Messages 2008


YEAR 2008

Messages of each month from this year.

WARNING : The messages are textually copied from the manuscripts of Brother Fernando Pires. Good discernment.


Message of Our Lady Mother of Goodness

Revealed to Brother Fernando Pires, on , , at the place of the apparitions (Corgo da Igreja).



Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message January 6 2008

Dear children, I am the Mother of Goodness, begin this year at My side, for only then will you find your peace. In this new year let yourselves be lead sweetly by Me, in this way you will always be safe and protected. I want you to continue to pray the holy rosary.

My dear children, whenever you stand with the rosary in your hands you will be inviting Me to pray for you, and I as Mother who loves you greatly, intercede before My Son Jesus for each one of you. Have confidence in My Immaculate Heart, through Me all humanity is invited to return to God, say your yes to the Lord who calls you to follow His Son Jesus, who for each one of you has become a great example of obedience. Come back My dear children, I am in a hurry and I call you with one last warning, come back in this year My children.

The great events that I foretold to you in various places of the world in which I appeared, will take place, I have come into the world to call you to conversion because if you do not convert, unless you return to God, you will never attain salvation, your time has come and you can not miss this urgent call.

You are not alone on this path, I am with you and I will be your companion in this great journey, do not lose hope, do not be afraid, My son Jesus knows well what is inside you, He knows it.

I end asking you to pray always, without ever being discouraged, your sincere and perfect prayer will save humanity. From this, humble place, to all I give My blessing in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message February 3rd 2008

My dear children, I begin by saying that My Heart is very sad by the many sufferings that threaten the world

For which motive has many of My children have not heard Me yet after giving so many signs? My numerous apparition’s can not convert even a third of humanity, even the Priests and Bishops of My Son deny My apparition’s. How can this be My children?

They do not listen to My voice, they do not listen to the alarm I gave them many years ago, what more can I do My dear children, for you to believe in Me?

I cried in My images, I claimed, I appeared, everything I did for My children to believe. Faced with this, as a Mother, I feel it as My duty to warn again that the whole world is heading for the final catastrophe, and that few realize My agonising warnings, time My children, granted for your conversion is already ending, after God gives the last signs, conversion My children, will become more difficult.

My dear children, it is so hard for Me to say this, but if My children do not convert, the punishment will come, He may however be relieved by your prayers, penances, and fasting. My children, those who wait on Me and believe in My words should not be afraid, for I and My son Jesus will not abandon you, nor will those who propagate My messages.

I finish by asking My children to pray, pray, pray a lot, seek the conversion of your hearts and judge no one, only God has the final judgment. I love you My dear children, and I call your attention to this message that is given to you with much love, and do not forget that I will always be with you.

I give My strength and My blessing in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message February 16th 2008 (anniversary of the apparition’s)

Dear children, I am Your Dearest Mother, Mother of Goodness. I came from heaven to teach you to love, to forgive, but also and above all, to call you to live the Gospel of My Son our Lord Jesus Christ.

My dear children, I am immensely happy to see many of My children here in this Sacred Place today February 16th. Come always, and come with an open heart, for I desire to make My habitual habitation in your hearts. I invite you My children to prepare yourselves for Lent, with fasting, prayers, penances and works of charity.

My children, try to confess every week, but do not let your confession become routine. Confession, children, is the best way of reconciliation with God, if you do not confess, you can not fulfil your duty as Christians, if you do not act on this path, your conversion will become more and more difficult.

My dear children, here in this sacred place your Mother speaks to all of you. I come through this my son, to alert you with another message coming from heaven to earth, I come to say everything at the command of God, I come to tell you all that My son Jesus will come very soon, do not worry about anything but cleanse yourself from your sins to enter the kingdom of God. Open your heart and let the Holy Spirit enter, for many things are about to happen and you My dear children, those who do not listen to the truth, for you will be great affliction in the day of judgment.

Everything is prepared, your God awaits you and longs for a good confession of yours. Your mother speaks to you and begs you, confess your sins before everything happens, I love you and I await you dear children.

Before ending this message I want to say to you: I love you very much My children and I desire your salvation, remember that whoever is faithful to the end will be saved, therefore My children, be faithful! Love, love the Pope, pray for him, for the Bishops, and for the Priests, Love the Catholic Church, love the Eucharist, pray a lot for the world, is what I ask you.

To all My special blessing, also to the sick who are in this humble place, in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message March 2nd 2008

My dear children, I begin by telling you that on the 16th of February I felt My  heart very tight by seeing that some of the children that were among you were not in a position to receive My Son Jesus. They are not from yours My children. You have a great persecution on their part, be strong My children and do not worry about persecution. Thus you will see that you are My children, ask a lot for them, praying, because they are blind, and do not see that the hand of My Son Jesus is falling on them, and continue with discord and confrontations. How far will you go? “Innocent souls!” How do you allow yourself to be deceived by deceitful words and lies! Do you want My children, to drive your brothers away from the path of truth?

My dear children, I am your Mother, I am also and in a very special way the Mother of your country, I come from heaven to ask you again that you return to the Lord, very fast, there is no more time for doubts and uncertainties My dear children, the time has come for you to convert. Yes My children, My Son Jesus is giving you many opportunities to be converted, yes Jesus is giving many opportunities for My children to convert.

Take heed My dear children, there will be many great punishments in the world, one in the form of war, another one of revolutions and another one sent by Heaven. What you see today is only a small beginning, painful days will come for you, days of much pain, therefore My children, I ask you to pray, pray much for the salvation of the world and the conversion of all those who have turned away from God, only in prayer can you be reassured, by praying you can delay the harmful events of those situations. CONTINUE TO FIGHT WITH PRAYERS AND SACRIFICES. I Mother of Goodness, have My arms open with the bombs of the HOLY SPIRIT to help all who come to Me, to lead them to a safe place, to a new life.

I finish by saying to you again that in this time of Lent there is still hope for each of you to convert. Convert MY CHILDREN, for YOUR good, to the Good of each one in particular. I bless all of you who are here, in this humble place, and to all who could not come. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message April 6 2008

My dear children, I ask you to intensify your prayers and sacrifices for peace in the world and for the conversion of sinners. In these very difficult times come closer to the Eucharist, know My children, that I desire your conversion as soon as possible.

My children, for decades I have come into the world through innumerable apparitions to ask you for conversion and consecration to My Immaculate Heart, I do not come to oblige you, but what I say must be taken seriously.

My dear children, the world is chaotic and many of My children do not believe the world is crumbling. In these times of much anguish, you do not even stop for a moment to meditate and discern what is lacking in your world! Is lacking love to God, is lacking respect for the elders, the dedication to the family, is lacking the spirit of sacrifice …

My children, living is difficult, I know, but you have to think that your walk in the world will determine your future in eternity, today you are unbridled by the addictions, for the love of earthly things, and you are losing the sense of the Good. The world My children, has lost the sense of brotherhood and respect for its neighbour, how do you want harmony in your times if you do not understand yourselves, if you do not apologize, if you never stop your ambition to want more and more, not looking at the ways to achieve your goals? It is My duty as a Mother to draw your attention to the harsh reality in which you live in this world.

My dear children, I also want to ask you in a very special way, that in April and May you dedicate your prayers to the Holy Father, for the relief of the souls of purgatory and for the world, so that there will be no war, no fire, no harsh winters, earthquakes and disease. I your Mother, I am permanently interceding before God for your world, and God in His Goodness, accepts My intercession and delays the hour of punishment .

Yes children, God is good, is compassionate, but He is just, His justice will be applied because many children do not know how to fulfil their duties as children of God, do not love their Creator, do not respect Him, and many do not even remember that He exists.

At this moment My children in this Sacred Place, I bless all the sick of your families, whether they are or in hospitals or in their homes, and I still bless all who suffer in body or soul, I bless all little children, I bless the elderly and the youth, parents and children.

I bless your country (Portugal) I bless you all who are here in this Sacred Place, I give you peace, understanding and the sense of brotherhood.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message May 4th 2008

My dear children, in these days that are approaching, many of My children will make a pilgrimage in your country towards My Cova da Iria, (Fatima) to glorify Me as the Mother of Jesus Christ and your Mother from Heaven, who does everything My children, to bring you deep in My Heart and give all of you to Jesus Christ.

My Motherly love is such My dear children, that I desire to give you all to the Father for your salvation, and especially those who suffer atrociously because of incurable diseases, to these My dear children, if you can pray for them, so they never despair and offer all their pain to God for their purification.

In this month of May, the month of Mary as you say, I wish to give all My dear children to My Son Jesus, it is the greatest and best gift that I can give you to reciprocate your affections. With My intercession before the Father, I want to help to solve your problems, and cleanse your souls of all impurities.

My dear children, with your prayers, petitions, intentions and sacrifices, you are doing your purification in the world, and contributing, beyond your purification also to help purify your brothers. I count with you My dedicated children, and you will be rewarded forever and ever for your dedication. I would also ask you that in these times, do not listen to murmurings and criticisms, your procedure should be the same as of a child of God, so children, do not enter into criticism or listen to gossip, surely your soul will become darker, and you must always keep it in the faith of the Lord, that you may grow in the Lord.

My children, I would like to ask you to pray again for all the Cardinals, Bishops and Priests of the whole world, and especially the Holy Father, so that his plans may be fulfilled, and so will mine. Pray, pray, pray a lot for the future of the Church of My Son Jesus, because you are threatened to lose everything. Pray much also for your world, because is moving towards total disagreement because of the hatred of its rulers.

As I told you in My message of March 4, 2007, I repeat again, what I say is for your own good, so that you may be prepared, will be My children, a dislocation in the world economy, Portugal will feel its effects.

My children, I do not want to cause you fear, I Maria will not abandon you, but I would like you to understand once and for all, that your world is walking towards the abyss.

Before finishing My dear children, I wanted to ask you this May, before you pray, speak with Me first through your hearts, entrust to Me your concerns and I will make you have the answers in your Spirit. I wait for all of you and await your outbursts.

Finally My dear children, I want to thank in a very special way, all My children who welcomed Me with love and affection this afternoon. To all My blessing, to the sick who are here in this humble place blessed by Me and My Son Jesus.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message June 1st 2008

My dear children, I come today to tell you the sorrow of My Mother’s Heart .Come close to Me, with a real desire to listen and console a Mother so saddened by the children who have suffered and still suffer in the countries of China and Birmania. My children, I ask you to pray, pray for them and for your world. Children, it is very important that you are all prepared with the Sacrament of Confession, because what comes to you will be the most difficult and most painful moments.

My dear children, I have come from Heaven to grant you peace, accept Me all of you My children, those who occupy a position of responsibility, whether in the public or religious sector, I would like to say that your nation ( Portugal ) is going through difficult and distressing moments. Look My children, how violence and the number of crimes, robberies, dishonesty, and lack of love for others and disrespect for the weak and abandoned grows, look around you and see how many of them feed on the crumbs thrown away. My heart breaks apart when I find that the number of the most disadvantaged is treated as worthless animals. I remind you that they too as you, have value in the sight of God and that they are precious treasures to Me. I suffer My children for those who suffer from misery and hunger, I suffer for those who are often victims of hatred and violence.

My dear children, I and My Son Jesus are deeply indignant at the sins and crimes committed in your world, especially in your country (Portugal) .Therefore My dear children, will come a terrible social cataclysm that threatens your country and especially the city ​​of Lisbon. My children it will unleash a civil war of a governmental character, accompanied by looting, fires and devastation of all kinds. So pray, pray, pray a lot for your world without ever being discouraged, your sincere and perfect prayer will save humanity.

From this Sacred Place, I bless you all in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message July 6 2008

My dear children, I like very much to meet with you in the prayers of the first Sunday of each month, in this Sacred Place .

I see with satisfaction that you seek to do what I have asked you through My messages. However, some of My children still do not do this devotion very well, some still do not confess nor do they go to receive Holy Communion with the intention of repair My Heart and the Heart of My Son Jesus, some for oblivion, others for ignoring this duty of Christians.

Dear children, you must listen to My messages, it is the voice of an afflicted Mother, of a Mother anguished by Her worries, who warns you in advance of what is coming to you. I go around the world to warn My children, that in time they repent and change their lives. That is why My dear children that I insist with you. Convert, convert, convert and confess, confess, confess. I ask My children again for your weekly confession and do not hide any of your sins.

My dear children I repeat again, it is very important that all of you are with your souls prepared with the sacrament of confession, so as not to be caught unawares, because My children, difficult days will come to the Church of My Son .

I ask My children: – Pray, pray, pray a lot for the Cardinals, Bishops, Priests and the Holy Father, he My children will have much to suffer, because the enemies of God will often attempt against his life. I am your Mother, little children, and I point out to you the safe way, but for you to do what I tell you, to follow the way of the Lord, which is not a path of facilities, it takes strength and courage, but trust Me for I am here in this holy place to help you.

Before finishing My dear children, I want to bless all the sick in your families and the rest, who are in hospitals, in their homes and all who suffer. I bless you all young people, old people and all the little children who are sick and present here in this Sacred Place .

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message August 3rd 2008

My dear children, today I have called you here in this place where the Lord and I are truly present, so as faithful heroes to be witnesses and to know the mystery of the Holy Eucharist that saves the souls that are in the path of perdition.

Please My dear children, help Me urgently, I have already told you that the Bread of Life from Heaven, the mystery of the Holy Eucharist, will serve My children of medicine for your salvation.

Dear children, I came to tell the world: God is truth, God exists, it is in Him that there is happiness and the fullness of life.

My children, I have already affirmed in several messages that the peace of the world is in crisis, without peace, children, the world can not find salvation, increase your prayers and your fasting, as to be saved.

My dear children, you must all know that peace, love and unity among brothers come from God, you must also know that hatred, slander, separation between families comes from satan, therefore My little children, you must always be attentive, do what I tell you and you will not be unhappy. Dear children, I continually need your prayers, you will ask one another what are these prayers for. look little children around you and you will see how much sin has gained ground in this world.

I wish to speak to you again about abortion, this terrible crime committed by many and even legalized in many countries, even in nations of the oldest Christian tradition, it has been legitimated the murder of little children still in the womb of their mothers, this crime little children, is one of the main causes of the lack of peace in the world. Pray much My dear children, that these injustices are no longer committed.

My dear little children, before ending, as your Mother I have the right and the duty to warn you again about what awaits you in your world, especially in your Portuguese nation. Humanity is on the verge of destruction that it can itself provoke by its own hands, which I have already told you in several messages, the economic crisis has already begun, there is for humanity, My dear children, the danger of a new world war. How great is My affliction My children, for what is waiting for you, My poor children so threatened by hunger, war, hatred and violence, these are the most painful times for you My dear children. Pray, pray, pray much, I ask you, pray much My children, ask that there will be no hunger, war, hatred nor violence.

Little children, I bless you all one by one, giving everyone what each one needs, In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message September 7th 2008

Dear children, I am the Mother of Jesus and your Mother, I have come from Heaven to bring you today a message of peace and conversion.

I am happy to meet you in this Sacred Place, thank you for coming, I thank you also for the generosity you have shown so far, and I invite you again to live My Messages that I have passed on to you in these past nine years.

My dear children, prepare your hearts to receive the Divine truths with Spirit free of any human prejudice, do not close yourselves in yourselves, open your hearts to the action of God, do not allow to be deceived My children, by sin. Obey Me, change your lives, without your life changes you can not witness My presence here, therefore be converted now. I invite you My dear children, to continue to pray for peace in the world. Reconcile with God. Firmly believe in His Gospel to save yourselves. My dear children, exist in you many questions, and I am here to tell you that the answer to these questions exists, this answer My children, is Christ, the Son of God made man to teach you to be fully men, and to offer you at the same time, the possibility of being yourselves with Him, sons of God. This is your future children, sons in the Son, called to participate with Him of His own destiny of Glory. Behold, My dear children, My warning : Receive Christ into your lives, without the experience of this inward encounter with Christ you can never be happy. Do not be discouraged, have confidence and love more and more, love God in His will and love your neighbour, because supernatural love is the best defence against all and any evil.

Continue to help Me, My dear children. Have faith, you know that faith is the greatest gift you receive from the Father, therefore continue on the path of faith, do not worry too much about anything, give Me everything to Me, for everything that is yours now belongs Me. My dear children, with all My Heart, I wish all of you present here this afternoon and in this Sacred Place, that the Lord of all Beauty and Goodness grant you all the graces you desire, especially the grace of your conversion.

Surrender yourselves My dear children, entirely to Me and I will make you perfectly docile to the Father’s will.

Keep My words in your hearts, keep them in the most secret of your souls, for only thus can you offer yourselves to My Son Jesus in the accomplishment of God’s plan.

Finally My dear children, today I ask you to reflect on the long time that I am with you, and I invite you to live in harmony and peace, especially in the families. Pray, pray, pray, I desire to be with each one of you to help you, open your hearts, for I am your good and dear Mother, live in My love, abide in My love, for only thus will you be led by Me.

Dear children, I have nothing more to say to you than this: Convert, convert, convert as fast as you can, I am the Mother of all, even of those who are away from God and Me, I love you very much and I wish you all to be happy, therefore My children, I ask you always to pray for them and do not judge them, for I repeat only God is the Supreme Judge. Little children do not lose courage, but always trust in My extraordinary protection.

From this blessed place, I bless you all in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message October 5th 2008

My dear children, today I am very happy because another church of my son Jesus will be inaugurated.

What I ask of you, if you wish to follow the example of My son Jesus, you Priests and Bishops, you must live and act in a way that enables you to be available to the flock, from the most important to the least one. You will want to be among them whether they are rich or poor, educated or in need of education. You must therefore continue to proclaim the word of God, the saving action of Christ, through the sacraments, for acceptance and response to the gift of salvation. I know your concerns and worries to the more weaker and abandoned, carry out your priestly work with love and sincere dedication, so that everyone feels the closeness of the church that welcomes, supports and helps them as a mother. Give more attention My predilected children, especially to the poorest and the most destitute, put yourselves at the disposal of the poor and the needy, that they may approach you and open yourselves to you without embarrassment. Make of Christ My predilected children, the central force of your life and give account of the task entrusted to you in the building of His Kingdom.

Following the example of My Son Jesus, you must have prudence, maturity and humility to work in harmony and under legitimate authority, for the good of the body of Christ, and not arbitrarily and independently, be a man of prayer before the Blessed Sacrament and pray to My Son for that Spirit of true Adoration, in order to imbue yourselves with the love of Christ. Be faithful to your Church, One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic, gathered in all parts of the world, and who expects this service from you. Therefore My predilected children, you should not spare effort in meeting this priority responsibility and of such transcendence for the present and future of the Church, in your Portugal, always convey the genuine priestly fraternity, so that your faithful always feel supported in their ministerial attitudes and find encouragement to fulfil their duties to God and to the Holy Church. Never be discouraged. Be confident, be courageous. Without a doubt My predilected children, there are many challenges that you must face in order for the saving message of Jesus Christ to resonate with more ardour and be present in all Portuguese homes, with a lively hope in the merciful love of My Son. Have confidence that all this will come under the action of the Holy Spirit.

growing renewal of the Church in its structures, charisms and ministries will make it more alive, present and operative, as a sacrament of salvation among men. This is My desire and the desire of My Son.

Now I turn to My children who are here. With another church of My son Jesus being inaugurated, I will be very happy if you participate every day in Holy Mass. When you participate in the Holy Mass My children, you are reliving the bonds that unite you to God the Father through Jesus Christ, therefore little children, go and participate with joy.

To finish My dear children, I ask you to obey the Holy Father, and the Bishops and Priests in communion with him. Know that only through your obedience will you be saved. I am the Mother of the Church and I came from heaven to ask you to be converted, convert, convert, convert and pray, pray, pray, pray much for the church of My Son Jesus.

I thank all My children who welcomed Me to this Sacred Place with love and affection and I will not forget your requests.

From this humble place blessed by Me and My Son Jesus, I give My blessing to all, and especially to the sick here, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message November 2nd 2008

Dear children, My message today is just this: Let love and harmony circulate among you,  no violence, walk in trust and be more and more pure and humble. Yes My children, be humble and love one another.

Do not let yourselves to be deceived, beware, because there are many false seers who tell you that you are saved, that you are chosen and that he will heal you. How much hypocrisy My children, and what a lie there is among men, especially among those who call themselves mine, and who are within the church of My Son Jesus, but who do not serve the church. I bless the uneducated and ignorant and reject the malicious and scheming .

Dear children, I am your kind Mother, I suffer because of those who live in the darkness of paganism or belong to other religions, because they are also children of God, they need His Mercy and My help, but they do not know. Pray for them. You must know that the truth is kept intact only in the Catholic Church, founded by My Son, to carry the Gospel of Salvation to the peoples of all times. Only those children that obey the Pope are the ones who are in the Catholic Church, those who do not obey, can not be considered Catholic, My Son founded His Church on Peter, who does not accept this truth is better to convert as fast as possible. Pray and convert My dear children, I repeat, your time has come, convert now, because the world is getting worse day by day.

My children, immorality increases, the world lives in corruption and men are still blind, the only way of salvation is love for God and neighbour. To this love are summed up the laws that you must fulfil. Most of humanity is changing from merciless to impious. How many times I have to repeat to you My children, you do not distinguish where is grace and where is sin, you don’t want to distinguish, do not listen, you close your ears to My insistent warnings. How much My dear children costs you to love God your Creator, and how you allow yourself to be carried away by the pleasures of the flesh and pride.

To conclude, I invite you today to make a total gift of yourselves to Me without fear or apprehensions. For so long I have called you, for so long I have traced you the way to return to God, and you My children, you have not wanted to listen to Me, if you had practiced the warnings I gave you in My Cova da Iria (Fatima), I would have achieved peace for the world and total satisfaction for the Church, however My dear children, I have not been heard, and humanity is on the verge of a great abyss. You know My dear children how the world is. Will be a lot of food shortages because of the economic crisis, many of My children will feel threatened by hungerhatred and violence, these will be the most painful times for you. Pray, pray, pray a lot, this is what I ask of you so that there is not too much hunger, too much hatred, too much violence and illness.

From this Sacred Place I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message December 7th 2008

My dear children, My message today is to inform you that your brother Vicente is already in a safe place.

My Son Jesus had promised in the message of July 2007 that he would gather his soul. It was I My dear children, that have gathered him and he is now under My guardianship. Never think that your brother may have gone to some dark place, at this moment he is standing by Me. I will give him an opportunity to address you a few words:

– (Vicente) “First of all my dear brothers, I want to thank brother Pires (visionary) and the other brothers who prayed for my soul. It was our Mother from Heaven who collected My soul before I fell; it is that before arriving here I passed through a rather gloomy, yet more were my guilt’s and the offenses I committed against my Jesus. Now brethren, here I have peace and joy, here are all the angels and all who have suffered, here I also understood that the earth is only an exile, I believed in everything, but I was weak and surrounded by many demons that would not leave me. Brothers, the earth is full of demons that will not let the brethren follow the way of God. Now I turn to my dear wife, who has been a good wife to me, to my children and to my whole family. Do not suffer for me, I am in a very beautiful and safe place, and I want all the brethren to reach it too. I repeat, thank you to all who prayed for me, I will also intercede for you and especially for those who need. Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, brothers.”

Dear children, how many souls can be saved through penance and sacrifice. Men still do not believe in God, and those who say they believe, they are fading. Men don’t want to hear about punishments, they don’t want to hear of catastrophes, they don’t give importance to sin, and sin extends and increases.

In this month of December, My children, prepare yourselves with love and humility for the feast of Christmas, I wish to grant you many graces, I wish to grant all My children who come to this place, very special graces for your salvation. Open your hearts to Me and praise the Lord with Me, do not stay away from the confessional this Christmas, and seek the friendship of God through confession. Love is very important to you all, so you must always love. Strive to follow the example of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, who wanted to save the world through humiliation on the cross, for the love of all of you. Therefore My children, love, love, love, do not keep feelings of hatred or desire for violence in your hearts and try to imitate in the example and words My Son Jesus, He is your great Friend and expects of you a holy behaviour, which does not offend your brothers and above all Heaven.

I bless you My dear children, and I bless this Place, in here you will have a refuge and salvation. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.




Explanatory note:

This apparition is supported by the decree of the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith (AAS 58/16 of December 29, 1966, which defends canons 1399 and 2318, thanks to the intervention and approved by SS Paul VI and published by his will where it says: ” It is authorized to disclose, without express permission of ecclesiastical authority, writings concerning new apparitions, revelations, visions, prophecies and miracles , provided that Christian morality is observed in general.” In publishing revelations, apparitions, or any other graces of Jesus and of Mary, as well as of His Angels and Saints, this group of friends of Our Lady Mother of Goodness, in this way give the opportunity to all those who wish to know and be informed, of such wonderful manifestations of heaven, on earth, according to freedom and free will of each person.


We remind everyone that the site of the apparitions is private property , although it is still not properly closed, and is a place of prayer and Catholic devotion , so we ask people to respect the place and all those present, gathered in prayer, without interfering in celebrations, and in the surrounding spaces that are private.

All who wish to approach in the Heart of JESUS ​​and MARY are welcome, but with silence and respect, and appropriate clothing without provocation, as Our Lady asked .