulation.

My children, seek confession and convert to My Son Jesus, the time is now and not tomorrow, I invite you to give all your problems to God, it is with great joy that God sends Me to you.

Many were the messages that I have transmitted here to you with love, inviting you to peace. Pray for peace in the world and in the homes, I wish to make of your families, many other families of Nazareth. Let Me lead you to God, I want you to put into practice all the requests made here in this Sacred Place.

My dear children, this will be My last prolonged message, the next ones will be shorter, because I have already told you everything I should tell you, now you just put everything that I asked you, into practice.

Dear children, this month of May, I would like to invite you to join in prayer groups, for the African continent. Many children on that continent, without something to eat starve to death, pray much for them. My apparition’s on that continent have announced difficult days for the whole of Africa. My African children should be more interested in the things of heaven. My heart is filled with sadness as I witness My little ones dying of hunger and disease.

Before ending I wanted to ask you to pray more for the souls of purgatory, with your prayers many souls have ascended to Heaven.

I repeat again My dear children, pray the rosary with devotion, go and meet My Son Jesus in the Eucharist. You know that I always repeat the same. Convert, convert, convert while there is time.

Remember that the return of My Divine Sons Jesus will be brief. I love you all.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message June 7th 2009

Dear children, God gives Me this time as a gift for you, so that I may instruct you and lead you on the path of salvation. At the moment you do not comprehend this grace, but soon the time will come when you will mourn because you have no heard these messages, therefore little children, live all the words that I have transmitted to you during this time of grace and renew prayer until it becomes joy for you.

I invite you My children, and especially to you all those consecrated to My Immaculate Heart, to be an example for others.

I invite all priests, men and women religious to pray the Rosary for all humanity.

Little children, through the rosary, open your hearts to Me and I will be able to help you, I continue to weep to see humanity moving towards its own destruction, I feel distressed because humanity does not want to receive My warnings that I left in various places in which I appeared.

Children, do not lean on men for they are imperfect, everything will soon fall apart on them. Pray, pray together the rosary. Pray for your families, remember dear children, that the weapon against the evil one is the Rosary.

To all My blessing and especially to the sick who are here in this Blessed Place Corgo da Igreija.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message July 5th 2009

Dear children, God sends Me from heaven to tell you that this is the opportune time for conversion. God loves you and wants your return to Him.

I am your Mother and I want to help you on your spiritual journey. Humanity turned much away from God. Pray My dear children, for great changes are about to come, God will manifest His power to the world and men will realize that He is Lord, this will happen so that men will know that they should only give glory to God and not offend Him with grave sins.

Do not sin anymore My children, try every day to live as faithfully as possible. Pray, pray much to remain faithful to God. Pray for peace and for families. I desire that you become children of Prayer and Faith. I love you and I want to be your educator in the faith and in the way of holiness, I want to help you children, open your hearts to My Mother’s words before the difficult days come, do not waste time little children, be faithful to God and His Church, Pray for the Pope, the Priests and the Church. My children the day is coming My children, when the men of evil will attack her, wanting to destroy her. Make reparation and fasts, be obedient and pray much for peace, as I so much ask you in My apparition’s in the World, be sons of God and not children of the world, for the world can not give you eternal life, but God alone.

Now I turn to My sons, the priests.

Preach with courage the Gospel of My Son Jesus. You, who are already consecrated to My Immaculate Heart, have confidence and obedience, you who are not My consecrated yet, do today your consecration to My Heart. Stand firm My dear priests, Pray the Rosary with love. My Sacred Heart continues to be crushed to see My sons priests’ asleep by the comfort, a dense darkness surrounds many of them, turning them away from Me. God is calling all of you, return to Him.

I bless you all and I tell you that I am very happy with the presence of all of you here in this Blessed Place (Corgo da Igreja).

Return My children to your homes with the blessing of God.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message August 2nd 2009

My dear children, I come once again this afternoon of purification, to grant you My Motherly blessings. I unite you in My Immaculate Heart to convey to the world the desires of My heart and ask each one of you to be My spokesmen from now on, for those who live far from the truth which is Jesus.

Today, Jesus remains only in few tabernacles on earth, the light goes out in many places, yet God still pours out upon mankind His blessings of purification, peace, and love. I must warn you My dear children, that a great purification will continue on this world, men needs to be shaken to wake up to God, it is time for men to gather together to do penance, to be reconciled with God their creator.

My dear children, men revolt against God, treading and ignoring His existence, many children receive Jesus, but they do not take Him to walk with them along the paths of life. You should pray to Jesus when trouble comes your way, pray to Jesus when you are tempted in allowing yourselves to be led by greed. My children, let the Holy Spirit enter into your souls, for God sends Him for your purification.

My dear children, a great event will happen in your world, it is necessary for you to gather in prayer groups, to pray without ceasing, so that the Mercy of God do not forsake His children in the places where I appeared. I have warned ceaselessly in all the face of the earth that the hand of God will fall upon mankind because of the obstinacy of men who keep insisting on their sins. I have warned you through this son of Mine, but few are believing what I Mother of God, I transmit to you, so I have chosen some Bible passages, so that yourselves can know the authority of God in your lives. Yet in this place and to this day many of you do not understand the depth, length, and greatness of this work of God.

My children, read without ceasing, keep reading the word of God – ” Hebrews .”Read to understand better what God wants of you, all this I ask you for lack of your credit, for lack of your obedience, I myself told My children not to look for the signs of God in the darkness, the danger surrounds you My children, satan calls you to destroy you. Praise and glorify My Son Jesus who is abandoned in some churches, I invite you to pray for these churches. I Mother of Jesus, will be fulfilling with you the desires of My Immaculate Heart and the desires of the Heart of My Son Jesus, We both want to protect you from a great anguish that will come upon the world, I tell you to look at this cleansing of God descending upon you. Today He heals, but tomorrow will be full of bitterness because the deadly poison of weapons created by men will transform the waters and many children will no longer have to quench their thirst.

My dear children, I warn you that I love you and remind you that Jesus is present in the Tabernacles of the earth. Pray, pray, pray a lot for the Priests, Bishops and especially for your Pope.

Children, how good it is to be with you and to tell you, how good it is to see that My children listen to their Mother. I will remain with you even for a brief time. In a short time Heaven will be silent and then everywhere the ringing of God’s clock will fall on the world .

My children I leave My Motherly blessings upon you. I bless you, in the Name of Almighty God, who gathered us this afternoon, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message September 6 2009

Dear children, do not cling to material things for they are useless in the kingdom of Heaven, there is some children here who are still very attached to those things, may your only attachment in this world be Jesus, for only He can help you.

Many children think in their hearts, “What am I doing here?” “Why am I here?” “I could be elsewhere …” maybe it would be better … here is not good!

No My dear children, do not listen to the temptation, these thoughts come from the devil so that you may depart from prayer, from God and from Me. Pray the Holy Rosary and offer Me your sacrifices, for your prayers and sacrifices will be valuable to Me, so that I use it for the salvation of many souls, especially of many young people.

I ask you to read the entire chapter of Isaiah. Pray, pray for sinners, if you could understand how precious souls are to God and to Me, you will endeavour to pray even more, I want you to understand how important prayer is for the salvation of My children. Ah! Young people! Young people! How I suffer for them! The youth are getting worse, there is no more purity in the youth today, only few know how to preserve the grace of purity. Everyone is in danger of losing it.

My children, how good would it be if they prayed to the Holy Spirit, that He would grant them the gift of Fortress! Yet I and you still have an opportunity to change this terrible situation, come My  children to fight in the Name of God the evils in the world.

I ask you to My Echo, My voice proclaiming in every corner My invitation of love, My invitation of conversion. Love is something so beautiful and magnificent that it can accomplish great miracles in My children’s lives.

My dear children, I leave you My love for all the children who do not know it yet.

I bless you all. In the name of the Father of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message September 15th 2009

My dear children, listen very carefully to My message. On this day children, I invite you once again to pray for the Church of My Son Jesus, satan is increasingly present in the midst of the Church, to divide it, as I have already told you in other messages, satan will place one against each other. Well My children, this has already begun as you can see throughout the world.

Children, there is a lot of discord and controversy among the people of God … it takes a lot of prayer so that My predilected children can have discernment about the dark cloud that hangs in the Vatican and in the churches. The evil one continues to try many of My Priests, sowing discord between them. But they are My predilected children, the salt of the earth and the light of the world. The infernal waves drag them to the noise and they cease to hear the voice of God and the Divine Holy Spirit.

Very soon My children, a great conflict between the religious leaders will hit the Vatican and the Churches. The rosary My dear children, is a great weapon against this evil that is tormenting many of my predilected children.

Beloved children, priests, I wish to tell you that conversion is important in your lives and that you do not be conformed, listen to the voice of this Mother who comes to you through these manifestations in this Sacred Place – Corgo da Igreja . Remain faithful to My Son Jesus. You will remain faithful only if you are faithful to My Son Jesus.

How I would like you all to take My words of Mother seriously, so that the mercy of God descends upon the world. Be obedient to God, today God has sent Me to the earth to save you, because the whole world is in danger, I come to you to bring peace into your hearts. So My children, I insist that you pray a lot for humanity, because time is short. Will Come earthquakes and great cataclysms on Argentina, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Bulgaria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Guatemala, Cambodia, Chile, Cyprus, Colombia, the United States of America, Argentina, Japan, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Turkey, , South Korea and the North, Cuba, El Salvador, Spain, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, Romania, Venezuela and your Portugal .

My children, My heart beats with love, My eyes shed bitter tears, the day draws near, convert and pray a lot so that the hand of God will not fall on these nations. I ask you again and I beg you to pray the Holy Rosary in prayer groups, to deliver these nations from the punishments that are to come, these nations are full of sins that offend God’s love. My enemy magnifies himself and so a great number of souls will go to hell. I ask you to pray for all souls .

I My dear children, present Myself to you as the Virgin – Mother of Goodness to all nations, I repeat, I come to bring Mercy, forgiveness and peace in the name of the Heavenly Father. My children, may this message be made known urgently to the priests and to all the children throughout the world, so everyone will help Me to save the nations that are threatened.

I Mary Mother of all Nations will not abandon youI would like you to understand My urgent warning, live My warnings because they are for the good of all of you and the world.

What I tell you My children, is that you must read and publish what is in Jeremiah 4: 4,5 and 28. Scream even.

Meditate on what is to come and what I have announced to some nations so that you may prepare yourselves for this great battle which has already begun.

I repeat: prayer, conversion, penance and fasting.

Children, I ask also for your prayers for My children, especially for the Priests and Bishops of the whole world. They really need your prayers.

I bless you My children, in the holiness of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message October 4th 2009

Children, do penance, penance, penance. Dear children, pray for those who do not believe in this Sacred Place, pray for the unbelievers, pray for all those who are not yet converted, pray for those who still do not love God.

Dear children of My Immaculate Heart, first I desire that the flame of Love of My Immaculate Heart penetrates you, I am your Mother and I come to announce to you today that from this Sacred Place, a great light will be seen … what I desire from all of you is that you calm your hearts, for from this Sacred Place a sign of My royal presence will be manifested, it will be a sign that will manifest My simplicity and love, because as in Bethlehem when My Son Jesus was born in a humble place, I also once again settle in the places where I receive with simplicity and bring My Divine Son Jesus to be born in many hearts.

The sign that will happen here will be a warning to My Church which is following in the path of spiritual blindness. From here many of My little children will witness My Love for this humble place, on that day My dear children, I will pour out upon you innumerable graces.

My dear children, your mission is to propagate My messages that are read here in this Sacred Place, be My messengers. I do not forget you, I have come here to invite you to conversion, I am the Virgin of Goodness and the Virgin of the Rosary, the Mother of all of you and the Queen of the Universe. I still have, My children, many messages to give you, I will still appear in many places because I am your Mother and I want to save you. Peace, Peace, Peace. Pray much for peace in the world. Have confidence in this Kind Mother. Pray for the Pope, he suffers greatly, pray always for him, pray for the Bishops, Priests and consecrated souls who offend God, our Lord with their sins. All this My children is very serious. Pray always the Rosary in prayer groups, for love to remain in your hearts, for some of you no longer endure each other, unity among many is over, and it is the disorder that prevails choking the world, throwing it in darkness.

I My dear children, with much love and much pain I tell you: – The time of the end has come, not the end of the world, but the end of love in the hearts of men.

I am your Mother and I am pleased with you, for I love you, therefore I join you in My Suffering and Sorrowful Heart.

I bless you My children in the Holiness of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message November 1st 2009

Peace dear children, many thanks because today you make Me live an intense happiness, you make Me happy and you leave your Father happy, in fact today with your presence here, you bring joy to all Heaven.

Thank you to all who accepting to come to this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, made happen moment’s of graces … I am happy to be able to share this! I want to tell you, as I have said so many times that despite everything, many barriers will come … many currents … and that you will often have difficulties to follow the path of God. This battle is necessary My children, the enemy is powerful and the whole world has made victims and diverted millions of children away from the Paternal House, such children need to return to God, therefore I count with you, with your prayers, with your forgiveness to your enemies, with your love. God trusts in you My dear children, He will give to you all the necessary strength to overcome your enemies, will give the necessary strength so that with Him the plans of Salvation can be realized.

Count with Me children for this mission, pray much for the priests! Pray much for the Holy Church. Thank you so much.

I repeat, I am very happy with all of you, thank you to those who came from far and to all of you here, thank you to those who are here for the first time in this Sacred Place. I bless you and in a very special way to all of you who are here, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Message from Our Lord Jesus Christ and from Our Lady Mother of Goodness December 5th 2009


My dear children, is ending another year and I know how much it leaves some sad and downcast because they look forward to My coming. You already expected My children, to have happened a long time ago, but nothing has happened yet, but I promise you My dear children, that everything will be fulfilled and will not be long. Because My Mother presented Me with millions of Hail Mary’s, millions of Our Father’s, millions of requests for Mercy, it is why We are still holding your world.

My dear children, it is because I love your world so much that I submitted Myself to suffer so much, for I love the world so much that I let Myself be nailed, and because I love the world so much I have not yet descended My arm. I beg you My children, persevere, do not give up because soon everything will be changed. I would like once more to remind you of the warnings and requests of My Mother, in particular those who have not yet been touched. As you read the messages from My Mother I hope you change your life, forget this world because soon it will no longer exist, and the so long awaited New World will come.

To those who are awaiting for Me, well confessed, well sacramental, well repentant of all the evil they have done, repenting for the evil they have done and for the good they haven’t done, those who are in prayer, those who are detached from the things of the world, and even of money, those who are standing firm, doing My will, these children will sit with Me at the great table and will dwell in the new world.

My dear children, when My Mercy is over there will be no more return. Come back now My children, do not wait for later, I am warning you, but many of you still do not want to hear, you are thinking that this is craziness, that there is no end-time prophets, that there is no messengers.

Children, those who have already met Me are very happy, and I tell you, many of them when they call them crazy, fanatics, they feel praised because I have left written more than two thousand years ago, that whoever left everything to follow Me, would be called crazy. Children, do you think they are lowering themselves? They are only confirming that what they are doing is really from God and for God.

I Finish dear children, telling you that I love you all very much and I await you with My open arms, to embrace you, to kiss you and to thank you for being part of the minority, the minority of the Holy People of God.

I am Jesus, I am Mercy, I am Forgiveness, I am Love, I am a Guide and I am the only pure love. I wait for you. Now My dear children, listen to the warnings from My Mother Mary Most Holy:


Mary, Our Mother:

Dear children, I rejoice with your presence in this Sacred Place Corgo da Igreija, whom God has chosen for Me Mother of Goodness, from here to transmit My warnings, through messages and signs.

It is more than ten years of signs and nine years of messages, from Me and My Divine Son. Throughout these ten years we have bestowed many children with messages and signs to believe in Our presence in this place and in their homes. I have also manifested Myself in many Churches showing to My predilected children that I am the Mother of Goodness, I am Mother of the Church and also Mother of vocations! Know My dear children that I still care about each one of you. Do not be afraid, the great wall is already erected and My children will have total security with Me.

My dear children, an unexpected event in the Catholic Church will bring great repercussions in the press of the whole world and many of My children will lose their faith. Your Pope Benedict XVI needs much of your prayers. Pray, pray, pray a lot. To My children the visionaries, and confidants scattered throughout this world, I also invite you to pray with prayer groups, to convert many of My children who still walk far from the Lord.

Children help Me with your prayers, so that My plans may be fulfilled among you. I suffer for your sufferings, I weep for all those who walk in this valley of tears. Suffering My children, will be present in many families, and a new disease will arise among you, and it will be impossible to reach the cure through medicine, this suffering will spread in humanity as the rain is spread by the wind in the middle of the field, it will cause death all over the world and also the blindness of many children.

My children next year, will be great conflicts because My opponent is working like never before, he knows that he is about to be defeated and thrown into prison, he makes a desperate effort to overcome My children with deception and disease. Children, his desire is to wrap the whole world in confusion, with diseases and wars, especially against My predilected children, priests and consecrated to My Motherly Immaculate Heart. My adversary will use every opportunity to seduce My Consecrated and Priests in order to divert them from the path of holiness.

I humbly ask to My children consecrated to My Heart and also to My predilected Priests that they be aware of the changes that occur within the Holy Church. The enemy is preparing to deceive the Church in the whole world and so soon he will cover himself with white robes and gather in his behalf many souls who will painfully follow the same path, destroying the faith of the Church.

The parishes will be transformed into a meeting hall and satan will sink millions of souls, therefore pray much dear children, pray for the Priests not to fall into the snares of the enemy, beware, continue with Me and always give your contribution to the triumph of My Heart.

I will finish saying My husband Joseph takes care of your homes and intercedes for you.

Honour God in your families with prayer, for when you pray, you are showing that you want to be His.

With love I bless you all, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

See you soon.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message December 8 2009

My dear children, today I ask you to pray for the conversion of sinners, because you live in an age when the hearts of men have become cold and closed to the love of God.

Men do not stop running on the path of high destruction and increase the sufferings and afflictions for all mankind. Pray, pray, pray a lot and do penance and prepare your hearts. These are days of suffering for humanity, days to go through the ordeal.

Children tear out the pride of your hearts, confess your sins, walk safely in the path of Holiness and convert.

My dear children, it is time for immediate conversion, return to God before the whole earth is mourned. Children, I am your Mother and your Protector, I am distressed to see mankind turning away from God, pray that you will be strong in the Spirit in order to face the forces of satan. Help Me children in the transformation of humanity, I am among you to assist you in this transformation. Look and see My dear children, the sorry state in which mankind finds itself, if humanity does not return to the true God, it will have to drink from the bitter chalice. Pray, become My children and trust fully in God in order to achieve peace for humanity.

The world is not dominated by him, but by Him who loves you.

I conclude My dear children, wishing the peoples of all nations to feel the peace of the Lord and to return to Him as repentant children.

God offers you peace and love, be obedient children and every day will increase in you the desire to truly love the Lord over all things, and you will thirst for prayers and you will find rest and consolation in the hour of death .

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit I bless you My children, in the Holiness of God. Amen.




Explanatory note:

This apparition is supported by the decree of the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith (AAS 58/16 of December 29, 1966, which defends canons 1399 and 2318, thanks to the intervention and approved by SS Paul VI and published by his will where it says: ” It is authorized to disclose, without express permission of ecclesiastical authority, writings concerning new apparitions, revelations, visions, prophecies and miracles , provided that Christian morality is observed in general.” In publishing revelations, apparitions, or any other graces of Jesus and of Mary, as well as of His Angels and Saints, this group of friends of Our Lady Mother of Goodness, in this way give the opportunity to all those who wish to know and be informed, of such wonderful manifestations of heaven, on earth, according to freedom and free will of each person.


We remind everyone that the site of the apparitions is private property , although it is still not properly closed, and is a place of prayer and Catholic devotion , so we ask people to respect the place and all those present, gathered in prayer, without interfering in celebrations, and in the surrounding spaces that are private.

All who wish to approach in the Heart of JESUS ​​and MARY are welcome, but with silence and respect, and appropriate clothing without provocation, as Our Lady asked .