Messages 2007


YEAR 2007

Messages of each month from this year.

WARNING : The messages are textually copied from the manuscripts of Brother Fernando Pires. Good discernment.


Message of Our Lady Mother of Goodness

Revealed to Brother Fernando Pires, on , , at the place of the apparitions (Corgo da Igreja).


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message January 1st 2007

Dear children, will begin another year! Pray, pray, pray, pray very much that this year 2007 may be of much peace and graces from God.

On day 1, My children, it was My Feast of Mercy. Your mother is very happy and wishes to share this joy with each one of you.

Pray that peace will be preserved and natural disasters will not increase even further this year for the world, especially for your country now in great danger. I love your country and I want to help all those who live here, so My children, return to your God of Goodness and Love.

Return, return, return, if there is no general return to God on the part of all of you, a great punishment will come upon your homeland. I love Portugal and I want to help everyone who lives here. Pray, pray, pray that your homeland will always be blessed by God.

Dear children, begin this new year cultivating your hearts as you cultivate your fields, work and change your hearts so that the Spirit of God may dwell in you.

I am your kind Mother, I love you and I want to continually urge you to pray, I My dear children, am indefatigable and I call you even when you are far from My heart, I feel for each one of Mine that is getting lost, but I am your Mother, I forgive easily and I am happy with every child that comes back to God.

I want to help you little children, convert, convert, continue, continue to pray, pray for the Holy Father, pray that all My plans will be fulfilled.

From this humble blessed place, I bless you all in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message February 4th 2007

Dear children, do not allow the error and immorality of other religions to spread within the Church of My Son, seek to unite with one another, loving especially those who seek to harm you. Your sufferings will increase day by day, the crisis in the Church of My Son will advance even to a declared rebellion, coming mainly from many of My children who participate in the priesthood of My son Jesus, not only here in Portugal, but all over the world. My adversary acts trying to bring as many Priests as possible to the path of perdition. My children, the truths need to be clarified, here in Portugal there is a great number of shepherds who do not guide their flocks with love and fidelity. Today My Most predilected Son, the Pope, suffers from the betrayal and abandonment of many, even his closest collaborators often disobey him and harass him. The disobedience of many of you, My dear children, opens a profound wound in the heart of the Pope. How it hurts so much in My heart. My children, obey the Pope so that his plans be fulfilled, and Mine too.

My dear children, pray a lot for the future of the Church of My son Jesus, because you are threatened to lose the true Faith, continue to pray for the Pope, the Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, for yourselves and for others.

My dear children, the world is not lost yet, though it is on the verge of destruction and self-destruction and is on the verge of a great epidemic.

I ask again, to have masks at home, I care deeply about the salvation of mankind. Trust in Me My dear children, pray, pray, pray a lot, because I am here in this Sacred Place to help you.

My dear children, on the 16th of February , in this Sacred Place where I appeared as the Mother of Goodness, I will give you a message to convey very serious warnings and orientations to you.

From this Holy Place, blessed by Me and by My Son, with My predilected children consecrated to Me, I bless you all in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message February 16th 2007 (anniversary of the apparition’s)

Children, today is a day that brings Me joy and also a lot of sadness.

Joy for being the day that I appeared in this humble place, and for being with all of you again to bring you Peace and Love.

Sadness My dear little children, because the world and especially your homeland have lost the true meaning of what is and is not sin, men no longer know how to define and distinguish right from wrong.

My children, My Heart suffers with My Divine Son, for so much destruction that man is provoking on earth. What about the lust that is developing on earth, marrying men with men and women with women? The murders of beings not yet born, these beings who are beginning to grow in the womb of their mothers?

My dear children, do not let yourselves fall into satan nets, do not fall down with beautiful words of love, happiness and human rights, because it is a trap in which the world is falling little by little so that the murders and the suicides increase.

I tell you My children, that man little by little is walking to his own destruction, little by little human laws will be adopted which have nothing to do with the laws of My Divine Son, but for man they will look very good, since he is not cultivated in spirituality and he does not have the words to fight against this devil of the world.

No My dear children, do not want to convert the world into lust and murder of children who begin to live in their mothers’ womb.

Starting with the Priests of My Divine Son, you all know unfortunately, that there is priests involved in the webs of the world and only think with the worldly mind, they only think of belonging to the world, forgetting their Sacred Priestly Mystery, converting themselves in worldly men, forgetting all spirituality and sharing of the word of My Divine Son which they should make known to the people.

My children, I do not come here to speak evil of your brothers, I come to bring you a message of spiritual preparation so you do not get frightened by many written papers that come to your hands, by many words that come to your ears.

My dear children, this year will be very difficult for you, there will be great scandals, to the point of not knowing what is and is not bad. I tell you that this year ( 2007 ), difficult times are coming for the Holy Church and for all the followers of My Divine Son, you will be trapped and persecuted, so pray a lot and keep your Faith.

From now on, My dear children, great changes will begin to take place in all parts of the world, especially in your country, many of My children will want to put aside faith in the true Church of Jesus, but I am already warning you dear children, you must always be firm in the faith, do not abandon the Church of My son Jesus and always obey the Pope, who is Jesus chosen one to give you the keys of the Church. It does not matter My children, whatever happens, obey him, for he will lead the little flock to the one true Shepherd. I and My Divine Son, we will never abandon you, we will always be with you, giving you the strength you need.

And now My dear children, I want to tell you about the children who dare to take and receive the Sacred Body of My Son Jesus in their hands, as if it were some piece of bread. No, no, do not do this My children, because it is a great sin. My children, there are so many things, so many lessons that man must learn. Another lesson I want to give you is about the sepulchre, how My Son Jesus will allow a body that has been inhabited by the Holy Spirit to be burned, unfortunate law of men My children, the one that now is practiced so much, to incinerate the corpses that men want to burn their body. My dear children do not allow this to happen to you, and if you can not convince the other brothers, at least do not accept it for yourselves, because the sacred places will always be under the earth where they will always rest in the peace of the Lord.

Man also wants to abandon everything that My Son left on earth, beginning with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, there are many churches where they are changing the words of My Son Jesus, they say that the church has to modernize because it is very outdated. No My dear children, the Church was, is and will always be the same following the doctrine of My Divine Son for all Eternity. But unfortunately My children, there are many Priests who do not believe that My divine Son and I can manifest ourselves to children who have no studies, who do not have great intelligence, because they think they are superior.

You know, my children, why do we choose them? They are simple and humble. I know that many of the beloved sons (priests) are not interested in listening to My messages, because they would have to engage in a real struggle with themselves and confess to themselves.

My dear children, you must know the right Priests by their words and preaching, by their total surrender to the service of My Son Jesus. The right Priest My children, takes the Doctrine of My Son until the end and do not fear the persecutions because of their fidelity to tradition, by these signs you will recognize the true Priest.

My children, those confessors who, when you go to the confessional and tell you, “This sin is of no importance, this is nothing, go in peace” No, My dear children, your sins, each one in its measure, have their importance for the soul, because if it gets dirty and if it does not get clean properly, it gets blackened to the point where it can come to believe that it has no sin.

To finish My dear children, I ask you to convert, pray a lot and return to God. Be very careful that you do not deviate from the truth that is found only in the Holy Roman Catholic Church. My Jesus founded His Church as a Sacrament of Salvation, but satan, to deceive you, made appear in the world several false religions, deceiving even many of the chosen ones. Do not give credit to those who doubt the Pope. To deny what the Pope, the Bishops and priests in communion with him preach, is to deny the Gospel itself.

Be careful My children, with those who are far from the magisterium of the Church, they are in the world not to do the will of God, but to do the will of the father of lies. I repeat to you, obey only those who obey the Pope.

Therefore, My dear children, go and announce the Gospel because it is the only means of Salvation for humanity.

To all of you My very special blessing, to the sick who are here in this humble place blessed by Me and My Son Jesus.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message March 4th 2007

Dear children, I invite each one of you in particular during this time of Lent to do penance and prayers.

Put into your hearts, feelings of peace, love and understanding and not of hatred, evil and condemnation.

This is a request, which you should all respect. However, many of My children have not respected and do not even know what Lenten means, others know but do not know how to respect. As My Heart and the Heart of My Son Jesus hurt us My children, We suffer for the sins of each one of you.

Dear children, many are the times I knock at the door of your hearts, to call you to conversion, but few are those who open themselves to the grace of the Lord, I need each one of you, because, My Son continues to suffer the pains of His Passion, because of the sins of mankind.

My mission is to prepare you for salvation, all that I desire for all of you is your salvation. I your Mother, I ask you to pray for My Heart that also does not stop suffering. Return My children to My son Jesus, only He can save the world.

My dear children, I ask you again not to stay away from prayer. Pray, pray, pray always that you may be saved. The world is on the verge of a great punishment.

My dear children, what I have already made known to My other chosen children, I repeat again now through this My chosen child: The world My children, is moving towards a total disagreement, because of a powerful weapon, which may destroy many of My children in the face of the earth. There will be disagreements My children, and many nations will be destroyed because of the hatred of their leader’s. There will be My children, a total lack of control in the world economy and your country Portugal will be the first to feel its effects, in unemployment and hunger.

My dear children, I do not want to cause you fear, what I say is for your own good, so that you may be prepared.

Look My children, I am your kind Mother, I am asking at all times for you, so that you may be preserved from the greatest punishment that will come to the world, I repeat, convert and keep praying that you may not have to go through what the other children will suffer.

Dear children, if you all listen to My warnings, you will not repent.


My children, and if you listen to Me, My son Jesus, will reward you. There is still hope for each one of you, take advantage of this time of Lent My children, all that I ask of you is for the good of each one in private.

I finish by blessing all of you who are here present, all who could not come, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message April 1st 2007

Dear children, on this day of Lent listen with love to the words of the successor of Peter and vicar of My Son, the Pope. Remember My children on this day the words of My Jesus addressed by the Pope and may you be also courageous and steadfast in your Faith. Defend with love and courage what the Holy Father, the Pope preaches.

In your times, which have become like in times of the flood, you run the risk of losing yourselves eternally if you do not obey the Pope. Therefore My dear children, pray, pray a lot for the Pope, listen to him with humility and trust, for he will suffer greatly because of the infidelity of his closest collaborators.

My dear children, your prayer and your consecration, can save the world that is almost lost. know My children that humanity still lives, thanks to the children who still pray, therefore My children, do not stop praying so that the wrath of God does not fall upon mankind.

Dear children, I do not come into the world to force anyone! I come to give you something very special, Peace, I come with a lot of pain in My Heart to tell you, Jesus will show men that He is worthy of Respect. Men are not respecting My Son Jesus, and it should not be so My children. Jesus is your Father, know to respect Him.

I feel sorry for all of you My children, have a great respect towards Me and listen to what I tell you, one day you will claim for Me, I will attend to everyone, but I ask for the collaboration of everyone as well.

My dear children I repeat again, here in Portugal the Holy Church is threatened with losing the true Faith, and for this not to happen the Bishops and Priests must unite with the Holy Father. Many errors are being spread within the Holy Church and these errors are being spread by pastors who are not united to the Pope. I ask you dear children, pray a lot for the Priests, for many of them will lose their faith, satan the father of lies, is furious, and his target of revenge will be the priests.

Dear children, now more than ever it is necessary to pray a lot, because the time of the great events that I have announced in several messages is approaching, I am your Mother and I tell you once again that we must pray a lot for peace in the world, today’s world My children, must accept Peace, otherwise it will continue to walk into a great abyss.

Repent, therefore, for repentance is the first step to be taken on the path of conversion.

Dear children, this afternoon I ask you to reflect on the profound Mystery of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of My Divine Jesus. I invite you then, to have a sincere repentance of your sins and to return sincerely to God. Therefore My children, repent and return to your God. I love you and I await your response. Do not be sad, do not worry, put your trust in My Heart and you will always be protected and guarded by Me.

This afternoon, I bless in a very special way all of you gathered here, your little children and all those who are dear to you. Thank you for your presence here in this Sacred Place. I love you My children, I love you My dear children.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message May 6 2007

Dear children, I wish you well and I would like to tell you that many children still come here to this Holy Place to hurt My Heart, but on the other hand, here also comes many others to relieve Me of sufferings.

Children, satan with his deceptive action, leads My innocent children to discredit My presence here in this Holy Place. Do not judge My children your neighbour, for I repeat, Only God is the Supreme Judge. Rather, judge yourselves before you be judged by God in the day of His wrath.

My children, I tell you again, I came from heaven to earth not to compel and judge anyone, I know that everyone is a child of God and needs help, therefore God sends Me to you to prepare you. Many children find strange My presence in various parts of the world.

Today, My dear children, the number is great of of Bishops, Priests, Religious and faithful who no longer believe, have already lost their true faith in Christ and in His Gospel.

The Church of Christ is smitten by the evil touch of immorality and apostasy that has now spread within its interior, grows more and more the number of My innocent children who walk in the darkness of God’s denial, lack of faith, immorality, and impiety. Bishops and priests of the Holy Church of God, return to teach to all the true Catholic Morality.

You all Priests, must fight hard for the salvation of humanity, do not worry excessively about all the material things and do not judge, because only then will you be able to imitate My Son Jesus, and you dear children, you must pray a lot and do not pretend to be more than what you are, your mission is to always be in prayer before the Cross. Pray My children for all the Bishops and Priests of the whole world, especially the Holy Father.

My dear predilected children, these are My times, the times when your Mother struggles against satan and his evil angels, My adversary has established his reign over the world and has already considered himself the great victor, but your Heavenly Mother who acts in silence and in hiding, fights with My  angels of light against the evil and evil angels of satan.

Have confidence in Me My dear children, I ask you to pray the Holy Rosary with fervour and joy, stay always aware. Now listen to Me children, what the Heavenly Mother tells you, who sweetly warns you so that you may prepare yourselves for the great events that are precipitating over the world. Let yourselves be guided by Me, I know that there are many among you who are still victims of temptation, doubt and criticism of My apparition’s, My dear children, you do not bitter My Heart with your criticism and your lack of Faith. My children, your doubts and uncertainties are interferences of My adversary, try to be careful! I ask each one of you to believe in My presence here and everywhere where I appear to My chosen children, who pray for those who do not believe, they need a lot of prayer, pray for them. Christians need to accept the love of God, you should My children spend most of your day in a prayerful mood, you can not imagine how many souls you are actually saving with your prayers. Again I say to you, pray, pray, pray ever more.

You must not tell My children that you pray a lot, as Mother I say to you, you still pray little.

My dear children, before ending, I just wanted to say: You must always be at the service of the Lord, you are to be defenders of all that is of God, because you are children of God and not of satan, give at all times a testimony of your faith and let yourselves be guided by the hands of the Lord. It is your duty as Christians to accept what belongs to God at every moment of your life and to say no to what belongs to the kingdom of satan. I am the Mother of God the Son and your Mother, have trust in Divine Mercy, do not let yourselves be beaten or destroyed by the present conditions, but always keep alive the hope of a better tomorrow, you have a Father in Heaven and a Mother who loves you with boundless love.

Therefore you should not be afraid, trust in the Lord. I bestow My blessing and My Heart on all children, on the sick, on the poor, on the marginalized, on those who are in distress, and on everyone.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message June 3rd 2007

Dear child (visionary), is necessary that you get use to suffering, for you will have much more to suffer, but have trust, have courage, offer to God these sufferings for the conversion of the whole world. My Son, offer your pains to those who despise and slander you, and be obedient and humble, your obedience My son must be silent, that no one notices it. You can not imagine the pain that pierces My Heart to see you suffer, but it must be so, I will help you to endure these pains, I’ll be by your side in every provocations, persevere yourself in love, have patience, trust in your Mother from Heaven. My son, you are very determined, but often too much, beware, you know that everything you do without Me is not well done, therefore My son, before any decision, communicate to your Guardian Angel and He will lead you on safer paths.

I need you My son, you are in My plans, without you I can not accomplish what I desire, be by My side, I will help you in all your difficulties, trust son, trust always, you know how much I love you. Thank you for what you do for Me. Thank you son. Thank you.

Now I turn to My dear children who are here in this Sacred Place :

Dear children, I know that among you there is children who are sick and ask Me for their healing, accept My dear children sickness and suffering with love, as Jesus accepted. Christ the Son of God, innocent, knew in His own flesh suffering, therefore My dear children, do not despair in your illness and suffering. Trust in Divine mercy, illness is indeed a cross, sometimes a very heavy cross, a trial that God allows in the life of a person within the unfathomable criterion of a design that runs beyond your capacity for understanding. But My children, sickness should not be regarded as a blind fatality, nor is it necessarily a punishment in itself, it is not something that annihilates without leaving anything positive, on the contrary, even when it weighs on the body, the cross of sickness, carried in communion with the one of Christ, also becomes a source of salvation of life or of resurrection for the patient himself and for the others who help him. Trust My children in the Lord, for His Mercy is without limits.

I also know that many of My children resort to spiritism, fortune tellers, witchcraft, to solve their problems in sickness and observe their future. These false prophets, they say they work for God, no My children, they say things to put one brother against another. I repeat again, be careful My children, they are misleading. Only God knows what must happen and what must not to happen. Think, meditate My children, in this suffering, and see the love My son Jesus has for you.

I bless you My children, and I bless this place, in here you will have a refuge and salvation .

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness and Our Lord Jesus Message July 1st 2007

Fernando Pires: (visionary)

Lord, before we begin our dialogue, I ask for a soul, I ask you for our brother Vicente, heal him Lord, if it is your will! Let Your will be done … but see that he has two little boys who need him. Lord, I ask that your will be done, You who can do everything Lord, You know better what he needs, but I ask You Lord. Let your will be done. Yet you tell us to pray … I will make the sacrifices you ask for, but heal hi! Lord Jesus.


My son, I sometimes choose souls in this way because I love them, I love them so much that I do not want them to slip out of My hands, he, my son, he is already more somewhere else than in here, and there he will find more happiness than there. I gather him to Me and adorn it and refine it to My ends, son, all the children suffering in body and soul, the incurable sick who slowly fade away, let them understand that they do not suffer in vain, their sufferings are precious to them as long as they are accepted and endured patiently, if they know that eternal joy awaits them in heaven, they will find peace and strength, the relief of the body and the consolation of the soul.

Now My son, you will see My Mother. Goodbye son, fulfil the messages of My Mother .

Our Lady:

Dear children, I say these simple words to you, so that to all children may serve as an urgent warning: Convert, conversion is necessary for the salvation of all of you, without conversion My dear children, salvation is impossible. So I urge you very urgently, convert, abandon sin and do something for yourselves, I hope to welcome everyone in My Heart one day, but to do so, collaborate with Me, help Me to convert the children who have not yet converted. Help Me please. All of you can collaborate in the salvation of many children who are going to perdition. It is sufficient to desire and the good will of each one of you. They are also My children, I don’t want any of them to be lost.

Dear children, the times are about to come when one brother will beg the other, the father will beg his own son, many children will repent of the life lived without God, but it will be late. Be prepared, the times of great events are about to arrive, the times of the realization of the great secrets revealed by Me in countless apparition’s in the world. Pray My dear children, the flesh will die, but the spirit will live forever. Stay alert, open your hearts to God as soon as possible, the great events will not be scheduled.

Dear children, once again I call you to prayer, pray that you will be able to understand what God wants through My presence and the messages I give you. I wish to draw you ever closer to Jesus and to His Wounded Heart, that you may be able to understand the measureless love with which He gives Himself for each one of you. I am the Mother of all and for this reason I want to lead you to complete holiness, I wish you all happy on earth. When great events come, do not be afraid, I and My Son Jesus will protect you.

I end by asking to continue to pray for your country and the world, the Priests and the Holy Father.

I love you all dear children, I love with My heart. Give Me some of your love too.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message August 5th 2007

My dear children, My heart is becoming more and more sad, I keep repeating to you because the situation of the world is serious, very serious. My children, here I am once again, to warn you about the great danger that weighs over the Earth, especially over your country. Pray, pray, pray My children and do penance.

My dear children, how much pleases Me your prayers and your chants, you comfort My anguished Heart with your chants and prayers. Thank you My children. Continue to come to this place blessed by Me and My son Jesus, do not let yourselves, My children, be lead by false prophets, the world is invaded by false prophets My dear children, so be very careful! Be very humble, do not be stubborn or proud. Pray a lot, pray a lot, pray a lot for your homes, satan wants to drag the youth into perdition by means of a drink with his symbol, son,(visionary) show the cork of the bottle so that My children when they ask for some drink, check the cork very well!

My children, I am your Mother of Hope and Trust, I desire that the Lord protects you in all the moments of your existence. I am your Immaculate Mother, walk perfectly in My heart, walk with Me My dear children, follow Me by the path of prayer, this path must be followed by all of you, because only in this way you can be like Jesus in everything. It is My task to make you in all things, similar to Him, therefore My dear children, open your heart to My Heart so that I may accomplish in you all that My Lord desires.

At this moment I bless all of you present here, to all who could not come, well, to everyone, to everyone. The presence of each one of you here at this moment is for Me and My Son a cause of great joy. Rejoice My children, because Christ loves you, rejoice in your life, do not lose hope. My  children with your life and with your conduct be credible signs of Christ, always walk by His side, thus My dear children, you can be sure that you are walking safely, because although the valley may seem gloomy, He is your light, your guide and your joy.

Thank you My children, thank you for coming to this place.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message August 15th 2007

My dear children, I feel that you need Me very much, and so you are here in this Sacred Place, blessed by Me and My Son Jesus.

Your needs are increasing but My children, I am always at your side to help you, do not forget what Jesus said: “Whatever you ask of the Father in My Name He will give you.” Believe My children, because He is Good and nothing to Me will be refused. Dear children, My requests are many, day and night without stopping, and I know that I will not have rest, because every day that passes, grows the ingratitude of men through disaffection, that fall in a rampant race, leaving bitter the heart of the one who loves. Children, My tears are constantly falling, because of the parents who are not corresponded by their children, but do not loose hope in Me in your difficulties, overcome it My dear children with the devotion of the Rosary and the trust that remains in Jesus. Dear children, only by the power of prayer can you help Me to bring consolation to someone, by the graces they need to receive from Me. My dear children, I would like you to listen to My voice attentively, I have daily words of comfort for you all, I don’t have reserved time because I answer at the time I am called, in Me there isn’t a No to God, because I only learned to say Yes and I use the Mercy of the Lord for all children.

My dear children, many of you are still afraid to come to this Sacred Place and therefore you challenge it. You are afraid because of what you hear that is spoken about this place, you are afraid because you do not really know anything about this Sacred Place, blessed by Me and My Son Jesus. My beloved do not be afraid of this Sacred Place, come to this place, and you will receive many graces, do not be afraid of what life demands of you, because you have with you this Kind Mother, which is the grace of God, who waits in this place for your faith and trust, to pour this inexhaustible grace upon you, who are My sons, whom you I want to save and embrace.

My dear children, do what I tell you in various messages, convert, pray, pray, pray a lot, often approach the sacraments, the time you live is very serious, do not let, My children, for a longer time to put My messages into practice, because great dangers are lurking. My children, it is with a sad heart that I reveal to you some of the things that will happen to you, because the devil will try against you, since he can not hit Me or My Son. The forces of the devil hate you, because you are My children and they want to cause you all the suffering that is possible for them. Be watchful My dear children, for many are constantly falling into the traps of the devil. Yes children, you will have to suffer, it is true, many of you will be put in the situation of denying God, the Church and you will also be martyred in your hearts through a bad family environment and your jobs. Therefore My children, pray, pray, pray, pray a lot and you will be under My protection. I ask you My children, from today on, do not go unprotected, use My holy rosary and the crucifix of My Son Jesus, so you do not fall into the clutches of the devil that  surrounds you, to harass you and stare at where to enter in your families.

My dear children, I end by saying that My heart is comforted by you, the affection you have for Me, I don’t know how to thank you. Children, do not let nothing impure change your thoughts, stand firm in your faith.

I will bless you and protect you. Thank you, thank you My children. I love you, thanks for everything. I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message September 2nd 2007

Dear children, the Church celebrates in September the feast of the Archangels Gabriel, Rafael and Michael. In the struggle between satan, children, the Archangels play the most important role, therefore My beloved children, let yourselves be guided by Them this month. The Angels, the Archangels, and all the heavenly Celestial are united with us in a terrible battle against satan and his evil angels.

My dear children, I am the Queen of Angels, under My orders are the Angels of light, who fight against the rebellious and evil angels of satan, Satan with his plots leads my poor children to disobey God and he already considers himself almost victorious, but your Mother who acts in the silence and “concealment” with Her Archangels and Angels of Light, now comes to the climax of victory. Pray together with us, children, the Lord put Me ahead of this great battle. With Me My children, the beloved Angels fight for Me, Gabriel, Rafael and Michael. My children, Archangel Gabriel was sent by God to receive the Yes from your Mother from Heaven, now had the task to receive your yes to the fulfilment of the law and the will of the Father.

The Archangel Raphael restores your weakness, takes you My children, to the dignity towards God, and pour out balms on all the painful wounds and relieves you from the weight of sin.

Children, the Archangel Michael defends you from all the attacks and snares of the devil. How many times My dear children, would you have been victims of the devil’s attacks if Archangel Michael had not intervened in your defence! Therefore My children, when you are afflicted, call for Him.

Pray My children all this month of September to your Guardian Angel, for it is also His task to protect you from the snares of My adversary.

I finish dear children, asking to Love one another as Jesus loves you, without fanaticism, but with humility and truth, do not judge, bear no hatred, do not keep covetousness in the heart, but only love, do not wish your enemies any harm, but ask God to bless and protect them. I and My Son, We will grant you the grace to love them more and more. Today My children, a great majority of My children who die go to purgatory, a certain number goes to Hell, Only a minority enters directly into Heaven without going through purgatory. This is because many of My children do not prepare themselves for death, they do not care about God and His Law.

Continue to pray My dear children for the Priests, Bishops and the Holy Father, pray for the peace in mankind, pray that satan will not destroy My plans.

Thanks for everything, the Lord will reward you. I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message October 7th 2007

Our Lady:

My dear children, here I am once again to warn you of the great danger that weighs on you. Time is coming, the end of the ends is very near, unless humanity converts and this conversion comes from the above, from the leaders of the world and the Church. But woe to the children, if this conversion does not happen and everything remains as it is or gets even worse …

I want to tell you My dear children, I have appeared in various parts of the world and given warning messages, no one answered Me, I My children, I repeat to you now that are in this Holy Place, the world is heading for a great ruin …there will be, dear children, in the coming years, great droughts, earthquakes, hurricanes, and eruptions on all inhabitants on the earth, great nations, My children, will be swallowed up under the earth and in the water.

Yes My dear children, in those places where there is more sin, there will be more punishment. Yet in the coming years, My children, at least 90% of My children will disappear, because the temperature of planet earth will increase in such a way that many places will become uninhabitable. Most of My children will die of hunger and thirst because of high temperatures it will be impossible for My children to grow food and raise animals for slaughter as there will be no rain and no water for irrigation, and no water to drink.

In the future, My children, diseases will spread more easily and survival conditions will be very difficult, because of large invasions of rats, spiders, locusts, cockroaches, scorpions, snakes, ticks, spreading a fever in various parts of the world. As a result of all this, there will be a crisis in hospitals and health, some hospitals will close their doors for lack of funds for medicines and will have poor care.

In several countries there will be several political blows, financial crises which will spread throughout the world, thus provoking a civil war and an increase in unemployment and disorder in several countries, including attempts at retention of savings and other effects on the economic system.

Therefore, My dear children, pray, convert, pray, convert, pray for the world and for yourselves, surrender yourselves to Me without reservations, without fear, without grudges, for I am your Mother and I want to help you, everything and everyone can still be saved. I’m talking to you, Listen to Me, I desire that Love, peace and the Understanding of God penetrate in the heart of all you who are listening to Me, I repeat to you, hear Me, so you will always have My special protection and you will receive from My Divine Son the greatest of rewards.

I bless this place, in here you will have a refuge and salvation.

In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message November 4th 2007

My dear children, welcome to this place, come here with more devotion and you will receive graces for your salvation.

My children, My Heart is very sad for the sins that are being committed in My poor Cova da Iria (Fatima) and for what men will do thereafter. Oh, Bishops and Priests dear to My Heart, think well what you are going to do in My Cova da Iria …

You priests, dear ones of My Heart, dedicate yourselves more to the ministry of My Son Jesus, remember that the kingdom of God needs your generous and total dedication, you should strive to set out the paths for the salvation of men through Christ and the message of the Gospel. Pray to the Holy Spirit that He may enlighten you, because with His help you will accomplish great things. Be with your life the builders of a more beautiful world, announce Christ to those who do not yet know Him, or know Him imperfectly. It is necessary that you Priests and Bishops live as true brothers, to better assume your mission and to gather around Christ. As disciples of Christ you are the bearers of the message of Salvation, your life, your heart, your services and prayers are intended to make the Light of the Saviour shine in the world, My Son has chosen you and loves you, He will keep you faithful until the end, His grace will sustain you in your generous service to your church. Let the seed of kindness and Mercy grow in your lives, allow your goodness and your patience to develop to the fullest, do not condemn the problems of the present as an end to hope and death of enthusiasm, rather, consider life as an opportunity for conversion, an opportunity through which God speaks to you and calls you to contribute in a lasting way, for the well being of your Country and your suffering people. Do not be afraid of the effort, the sacrifice and the discipline which are necessary to love Christ with all your heart. My predilected children, do not hesitate to spend your energies at the service of others, especially those in need and those who live in extreme misery, the Lord has been faithful to His promise, you are to be faithful to Him, My beloved children, in faith, hope and love. I came from heaven with love to tell to open your heart with love, give, donate yourselves generously to those who need you, open the doors of your churches, of the religious houses to whomever knock in them. Teach with love, be ever more aware that you represent the competent intermediaries between God the Merciful and man who is the pilgrim of truth, justice and peace. Strengthened with the consecration of your life, know how to face with courage the worries of the worldselfishness that denies love and adulterates justice, the mistake that confuses and disturbs souls.

My predilected children, you are called to be the living image of Christ, because the conscious offering of all that you are, repeats and hides in time, the daily Miracle of the love of the Son of God, coming to save all man and deliver him of evil.

Now I turn to My dear children who are here in this Sacred Place.

Dear children, I come today to ask you for prayers for all the Bishops and Priests of the whole world and especially for the Holy Father. I wish you to pray much for him specially when he pilgrims through all nations, that he may be welcomed and followed through devotion to My Immaculate Heart.

I end by asking: Pray, pray, pray much for the world without ever being discouraged, your sincere and perfect prayer will save humanity.

From this Sacred Place I bless you all In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message December 2nd 2007

My dear children, My Heart is very distressed, I pour out many graces in this Sacred Place and God wants Me to manifest in many places in the world to save mankind from great destruction.

My children, meditate on My messages, mainly the October message. Through the messages, I want to lead you to a continuous and burning desire for God, so I ask you once more to place them in your lives. My dear children, if humanity returned to God through My warnings to conversion, peace would soon reign over the world. Humanity is now on the verge of a great abyss, I repeat, it is threatened by the danger of war and great destruction. I commend you once more My dear children, for more prayer. Pray with Me, pray for the world and do penance for the conversion of sinners. Pray therefore, that all My rebellious children may see the truth and return to God. Pray much that the Holy Spirit may enlighten you.

My children, I know that some unfaithful Priests are dedicated to stirring up discord among My children, instead of bringing them peace, love and preaching the Gospel to them as it is written. Pay no attention to vain words, or insults or outrages, he can only speak thus, he who has no God within him, but the devil, because God is love, God is not discord, and everyone who engages in discord and disunity is with the devil. My children be strong, pray, pray, pray a lot for them, because with prayer everything is achieved.

Dear children, I ask all of you who are in this Sacred Place to show the love you have for Me by participating in Holy Mass. If you do so, the Lord will reward you generously. May Holy Mass be to you the gift of the day, await for it, desire it to begin, because it is Jesus Himself who offers Himself at the moment of Holy Mass, be anxious for that moment when yourselves are purified.

My dear children, do not attend Mass with a heart stained by hatred, for you will return to your homes cold and empty-hearted, for that not to happen, I ask you to learn to love and pray for your neighbour, without love dear children, you will not have peace with you, if you do not love your neighbour you will not love Jesus who is your own love. So I ask you again, love your enemies again, open your hearts to God, I want you all humble and clean-hearted, open to God. Open your hearts little children.

Very soon the world will be transformed into a new world without hatred and without violence. The new world will be, My children, a garden and everyone will live in peace and happiness.

I finish My dear children, by asking: Pray much the Holy Rosary that will be the salvation of humanity, love one another, for the world lacks love. Peace and love for you all.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen


Our Lady Mother of Goodness Message December 8th 2007

My dear children, I am Your Immaculate Conception, I come today to this humble place as the Mother of all sinners, as the queen of the afflicted. I offer you this day My Immaculate Heart, to be your refuge and your protection. My Heart, My children, is entirely yours, I want you all united to Me and that each one be with Me in heaven. I am your Mother and you know that the mother cares more about her children when they are sick, so you know the reason for My concern about you. I want to be your help and your protection, I want to help you because you are sick because of sin. Therefore My dear children, all come to this place. Confess your sins and ask God for forgiveness, that He will open your heart and forget your sins, but only if you fulfil His laws.

My dear children, prepare yourselves for Christmas. Pray much, pray a lot and love one another. It is the lack of love, the lack of respect for God that leads the world to walk into this chaos, do not make Me sad My dear children, with your sins, I repeat: “Prepare yourselves, cleanse your hearts from hatred, only then will you have a Christmas full of Peace and joy with your families. Open your hearts to love, love always and do good to all, even to those brothers who have wronged you.

My dear children I repeat again: Multiply yourselves in Prayer groups, this is what I have asked you a lot, because this will lead you to salvation, you will feel My presence, and you will be preserved of the evils and defended of the great dangers that threaten you.

My dear children, do not stop praying in this place, and in your houses in a group, know that through prayer Jesus can put an end to many things that could happen in this world and also avoid other situations that may happen, therefore My children, I urge you so much that you do not either abandon your prayers or your sacrifices.

I conclude My dear children, by telling you that this Christmas you must live your consecration to Me with fidelity, for only then will you feel the presence of My Jesus in your heart. Do not stay away from the confessional this Christmas. Seek the friendship of God through confession.

I’m happy with your presence here this afternoon. Pray for the world, especially for your country, this is what I ask of you.

To My very special blessing in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.




Explanatory note:

This apparition is supported by the decree of the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith (AAS 58/16 of December 29, 1966, which defends canons 1399 and 2318, thanks to the intervention and approved by SS Paul VI and published by his will where it says: ” It is authorized to disclose, without express permission of ecclesiastical authority, writings concerning new apparitions, revelations, visions, prophecies and miracles , provided that Christian morality is observed in general.” In publishing revelations, apparitions, or any other graces of Jesus and of Mary, as well as of His Angels and Saints, this group of friends of Our Lady Mother of Goodness, in this way give the opportunity to all those who wish to know and be informed, of such wonderful manifestations of heaven, on earth, according to freedom and free will of each person.


We remind everyone that the site of the apparitions is private property , although it is still not properly closed, and is a place of prayer and Catholic devotion , so we ask people to respect the place and all those present, gathered in prayer, without interfering in celebrations, and in the surrounding spaces that are private.

All who wish to approach in the Heart of JESUS ​​and MARY are welcome, but with silence and respect, and appropriate clothing without provocation, as Our Lady asked .